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  1. Siemens et200pro fc

    Hati.. have download starter.. I need to upload parameters from old device and download to new device.. we have no interface cable to connect to front of device at optical interface port.. I'm only used to using profinet.. so can you maybe explain to to connect to device over start using profibus.. Thanks
  2. Siemens et200pro fc

    Hi can anyone assist me..had to replace a siemens et200pro fc and wondering g how I go about transferring parameters over from previous frequency converter.. What software do I need etc  Thanks
  3. Sysmac C200H

    Was at customers site they ordered the wrong host link to connect to plc.. so will be back up next week.. Without connecting to the host link do you know what the setting should be on the switches on the host link  
  4. hi IO_Rack

    I am going to a customers site tomorrow with a fatal error on a Sysmac C200H  CPU21V. The alarm and error light is solid.

    I am unsure about anything that has happened to cause this fault. Would you have any advice on what to check to resolve this fatal error.


  5. Sysmac C200H

    Hi i am going to a customers site tomorrow regarding a fault on their C200H CPU. The indicators on the CPU show a fatal error as the power, error/alarm leds are lit. Would anyone have any advice on solving this issue Thanks
  6. TIA Portal V15.1

    Hi I am looking to move data on a part once it has been scanned at a station. All I need to move is the 2D matrix Code and time stamp. I have moved the code and time stamp into a bufferArray I am just unsure as to how to send it to the company computer.  I am using Tia portal V15.1 If anyone would be able to assist me 
  7. Analog Input Module

    I have a Siemens 4AI xRTD 6ES7 144-4JF00-0AB0.  I am looking for a infrared temperature sensor to measure temperature of parts in a cooling chamber. Is it possible to wire a sensor directly back to this module or does it have to be through a temperature controller. Many Thanks
  8. VSD Speed Controller

    Can any one advise me, I have just taken over a project and I'm looking at how they scale a value from HMI to controller speed of conveyor. The way it is done is the are multiplying the valve by a factor (1.38). I am just wondering where they would of got the fixed value for this factor number from. Does it depend on type of vsd/motor etc?
  9. TIA Portal V15

    Hi, does anyone have a trial download link for Tia Portal V15, I was installing V15.1 for a new project I am involved in a stupidly uninstalled V15 when V15.1 crashed, I cannot get the link from Siemens website as it says it has been discontinued.  I have quite a few projects that have been done in V15 so I really would appreciate if anyone has the trial download link Many Thanks 
  10. CP1L-EL TCP socket Services

    @photovoltaicdid you get a chance to have a look at the program
  11. CP1L-EL TCP socket Services

    Program attached  Filament Sticher_27_09_2022.cxp
  12. CP1L-EL TCP socket Services

    No i send a read or a write telegram with data in D00000 then i trigger a receive to get my answer back from the device for what im sending.. Its after this that the sockets close its self.. When i open socket A567. 15 is high the low after a send /receive
  13. CP1L-EL TCP socket Services

    Hi all Im having a issue where i have opened a socket to connect with a igus dryve. I can see the socket open in tag A567. 15 and can send a read telegram and get my data back successfully.. The issue im having is that it always closes the socket after a send/receive.. (triggered simultaneously) i really need this socket to stay open until i physically request it to close..  I will be using all 3 sockets available for 3 differnt dryves..  Any help would be much appreciated.. 
  14. CP1L communication with IGUS dryve d1

    @photovoltaic I can successfully connect to my remote node buy using the connect fb.. My issue is when i send and receive a message i lose connection to the socket and cant send and receive any more data until i open the socket again.. There is nothing closing the socket in my program.. If it was onky the one socket i was opening it would be fine but i will be using all 3 sockets available for 3 igus dryves  Thanks
  15. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    Have you ever used a omron CP1L to set up modbus tcp i need to configure it to talk to a igus dryve using modbus gateway  Thanks