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  1. Can I use a Schnider AC servo Drive with Omron NJ series controller

  2. Can I use a Schnider AC servo Drive with Omron NJ series controller

    Yes it has EtherCat.  
  3. Hi i have to add a servo to an existing setup that uses OMRON NJ series PLC and OMRON servos. But i have an Schneider LXM 32 AC servo derive and servo motor. Is it possible, If yes then how can i go about it.
  4. cx programmer

    HI, I Have changed the substraction block as u can see from BCD to DINT but still in the comparison block the vaklues are showing correct till INT limit (i.e. 65535) and any value above that doesn't work i have attached two pictures of the situation. why does the Equals to block(300) only shows correct value till INT limit and not DINT.  
  5. cx programmer

    Hi,  What if i use a ZCP (88) block. Would that work?
  6. cx programmer

    Hello, Yes it is a quite old project and old plc and existing programm, i m just trying to add some rungs in the programm for modification 
  7. cx programmer

    Can i use a BCD comparison? Which is the BCD comparison block
  8. cx programmer

    Hi everyone< i need some help with CX programmer i have written a programm as when i enter the Set value on HMI in D892 and press enter the Input 1100.01 energises and this executes Substract block (415) which sbstracts #6 fron D892 and saves it in D896. Them Comparison b;ock (300) compares D896 with #0 and as soon as D896 is equals to 0 the ouput flag W11.01 energises Now as u can see in the image below the value in D896 in substraction block and Comparison block are different and this is causing the output to energise at wron count . Why is there a difference In the D896 value?? 
  9. Issue with S 7 300

    Hi i have a s7 300 cpu used in a machine operation but we have an error SF led (red) is constantly on however nachine runs fine in this condition but sometimes the machine just stops dead and nothing at all works at such times the BF led also turns on. Then we turn the power of of the Plc and then tun the power back on and then BF Led goes away but SF led still remains on But as i said in that condition machine runs just fine  Please suggest what to check for this issue  thanks and regards
  10. need some help in writing a programm

    Thanks a lot guys removing latch from SR data bit and using CF114 to reset SR solved the issue Thank A lot @IO_Rack and @suresh_ for helping me out with this u guys are really apreciate it. thaks a lot again
  11. need some help in writing a programm

    Hi, I have replaced the CNT with the SR in my programm but there is an isuue, if there are consecutive long items on the chain it is not dropping all of them it just blows off the first one i think the reason is since my sensor and the blow off station are 3 chain pulse away i have to keep the SR's Data bit energised to keep shifting the data by the clock pulse which is chain pulse signal and sinse the data bit is energised , it is not registering the next long product until the first sensed can is blown off and sequence is reset. Please see the file attached and suggest me a way to drop every long item, i have used a NO type sensor for long item detection and also an NO type sensor for chain pulse (clock Pulse  to the SR) thank u  model.cxp
  12. need some help in writing a programm

    Thank u for replying No its not mandatory. My sensor and Blow off stations are 3 chain pulse away from each other. But my doubt is how would it process the consecutive long products
  13. need some help in writing a programm

    HI Everyone, i m quite new at PLC programming. I have to wite a programm for long product rejection. Now i have used a sensor to detect the hight of the product. As soon as the long product is detected it sets a bit and this bit works as input for a counter now for counting i have used another sensor signal which is the chain pulse signal.For blowing the product off i have used a pneumatic solenoid valve. after the long can is detected the counter reads 3 pulses of the chain pulse sensor and as it gets third pulse it generates an output. after the out put is on with that output a off delay timer is on which holds the solenoid valve on for 5 ms and as soon as the timer preset value is reached it resets the sequence. Hope i could explain the purpose and process i m going through. Now the issue is if there are continuous long products on the conveyor after the first product is detected After that till the time the counter is reached and that product is blown off all the other long products get through how can i drop all the consecutive long products. u can find the program in attached file  Thank u model.cxp