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  1. We had this issue years ago. I would have to think it's an issue with the NA5. At the time I put an unlatch instruction for all the push buttons after triggering a one shot. This won't work for any momentary actions you require obviously. It may have been an issue with an earlier firmware because I haven't seen the problem in quite a while. I also remember this being a known issue in an earlier version of Wonderware Intouch. 
  2. How to Download Program From memory Cassette Section 3-11 in this manual. Please let us know what trouble you are having. 
  3. CITECT OMFINS3 Serial

    I don't know much about Citect or its drivers but... Does Citect have a Host Link driver? Typically the FINS driver is for Ethernet communications. Since you have a serial port, I would use Host Link if it is available. You can perform FINS inside Host Link commands but I don't think you can perform Host Link inside FINS. Again, I could be wrong.
  4. Export to an older version

    I would not think you will be able to do that. The obvious question is, why not upgrade Sysmac Studio? Please note, Sysmac Studio will not upgrade the controller version automatically. Open the project, right click on the controller then chose Change Controller. You can see the controller version is unchanged. You may also upgrade if necessary. 
  5. 1756-L55 firmware 15.56
  6. Source Code Security

    Like BobLfoot, we maintain our own equipment and require access to all code and logic.  In design reviews, we have encountered many OEMs that use Beckoff or B&R. These devices seem to be centered around proprietary systems.
  7. NS5 to CP1W-CIF41 (CP1H)

    Click the link above. It still works.
  8. Ethernet port module

    CP1W-CIF41 Option Module. Please note the CP1L nor the CP1E can be a FINS Master.
  9. I was unaware the EEPROMs could be replaced so easily.  Take note you will need to get a hand-held programmer to input any timer / counter values that will be lost. Do you have a print out of the program?
  10. NX7 PLC Fatal Error

    We had a similar issue with the retained data but no fatal error on an NJ501. Sorry I don't have an answer for you but want to share this similar experience.  - Machine was powered off for 3 days prior to the incident. Happened on power up. Battery is good. Additionally, the battery is only for the Time/Date.  - There was a large time/date gap in the error log. (Months). No abnormal PLC errors. We don't know if the time was changed but suspect it wasn't since there is no method to do it remotely. - Techs found a shorted sensor. Not sure if that had anything to do with it since this is a common issue with our machine due to the physical motion. - We were able to restore our memory from a file. I would highly suggest you perform a memory backup. Tools > Backup > Backup Variables and Memory.   We were going to contact Omron about the issue but we couldn't find enough information to develop questions. 
  11. We are referring to Execution Time or PLC Scan Time. This is the time it takes the PLC to run the program one time and is very, very fast. We mis-understood you. What you want is an Accumulation Timer to measure the amount of time your motor is ON. 
  12. Beckhoff CP7702-1422-0040

    Beckhoff is the hardware used on your machine. You'll need to contact the builder of the machine for specific information.
  13. Apparently that's not possible. Maybe someone else knows of another method.
  14. Sysmac + NX1P2 - P_On Bit?

    Just out of curiosity, I tested when it comes on. Apparently it's ON before the first run and first run mode.