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  1. CJ2H - Hostlink Connection

    How soon could you get a CJ1W-CIF11? Hostlink is a command/response protocol. You could however use the TXD PLC instruction to send some raw data. 
  2. thumb wheel switch

    BobLfoot I'm calling you The Pinball Wizard from now on! LOL  
  3. Word Lamp Functional Object

    What are your 4 color INT values? Is this the issue? You don't really state a question. If 0 through 9 are not options for you, you may use Indirect reference where you can choose 00 - FF Hex (0 - 255 Decimal).
  4. I just experienced the REGISTER TO SETTINGS FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OF VARIABLES IN TASK a couple of days ago myself. I should know the answer to the task execution and the order but I don't. I'm hoping we can get one of the Omron guys to explain this. You can however, adjust the TIMEOUT to eliminate the error. In the Task Settings you can extend the time. If scan time is really not important to you then you can disable it by setting to Do Not Detect. I wouldn't recommend this if this is a quality inspection. I would also write the ladder program in a manner as to not miss any Pass/Fail signals.
  5. CP1E program missing input and outputs

    In addition to the motion control instructions, you are likely using an Interrupt instruction as well due to the registration eye. Take a look at W480 (software user manual). This will point you to the instructions you'll find in your program. It also does a good job of describing the high speed I/O functions. 
  6. C120 Program Conversion

    You cannot create a CX Programmer project for the C120. It can however upload and download backup files. I don't think this is your best option though since you would not be able to view the ladder program. I cannot confirm that the C120 can communicate via CQM1-CIF02 and C200H-IP007 with any PC software. I don't think it will but we'll see if someone older than me can confirm this. I believe you would need the C120-LK201 and a serial cable. Note:  Just because the handheld will work doesn't mean PC communication will.  I would use the PRO15 and write the program down in mnemonics. Most likely, the password is not set on the PLC. Press CLR > MON > CLR to get to the mnemonics list.  You say the Run light does not come on. I assume you tried switching the PRO15 from PRG to RUN?
  7. Sysmac Studio feature

    You're welcome. I don't like it either.
  8. Sysmac Studio feature

    Tools > Options > Ladder Editor > uncheck Show Ladder Editor Guide.
  9. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    PCON_SysmacStudio_EIP_Structures.xlsx I didn't create these but I copied them from a working program.
  10. CompactLogix power supply distance

    I'm sure Rockwell has a software package that could specify this for you. :)
  11. Corrupt program?? GX works2

    In short, yes. Not necessarily with GX but with other industrial devices. I guess the formats can be very strange to Windows. I don't have an intimate knowledge of the issue.
  12. CP1W-CIF01, CP1W-CIF11

    Check the DIP switch settings according to the manual.  Are you using both Option Ports? Certain combinations won't work, if I remember correctly.
  13. NMEA to CJ1M

    I don't know much about NMEA data but a quick search shows that it is RS232C. The CJ serial port can read and/or write serial data in raw format. Have a look at these examples. TXD-RXD Quickstart Programs - PLC Sample Code -
  14. Testing FINS

    Typically a software package like that will be setup to read data from a PLC via EtherNet/IP or FINS or whatever driver is available. You shouldn't need to write ladder to send data. For the NJ you will need to set the variable attribute to Publish Only for the tags you wish to be read.
  15. NT631C file not opening

    If the screen was originally programmed with the DOS software, then you'll need to upload it with the DOS software then perform a conversion from the project file. I forget the file extensions. I thought that NTST gave these warnings and instructions but it's been many years since I've dealt with it. NTSS233 - Demo Software -