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  1. Open project ERROR

    Also files exported from 32bit version are not compatible with 64bit (last time I tried).
  2. Safety PLC Upload

    Hi, kckku We had a similar issue and found it you use the Transfer from Controller (rather than sync) and then deselect the 2 options and mentions above.  
  3. Testing FINS

    We use GE Historian for data collection and is the Industrial Gateway OPC Server (IGS) for connecting between the PLC's and the Historian. We use the Omron FINS EtherNet options and set the connection as CJ1 for collecting the data from our NJ/NX PLCs rather than the Omron NJ EtherNet.  Under the AT values for the variables you set the address %100, %W10.00, %D500 etc.  This is also usefed for the NB touch screens as well. Using this option you then don't need to worry about setting the publish field.
  4. Hi NootNoot, Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get a notification to say someone had replied to my thread. No I never found out why this was happening.  In the end I just wrote a function to take the inputs that I had mapped (16 x 2 byte arrays).  The function then reverses the order of each byte array to give the register value again in reverse order.  I have done this for ifm and banner devices.  The SMC valve bank worked OK. Hi realisator, I never got an error like that, only the message to go with the green !.  I have used an IODD editor and nothing jumped out as an issue with the file.  I know that isn't saying much as I am not sure what I was looking for.....
  5. Discrete signal to continously

    You could use a SET instruction triggered by your prox input to turn on your continuous signal.  You can then have a timer using a not of your prox signal.  Use the timer output to trigger a RSET instruction.  You can use the timer time to adjust when you want the continuous signal to go off after there is no prox input.
  6. Glad I was able to solve one of your issues. I never deployed the encoders (we are running 4 on the machine) as an Axis setup.  The encoders run continuously in one direction and are used to sync position and speed between 4 conveyors.  While the machine is running the encoder will often complete the 1024 turns and the raw position value would go back to zero (each encoder will do that at different times).  I had issues trying to deal with this as a Axis so just used math to add in the encoder raw position + (total encoder count * the number of turns) and use that for my position. CIA 406  isn't something I had heard of but a quick skim sounds nice that all suppliers will deliver the same information in the same location. This will come down to all the ESI files being the same and then the software interpreting them the same.  Omron appears to do this slightly differently to Rockwell and can end up with different operations from the same ESI file. 
  7. I tried to use the encoder as a Axis but I found it easier to use the raw values and then do math for my use to give the units and speed.  The speed value I used is PDO 2017.
  8. I have the IODD file for a Banner for a S15C-MGN-KQ and when adding it to the IO Link ILM400 it has the message below which means it wont populate the IO table with the variables setout and named.  The data is all there but it is broken into arrays of 2 bytes.  I have had this issue with some ifm sensors as well but it is only a couple of words so not to hard to deal with.  This one is 16 words out and 15 words back so I would like it work.   I have had a look at the xml files between working and non working and the structures are all different.  Does anyone know if there is anything I can modify in the xml file to get the IO map to be automatically setup? I have included the working ifm file IODD_DF_IO-Link-10.11.zip and non working Banner 217165 - S15C-MGN-KQ.zip. 217165 - S15C-MGN-KQ.zip IODD_DF_IO-Link-10-11.zip
  9. Omron Serial to G9SP

    I have managed to get a rough/crude programing working.  There is error checking to add, card status before sending etc.along with tiding up.  This was just to test that this concept worked so in the future this will be an option for our machine upgrades to keep a G9SP and use an NX1P2.  I will carry out the code tidy up when the project kicks off later in the year. I had a simple program in my G9SP that looked at the Optional Communication Transmission Data with the first bit turning off and output and the 2nd bit turning on an output. Any suggestions for error checking etc would be welcomed.  I will chase my Omron support to see if they can find the sample file or similar.   G9SP.smc2
  10. Omron Serial to G9SP

    I have managed to write to the G9SP and am now working on reading from it.  Once i have the reading working i will tidy up the code and load my example.
  11. I am trying to get a G9SP taking over serial to a NX1P2 using a NX1W-CIF01.  I have the details in Manual P545-E1 and it uses a example file which i am unable to locate OMRON_G9SP_SERI232_LD_EV100.SMC I have got the coms working with a CP1L using the example in Manual Z922-E1.  I was wondering if anyone has the example file or a working example they can share for Sysmac Studio. The serial comms will take a little bit to get going but it is the code for the checksum for the sending data that i would rather not have to translate from CX Programer fort he CP1L to Sysmac Studio...... P545-E1-01.pdf.lnk Z922-E1-07.pdf.lnk
  12. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    I have NS Runtime working with a CS1 and and NX1P2 on my Windows 7 64bit machine with CX One, Sysmac Studio and NS Runtime V1.3. The Runtime Project needs to be the latest version 8.1. The Serial A Host needs to be removed - this causes the initial error when runtime starts. The NX1P2 needs to be setup with as SYSMAC-CS1/CJ1/CP1 with Ethernet/IP as the Protocol and the PLC's IP address.  I am using the CIO addressing so this needs to be enabled in the NX1P2 Memory settings.  If you set the NX1P2 as a CJ2 it will timeout. I also setup a CS1 PLC with the same settings.
  13. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    I have spoken with the Omron Engineer and after trying a few things i uninstalled CX One and Sysmac Studio, ran the clean up tool and then reinstalled both and the updates and still had the same issue. I then created a new project in CX Designer and removed the Serial A Connection and then this time it worked (it tried it before the reinstall and there was still an issue).  It could have been a miss match of CX Server versions. I am yet to try it on a standard machine without any other Omron software installed so will let you know how that goes when i get onto that task.
  14. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    Yes pturmel your are correct, I needed to expand on the code used and how..... I used the Molex-ODVA software I downloaded from the ifm website. https://www.ifm.com/nz/en/product/AL1322?tab=documents Ethernet Configuration Tool (Molex-ODVA)  IP-Address setting of IO-Link Masters (EIP) Attached is a screen shot from the Molex software under the Explicate Messaging Tab  Service 0x0E - Get Attribute Single Class (Hex) 01 Instance 01 Attribute 04 The last 2 bites of the response are the revision number, major 0x01 and minor 0x05 You can also use Omron Networks Configurator, under Tools => Setup Parameters Again is attached a screen shot showing the setup and response. Fixing the EDS file still didn't correct the uploading or downloading of the parameters for the AL1322 in network configurator and you still need to adjust them to match how the unit is setup. Parameter 0001 Assembly Input Size Parameter 0002 Assembly Output Size Parameter 0029 Port Process Data Size 
  15. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    An Omron engineer helped me find the correct version number using CIP The command via CIP to get the version number is 0E 01 01 04 Attached is the modified EDS file with matching versions numbers. It is all happy now setup via Sysmac Studio with a NX1P2.  I now need to try via CX-Integrator to get it working on a CS1. Thanks for your help pturmel. ifm_IOL_Master_AL1322.eds