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  3. Sysmac Studio Basics Course

    I was just watching your videos on YouTube.  I am new to Sysmac Studio (and PLC programming in general) and I feel the videos are great.  A project I am working on is going to require a Shift Register and I have been trying to understand how to accomplish this and use the values to control machine functions.  Your video on Unions was helpful in that regards. Thanks! Keith
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  5. we need to contact them urgently, Because of that, I ask if I can talk to you on the phone. we are converting a program in gx iec developer to gx works 2 from cpu Q12H to Q13 UDV, however we cannot know where we get the following instructions in iec developer, and see the options we have in the instructions in gx works 2. We were already searching the entire internet and we could not find the information. could you help us? for example: INDEX_M OUTEX_M SHR_E ADD_E-2 OUTPUTP_M INPUT_M DMOVP_M ADD_E-2 BMOV_E
  6. Options for data storage

    In our environment we use OSISOft PI Data Archive and PIVIsion.  They're not cheap, but the old saying you get what you pay for is true for them.  The support and results ahve been awesome. 
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Just checked the groups in global variables. Honestly, looks good, except 1 thing. When I have enable filter, selected specific group then try to create variable in this list. This variable shows in the selected group, but as soon I unselect the filer, this variable goes to "NO GROUP". It means, all variables that you create by default go to global with no group selected even you have selected group. Will be great if I will have additional information row with group name for the variable or when I create a variable when filter is enabled and group is selected, then this variable goes to this group.
  8. I am looking to export a recipe to an SD card. I know the recipe IAG has an export button but it requires a recipe control. I need to export the recipe using vb code from a page that does not have a recipe control.
  9. yes normally with a hardware change you need to stop the plc
  10. Also to add to quant you must specify in the port config if you are talking rs232 or rs485 etc before communicating to the printer. Normally this will be rs232 and as Quant suggested use the Print_Char function block
  11. What is your favorite and least favorite HMI software?

    Well I believe they think they are.  They even have a manual that covers part 3 of the standard.  Unfortunately my understanding is that the standard is so loosely defined that compliance doesn't actually mean much.  Not like you can take a siemens program and load it on an ab.
  12. Remember Me checkbox intermittent

    FYI... This just happened to me with the same laptop. I switched connections from our WAN to our LAN then I was prompted to sign in again.
  13. It was rethorical. I don't mind Mitsubishi so much. GXWorks2 and now 3 is quite nice to program in. The hardware setup part though. A million settings? Crazy. The other week I was amazed/shocked to know that using an IO-module that allowed hotswap required an individual project to be setup in GXW3, and some interface addresses that needed to match. *siiigh* Siemens TIA portal 15 is better than it's reputation I must say. The HMI / SCADA part i cant comment on yet. Is allen bradley using IEC 61131, the standard for logical controllers? AB is not big here in northern europe. I have only yet encountered National Instruments stuff as part of the american plc business.
  14. Thanks for info. But I will just keep haggling with this and advise with the Mitsubishi contact on monday. To establish how many hours i can save, and how many i have wasted so far :)
  15. Last week
  16. Hi, Thanks to you both.  I see what I need to do now.  In trying it today it looks like I need to stop the PLC in order to make a hardware modification to clear this error.  Is this true even though the rail has power?
  17. Options for data storage

    Crystal Reports or XL Reporter are good and easy to use options.
  18. Options for data storage

    Hello, I am working on a project that involves an existing micrologix 1400 (1766-L32BXB) + a C400 panelview.  I was asked about recording data, one of the options being adding this unit to our network and storing info on a server location.  I am curious what my options will be, so I can hopefully narrow down the method I need to get information on. These will be basic analog sensor readings, for the sole purpose of verifying in-spec readings at specific dates, should a process issue arise downstream at a later date.   What would one of my best options for storing this data?   Thanks in advance  
  19. Designer 5000 cannot Auto Module Discovery

    In your original post you said you are using Studio 5000, V32. The L6 controller can not use V32, as it is hard-stopped at V20. It sounds like you're able to get the Select Module Type dialog box for adding modules to open and the Catalog tab is working, but the Module Discovery tab is not working. So let's back up a bit and start with the basics: Are you building a new project, or adding to an existing project? If you are adding to an existing project, go online with the controller and open the Select Module Type dialog box and choose the Module discovery tab. If you are creating a new project, the easiest way I've found to add I/O cards is to create the project selecting only the controller, controller slot number, and firmware. Save and download to the controller, go online with controller, then use auto-discover. If you're using an L6 controller, you will have to use an RS232 cable to plug directly into the controller. On the L8 controller, you can use an EtherNet cable or USB cable, plugged directly into the front of the controller card. A couple of important (if not silly) gotcha's: You must be online with the controller. The I/O cards you're trying to discover must be properly seated in the cassis, with no fault lights on them. Open RSLinx and make sure it can see the I/O cards you're trying to add. If you're trying to discover remote I/O cards, a communication card must be added and configured in both the local and remote chassis beforehand. If you are able to download and/or go online with the controllers and all the above conditions have been met, and you're still not able to use Module Discovery: Close all applications on the laptop. Delete the RSLinx driver(s) you're using to communicate with the controller(s). Close RSLinx by typing "RSLinx Classic Launch Control Panel" in your laptop's search box, open it, and press the stop button. If it warns you the application is still being used, close it anyway. Completely power down and re-start the laptop. For the L8 controller, (assuming a valid Ethernet/IP address has been assigned to the controller) configure a new RSLinx ethernet driver. (If RSLinx is open, an RSLinx USB driver will be auto-configured when a USB cable is plugged into the controller). Go online with the controller and try to use Module Discovery. Hope this helps.
  20. Clear variables when program stopped?

    Confirmed:  I just tested this with the hardware and both global and local variables DO retain their values when the program is stopped and also after it is restarted.  
  21. From DM:   Hi; my name is Metin , I live in turkey. unfortunately I have a problem that I could not reach a conclusion here. I hope you can help. I need to communicate with CJ1W-ETN21 with a device via modbus tcp and read information. I downloaded ready-made protocols on omron site, connection is established but I cannot read. I tried the attached protocols. the device I am trying to communicate with :  I will get the weight information from the weighing device. Thank you in advance for your help.

    I haven't used the MSEP. generally we use the PCONs.  There are some settings in the PCON that change the data structure, sizing of tables and what can/cannot be accessed.  The manual will then tell you how to setup your generic ethernet module for correct data type, instances and sizes.
  23. S7 300 Hardware Configuration - Simatic Manager

    What do you want to do? It is possible. What do you want to communicate between the hardware configurations? If you want to change information then it will work with help of tags.
  24. Designer 5000 cannot Auto Module Discovery

    ElectronGuru, I hear you, its not worked when Im Online.  But I have Never seen the dialog on this system, it Always says Auto Discovery Unable to Proceed.  I've tried restarts, and everything...  I am using a L82E processor, also a L65 processor, both wouldn't execute the dialog.  However, I can manually enter all IO cards and devices, it just would be nice to have it auto so it would auto pick the correct Module revision, etc... Thanks
  25. The Proworx32 should be used to update the traffic cop/ memory map in the PLC for sure.  That should correct how the STAT block responds to the card, eliminating the error.  

    When you setup your generic Ethernet module, make sure you select the correct data type.  This has snagged me more than once (sorry to admit).  It's very easy to forget and use the defaults and just fill out the number of input/output and config words.  I believe it will show a valid connection on many devices, but the data transfer will be messed up.
  27. Easy to use 3rd party HMI to use with ControlLogix L82

    I am very partial to the Inductive Automation Ignition platform.  Am using it with contrologix, plc5, slc etc right now.  I would suggest conerting your connection to your Modbus/rtu network to an Ethernet based interface.  Ignition is a server/client based system and ethernet is much easier to connect to.  Moxa sells some great little gateways to allow connections to legacy networks like that.  You mention desktop, but if you are interested in a local HMI then I would suggest RedLion.  Also connects well to the logix.
  28. What is your favorite and least favorite HMI software?

    I'm not sure if that was a rhetorical question or not.  Pain the the neck usually causes downtime. Pretty easy to figure the return on downtime cost vs equipment/development cost.  I'm not really a fan of anything Mitsu - PLC's, displays, cars, etc.  Me and Mitsu just dont seem to get along.  The AB software is really expensive; however, it works.  It has a lot of features and they keep improving it.  I'll pay for quality.  Also there is a time component.  I can program twice as fast - maybe even a greater multiplier - in the RSLogx5000 platform versus most others.  Partially due to my experience with that compared to others, but also due to the structure and ease of programming in that package.  The hardware is also pretty solid.  Install and forget.  Let the spares gather dust.  Finally there is a sanity factor. What's left of my sanity after years in this business is worth paying a little more to me.  Most of the Japanese processors seem to target eliminating my remaining grasp on reality. 

    Thank you for the input. I do have the module setup as a generic ethernet module and seems to be happy. I did reach out to IAI they were indeed extremely helpful. However they just gave me a sample project that I was able to use to get the servo to be operational thru the PLC. They were unable to explain to me where I messed up. This will be an issue when I add my second controller to the tree. They did give me different AOIs. I presume that the AOI can be used for both controllers and is determined by the CPS instruction (the data allocated for each controller). As in copy the logic and change tags. They showed me that when having more then one axis to just lengthen the array and repeat the logic structure. So I presume I can do the same for the second controller (with the new tags)?  
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