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  2. EXTER T70 with FX2N

    Hi Ron_S, I have one shoot only :).  I hope to do it right. It's not my equipment and no possibility to make mistake. E-Designer or I-Designer ???   1. Download project from HMI ignoring warning about driver (using Information Designer) 2. Save it on laptop 3. Change names of valves and save 4. Upload saved project to HMI (only blocks) and uncheck/check other boxes as we are talking above Is it right sequence?    Regards, Kortik    
  3. This is documented behavior.  Instructions that use the Process Complete bit will reset it themselves when they are started.  In the motion instruction set manual, look in Preface => Instruction Timing => Process Type Instructions.
  4. Hello everyone, I have this weird problem that the PC (process complete) bit of MAS command does not clear after a cycle time.  As you may probably see in the picture attached when the desired torque has been reached, the servo has to be stopped using MAS command; however, this is good only for one cycle!! The PC bit will remain on even when the whole sequence gets unlatched/reset. I have to manually reset this bit. I was wondering if you could help me with this issue, please?  Thank you!  
  5. EXTER T70 with FX2N

    E designer doesn't send the file extension, it sends the project. Just send it already.
  6. PanelView C600

    Hi guys, I'm doing a little practice with a Micrologix 1400 and a HMI PanelView C600. The program is so simple. Turn on the output O 0:0 through the input B3 0:0 (START) and turn it off with B3 0:1 (STOP). I'm trying to link these inputs to the button Start and Stop created in the HMI. When I validate the communication I don't get any errors but when I try to validate the tags I get this error:  Tag StartPb with address START has either an unknown address, unacceptable data or undefined controller name.  Tag StopPb with address STOP has either an unknown address, unacceptable data or undefined controller name. Thanks in advance  
  7. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    We seem to have a fix for the installation. I swapped to a spare drive of the same type and still got the ground fault on run command. There was 0 for parameter 41 - (Accel Time 1) which was the same as the other rolling mill with the same PF525 drive which has no problems, this was setup and commissioned by a subcontractor. I changed it to 10ms and now the initial instant current draw appears to be been ignored and the mill has run in a stable condition for a short but reasonable production run this afternoon. Whether this is a correct resolution to the issue is yet to be seen, and I’m not a vfd expert in any way, but I’m not convinced the F013 ground fault was a true fault diagnosis given by the PF525 fault code.  
  8. DVP-12sa2 modbus

    If you are able to connect panel to the PLC then the link is OK. I didn't get what are you trying to do - activating outputs and reading inputs of the PLC from the panel? 
  9. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Does it occur in V/Hz mode? does this occur in Vector mode with the encoder set to open loop?
  10. Cant´t download program to NS8

    This has been resolved.  See third post in this thread.
  11. DVP-12sa2 modbus

    Hi, PLC DVP-12sa2 connected via modbus COM2 to HMI OP320-A (china clone) outputs Y0-Y3 are working, inputs are working only two X0-X1, X2-X7 is not working what could be the problem? Thank You
  12. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    As panic mode has mentioned, all manuals are free download. You'll just need to create a logon. XG Vision Terminal should also be a free download. XG Vision Editor is not free. You can download and install but it will not be activated until you email them a code generated by the software. (very archaic) I have found that using the handheld is much faster and easier than using Vision Editor unless you are creating advanced graphics. I'm in the USA but I've found the Singapore site to be much better for finding the downloads I need.
  13. Omron PLC Python communication

    you can try to look at this library:
  14. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Yes we are in vector mode Meggered at 1000v  Disconnected at vfd output terminal  Tested with another motor and lead following my last post with same original results  I have a spare drive that I’m going to swap across now and try   Thanks all for your input so far
  15. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Jog is around 15% of max line speed
  16. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Many things can cause this. I’ll start with some basic questions. Are you in vector mode? What v did you megger at? If you fault with no motor connected, meaning disconnected at the output terminals of the drive, it’s likely a bad VFD. Ground fault basically means a current imbalance and the drive assumes it’s going to ground. Start the drive with no motor leads in v/hz mode and measure output v. If balanced V then the drive may be ok but if unbalanced, the drive is for sure bad
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  18. Omron PLC Python communication

    Hello All,    I am college graduate student and I know little bit of cx-programmer for modifying existing program. I have master CJ2M CPU34 PLC connected with three CP1L PLC. All 4 PLC are connected via hub through Ethernet cable. I want to read/write some memory data to/from PLC through Python programming. As I am new to PLC and Python I have not much idea regarding omron PLC and python communication. So is it possible to connect python with master/slave PLCs directly? If yes then how can I communicate? I was trying with cpppo library to connect with PLC but I could not connect it.  I have attached the master PLC communication setup for the reference.    Any kind of lead/help is appreciated.    Thank you in advance.    -Yash
  19. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    jog speed is usually slower than running speed unless you "tweak" it up. is your jog speed equal to run speed?
  20. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    Never heard of Keyence asking for S/N to get manual. All Keyence manuals i ever needed were free to download. As it is common these days, one just need to register and get used to getting email from them.
  21. hi

    hi everyone  
  22. I will have a look at the functions, but for now I suggest you send and receive using only the plc and your computer. That way you can clear out it's not the plc. Normally I use the Hercules tool (HW group) or Wireshark. Hercules lets you set up tcp/udp servers and clients though. You can receive/write from Hercules back to your plc. There's many things that may not work here so the first thing to check out is that the UDP loop in the plc works.
  23. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Thanks for your response  We are currently checking all wiring  Have tried running vfd with a different motor and cable, also tried with motor disconnected  Same fault F013 Seems to be pointing towards being a faulty drive… The shame is that we refurbished this machine prior to lockdown but never commissioned it and it’s never turned a wheel until we need it now 18 months later. Probably out of warranty…   Also updated firmware from 5.001 to 7.001 but still no improvement 
  24. EXTER T70 with FX2N

    Hi Ron_S, Thanks for your assistance. I'll try to do in according with your advice to uncheck all unnecessary "box". Yes, it would be fine if I can update the block/s only. Mainly I need Block 1 and rename 4 valves. But I still afraid to get some error during uploading from laptop to HMI and I have no spare HMI :).  But other task to add all existing 57 valves (now is 40) but this is other story and nobody knows what have been done 10-12 years ago inside PLC Mitsubishi FX2N. Also I concerned about project which was found saved as .mpa not cpa. Do I have to upload .mpa or .cpa to HMI Exter?  Best Regars, Kortik
  25. RSlogix 1200

    I can't find proof of this on the AB/RA sites yet, but given the age of the 1200 it's support might not be in the latest linx. Try version 2.56 ot 3.90 and see if the problem is the same.
  26. RSlogix 1200

  27. RSlogix 1200

    Name Catalog # List price RsLogix 500 Micro Starter 9324-RLM0100ENE $151 The above is not too bad. Might be a little more now.    
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