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  1. Omron NA5-NX1P2 - Password page

    Aah, I see now. So, I created a button labelled "LOG IN" and set the event as a "Click" and action as "Login()", so the Supervisor can change some parameters with his Level 5 access. And I created a "Log Out" button with the action set to "Logout()" for when he's done.  Thanks for the help guys! Much Appreciated.
  2. Omron NA5-NX1P2 - Password page

    Ok, I think this is what I need but just to use on certain buttons now on the main operating screen. But just to make sure I got this right.. If I program a button with access Level 5, and someone tries to enable that button, it'll have a pop-up window to type in a Username and Password? Then only people with level 5 access can access that page?
  3. Hi, I have a screen developed for supervisor access only but I would like to have an area to type in a password, and when the password is typed in correctly I'd like it to open a certain page. I'm not experienced with interactive text boxes or keypads etc. Is someone able to help me out determine what I need to do? Thanks 
  4. 12 hour long Timer Function - NX1P2

    Thank you DonNH, this is exactly what I was looking for!
  5. Can someone please help me figure out how to create a 12 hour long timer function in Sysmac? Or at least help me determine which timer function (in any) is best suited to create this long of a timer? Or will this require a counter instead? If so, does anyone have an examples on how to go about this? I'd like this timer to start it's function when powered up, and after the 12 hour timer is finished I will have it open a certain page on my HMI. Thanks!
  6. Omron NA5 Screen Saver - Custom Image

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to add a custom image to the screen saver on the NA5 HMI, has anyone had experience with this? I can get to the screen saver setting on the device but there's only "Blank" screen as default, but I'd like to add my own image instead. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  7. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    Ok, thank you
  8. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    If I have a mechanical push button (N.O.) in my application, would I have to display it in my PLC program? I have a push button that I'm planning on using to trigger a smart camera to run it's program, so I want to hook it up from my Output_Bit_00 (once it has been set) from the PLC to the cameras trigger wire. 
  9. Omron NA5, NX & Zebra ZD421T (Ethernet)

    The printer supports serial, usb, wifi and ethernet. But I will be using Ethernet. PLC = Omron NX1P2 HMI = Omron NA5 Printer = Zebra ZD421T (desktop printer with ethernet module)
  10. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    I think I understand now, so say if I were to use Latch Example 1 I would create those set of rungs for each of the 12 momentary buttons?
  11. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    What do you mean by "Latch your Action Bit in the PLC"?
  12. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    So right now the 12 buttons on the HMI (beginning of the program) are Toggle Buttons, which i want to keep highlighted until the whole program has been completed successfully. Will those automatically reset at end of the cycle (in my program as it is) or no because they're Toggle Buttons?
  13. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    Eureka! The checkbox did work, I never would've thought of that. Thanks! And I'll delete the END function, i just assumed I needed it to end the program as that is the whole program there, it's not a big one at all. One last question, at the end of the process does the program automatically reset everything or would I have to add in a reset function of some type?
  14. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    I just looked at everything and it all checks out, and I only used that Output coil (HMI_CONTROL_STATUS) once. I've attached the program here, it's quite small. If you have time can you take a look? Thanks 12207_PLC-HMI_2023.10.24.smc2
  15. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    Thanks, I will look into that. And no, I took the structured text out as it would technically be redundant right?