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  1. Sort Array in HMI for selection

    Read an array of strings from NJ to NA - NJ Series / Sysmac Studio -  
  2. "Clean up" warnings?

    You could make a rung to read these variables into a dummy variable. Alternatively, you can turn off this check function. Tools > Option > Program Check/Build > Ladder Program Check.
  3. NP designer

    Register at Omron's website and download it for free.
  4. Memory does not load automatically when you open the backup file. From the PLC Memory dialog, Monitor ON will show you values currently in the PLC. Monitor OFF will show you values that are saved (if they are indeed saved. It will indicate with a red check mark). You'll need to perform a transfer. It looks like your serial question is being worked on in a separate thread.
  5. Try reloading only retentive memory and only the memory that will require. In most cases this will be D & H. You can perform a Cross Reference to see what is used in your program. Also, avoid transferring memory from certain locations as they are used for the PLC setup. 
  6. OMRON CJ1W-ETN21 Node Number

    How are you connected? I would think your CX-Programmer Network Type Settings would have this information if you are connected. If the last octet of your IP does not match the FINS Node Address then the conversion type must be "IP Address Table" rather than "Auto". Is there another PLC or device on the network where you would be able to see the FINS Node Address? Unfortunately, I was unable to find the information you are looking for.
  7. The CR will happen when you press Enter. I haven't used Hyperterminal in a while but there is an option somewhere to "Send Line Feeds with Enter" or something like that. I would use RealTerm. It's a free download from Source Forge. This program gives you a lot more control and visibility to these invisible characters. 
  8. You'll need to convert it to ASCII. Data from an NX102 to Excel - NJ Series / Sysmac Studio -  
  9. PID Control Function Block/Example

    Check the downloads section of this website. There are several. PLC Sample Code -  
  10. CIPread error

    I would agree that Implicit would be best. If you must perform an Explicit message, I would suggest using the CIPUCMMSend instruction. You wont need to use the CIPOpen or CIPClose.
  11. I've never connected a GOT to Omron before and I don't know much about the GOTs.  From the Omron PLC side, default serial parameters are 9600, 7, E, 2. If you change any settings, make sure to cycle the power to the PLC.
  12. The problem with the AVG instruction is it collects samples based on PLC scan time. In many cases, this is too fast to do proper averaging for a live signal. Using a timer does not work because every time the AVG instruction turns OFF then ON again, it starts over from the beginning. So, you are correct, it's the wrong instruction for this purpose.  This is a rookie question but you don't have to be sorry for it. There are many here that are willing to help out.  I'm not sure any PLC manufacturer has the perfect instruction for this so most programmers will do it with simple math. Collect and store x amount of samples, add them together and divide by x. Use a timer to collect your samples and play around with the sample time. Obviously, the longer the sample time, the longer your analog update time. There are other methods using simple math so have a look at this search and don't be afraid to look at other PLC manufacturers.  smooth analog signal - Google Search  
  13. Change Subnet On CP1L PLC

    I'm Mr. Walsh will reply but in the meantime, I remember someone having issues when using a subnet outside of the typical range. I don't know this is the same issue but see this post: CJ2M Ethernet IP error F3 - Omron -  
  14. Backing up SYSMAC CQM1 CPU41

    Once you are connected, you'll need to perform the backup. I don't remember if the PLC Backup Tool works with the older PLCs but you can try. Tools > PLC Backup Tool. The alternative (or both if you wish), is to upload the program via PLC > Transfer > From PLC... You may check all the boxes but the following will supersede: Double click Memory from the project tree then open DM, HR and AR. Perform a Transfer From PLC. Be sure to check all (or entire range, or something like that). Then make sure to Save in Project. The above memory locations are retentive memory. DM will contain very important information on the PLC settings, I/O configuration and special I/O unit setup if any exists. In addition, any of the locations may contain settings that could be important to the specific machine or process.
  15. Foreign Comments

    Conversion of Comments from Japanese? font - Omron -