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  2. Problems connecting to CQM1 CPU41

    Thank you I had a similar issue and I used version 9.6 of CX programmer and had communication cable off of Amazon USB to serial and I switched dips switch five off and auto connect then I got online. 
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  4. Hello everyone, now we are using Kinetix 6000 Multi-axis Servo Drives and TPM 025S – 031V – 6PB1 – 094C – W5 servo motor from Wittenstein, the main function of the servo motor is to elevate the welding module up and down. Several months ago, the servo suddenly increased the torque by 50% compared to normal state, which caused UPS several times in a shift. we went down to the machine and found out the locating pin was worn out and misaligned with the main transport plate. We replaced it and the torque went back to normal due to the welding module was aligned with the main transport plate. The E64 fault started to appear after this problem and still on till now. We did something that we thought can solve the problem: - Upgrade the PLC Logix L73 to L83 but it's not compatible with system so we keep using L73 - Replace the servo drive to the new one - Replace all the cables, check the connection if it was right or not - Check grounding, it was normal - Check the physical components connected to the servo, everything was ok - Measure vibration of servo motor & magnetic field - Replace the servo motor with the new one - Check looking assembly and alignment - Invite Rockwell and Servo expert to the site All the things we do but E64 keep showing so we bypass the E64 by changed feedback noise to status only and the system continue to work. Has anyone experience this before and can you share what you do to solve this. We want to eliminate the E64 completely so the feedback is true and we can we know the true root cause when it send signals, thank you everyone.
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  6. While the above is true for most Powerflex drives, it doesn’t mention that Powerflex 40 are not field flashable by a user. Rockwell must come to flash them. 
  7. PIDE Insitruction Minimum SP

    CVLLLimit is set to 6%. 
  8. Hello,  I have a PIDE Instruction to control a control valve. The CV minimum is 6% and Max is 100% But when ever the SP is not reached and it has to lower the CV it goes to zero rather than maintaining minimum of 6%. 
  9. GT Designer doesn`t login in Simulation mode

    This is a holiday weekend in the U.S., so many of the most helpful people will be otherwise occupied.  If nobody answers tomorrow, you should probably ask your Mitsubishi distributor for help.  (Or not wait for tomorrow.)
  10. GT Designer doesn`t login in Simulation mode

    Hi, could anybody help on this request please...
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  12. Q00UJCPU: No descriptions in ladder program

    It should be Q mode. Regarding comments, most likely original programmer didn't checked option to download symbolic data, so you are out of luck. 
  13. Removed ServoDrive

    2 points here: 1) All of the optional nodes should be set to disabled in the program's EtherCAT configuration, you are going to enable them programmatically only if they are present (and we can detect this with system variables). If you wanted to have an operator option from the HMI you could (see picture) just make sure it is a retained variable. I also find a 5 second delay works well when automatically enabling the Nodes as the PLC takes a while to identify it as participating or not. I personally wouldn't have the option on the HMI - just another thing for an operator to mess up. 2) You will only receive a motion control error if you are actively executing a motion command on that axis (even MC_Power counts).
  14. Hello. Newbie question: We have a 2nd-hand welding robot that doesn't work fully. I can upload the program from the PLC, but there are no descriptions as to what each "element" in the ladder is for. Is this normal, or am i not doing it right? Also, should i be using Q mode or A mode? Does it matter? Am using GX works2. Thanks for any help you can send my way
  15. Hi, When I`m in simulation mode, I`m not able to login the HMI using the usual user details.  Please let me know if there is any solution available for this issue. Regards, Ramkumar    
  16. Ferrule Crimper

    K30GL is just a crimper. it does not cut or strip wire, does not have ferrule magazine...
  17. I have and its not compatible with Win 7. I will have to create a Win 10 VM and go that path. I was hoping not to but...
  18. Ferrule Crimper

    I'm not surprised that your question has evoked no response. A lot of panel builders don't like to use ferrules. I've looked at the three crimper models you listed. If you're using ferrules on wire that's 10AWG or smaller then i'd recommend the Greenlee Wire Ferrule Crimper K30GL. There's no worry about the ferrule being off-center of the die when crimping. The Greenlee crimper automatically adjusts for the ferrule size. They used to be quite a bit less expensive than any of the Euro-designed tools but a quick search shows they currently retail for about the same price.
  19. RTU-DNET Delta

    With the resources I linked, you now know as much as I about this combination.  The documentation obviously is oriented towards scanning this DeviceNet slave from a Delta PLC--you'll have to re-interpret that yourself to conform to Kuka's requirements as the master.  I don't know anything about that. You will certainly need a PC to DeviceNet hardware interface compatible with the software for that RTU in order to configure it.  I assumed you understood that, but maybe not.
  20. RTU-DNET Delta

    please help me 
  21. Did you go offline to reconfigure it?
  22. help troubleshooting 8 valve festo block?!

    Assume we cannot identify the model from a small picture.  Link to documentation?
  23. help troubleshooting 8 valve festo block?!

    trying to figure out a way to active solenoids from 24 volt power supply through the 9 pin plug on top? i’m having trouble assigning to solenoids.
  24. Removed ServoDrive

    Actually this way is working only when the drive is physically present on the machine-then i can disable it or enable it, but if i remove it physically from the machine i receive MotionControl Error. In my situation the servo controller will be optional, and this option should be available from the HMI.
  25. RTU-DNET Delta

    thanks IvanBratanov & pturmel  I have a master module on the Kuka robot and I want to communicate with RTU-DNET and also exchange data with the main CPU  (PLC) through port RS485.  
  26. Removed ServoDrive

    Thank You! I will try it now. It looks like exactly what i need
  27. Removed ServoDrive

      You can Enable/Disable them programmatically with the EC_ChangeEnableSetting Function Block.
  28. Connecting a Fuji controller with a Compact GuardLogix
  29. Connecting a Fuji controller with a Compact GuardLogix

    Micrex SX NP15-22 - NP1PM-48E
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