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  1. HMC-EF183

    Did you perform the backup procedure prior to losing the program? Did you get the card from Cross Automation? Do not format that card in Windows. It is very difficult to re-format these cards.
  2. CX Programmer 9.61

    I'm sure I follow what you are asking but it seems that you want to know how the screen is switched. Is this correct? Look at the NT21 project or system setup screens and look for PT Control WORD. This WORD will be the read and write for the screen number. 
  3. CPM1A with touch NB

    Just my opinion.... You should really consider replacing that PLC with a CP1L or CP1E with a built-in serial port. The CPM1 is obsolete and the cost wouldn't be very much. Your connections to PC and HMI would be much easier and wouldn't require the purchased cables and converters. The old peripheral port converters can be very confusing and expensive.
  4. Sysmac Studio one shot instruction

    As BE mentioned, you can right click on any contact and select Diff Up or Diff Down. There are also instructions F_TRIG and R_TRIG that will execute TRUE for one task period on Falling Edge and Rising Edge respectively. 
  5. Multiply by -1, or there is an instruction to return Absolute Value.
  6. NT Support Tool v 4.8 timeout error

    I'm not sure what you mean by driver. It's not the same cable as the PLC to PC or the PT to PLC. Here are the instructions for uploading and downloading. Also, appendix M will show the proper cable to use. The PT must be in Transmit Mode. You perform this manually by touching two corners of the screen. NT-Series Operation Manual (  
  7. Omron to AB EtherNetIP Explicit Messaging - PLC Sample Code - This can be done implicitly as well but it seems to be missing from the downloads section. Found it. CJ to CompactLogix Implicit Messaging - PLC Sample Code -  
  8. The system software comes with the NTST install. Do you have the Japanese version of the software?

    Click Show Address Reverence Tool (Alt+4) then click on 101 in the ladder program. It is programmed as an output somewhere in your program. 101 may show up as 101.00, 101.01, ... 101.15.  I see you have multiple warnings. You could also scroll through your warnings and look for WARNING:  Duplicated output - OUT 101.xx at rung (x, x).
  10. Sort Array in HMI for selection

    Read an array of strings from NJ to NA - NJ Series / Sysmac Studio -  
  11. "Clean up" warnings?

    You could make a rung to read these variables into a dummy variable. Alternatively, you can turn off this check function. Tools > Option > Program Check/Build > Ladder Program Check.
  12. NP designer

    Register at Omron's website and download it for free.
  13. Memory does not load automatically when you open the backup file. From the PLC Memory dialog, Monitor ON will show you values currently in the PLC. Monitor OFF will show you values that are saved (if they are indeed saved. It will indicate with a red check mark). You'll need to perform a transfer. It looks like your serial question is being worked on in a separate thread.
  14. Try reloading only retentive memory and only the memory that will require. In most cases this will be D & H. You can perform a Cross Reference to see what is used in your program. Also, avoid transferring memory from certain locations as they are used for the PLC setup. 
  15. OMRON CJ1W-ETN21 Node Number

    How are you connected? I would think your CX-Programmer Network Type Settings would have this information if you are connected. If the last octet of your IP does not match the FINS Node Address then the conversion type must be "IP Address Table" rather than "Auto". Is there another PLC or device on the network where you would be able to see the FINS Node Address? Unfortunately, I was unable to find the information you are looking for.