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  1. NB designer save multiple screenshots

    I doubt this feature will be added to the NB. The NA5 will do this and much more.
  2. Nice! Thank you for your results. I was actually wanting to try this myself as a home project on a Raspberry Pi. I'm glad to see others have success with it.
  3. Do you know the IP address of the CP1L-E? Do you have CX Programmer? I have not tried using the software in the link I provided. The user in the link had success. Also the author has provided his email address. 
  4. I was unaware the CP1L-E was capable of Socket Services. This is an option. Since you are using Python, have a look at the link below.
  5. I'm not familiar with OpenCV or Python but I would have to believe the communications will be much more efficient exchanging Bytes or Words. I would dedicate a Word to the Booleans you wish to exchange.  For reading and writing you would need to perform Logical operations on the Word to extract the Boolean. The CP1L has advanced instructions for this but with Python you'll likely have to do it discretely.
  6. cpu cpm1a

    1)  Call Omron with proof of ownership. They can unlock it. 2)  Write a new program and perform a Download. Any other discussion about bypassing passwords is prohibited in these forums.
  7. Split a byte to two nybbles

    I'm not aware of a nibble data type per the IEC 61131-3 standard. If you need the upper nibble of a Byte, you could create a function to shift the bits 4 places to the right.
  8. PLC CJ1G-CPU45H Problem

    The RS232C port is not a standard pin out. Did you replace with the proper cable?
  9. Connection with a CPM2A PLC

    They make these pin outs complex because they support many useful functions and protocols. It's not much different than other PLC manufacturer. The cable diagrams are documented in detail and can be made easily and inexpensive.
  10. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Not that I'm aware of. It may be a good idea to check that it is Not Active.
  11. Factory talk view

    Alternatively, you could rotate your graphic x degrees in a graphics program (like MSPaint 3D, Corel or PhotoShop). Save it then use them both directly on top of each other. Use the visibility to alternate them. They will appear to rotate if you adjust your graphics properly. 
  12. nx102 cpu password

    1) Contact the manufacturer of the equipment. 2) If you own the equipment and the rights to the program. (Written proof), then Omron should be able to help you get it unlocked. Those are your options.
  13. hello, from korea(definitly south)

    if u have a little free time,

    how about freelancing with some projects...!

    its dealing with big-ship welding machine.

    nowadays my company have short time for the signing or this product haha....

    payment should be high, if you have any idea of freelancering (with my pleasure)

    leave me your e-mail or instagram-id or anything haha...


    thanks again :)

  14. Stl 4bytes to real

    It does exist. What controller are you using? What is the Keyence device? Is this EtherNet/IP?