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  1. TON.ET To any other format?

    TimeSpan is a nice convenience but I prefer to use REAL for the flexibility. I do this for set points and elapsed time.
  2. PIDAT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM - need sample program

    There is an example in the above post.  The "#" preceding a value will imply BCD or HEX. The "&" will imply Decimal.
  3. In most cases when NATing, you'll need to set the Gateway Address in the PLC to the IP address of the NAT router. I've found using the EWON Flexy, this is not necessary. I don't understand the difference or the underlying technology of NAT but that's my experience.
  4. Sysmac C200H CPU01 & 3G2A6-LK201

    gtsuport beat me to it. Here is the manual anyway. As a concept, the LK201 will integrate seamlessly with the PLC. By newer standards the LK201 is built into the PLC serial ports. The work is to set your PC to the settings of the DIP switches. 
  5. NA HMI variables: Monitoring

    It looks like you are doing it correctly. If it gives you a clue, here is what it should look like.
  6. GetVariable in on NA

    I'm sorry that I don't understand where you wish to "Get" the variable. What do you want to do with the value? You can make it equal to another string like this: Sub GetMyString     Str_MyOtherString = Str_MyString End Sub You can display it on the NA with a Data Display object by simply putting the variable in the Expression field. No needed.
  7. GetVariable in on NA

    I misunderstood your question. I'm still a little confused. Where do you want to read it? If you need to convert the data type, you can use functions like MyInt = Convert.ToInt32(MyText);  
  8. GetVariable in on NA

    The data you are interested in is most likely derived in a PLC. The PLC is capable of Socket Services. (This is assuming the PLC is an NX or NJ.) This would require some PLC programming. 
  9. Cable diagram "FX2"

  10. It can be found in the folder where IV2-Navigtor is installed.
  11. Sysmac Studio to Codesys

    Sysmac Studio stores all projects in xml and various other file formats. It's very cryptic. C:\OMRON\Data\Solution\ I don't think you will be able open them in Codesys nor would you be able to open any other manufacturer's project files.
  12. That is the correct software. The serial port is not standard RS232 pin out. 
  13. Internet connection between PLC & HMI

    We'll see if we can get a moderator to move this to the Omron forum. I would think that your best option would be to use VPN so both locations can be on the same network. This would be done with your infrastructure and not in the PLC or HMI.
  14. OMRON CP1E PLC Modbus Data Of VFD

    ModBus is Big Endian format. You'll need to swap the bytes. There are multiple ways to do this. The CP Series PLCs have a SWAP(637) instruction that will do this for multiple registers.
  15. CP1H with CJ1W-SRM21 and EIP 21 com

    The CP1H does not allow bit access from D memory. That is only allowed for CJ2 series PLCs.