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  1. NT631C Ver 3.62

    Hi PDL, Can you help me with NT631C OMRON Direct Access E firmware (system insatller file) for version 3.20. In upgraded NTST i have only version 3.23 available and my backup program is with version 3.20. When I try to download, it gives Configuration mismatch error. Kind of stucked. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  2. Dear All, I have omron sysdrive 3G3HV inverters installed at machine and needs to get backup parameters of drive. Not able to communicate with inverter through PLC. Can anyone help me out??

    Hi all, need Omron Direct access E Version 3.20 file for system installer, does anyone have and can help me out?
  4. Cannot download to NT631C-ST153-EV3

    Does anyone have NTST 4.7?
  5. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    My project is 3.20 and PT is 3.23. I need PT program to replace with 3.20. Omron CX One 1.0 or NTST V4.7 can help me out. Last upfate of PT program 3.23 shows upgrade date of august 2007. So any NTST before that may have system program file of 3.20. Can i find this?  
  6. NT631C Ver 3.62

    Hi there, this registry fix is leading to some backup software utility. Can you please re share this registry fix. Seems like I am stuck on the same error also.
  7. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

  8. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Dear, file has been successfully opened in tool with that additional registry file you provided. Many Thanks. Now, when try to download program in HMI it give PT configurations mismatch error. Old system version was "Omron Direct Access E V3.20" in PT and new system version "Omron Direct Access E V3.23". Can this be the fault. Have shared fault  and PT configuration selected in program.  Can i have the system installer file for 631C Omron Direct Access Version 3.20 file.  Kindly review and advise!  
  9. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    And for support tool, its in the manual that there is a Transfer utility application that is provided with the CD. That can help me out I guess.
  10. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Thanks for the response, but I can't see my HMI model in this. I am trying to download program in NT631C-ST141-EV2. For which i have the .MMI file.
  11. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Still getting error "This version of the file cannot be loaded". I have .mmi file of original program. Snapshot attached of error and Tool version. Manufacturer is saying to use "Transfer Utility application" and it will work, ICON also attached for reference. But no such application is available other than manual that describes it is deliverred with NT tool CD. Have gone through many forums but no success till. Kindly help if anyone have cleared this issue.
  12. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Hi there, can anyone help with the Omron transfer utility setup? Kind of urgent, stucked at machine. Can be shared @