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  2. FX3 read project a warning

    A working controller FX3 on factory. It was necessary to subtract the project (using GX Works2) to save it in case of a PLC breakdown. Never faced such warnings before. What could it be because of? How to make sure that the read project can be used in the event of a PLC breakdown?
  3. Siemens LOGO PID

    The PI function is good for most applications, unless you need the derivative (Motion controls).
  4. Hi Michael!

    I assume you're still bailing the Hilcorp bunch out? 

    I did see a rumor they are going to buy the old P66 refinery in Louisiana? Are they nuts? Course it'll give you something to do for like 25 years.

    Always good to hear for you.

    Best, John

  5. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    will need the historical mode for the alarm raised. did the color same as the background but it will have a line spacing.
  6. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    Hi I also did try this. and got the same error so I just use back his code
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  8. Trend Graph Help on Sysmac

    We also have an IAG component - instead of the original one - BrokenLineGraph. Our component can be placed in the project any number of times (OMRON-only 8 times per project). Our IAG-allows you to place other panel components above or below it. It is possible for our IAG to change the color, line thickness, line visibility, line type (solid, dotted, etc.) during the project execution. At the moment, there is a component designed to display 10, 20, 40, and 70 fracture points per line. Moreover, the Y coordinate - each line has its own and can be with an uneven step. (OMRON provides only a uniform step, one for all polylines). There is an option for 3 and 7 lines. It is possible to develop for your tasks for any number of lines and break points. We did not make scales on the component. But if necessary, you can add. And finally, our IAG can scale during execution. Another nice feature is that our IAG BrokenLine works fully functional in the simulator  
  9. Trend Graph Help on Sysmac

    OMRON / NA / NJ_NX / TrendGraph /  BrokenLineGraph / Good afternoon. We can help you solve your problem. We have a solution based on the OMRON NA series panels-which allows you to display a large amount of data on a single TrendGraph. Up to 16 curves can be displayed simultaneously on a single TrendGraph. There can be almost any number of variables themselves. (OMRON restricts 8 TrendGraph x 16 variables). We had to spend time on the implementation of such a task. In the example proposed in the picture - one TrendGraph. - We output 10 different data sets ( for drying chambers) to it. We have to use the panel functions undocumented by OMRON a little. The data is stored for any period of time, and you can display it for any period of time. If you are interested, please contact us.
  10. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    Hi DavidOtt, i don't know the mcprotocol library for node.js you referenced, but you can use the mcprotocoll to read/write data from/to mitsubishi plc. you can't handle it with html only, but with javascript and ethernet communication it shouldn't be a problem. in this case the plc act as server, you establish a connection and then send the request (read/write, registertype, number of register) and the the plc will respond. the request is handled at the end of the normal scan cycle of the plc. the mcprotocoll is described in the melsec communication protocol manual, there are two types of the mcprotocoll ascii and binary, if you use nodejs/javascript using the ascii version should be easier, beacuse you you can use ASCII-character to build the REQUEST string you send to the plc and doesn't need to handle byte values in the senddata. for a list of possible devices you can read/write have a look at the application manual chapter 28 devices, in short you can use D (Data register) or R (file register) for signed/unsigend 16/32bit data (32bit require two registers) and M (internal relay) or L (latch relay) for bit-data (true/false). to send an timestamp (js) you have split it into the different parts (hour, minute, second) and send this in different registers, because the plc doesn't have a datatype for date/time representation. whitch register you can use, depends on the program on the plc. be sure that you don't use (write to) registers that are used by the plc program. If you need read/write synchronisation for the data you also need to implement this on the plc side. list of manuals If you need a tool to test the communication, you can use the HERCULES Setup utility
  11. Very Long Counter

    Hi all! Is there an proper way to create very long counters (2 DINTs or even 3) that doesn't involve coding the overflows yourself? I didn't find a function to enable this. Did I miss something or did someone already code something like this?
  12. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    FX5U have ModBus TCP (slave/Master). Maybe it will be easier on it? For ModBus TCP (slave) it is not necessary to write a program inside the PLC. In the "Enable" settings and you're done.
  13. ABB AC500 Program Upload

    Hi   I got an control panel which uses an ABB AC500 "PM582" PLC. This is my first encounter with an ABB PLC, I am a Siemens guy so most of my routine work is around S7-300 / 1200 Systems. I have been doing some research but can't exactly find out if it's possible to upload the program from the ABB AC500 CPU and store it on a PC as a backup file in case one doesn't have the project file which is my case. On the Siemens PLC's this is something possible which can be done using the Step 7 or Tia Portal software but on the ABB i'm unable to find a feature in the software to do that, neither does the documentation clarify anything regarding to this. I hope anyone here with a good ABB AC500 background could shed some light on this.     Rgds   Marvin
  14. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    Its not technically hiding them but if you make the color of the alarms that are cleared the same as your background they are invisible. Turn off historical mode as well. It may look funny if a newer alarm clears and an older alarm hasn't mind you
  15. I'm new to PLC, I don't know the technical terms either. I'm trying to develop app to read/write from/to Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F FX5. As I read here: that it is possible to write/read from PLC to/from a PC (with Ethernet connection). I'm programming in Nodejs, I don't know if such an application needs any server operation (main.js) or all coding - to do the read/writing operation - are handled in html function.  The FX5 user manual explains methods for the device that is communicating with CPU module by MC protocol (Is this one? I don't know where to store data in PLC and from where to read in PLC. I need to send number sequence and timestamp to PLC and read 3 data (number sequence, timestamp, true/false) from PLC. This mc protocol states 9 variables (D0, M6990, CN199, R2000, X034, D6000.1, D6001.2, S4, RFLOAT5000). Which variables are good for storing such data? Do you recommend MC protocol?  
  16. Mitsubishi A172CPUN motion controller O.S.

    hi, i'm not very good at english... can you share that operating system file for me, i really need them
  17. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    I think in your case, you have the object name as 'UserAlarmsViewer0'. So you have to use this in your subroutines. It should be: UserAlarmsViewer0.FilterByStatus(_eHMI_ALARM_STATUS.Raised) EZa90 actually told  you to do this in his post:  'replace AlarmView0 with the name of your alarm view object
  18. Ftview 9.0 station local

    hello I would like to help you to make a backup of an application on a local station and open it on another pc, but when I go to open the application it is failing on the server and I will not let it open. Can anybody help me.
  19. Zebra Industrial Printer and Allen bradley L18ER printing via Ethernet IP

    I am having an issue getting my 1769-L30ERM revision 31.11 to recognize the ZT410 printer through the AOP for a Link-OS printer. I updated to Link-OS 6.2, added the module, IP addresses are correct. My laptop connects to the printer through the PLC ethernet ports. The module properties say the connection is faulted. I have read the guides, watched videos, reset the printer and Plc many times, updated revisions, tried RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000. I'm going to hunt down different printer Monday and try that. I thought maybe I'm missing some setting somewhere. I'm stuck and any suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. GOT <-> Allen Bradley String read/write

    GT Designer doesn't allow me to choose the imported tags with STRING data type, it' grayed out - probably because it accepts the Destination Device only if its data type matches the type selected in the Device Type field (STRING type is not available obviously).  
  21. GOT <-> Allen Bradley String read/write

    Can't you use the Device Data transfer function of the GOT?   
  22. Hi, I'm looking for help with the string exchanging between GT25 and AB CompactLogix. I'm reading recipe data from SQL via MES interface to the local devices such as GD3000. I want to move the string held in the registers GD3000-3009 (20 characters) to the string tag in the Allen Bradley. The problem is that in the scripting I cannot enter the AB Tag, because when I imported the CSV with the string tags their data type is STRING, and the scripting in GOT accepts only numerical datatypes such as WORD, etc. Has anyone found a way to handle that?
  23. Siemens LOGO PID

    Hi, LOGO has no PID function. Only PI.
  24. Tôi cần định cấu hình bộ điều khiển chuyển động A172CPUN mới. Nhưng không tìm thấy bất kỳ hệ điều hành tức là  SV22  trong internet. Ai có thể giúp tôi? Cảm ơn trước.
  25. Siemens LOGO PID

    Dear All, i Want to ask that is Siemens LOGo PLC is capable of PID ? if it is where is block of PID as i could not find in comfortLOGo V.70 thanks   
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