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  1. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    As panic mode has mentioned, all manuals are free download. You'll just need to create a logon. XG Vision Terminal should also be a free download. XG Vision Editor is not free. You can download and install but it will not be activated until you email them a code generated by the software. (very archaic) I have found that using the handheld is much faster and easier than using Vision Editor unless you are creating advanced graphics. I'm in the USA but I've found the Singapore site to be much better for finding the downloads I need.
  2. Omron CP1L-EM Wonderware Intouch Driver?

    Why don't you try Intouch support? I haven't used it in a while. The support used to be regional.
  3. Omron CP1L-EM Wonderware Intouch Driver?

    Judging from the list of PLCs in your picture, I'd say the driver you are using is very old. What version of Intouch our you using?
  4. Cant´t download program to NS8

    Here is the correct cable to connect the NS to the PLC using serial ports. Make sure the serial settings for SERIALA match the settings in the PLC.  
  5. Cant´t download program to NS8

    Make sure the Windows USB driver is installed properly. Do you see this in your Windows Device Manager?
  6. Cant´t download program to NS8

    To program the NS8, you'll need to choose 'Transfer' in the 'PT' menu. Make sure to choose the proper Comms Method for the connection you are using. USB is probably the easiest. 
  7. Omron CP1L-EM Wonderware Intouch Driver?

    If you use a serial connection it will be Host Link. If you use an Ethernet connection it will be FINS.

    I don't use the backup utility often. Alternatively, you can backup all data in the CX Programmer project. 1) IO Table - "Transfer from the PLC". Also transfer any special units that may be attached. 2) Settings - "Transfer from PLC" 3) Memory - Double click each memory type you wish to save then "Transfer from PLC". Make sure to perform "File" > "Save in Project". You'll want to make sure you save D, E, H, IR, & DR memory. 
  9. File Copy for NX/NJ

    Nice! Thanks for the update! It's also nice you were able to post a picture!
  10. RSLogix 5 - Does Version Matter

    Perhaps the issue you're recalling was a licensing issue. I recently transferred Logix5 from an old laptop with a master disk license. I thought I would just download the latest version but the master disk would not activate it. I had to roll back some versions. Don't remember which. 
  11. File Copy for NX/NJ

    Since you mentioned Logix, I'll just add that Omron doesn't automatically convert anything. You must be mindful of your apples and oranges.  They do have a lot of conversion instructions.
  12. If the cost is the issue, have a look at the NX1P series. They are limited with the number of axis but it is an affordable option if you don't need many.
  13. Not able to Ping PLC

    The IP address should be shown incrementally on power up. Older versions of CX Programmer had some issues when downloading program and settings together. I haven't seen that in a long time but it's easy enough to check. From the project tree, select "IO Table and Unit Setup". Select "Built in EtherNet/IP Port for CJ2".  Here you can compare and/or transfer the EIP unit settings. As gtsupport mentioned, don't forget to cycle the power.
  14. asking for guidance

    As far as your memory requirements, you can change the PLC type of your original program and perform a compile. You can check the memory usage from the View menu. It's only a matter of usage, not performance. I'm not sure what level of safety you require but you should not be using safety sensors on standard PLC I/O.
  15. What brand is the HMI? Check with the manufacturer and make sure they support Host Link protocol. The should also have information on constructing a cable.