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  1. Backup program CQM1H CPU51, 21

    Using the backup tool for the CQM1H will not be possible with any version. This function was added somewhere during the life cycle of the CS/CJ PLCs. It was intended to restore the PLC program, PLC settings, I/O table, and memory in one simple step. You can make a complete backup doing the following: 1) PLC > Transfer > From PLC 2) Go to Settings in the project tree. Click Options > Transfer from PLC. 3) a) Go to Memory in the project tree.      b) Double Click HR and DM.      c) Click Online > Transfer from PLC.      d) Check HR and DM then click Transfer From PLC. (Make sure Transfer Range is set to All)      e) Select File > Save in Project. The CQM1H does not have an I/O Table so that will not be necessary. You may want to verify if any Non-Default Expansion Instructions are used. I don't know how to back them up with CX Programmer, or if it's necessary. It's been a while since I've dealt with them.  
  2. SCU41 password protected

    PMCR Download Utility - Utilities -
  3. Input to C20K - Trying to See if I can do this!

    Your internet research is correct. The C20K is very old and has been obsolete for many years. The option you list could be expensive. Even if you got the PC adaptor, the software is so old you would have a difficult time getting it work on a PC. I would highly recommend getting a CP1L as a replacement.
  4. Omron NA5-NX1P2 - Password page

    Pending information I'm unaware of, the button with Level 5 security would be disabled before login. It would become enabled upon Login(). I do this with a separate button. Use a normal button then go to the Events and Actions tab and set the "Click" event to Login(). This will show the login prompt. You can additionally display the current logged on user via a Data Edit object. Set it for Text then use "_HMI_CurrentUserName" in the Expression.
  5. I think we still have a keyboard buried in a cabinet somewhere.
  6. Help withZCP instruction

    I don't know the drive (variator) that you are working with but typically you could select set speeds by digital inputs (PLC outputs). This would not be incremental / decremental but may get you want you want depending on how many speeds you need. Alternatively, to do what I think you are looking for, you would need an analog signal. The analog output module you require would depend on the type of analog input the drive has available.
  7. Help withZCP instruction

    Both the CQM1-CPU41 and the CJ1M do not have built-in Outputs. So, the output module Word on the CQM1 will be 100. For example, if you are using output 4, the address will be 100.04. The CJ1M will be addressed differently.
  8. Help withZCP instruction

    Can you post the *.cxp file? Or post screen shots with detailed questions. What is Speed Variator? (Analog output? Pulse output?). What is the CPU type?
  9. NT631C Ver 3.62

    This fix looks like the one you need. I have not experienced this issue myself. This is all I know about it. 
  10. Cannot download to NT631C-ST153-EV3

    You are cross posting and it's a bit confusing. Ignore this link and see the link posted by Sleepy Wombat in the other thread.
  11. NT631C Ver 3.62

    NT Support Tool 4.87E - Omron - This is the link that fixed the original poster's issue. The link was broken some time ago.
  12. Cannot download to NT631C-ST153-EV3 This is the latest version. There are older versions at this site in the downloads section.
  13. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    If I'm not mistaken, the mmi file is for the much older DOS software. Isn't there a conversion utility in the NTST folder? Alternatively, you could try to get the DOS software to work somehow. NTSS233 - Demo Software -
  14. Ctrl + Enter for static text but you probably knew that. I'm guessing you would like to control where a String tag will start a new line? It appears, the multi-line will be automatic depending on the size of the String Input Enable object. 
  15. How to calculate square meters with cj1m?

    I didn't look at the file you provided but I must ask, are these values accurate? Do you have the dimensions of the product? Can you multiply the length * width then multiply by the number of pieces?