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  2. Delta PLC 10SX

    Any body help me i need oven heating PID programming by using sensor thermocouple k type.
  3. Delta PLC 10SX

    Any body help me i need oven heating PID programming by using thermocouple k type.
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  5. Wait Command

    Hi, I'm quite new to the PLC programming, I saw this delay input in one of the videos, that automatically switched to 1 after a set time, it wasn't a timer, just an contact input with time delay
  6. Hello Covis, I will do the same commissioning with same hardware soon (ATV320 + NX1P2). Is there any parameter to setup on the drive to enable ethercat communication? How did you realized the control of the drive? with CIA402 profile? I mean, did you followed the Ethercat card manual about cmd word and status word bits? About the firmware of the card, does Schneider replaced the card or they give you istructions to update the firmware by yourself? Sorry for disturbing you, but I am totally new to this configuration, can you please point me to the right way? Thanks!
  7. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    very good. btw thanks for the feedback. i recall almost not posting it because i though anyone would get it if they just though about it... but then, we all have moments when exhaustion clouds judgement so i decided to post it anyway. glad it helped.
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  9. ACD file to PDF

    Hello everyone, I have two .ACD files attached that I would like to convert to PDF, unfortunately I no longer have the software to do this. Could you please help me? I would only need: - Ladder, - Graphcet (SFC) - Controller tags / Parameter (Inputs/Outputs) Thank you very much convoyeur_et_cum.ACD Robot_chargeur.ACD
  10. StartApp Intouch Wonderware

    THank you for your help.  I have created a walk around solution. I am saving the parameters in a file and then i "call" powershell app with just one parameter (the file parameter).    Thank you Bob for the idea. 
  11. Mitsubishi GS2107 HMI

    Could you display text data from sent from hyperterminal on a mitsubishi GS2107 HMI? If you type in hyperterminal the text should be visible on HMI by connecting it through RS232 port. Can this be done without using PLC
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  13. WonderWare Help

    Hi all, looking for some help. Have been using WonderWare since version 7.1. We currently use WonderWare 2020, but some of our products still require 2014 R2. Here lately, I have had trouble installing WonderWare 2014 R2 on Windows 10, specifically the SQL 2014 install. I have attached an image of the error message. I have tried multiple different methods to resolve the issue including pre-installing different versions of SQL Server. Thanks all!
  14. Modbus CRC16 in any FX PLC

    Perhaps a bit late. but is does work.. from fx3n on there is a function called CRC but this is het crc calculation according to modbus standard. The plc has also Modbus functions, and when you use these the crc is automatically calculated and added. So mo me this CRC function will nog B3 used very often outside an Modbus command. ik had a similar need for CRC calculation but for modem protocol, this uses another polygon number. These calculations are everywhere on the net in C languages. I reversed engineered it and wrote this an common ladder, piece of cake and… it works.
  15. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    Thank you @panic mode, it helped me a lot too
  16. TIA Portal for beginners

    PLC Programming Smart Tips - #22 PLC data types
  17. 1756-RM2 Event Log error

    Good day,  I retreived the event log from 2x RM's today, I found on the one RM that there has been more than 700 million events. Apart from switchover events, there following event shows up a lot: (C2) Bridge Connection Deleted       Starts/Stops   Byte 1 (0xFF) : Byte 2 (0xFF) : Byte 3 (0xF2) : Byte 4 (0x13) : Byte 5 (0x0) : Byte 6 (0x0) :  Our system: 1756-RM2 1756-L75 1756-CN2R 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR The CN2R's are connected to 12x 1771-ACN15 and 2x 1756-CN2R in remote racks, which is also set up to be the keepers. The EN2TR's are connected to their respective ETAPs/EN2TR's in ring topology.   We have experienced some issues when switching over. Hope someone can tell me what that message means regarding the Bridge Connection.    
  18. Redundancy Error

    Good day, How are your EN2T's connected for the SCADA? We have a similar setup, from the EN2T's we go to two Stratix 8000's that is connected to 2 Cisco switches with a crossover between the 2 switches.  The redundancy checks the connection of all the communication modules, if the cable on the one EN2T is disconnected, then that chassis will disqualify. I hope this helps.
  19. No Worries. I am a bit puzzled on this as well. It has got to be something simple that I haven't been able to figure out yet.
  20. My bad, I misread your post. I thought you had a temperature input unit and use PID FB in your program.
  21. I am afraid I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying I need to use a PID function block in Logic? My understanding was that PID control is internal to TC2406 Temperature controller. (i.e. Built in functionality of the TC2406) and all I needed to do was trigger the Run bit to start PID control in either Auto or in manual mode. Is that not the case?
  22. Did you put the good values in the OprSetParams and InitSetParams inputs of the FB?
  23. User Alarm Viewer

    Thanks, when you F1, you get the sysmac operations manual, now atleats i could open the correct pdf to search in.
  24. Hi , Anyone have try  communication between Omron NX plc   and beckhoff bridge? EL6692 or 6695? its communication between KRC 4 to PLC. I have tried few times ,but show state transition may have failed . unable to communicate
  25. User Alarm Viewer

    There are a wide variety of script functions for dealing with the alarm viewer.  There is an ack and and ack all.  Omron also offers a standard IAG collection which you can download from their websites which has keyboards for various functions, including alarm viewer, making it far easier than having to write the scripts and call them from the button.
  26. Update rate is in the HMI program, how often to read the values from the controller.  NA-Series HMI.
  27. You're about to enter the "Twilight Zone" as you read through this post. 1. Recently restored a Macrium Image to a Dell PowerEdge Server 2. After booting the image Keys c, v, h, i, o & p would not type and enter into the login boxes either from USB Keyboard or On Screen Keyboard 3. Restored another image to the Server and it booted normally all keys working. 4. Returned to restoring image 1 and keys malfunctioned.  But when trying to use OSK noticed that the "Windows" key was showing presses.   5. Tapped the "Windows Key" on the USB Keyboard and the OSK no longer showed a pressed "Windows Key" 6. Keys c, v, h, i, o & p now worked as expected. Never seen this in 35 years of PC work and thought it was worth sharing.
  28. StartApp Intouch Wonderware

    Strange that 123456789123 meets the 12345678.123 length criteria.  What happens if you change par2 Message1.txt and have your longer string in that text file.  I'm not sure where you'd place message1.txt on the PC.  Sorry that's about all the help I can give.
  29. User Alarm Viewer

    I do use the Help menu for the Instruction Reference.
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