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    Crossbow, He saying, "cx-supervision " but I took that to mean CX Supervisor (at least in my second post). Omron's SCADA package. I'm not well versed with it. 

    I have not used CX Supervisor in a very long time. I see that it is still available. I would think that it would be a viable option for your application but I would defer to other forum members here to confirm this. I would also check with your local Omron distributor. They may be able to supply you with a demo. I do know the CP1W-CIF41 supports Omron's FINS protocol. This is common with most of Omron's products.
  3. Receive data by serial communication SCU-41

    Great job! I'm glad you got it working. RealTerm can take some time to get used to but it makes the send / receive easier to understand (In my opinion). Putty is more of an Information Technology tool.
  4. I can simulate timer

    Definitely Omron CX Programmer. The TIM instruction is 0.1 sec resolution in BCD. I'm 99% sure he's got the simulator in Program mode unless it has some strange fault that I've never seen. In Program Mode:  In Monitor Mode: 
  5. factorytalk view SE server client

    In FactoryTalk View SE, create an RSLinx Enterprise shortcut for each client... for starters.
  6. melsec medoc error

    This seems to be a difficult topic to explain. I just happened to have this from another post.
  7. Compare 2 memory registers

    I answered part of the question in the other post. I missed that you are not Monitoring, as gtsupport has pointed out. Also, the '=' instruction will only compare a single (16 bit) register. If you want to compare an entire String, then you'll need to the '=$'. This will compare consecutive registers up to the end of the String. Compare up to the first null character (00).
  8. Receive data by serial communication SCU-41

    I'm not sure what you are asking. Can you show what you have? Your last post did not show an ASCII compare.
  9. supervision


    Do you have an NS touch screen or are you attempting to simulate in CX Designer? To simulate CX Designer with a real PLC: Create a PLC connection in CX Designer. PT > Communication settings... Serial PortA, Change Serial Port drop down to PLC. (Make appropriate settings) To simulate:  Choose Tools > Test... Connect to PLC. Then choose the Host Name. By default, it will be SERIALA.
  11. I can simulate timer

    Output Q:100.00 is not on. Make sure the simulated PLC is in RUN Mode or MONITOR Mode. From the menu, choose PLC > Operating Mode. This looks like Omron's CX Programmer. Post additional questions in the Omron forum.
  12. Receive data by serial communication SCU-41

    1544.06 needs to be Normally Open. Putty will initiate the communications. When the PLC sees 'CR+LF', then 1544.06 will turn ON. Make sure Putty is actually sending the Line Feed. I like to use RealTerm because it will display the CR and LF.
  13. CQM1H-CPU21 ON FATAL ERROR 0*00E1 IO Unit Over

    Is the same part number? Can you share your I/O configuration?
  14. Receive data by serial communication SCU-41

    If you want to compare the DM value as ASCII, use the '=$' instruction. I don't know that you can put 'a' directly in the instruction. Use another memory location then go to Memory from the project tree. Open the memory you are using then choose View > Display > Text. From here you can populate your memory with text.
  15. Receive data by serial communication SCU-41

    There are a few different ways to receive serial data. I like to create a rule in the case the received data may be variable. Generally these rules would be decided by the actual device you are reading from. In most cases, a received message may always end with a 'CR+LF'. (A Carriage Return and a Line Feed). In some other cases, the rule may be that the message will always be the same number of bytes. Either way, Omron gives you the ability to detect these rules then turn ON a special bit to notify the PLC that data is available in the hardware buffer. I haven't tried this yet but have a look at the settings below. I'm also not accustomed to using Putty but I think if you make the setting below Putty will send 'a'+CR+LF if you type 'a' then press Enter. The setting on the SCU41 will detect the CR+LF and turn on bit 1534.06. (n = CIO 1500 + 25 ´ unit number) (Port No. 1 = n+9). Your settings show that you are using Port 1 and the Unit No. is 1. Put contact 1534.06 in line with the RXDU instruction.