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  2. TLS session establishment fail

    Changed that and a couple other things and I'm now receiving the messages. Again thank you so much haha
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  4. Has the situation changed a lot since? I want to become a part of the IT department of the plant, and it would be better to know the relationship between the workers inside the company.
  5. Nematron DOS software

    We have an older Nematron system we are working on and requires some software. The system uses DOS 6.22 and launches Screen Ware 2 software and the Reliance DCS V1.01 to talk to the Rockwell AutoMax PLC that uses the Programming Executive Version 4.2. We have the Nematron parallel port keys (dongle) needed and are looking for installation media for editing. We also need information on the executables that open the screen files the ULTRA MAIN MENU is not available to us. We are interested in viewing the config for upgrade so even software that is newer and capable of converting and reading the program is fine. Any help is appreciated!!
  6. Update on this. I did end up changing the machine network to 40 and so far, have noticed no issues. Hope this helps someone one day.

    Duplicated outputs are usually only a concern on coils. Your error is for an MOV instruction which is commonly duplicated. Ignore it   Edit: I see you have multiple warnings, if you could share the list of them we could better advise you.
  8. TLS session establishment fail

    Try a timeout of UINT#1000. 10ms for a ping across the WAN is unlikely.  

    Click Show Address Reverence Tool (Alt+4) then click on 101 in the ladder program. It is programmed as an output somewhere in your program. 101 may show up as 101.00, 101.01, ... 101.15.  I see you have multiple warnings. You could also scroll through your warnings and look for WARNING:  Duplicated output - OUT 101.xx at rung (x, x).
  10. Emulate 5069-L310ERS2

    Thanks for your reply.  I now downloaded v34 and I am now able to emulate a version 32.  But when I have a project with a 5069-L310ERS2 CPU, how do I emulate it when the emulated processor is a EmuLogix5068??
  11. TLS session establishment fail

    Ok this is weird now its connected but the session says it isnt present, when I ping it tells me its not connected and when i try to send something it cancels the connection. Error code when I publish is 200F for the MQTTClient block    

    Hello, somebody to help me about this warning .  thank u  
  13. On a Schneider FAQ there is a similiar error mentioned. They also mention to repair installation but before this try running the application as administrator first.
  14. CC-Link IE Protocols

    Thanks, guys. So both CC-Link IE Field Basic and CC-Link IE TSN traffic can co-exist with TCP/IP traffic, but TSN is deterministic and Field Basic is not? Does TSN require special TSN switches to prioritise TSN traffic? Are CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE TSN similar with the main difference being that TSN traffic can co-exist with TCP/IP traffic, whereas IE Field traffic cannot? I presume TCP/IP traffic would be detected and cause errors on CC-Link IE Field, Control and Motion/Safety networks?
  15. TLS session establishment fail

    Thank you so much!!!! It finally works, I was just missing some variables that you listed which I didn't think were needed. I really appreciate the time taken out of your schedule to help me out!!
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  17. Emulate 5069-L310ERS2

    @BobLfoot that's spot-on; you must download the individual version(s). Currently you can get RSLogix Emulate 5000 in versions 20.4, 21.3, and 24.1. Studio 5000 Logix Emulate is available in versions 24.1, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35.  You should be able to look those up, compare, and download from here:
  18. Emerson (Prophecy) vs. Rockwell (A-B) Lets be real...

    acquiring another skill is always a plus and you never know when it will be handy. more importantly, continuous learning helps one be flexible and open to change. i have worked with many PLC brands (AB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Beckhoff, Schneider, etc.). knowing any one of them would be more than enough to keep me busy and employable but that never stopped me from trying to learn more while trying to retain as much as possible. as a result PLCs are important but only a part of what i am good at. i like learning and and would not change a thing. knowing more gives me the edge. also there is a freedom to choose even when things get hard and others may be struggling to just stay afloat. when there is a shakedown, first to go are the temp workers and those with limited skill set. and i have seen many people come and go, while i move when it suits me - salary, benefits, hours, travel, work climate, location, etc. so everyone has unique needs and should decide what works for them. if you think it is the best for you to move on, don't let others stand in your way. change can be good but even if there is a regret, it is better to be because of own choice, than someone else's influence. 
  19. TLS session establishment fail

    Looks like the official library available for download supports it - The example program uses it:  
  20. TLS session establishment fail

    The MQTT library that supports TLS is only compatible with NX PLCs (NX102 & NX1P2) >= firmware 1.46 I'm trying to track it down now...
  21. Problem Step7 5.6 Windows 10

    Fixed by installing TIA portal 15.1 update 5
  22. Hi everyone! The company i work for, decided to make all the future machine PackML complaint, and i have to do that, For the last 2 months I'm reading about PackML and how to implement it, and i have more questions then answers....I explained to the boss that i need training to put in order all information i got from documentations. He agree but i have to find the training courses. Does anyone made any PackML program. Does anyone know a good training courses for PackML, but not the one who made PackML FB and teaching you haw to use it like Yaskawa for example. The idea is at the end - i have to be able to make my own FB to apply PackML standard to any machine we produce.
  23. You aren't wrong.  Siemens is number one in sales world-wide and number two in the U.S.  Rockwell is number one in the U.S. and number two worldwide.  Everything after that is very region dependent.  Learning Emerson (or others) is a good thing, but I wouldn't let my Rockwell skills suffer.  FWIW, supply chains have highlight some weaknesses in Rockwell--I've had some clients expanding their 2nd tier platforms.  Omron's NJ/NX newer stuff and Keyence KV-7500 and KV-8k families, in particular.
  24. TLS session establishment fail

    I've already downloaded the MQTT library prior and used the function blocks to connect to other brokers online. But because I need to use the MQTT block to connect to azure IoTHub it requires me to create a TLSSession which is where I'm currently getting the error of not being able to establish it.
  25. Timer

    Welcome to the forum. Bit 254.00 should be a 1 minute pulse.  It is a 50% duty cycle pulse. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. You could use that bit as the input for your counter. gtsuport
  26. Timer

    Hi! I have an old C200HG PLC.  I need to get a pulse every 1 minute. Maybe I think to advanced, but I can't make it on my own...  Can anyone tell me how to set up a timer that gives a pulse to a counter.    For those who are really interested: I have a oven at a bakery that goes to power-saving mode ("set tempratures" - 50 degrees celcius = new power-saving temp) if no bread is on the way to the oven. And as it is now - Product X is active, the saving mode is set. And then, if they activate product Y, while in saving mode, it overwrites the power-saving mode, and sets new tempratures, even though the oven is still in saving mode. So my timer will "restart" saving mode, as long as the saving mode should be active.
  27. Hi everyone. I previously changed my username on the site for privacy reasons. My username was successfully changed but this account still shows up in search engine results with my real name, due to the following link containing my actual name in the link itself. Can you please rename this link to reflect my username? Many thanks
  28. Emerson (Prophecy) vs. Rockwell (A-B) Lets be real...

    In my 35+ years I've touched Toshiba, Omron, GE, Schneider, Siemens and Rockwell PLCs. Steve Bailey is correct having a depth of PLC and Industry experience makes you more valuable. If you're set on staying temp / contract for the forseeable future, then I would focus on Wage, Environment and intangibles and get the best work experience you can rather than worry about what PLC you're working with.
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