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  1. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    No, i think the question that i asked in looks stupid haha... eventhough people communicating this mr.plc site give answer nicely really thanks for that .... i am new in this plc programming haha... i think i need some time for plc programming... from bottom to top after that... want give some answer to some questions in Mr.plc site..!! anyway thanks for reply MrPLC Admin!!!  
  2. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Thank you for coming again, Crossbow!! you are saying that i am commanding Distance zero, from what point of screen shot did you figure out that I am commanding Distance parameter zero? MC_MoveRelative4(~~~ , Distance := 5, ~~~)  i am commanding like that but how do you figure out the distance is set zero have a great day!
  3. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Ooooh! Thank you Photovoltaic!!!   i've never thought about multiple instances, i will check right away :)   thank you!!  
  4. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Sir, IO_RACK thank you again!!! Ooh, i will double checked What you said    thank you!!!!!
  5. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    thank you for reply scotty134!! 1.i check execution bit by inspection terminal but execution go True but the motor doesn't move lol 2.and i change distance data type to real but didn't work too lol Curious thing is that MC_MoveAbolute crazily work well....  Q1. is there any special way to check execution bit? Q2. is there any special setting before MC_MoveRelative?      
  6. first, thank you for read!! my problem is just simple lol… the command MC_MoveRelative(~~~parameter ) dosen't work. MC_MoveAbsolute work perfectly from what i think but MC_MoveRelative dosen't in this case usually what is problem? Do i have to set starting point? what else could be problem this problem killing me haha lol   *plus, when i give parameter for detecting error (like ErrorID=>WORD, Error=> BOOL) they even don't give output error for true (which mean this function totally doesn't work?)   *plus, MC_Move() also doesn't work lol
  7. is really plc runs in cycle?

    oh sorry for the poor description images haha:) the line4 statement is just nothing while i am testing my plc just forgot to delete, anyway the problem is that this machine might read all the code like loop, but as you can see, the if condition statement doesnt work like loop, i mean that if 0 -  (-3.602468) > 0.1 this case the servo_motor_move function have to work but nothing happen haha.. lol    Q1. the line 4 has no meaning sorry for poor discription:) Q2. yeah some other places the line4 statement says it false but in this case i set constant TRUE on servo move function :) if you can see the picture that i attached i just thougth that the MOVEABSOLUTE is like just word absolute so i just changed it Relative but doesnt work haha.... thank you for replying!!  
  8. How can i control servo motor?

    thank you for reply,,, shame on me i read the servo moter manual... haha... that was not a problem thank u crossbow!
  9. have a good day! and thanks for reading! this is video when i start program (after 10second the Axis4 move couple of times :   if you see the images that i attached you can see, IF test - afterConverData1 > 0.1 MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~ ElSE IF test - afterConverData1 < -0.1 MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~   if the plc run cycle ever 1ms, why that code don't executed every 1ms? example, test - afterConverData1 this condition value go over like 10 or -10 but the condition > 0.1 or < - 0.1 dosen't figure it out to run the code "MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~)" they just run code couple of times  What am i do for this...?  
  10. Hello from korea :) i got some problem writing loop code in sysmac studio what i wanna do is simple, running process together with loop if u see the picture that i attached there is IF condition, i want my machine run loop in "if" condition but if i use while loop maybe other process dead right lol? in words... running process, i want my machine check the "if" condition....   What can i do in this case?   Do i have to run whole process in loop?    is there any way to run loop with Other process keep going....   Thanks for reading!  
  11. Hello from korea :)   actually i am new to company which i do freelancer job and i am not used to dealing machine with sysmac studio its hard to make things perfect...   its just simple thing move servo motor.. you can check my situation more closer if u see the picture that i uploaded   i think control servo motor By function named MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis,execute, parameters......) i just use that function by put them in while loop so that i can check the move of motor but nothing happen lol   What can i do!
  12. hello, from korea(definitly south)

    if u have a little free time,

    how about freelancing with some projects...!

    its dealing with big-ship welding machine.

    nowadays my company have short time for the signing or this product haha....

    payment should be high, if you have any idea of freelancering (with my pleasure)

    leave me your e-mail or instagram-id or anything haha...


    thanks again :)

  13. Stl 4bytes to real

      thanks million again god bless the america actually i am new in this company for the freelancer job and i am used to web/app development lol dealing with this machine friendly code make me come back school lab haha...     last, respect for the knowledge of this old-fashion, neccessary-evil language, hard to draw idea AryByteTo Keyence Device : lj-x8000e controller : nx blabla? and yes its EtherNet/ip connection using modem gosh this make me feeeel soooo comfort.... thanks millionnnnn do u have any problem doing some work or other part lol    will help u whatever i can do...   thanks again!!   ah can u recommend some ways to study dealing with sysmac studio with stl language?
  14. Stl 4bytes to real

    Thanks for reply :)  if arrbyteto function exist, it would be easy lol
  15. Using sysmac studio, i get 4bytes binary data Data[24], Data[25], Data[26], Data[27] like this, the problem is that the 4bytes data represent my float data what can i do with that 4bytes lol If u see below images you can understand my problem.... thank you all,