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  2. Allen Bradley Vs. Mitsubishi

    +1 for Fx5U+GOT Simple. With SSCNETIII/H and CC-Link IEF Basic available, it untie my hands big time in my line of work... If Mitsu add G-code support in IQ-F series, it will become small automation monster.
  3. HMI user

    The programmer might have used the original functionality of the FactoryTalk regarding users and passwords based upon the Windows philosophy.  Then again, they may have developed a PLC logic based security system.  Either way look at global tagging and the macros as well as the security settings of the application.
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  5. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    Yes, actually that one possible thought is my case exactly. I have already found that one out. But thank you very much. I am new so it's kind of difficult as everything. But is there any kind of source book for PLC, that you could recommend? Once again thank you for your help.
  6. PLC Simulator Online

    A new version of the simulator released. Variables on the left panel as you asked Garry. :)
  7. Allen Bradley Vs. Mitsubishi

    Follow up:  The Mitsubishi  FX5U and GOT Simple won the battle. We have been shipping the system since 2018. Our A-B rep was pushing the Micro850 and PanelView 800 7" to meet our specifications/price point. Mitsubishi was offering the FX5U and GOT Simple. We ended up choosing the FX5U over the comparable Micro800 PLC.  One of the primary reasons was the development environment. Mitsubishi uses the same software from top to bottom of the product line.   I would say our Mitsubishi combination is like programing a MicroLogix 1400 with RSLogix5000. The only thing I don't like is the basic Ladder Logic editor which looks and operates like it's from 30 years ago (and probably is based on their legacy support).  All our PLC programming is in Function Block and Structured text and nearly fills the 64000 step standard memory allotment.  
  8. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    I created a structure, I think that is more "elegant".
  9. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    You are welcome. Did you create the array or structure?
  10. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Yes, I made it! Thank you very much!
  11. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    When I get some time, I'll simplify my example and post it for you. I'll try to explain... Imagine a "Servo" motor with multiple parameters. The "Sequence" will have several steps. Each sequence will be different for each "Product". You create a Data Type (STUCTURE) of each the items in quotations. You can have mixed data types within the Structures.
  12. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Thank you very much. I've already tried to do it in a STRUCT way but it makes more confusion in my head (sorry but I'm new and I'm trying to understand well this thing) Maybe could you help me in this way please?   EDIT: I'd like to make something like this: Trolley[Trolley_Number].targetPosition[XXX];  with "Trolley_Number" ARRAY [0,1] and "targetPosition[0..99];
  13. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Here is a copy/paste from a 16x16 matrix: ARRAY[0..15,0..15] OF REAL You could also do it in a STRUCTURE. I created a 3 dimensional array this way. It really helps to keep your head on straight when parsing it.    
  14. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    There are no DIP switch settings for this procedure. I just tested mine on an NS10-TV01B-V2, Lot No. 06612K. My recover files are Ver. 8.7, all DIP switches in the OFF position. I inserted the card and powered the NS on. The recovery program appears in approximately 5 seconds with the title, "Select the way to install the program".  I don't remember enough to help troubleshoot any more. I think you are correct that it seems to not see the card. I would call Omron technical support.
  15. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Very lucky! Make sure you upload the program from it. CX Designer has a very good conversion tool to upgrade to an NS5. That would be my approach. 
  16. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Hello, I'd like to make a matrix 2*100 on Sysmac Studio but I really don't know how to do in this software. If a matrix is not possible, also an " ARRAY OF [0,1] OF ARRAY[0..100] OF ^var^ " could be good. Thanks in advance.
  17. NT20 touchscreen broken

    No, but thanks for the attempt! The screen is completely shot. I actually was able to get another NT20S and mix and match the circuit boards and screens to make the old one work with the new screen!  
  18. Thanks for the update. Will look at it next week have been sent to a different project this week.
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  20. Allen Bradley Vs. Mitsubishi

    Compare apples to apples.  You compare a Micro800 to a Q Series.  Should have ben FX5 to be equal.  Q Series is more on par with ControlLogix.
  21. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    I am not familiar with the Delta, but from a google search this looks like a contact output module type PLC. Have you taken all power off the PLC and Ohm Checked between C0 and Y0.  I'm suspecting a welded internal relay contact by what you describe.  Just one possible thought.
  22. Programming Zebra Scanner to AB 1400 PLC?

    The last serial bar code reader I did the PLC was 1756-L6x and we used 1734-RS232 Flex I/O to do the RS-232.  Not sure if the 1400 will support the 1734 flex module or not.  May want to check.  
  23. I was thinking of the PLC5 and SLC500 where the RTC is in S: registers the Micro 1100 only has a free running clock in S:4.  YOu'll need to assign a couple of registers for Date and have your SCADA populate them.  Maybe N100:0 for Month and N100:02 for Day  then do N100:0 +100 = N100:1.  Then use N[N100:1]:[N100:2] as where you place that days total.
  24. Programming Zebra Scanner to AB 1400 PLC?

    I thing you are using a Micrologix 1400, you have to configure Channel 0 as ASCII. As shown: Here I'm Using a Micrologix 1100, then all depends on the application you have to develop, for example configure the baud rate, configure the size of the sring you will receive. In the channel configured as ASCII you will have 2 buffers: the Receive Buffer and the Send buffer, so you have to clear it once you have managed your data. You will need to use 2 ASCII instructions for receiving data: ARD: Ascii read ACL: Ascii Clear Here is how I use it, sorry for the comments in Spanish, if you need some help with that let me know: You will need as well 3 types of variables, Control, String and if you want to convert the data to integer a Integer type. I recommend you to be careful when converting an ASCII to integer, an integer can have 2 words only.
  25. Allen Bradley Vs. Mitsubishi

    I know this topic Is really old, but I want to share my personal expirience. I worked for a Rockwell's partner solutions company, so I had acces to a lot of customers and applications with Allen Bradlley PLCs, and now i'm developing in Mitsubishi Q series PLCs. You have to consider lot of stuff as JRoss explained, included the real needs for your customer and the added value you can offer as a programmer or a company. For small and specific applications, price will play an important role (small pokayokes, turn on and off a motor...) but nowadays technology is taking important steps and many other stuff is important to be aware. For Example, traceability is one important thing on any aplication, communication and routing play a really important role in these days. For now, that im using a Q10 PLC series I discovered is really hard to develop a full solution, you have to pay for lot of more hardware and software, for example MES, windows server license, and othe software to be able to connect the OPC with the data base. Meanwhile Allen Bradley PLCs have a lot of compatibility with 3rd party software and open source products (as pycomm or pylogix, PTC OPCs, Ignition...). For example, I had to develop a full solution for a small business with an Oven, total pricing with Allen Bradley hardware and software (Micro800 and Panel View 800 series) was under 10k dollars, becase I was able to buy a Ignition OPC or use an Open source software, meanwhile the cotization I received for Mitsubishi hardware based exceded 20k dollars, for the same solution, and we expected that our system with Allen bradley would be able to grow twice as its current size. i have to remark that this solution has covered routing (using Mikrotik routers), server, data bases, virtualization, web app, and control (where allen bradley PLC is used). So, as you can see not everything is resumed to the PLC's hardware and software price, the full solution is what really matters when you have to choose or explain why one is or is not the best option. Communication protocols should be considered as well, we are at the beggining of the IoT revolution, many protoccols as Modbus, Modbus RTU, and small modules must be considered, for example in my solution with micro850 I was able to find a modular remote IO (Novus brand) that included thermocuple Inputs and worked with Modbus TCP/IP, so I saved about 1k dollars to replace some Allen Bradley modules and save more than 2k if I had used Mitsubishi.
  26. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    I didn't format this CF card. This card was used before and it have back-up project on it. So I only copy firmware files to that CF card, but still its same. Is there any special files that needs to be copy to this CF card? Is there any trick with DIP switch on the HMI?
  27. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Do not format on any Windows computer. I purchased one preformatted from Omron. There has been a lot of discussion in the past about formatting these cards. It's a very, very old DOS format that is difficult to achieve with today's equipment. Even if you have a very, very old version of DOS, you'll still need a computer with a native CF drive. I've heard where some have been able to format with an old camera that uses CF card. 
  28. Data separation in CP1E

    Have a look at the ASC(086) ASCII Convert instruction.
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