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  1. Thanks for posting your solution. I'm currently working with the CIF modules as well. They work very well once we understand.
  2. NA5 HMI - subroutine help

    The easiest thing to do is increase the time your from your button. Latch it ON for a second or two. If you want "wait until strategy", then have your button SET the trigger bit, then use a Close button on the Pop Up to RSET the bit.
  3. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    This is a different problem. Please post a new topic in the forums. In CX Designer you must first configure SERIALA for a PLC, SYSMAC-PLC, Host Link. (Settings in PLC must match). Then from Tools menu, choose Test, Connect to PLC then Host Name will be SERIALA. Post additional questions in a new forum topic.
  4. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    I don't remember the functions or controls in Syswin, so I'm not sure if you can view the data in different formats. That being said, make sure you are viewing / inputting data in Hex format. Viewing in Hex is how you would also view BCD. For the TIM (100ms resolution), 1 second would look like this:  #0010. For the TIMH (10ms resolution)m 1 second would look like this:  #0100. A value of #000A should give you an Error as it is not a valid BCD value.
  5. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    One last thing to check. Is the builder of the machine still in business? Can you get the original data file from them? If not, then you'll have to populate these values manually. I browsed the program briefly and found it is mostly timer values. There are some unpopulated values near the beginning of the program and near the end but it's difficult to know what the purpose is without know what the result should be. TIM instruction will require a BCD value with 100ms resolution. TIMH instruction will require a BCD value with a 10ms resolution.
  6. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    The memory was not saved with this project file. Are you able to connect to the old PLC and save the DDM file? (Like I described above)
  7. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    Yes, that would be helpful. I'm still trying to understand your situation, exactly.
  8. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    I'm sure that you can. Unfortunately, I have not used Syswin in a very long time so I don't remember how to do it. You'll want to Upload Memory or Transfer Memory from PLC to PC (Syswin). It should give you options to choose the memory types. (CIO, DM, HR, AR, TC, etc...) You'll want to choose DM and HR in most cases. Be careful not to overwrite memory in the old CQM1. Maybe another forum member can give you steps to perform this. Another option is contact your local distributer. They may have someone to visit your facility to perform this for you using CX Programmer.
  9. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    In Sysmac Studio, HMI editor, click Help > Instruction Reference. From the Tree, select Function > User Alarms. There is a SaveUserAlarmLogToFile Function. This page shows the usage and an example at the bottom. I'm not sure how your going to get the Logged in User information. There may be a method, I'm just not sure off hand.
  10. Omron PLC diagnostics

    As Bob suggested, go to Tools > Library, then open Smart Active Parts.
  11. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    Were you able to transfer the program from the old CQM1? If so, you can power it up and transfer the memory from it as well. What problems are you experiencing? Memory is, in most cases, user settings for you application. Do you have an HMI to input these values?
  12. cp2e cp1w-mab22 serial settings ?

    Do you mean the CP1W-MAB221? If so, this is an Analog I/O Option Board. There are no serial settings. You are correct the CP1L has a DIP switch that enables the use of the Option Board. I don't think that exists on the CP1E. Have you tried the example from the manual?
  13. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    You could buy the whole connector from a third party (electronics distributor). It's a lot cheaper than buying the cable.
  14. 1S Encoder Cable Seals

    Did you get a bad cable? If so, contact your distributer. Omron had a recall on some. We had Omron send us new ones. If you check the manual (not sure which one), Omron is good about detailing the specifications including the manufacturer of the connectors.
  15. NX1P2 w/ NX-CIF12 Option Module

    The light has been shown! I now have total control of my serial responses. Setting the long timeout is key when testing. This also cleared up my confusion with the CS / CJ comms. For some reason, I thought that setting start and end codes to nothing would allow the AR bit to turn on if any non-zero bytes were in the buffer.  It's been a while. I prefer fieldbus solutions whenever possible. Thank you Mr PMCR for the explanation and suggestions!