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  1. csv file - tags

    How did you convert the project? You should be able to perform an Import from FactoryTalk View Studio. When the import is complete, it will display "Project Status". It will also store it in  C:\Users\Public\Documents\RSView Enterprise\ME\HMI Projects\[project name]\convert.log
  2. NX1P2 Serial Send ErrorID 0C0C

    Error 16#0C0C is 'Instruction Executed to Inapplicable Port'. This information is in the NJ/NX Series Instruction Reference Manual. You need to select the proper port by moving _eDEVICE_TYPE#_DeviceOptionBoard into your Port_1.DeviceType.
  3. NX1P2 Hex to ASCII coversion

    As pturmel pointed out, it's not really a conversion. You'll need to move it to a STRING[] data type.
  4. NX1P

    If you need to send pulses to the drive then you will require an NX-PGxxx module. The motion startup guide is for using EtherCAT motion. This would be the preferred method but you will need EtherCAT drives. I generally would not recommend Omron's older platform but the CP1L series will do high speed input and output without the use of additional modules. 
  5. NX1P2 SktTCPConnect

    _sSOCKET_ADDRESS is a pre-defined Structure in Sysmac Studio. Here are the elements of the structure: There is syntax to populate the Initial Value field but I find it easier to do it in PLC code.
  6. Servo parameter backup

    The Omron EtherCAT drive parameters are backed up with the project in Sysmac Studio. Parameters that are not set to default will show in violet. To upload, download and compare, you'll have to right click on the EtherCAT NodeX and go Online.
  7. Problem opening a NT20 screen project

    Jay Anthony knew these screens very well. I would read his comments carefully. Is it possible to get your customer to check and/or change the mode on the screen then upload again?
  8. I haven't used Modicon in many years but your problem may be with VMWare. The physical USB device can only be used by the Host or the VM at one time. Make sure your VM has control of it. Goto menu item VM > Removable Devices. It will give you options to Connect or Disconnect.
  9. Thank you kckku! So it is in the manual. For the record, this chart can be found in section A-5-3 of V118-E1-19 NA-Series Software User's Manual.
  10. The hardware OS version is associated with a project version. I don't know where to find this information without installing it first. I have a screen on my bench. My project version is 1.13 and it installs OS version 8.1.0 to the screen.
  11. This is the same cable as your other post: This one would be the 9 pin to 9 pin on page 1.
  12. Omron C60K help

    Omron's KEEP instruction has been the same through their generations of PLCs. It is a latch. When the top leg is tuned on, the KEEP instruction will latch the output on, even if the top leg turns back off. The bottom leg will unlatch it (or turn it off). With the PRO15 programmer, you wouldn't need LSS or Syswin although any of those options will work for the C60K. You may have a hard time getting the software to work on today's Windows PC. You would also need to purchase a Host Link module for communication. They program isn't very large so using the PRO15 is a good option since you have all the parts. It is a bit cumbersome by today's standards but will work. Starting from scratch, I would replace it with a CP1L. CX Programmer is the software package and it is up to date and only requires a USB connection for programming.
  13. Digital sealing

    Thanks for posting the solution. This has been asked before.
  14. The adaptor that Bob refers to is a PRO-CON BASE part number BP001.