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  1. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    This is the latest EDS from ifm. Here are the 2 files i modified and installed in Sysmac Studio.   ifm_IOL_Master_AL1322.eds AL1322 2_3.eds AL1322 3_4.eds
  2. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have edited the EDS file and changed the Major and Minor Version to both 2.3 and 3.4 and get the same errors.  Attached is the wireshark logs with both versions of the EDS. Bridge 2.3.pcapng Bridge 3.4.pcapng
  3. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    Here are some screen shots from the ifm LR software. The fieldbus firmware is showing  I can modify the esd file but what is the version i should change it to? 
  4. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    Same here. I uninstalled CX-Server and and NS Runtime and then installed NS Runtime and then CX Server.  CX Server is now looking for the update file CX-Server Version Upgrade Software 2021.01_0401.msi I point it there and it says its not the correct one.  I try and run the update separately Svr2101_0401Setup.exe and get later version installed.
  5. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have got a USB Ethernet adaptor and setup a bridge.  The bridge IP is  PLC AL1322 I can see there are failures there.  If you can shed some light on the meaning as networking isn't a strength that would be great.  Thanks Bridge.pcapng
  6. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

    Yes it is a very different setup to other systems but it is also 1/3 of the cost so there needs to be a compromise somewhere.....
  7. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

    You need to create a button image with 4 states (or more). You can paste images or load images for each state.  Once done you can then select that graphic for you button.
  8. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I don't have a smart with this setup.  I will see if I can do anything to make my laptop a bridge and see if i can get in between the coms from the PLC to the AL1322.  All the info i from ifm points to this as simple and there isn't anything that should cause any problems. I have the EtherCAT version and it works as expected. I will post any update if i can get the traffic between them. Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I tried your program and i get all the same errors.  I have attached the wire shark for the download and then a power cycle. I have tried a different IP address for the AL1322 ( and still get the same result. Download.pcapng Restart.pcapng Restart.pcapng
  10. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    Here is the wireshark capture when i used network configurator to download and upload the parameters from the AL1322 ( from my laptop ( Network Config.pcapng
  11. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have tried the setup via network configurator and in sysmac studio.  The ifm setup examples for Omron show both methods.  I have tried 100 & 150 and also 101 & 151 with the same result.
  12. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    This is the first device i have had trouble with setting up Ethernet/IP.  Yes once you have the data sizes the same it should just work.....  ifm have a downloaded setup tutorial which i followed (and also online with an ifm tech) and still had the same issue.  There is an example program which has a tag set that matches the structure of the data coming back and this also has no joy. I haven't used wire shark before so not 100% sure on how it works.  I did install it and found this in the log. is the AL1322 and is the PLC 35    19.650259    OmronTat_bb:80:55    Broadcast    ARP    60    Who has Tell Attached is the error i get.  If is set the data transfer size to be in correct i still get the same error.  
  13. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have been able to configure the IP address and that all works as expected.  There are no jumpers on this unit and the only setting that can be changed via the ifm software is the Port Process Size.  The documents from ifm for setting this up show you can also change this also with Network Configurator.   I have had devices where there are no parameters to configure in Network Configurator and understand that.  This one offers settable parameters but then won't allow them to be set. I have set it up using the default tag size settings and it doesn't work.   I also set up a NX-EIC202 on the same network to make sure that side was all working ok and that happily worked but the AL1322 still had the issues.
  14. I am trying to set up a ifm AL1322 EtherNet/IP IO Link Master to communicate with a NX1P2 or CS1 PLC. When using Network Configurator I have added the EDS file and added the AL1322 to the network and set its IP address.  It shows all the parameters in the device but if you make a change it says it has downloaded but nothing on the unit changes.  If you make a change to a parameter and then verify it says there are no difference even though there are.  I have set up the communication with the PLC but there is an error  Establishing a tag data link connection failed. This is the same for both the CS1 and NX1P2. I have also tried setting it up using Sysmacstudio for the NX1P2 and get the same result.   I have had the unit back to ifm and there is no issue with it running with an AB PLC.  I can also communicate with the unit using the ifm LR software. Any ideas why the Omron software is unable to read from or write to the unit? ifm_IOL_Master_AL1322.eds
  15. The Omron engineer had the unit for a week and wasn't able to make it do anything other than reset its count after each rotation. I have written some math to eliminate the need for the motion axis.  I will look to extend that to keep track each time the encoder goes back to zero and just keep track of encoder turns.