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  2. I would appreciate  if someone could present any simple example of using counter (CNT) in structured text, ie loading, reseting, testing EQ...
  3. Function block - execution

    OK, thank you. Then I'll just create two different FBs.
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  5. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    Thanks for the help, just what i searched for. i have posted my .Vb code maybe it can help someone else :D   Sub SaveAlarm() If SaveToUsb Then SaveUserAlarmLogToFile("\UsbDisk\Alarmdata.csv") End If End Sub  
  6. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    Yes there should be a verify button on in the online tasks menu. The i/o number is not completely the same as the slot number. it's an I/O number which you can set in the io assigment under the PLC parameters If you do not it count from 00 and add the I/O of each card. Say you have 3 16 input card  Then the I/O address of the cards would be 00H - 10H - 20H  But if the first card is 32 (hex 20) Then  it would be 00H - 20H -30H If you don't want to calculate it or set it in the I/O assignment then you can see the I/O number via the system diagnostics.    
  7. cp2e cp1w-mab22 serial settings ?

    Correct yes the MAB221 sorry I found it in another manual under programming examples you have to set the serial port settings in the PLC Settings menu for serial 1 to 115200 7,2,E HOSTLINK to make the analogue option board work in the first expansion port.
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  9. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    Sorry broken. 
  10. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    The old PLC is broker.
  11. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    The memory was not saved with this project file. Are you able to connect to the old PLC and save the DDM file? (Like I described above)
  12. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Did you download to each CPU?  If CX-P said simplex mode, it didn't transfer to both CPUs on its own.
  13. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    Logged in user is a field available in the alarm list, so it would save to file.
  14. Hi, I am using the data history property to store some data when triggered and storing the data in the RW area of the HMI which I seem to have working. But I have two things I can't seem to figure out how to do, maybe not possible with an NB? 1 - Use a button on the HMI to clear the history on demand? 2 - one of the words is the result of a test. 0 = cancelled 1 = passed and 2 = failed I was trying to find a way to have the history screen display the result as text as opposed to numeric i.e. "pass" instead of "1" I attached a sample HMI and PLC program. By pressing the one two or three buttons on the HMI will simulate stamping of the data.   Any input would be appreciated.     TEST
  15. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    Ok thanks, i am useing gx-configurator dp 7.13 and have built a network on the program. I am just hesitant to download the new file to the PLC. Is there anyway of verifying what is currently in the profibus card to what i have just built? Also under "master settings" it asks for starting IO number, i'm guessing this is referring to which slot the profibus card is located in the rack?   Any help appreciated.
  16. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    The cx project. NinfoleCorretto.cxp
  17. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    Yes, that would be helpful. I'm still trying to understand your situation, exactly.
  18. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    This may help too... but verify the NCU/PCU you have first!!
  19. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    CX reads the syswin Swp file and I have the equivalent CX project. It you wish I can upload it.
  20. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    This might get you pointed in the right direction... now I remember I restored from an archive that was stored on the HMI (or PCU?) that was connected to the NCU... but this was a different 840D, and I'm not sure which NCU/PCU you have in your system.
  21. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    I'm sure that you can. Unfortunately, I have not used Syswin in a very long time so I don't remember how to do it. You'll want to Upload Memory or Transfer Memory from PLC to PC (Syswin). It should give you options to choose the memory types. (CIO, DM, HR, AR, TC, etc...) You'll want to choose DM and HR in most cases. Be careful not to overwrite memory in the old CQM1. Maybe another forum member can give you steps to perform this. Another option is contact your local distributer. They may have someone to visit your facility to perform this for you using CX Programmer.
  22. HI everyone i was wondering if i could connect a cp1l-el to 2 different NB screens running 2 different programs. we have a main line HMI which displays the health of the entire line with its own cj2m plc, we also have a machine which is part of the line that has its own plc(CP1l-EL) and HMI. is it possible for me to include the cp1l in the main lines HMI so that it can display the status of that machine? or will it cause issues because it already has a program attached to it. i dont know exactly how the NB program works does it just read the bits of data it needs to or is it constantly looking at the whole plc data list?
  23. SINUMERIK 840D NCU BOX software?

    Upon further reading.... The NCU itself sits inside the box. So we still don't know which NCU you have.
  24. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    I can upload the program I saved. I haven't got a terminal to input these values, I hope I can upload them from syswin 3.4 program. I have the last question: can I retrieve user setting from the program? Thanks a lot for your help.
  25. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    In Sysmac Studio, HMI editor, click Help > Instruction Reference. From the Tree, select Function > User Alarms. There is a SaveUserAlarmLogToFile Function. This page shows the usage and an example at the bottom. I'm not sure how your going to get the Logged in User information. There may be a method, I'm just not sure off hand.
  26. Omron PLC diagnostics

    As Bob suggested, go to Tools > Library, then open Smart Active Parts.
  27. Old PLC CMQ1 cpu 21

    Were you able to transfer the program from the old CQM1? If so, you can power it up and transfer the memory from it as well. What problems are you experiencing? Memory is, in most cases, user settings for you application. Do you have an HMI to input these values?
  28. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    I wouldn't depend on a dhcp reservation to assign an IP to a vfd.
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