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  2. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Yes.  M8000 is always on when PLC is in RUN mode.  If that is the trigger for the read/adjust it will do so every time the program scans. 
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  4. Built-in input and interrupt - Input 1

    Have you tried disabling counter 0 as a test?  IN1 is the origin search input for counter 0.
  5. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Ron, we can build up to that. I did consider mentioning that but I thought I'd keep it simple. 
  6. Built-in input and interrupt - Input 1

    Hi, I need to start interrupt from built-in input 1. Interrupt should be proceed on falling edge. Regarding manual I set: MSKS 7 #0 - enable interrupt in direct mode MSKS  11 #1 - interrupt 141 detect falling edge task no 141 Problem is that interrupt task is not executed - Q2.11 is not ON when signal goes off   Maybe you see some wrong settings/code   thankls Pawel      
  7. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Unless you have a HMI connected - I wouldn't bother. The Mitsubishi internal clock is next to useless. It can gain nearly an hour over 1 year Probably why the past engineer did it manually.  
  8. FX1S Coils Not latching

    You can actually double-coil in certain circumstances. If they are within an STL sequence. Even then though it's better to use M coils and a bit of that M coil to operate the Y output outside of the STL sequence.
  9. TM2AMI4LT

    Thanks a lot! , This helps me forward! One problem resoved.  
  10. HMC-EF183

    Dear, I have a memory card HMC-EF183,  128MB and a CJ1M-CPU13. I did as attachment, but when I insert the card and switch on the dip switch 2, nothing happen. it is impossible to transfer program from card to PLC. Anybody can help me? Thanks
  11. Unable to go online

    It is possible that the latest version of the PAC Machine Edition software from Emerson is incapable of communications with the old CPU311. That particular model has been out of production for several years. But I would not put that as the most likely possibility. As pturmel notes, the details of your cable connection are important. The port on the power supply is RS485, while the majority of USB/serial converters are USB/RS232. Please tell us what you are using. Also, in the navigator panel, right click on the "Target1" and open up the properties window. Scroll down to the "Physical Port" item and make sure the selected COM port number matches the COM port assigned to your USB/serial converter. That's just a quirk of the software. The first instance of the part number is in the field for the backplane. In your case, you have a model that includes the CPU in the backplane instead of as a separate module.
  12. Unable to go online

    Are you using the proper GE cable?  The ports on these processors are not RS-232.  (I'm traveling and do not have that cable with me, but it has electronics in one end.)
  13. Unable to go online

    Hello,   I was ale to connect the Power Supply (IC693PWR321) and CPU (IC693CPU311) however, I'm unable to go online.   I have attached files so you can see what is happening: Match serial communication setup for PC and PLC PC,  used Device Manager to set up    COM4, 19200, 8, odd, 1 PLC, used CPU under hardware set 19200, 8, odd, 1, (see attachment PLC communication setup) connected and disconnected serial/USB cable and port appears and disappears in Ports (Com & LPT) in device manager Setup Hardware in PLC PLC, defined hardware and pulled report (see attachment Hardware BOM report)  Why ( 2 ) IC693CPU311 ?    Redundant processor not an option in CPU 311. PLC, disable password under CPU (see attachment PLC communication setup) Setup Target 1 Make target active, Clean Build, Validate (see attachment Validation error message) Go ONLINE,  received time out error 8503 (see attachment Time Out Error) Pulled HELP for Validation error Highlighted line in Feedback window and looked in Companion window for help response. (see attachment for Help 1 & Help 2 for Validation error) Could be that the drivers are not available for this old hardware????!!!    
  14. Omron DM

    Hi. You are right , the DM can retain their contents. Some words in the DM Area can be saved to the built-in EEPROM backup memory using Auxiliary Area bits. These words are specifically referred to as the backed up words in the DM Area Some words in the DM Area can be saved to the built-in EEPROM backup memory using Auxiliary Area bits. These words are specifically referred to as the backed up words in the DM Area. Please , look to the manual bellow ,page 83  
  15. Omron DM

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie and I was trained that Omron DM is not retained memory and I think it cannot hold data incase power off. But in fact, I find that DM can hold data if power off even if I remove the battery. Anybody can explain me more clearly. Thank you
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  17. Omron NA5-7W001

    An update to those reading the thread - This is done with the VB command OpenMovieFile("VideoPage","MediaPlayer","/user/SysmacHMI/FTP/ImageFile.jpg") This assumes: Your Media Player Object has been named "MediaPlayer" The Page it is located on is called "VideoPage" There is a JPG file in your FTP directory called "ImageFile.jpg" Adapt to suit your needs and call it with a nearby button.
  18. TM2AMI4LT

    Hello, You can swap the module without the need to download the application. There's nothing into the module, the whole wonfiguration is in the plc. JC
  19. Omron NA5-7W001

    I'll message you
  20. Omron NA5-7W001

    Do you have any suggestion about the script? I've tried a lot of different commands in VB that I knew and none worked
  21. Omron NA5-7W001

    I'm not surprised. I have tried many different applications on the NAs and almost none work. What you are thinking of doing with opening the FTP images will work. I have seen it done with VB script.
  22. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Tim,  DO NOT USE AN OUTPUT COIL MORE THAN ONCE. That's an order!    :)      
  23. Omron NA5-7W001

    I'm wondering if there is any way to refer in Root's to path of photo which is located in FTP instead of from the windows location.
  24. Data Types- Structure and Union

    If you are new to PLC programming you do not need to use structure text. I find it very complicated. you could do it in ladder.  I am writing code for 2 plc's to talk to each other cj2s and a sysmac NX1  they both send 1 word 16 bits i extract the bits to use them in my ladder program  once you have the union done you can just use the bits of the Array like contacts name_array[bitnumber] u can use them in your program   
  25. Omron NA5-7W001

    @photovoltaic unfortunately, it probably won't work on this HMI panel. While trying to start the application, receives this error: "Error VisionWiewDemo.exe. TypeLoadException The version of the assembly System, Version-, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77a5C5619334E08 9 cannot be loaded by this version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework." In the Cognex manual, unfortunately Omron panels aren't in the list of items that VisionView supports. This is not the way to do it, unfortunately. I'm still trying to read .jpg from FTP but I haven't found a command with which to do that either, but probably on these panels it isn't possible    
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  27. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Okay so that helps then if I want to give certain coils priority too.  Its working now as it should so I'm glad I now understand it a bit better. Thanks 
  28. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Sorry, yes m8000. Will this constantly be triggering check of date then to allow adjustment of time. Or is this a one off check when plc is switched onto run? I'm trying to get my head around how the logic works 
  29. RSlinx help

    To add to what pturmel said, check with your local Rockwell Distributor's Automation Support Specialist as well.  They can guide you in how to approach Rockwell and get the Serial Numbers tranferred to you at your new company name.
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