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  2. Powerlink AS Protocol Messages

    So I'm back...we basically contacted the OMNII-COMM company, and the guy who initially worked on this project was still working there.  They actually make new ethernet based modules, so a coworker just had to download the configuration off of this, and he was able to ship us a new OMNI comm.  Then, it takes care of whatever messages are being sent to the square D panels, and apparently we just send it an ethernet based MODBUS command to get it working.   Now, I've been pretty hands off with this and this is going to another engineers lap, so I'm a bit out of the loop.  But basically we have an Omron CJ2H-CPU64 EIP PLC that we will be installing, and we also use Indusoft web studio v8.0 as an HMI.    Just a quick look and it seems like that Omron processor does NOT do Modbus TCP commands?  We thought we were going to be flinging bits out of the omron processor to talk to this, but does this mean we cant?  I just quickly did a search and it looks like Indusoft has some Modbus driver sheets, but it looks like it can only be serial??  Are we screwed?  Any help is appreciated!
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  4. How to use a timer inside a function block?

    Looking at your code, your coffee_stop bit will only turn off for 1 scan.  It will then immediately turn back on and the timer will start timing again.  The problem is not the timer in side the FB, but the code as written.
  5. How to use a timer inside a function block?

    I did this and it worked just fine:
  6. Hi Chris, I was just looking in the AB forum and saw a bunch of posts that don't look like they belong there (and all from the same user)...they are pretty new, in the last 15 minutes, just wanted to let someone know right away!


    Thank you!!


  7. 1. Schneider claims a non-re-wiring migration path to Foxboro EVO 2. This Emerson RA Delta V blurb claims there is some means of 'saving existing wiring'. 3.  Honeywell  claims "a phased migration can also use existing wiring" for its PKS DCS.    My limited exposure to Honeywell is that the full blown PKS will be overkill for an APACS replacement.  The distributor supported ControlEdge UOC is probably more in line with APACS system performance, but I suspect that there are no wiring adapters. 4.  Siemens hosts a User forum for the PCS7.  You might try an inquiry there for experiences with a migration from APACS.   Registration is required for the site is required.
  8. AB Studio 5000 Lite

    In addition to @VFD Guy's suggestion, I would look up the release notes for the specific version of Studio5000 Lite you have and see if there's anything in there that might answer the question. 
  9. Which communcation connectors in FX5U network?

      So i gues a Siemens (Profinet) Cat5 cable can be use for ethernet, if only 4 are used? What is special about the CC-Link?  ( In a tested i used a Cat5 cable, that workt). But i need to use a connector with a angle, and this is only provided in 4wired.  
  10. Which communcation connectors in FX5U network?

    Ethernet should use CAT5 cable, which has 8 wires even though only 4 get used. CC-Link is a dedicated cable.
  11. I need to know what kind of connector/cables i can use for my network: Topology, ( all on one switch): * Ethernet: FX5U, GOT, Safety PLC (WS0-GETH00200) * CC-Link: 2X  Inverters FR-A840-00023 Does this systeem needs the RJ45 4wired  or  8wired cables/connector?

    Hi all, I am using Mitsubishi Q series PLC Q03UDV and I want to communicate TSC TC300 PRINTER to print QC code after i scan using a barcode scanner My questions are does anyone know the code for printing command?  i have previous like used Zebra GX420t  ZPL Commands and Configuration Receipt Callout Cross-Reference, write into the PLC program it working nicely. However i dont quite understand the command for TSC printer. Thank you! Regards sttchui
  13. E1061 HMI through access FX2N plc

    Hello everyone, I have FX2N plc and Mitsubishi E1061 HMI. Any one know how to upload or access the PLC through HMI E1061
  14. E1061 HMI through access FX2N plc

    Hello everyone, I have FX2N plc and Mitsubishi E1061 HMI. Any one know how to upload or access the PLC through HMI E1061
  15. Beijer E-Designer Software

    Hello, I have FX2N plc and Baijer E1061 HMI. Please any one tell me how to access PLC backup through Baijer E1061 HMI software
  16. down opens up for me.
  17. Thank you for reporting that obvious spam post.  It is only by regulating ourselves that we remain the great site we have become.

  18. lost connection FX3GE

    @Wasan i want to informe you that i have used the connection with node red perfectly i let the script run this weekend and i found it to day stooped in 10/04 at 14h 
  19. lost connection FX3GE

    @khaledpro There are error LED on that maybe from setting. You should check error on diagnostics tool.
  20. lost connection FX3GE

    hi everyone i wish that you are fine i have this problem with PLC FX3GE and i lost the ping please if you have idea about this problem
  21. FX3U RS2 instruction

    Thanks Bob
  22. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    So apparently, gx works 2 cannot handle an instance of array as an input to function block.
  23. FX3U and Servo Amp MR-J4

      J4 amps manifactured after Jan. 2015 with software version B7 have PP2/NP2 inputs for soure interface. Check section 3.6.1 from here: If you are not lucky: Source_Logic_Servo.pdf Both wiring diagrams tested with MR-JE_A. It's the lighter version of MR-J4, but interfaces basiclly the same...
  24. Hello Savvy! Can you pls advise on how to use FBD so this rod cylinder is working? There are two solenoids,   Tx a million   Ms Newbie    
  25. Seems like the forum has been down for "maintenance" for a couple of weeks now. Anyone got any inside knowledge as to what's up?
  26. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    If indeed you have a CPU 216 (not to be confused with a CPU 226), then I recommend upgrading to an S7-1200.  The HMI would likely need upgrading as well. The 1st Gen S7-200 (CPU 21x) has issues with vibration.  I've witnessed this issue more than once - I even gently taped on one and watched all the I/O flicker.
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  28. [PLC Sample Code] - DATE Instruction for CP PLCs

    how do i implement and use this code?
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