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  1. Omron Serial to G9SP

    I have managed to get a rough/crude programing working.  There is error checking to add, card status before sending etc.along with tiding up.  This was just to test that this concept worked so in the future this will be an option for our machine upgrades to keep a G9SP and use an NX1P2.  I will carry out the code tidy up when the project kicks off later in the year. I had a simple program in my G9SP that looked at the Optional Communication Transmission Data with the first bit turning off and output and the 2nd bit turning on an output. Any suggestions for error checking etc would be welcomed.  I will chase my Omron support to see if they can find the sample file or similar.   G9SP.smc2
  2. Omron Serial to G9SP

    I have managed to write to the G9SP and am now working on reading from it.  Once i have the reading working i will tidy up the code and load my example.
  3. I am trying to get a G9SP taking over serial to a NX1P2 using a NX1W-CIF01.  I have the details in Manual P545-E1 and it uses a example file which i am unable to locate OMRON_G9SP_SERI232_LD_EV100.SMC I have got the coms working with a CP1L using the example in Manual Z922-E1.  I was wondering if anyone has the example file or a working example they can share for Sysmac Studio. The serial comms will take a little bit to get going but it is the code for the checksum for the sending data that i would rather not have to translate from CX Programer fort he CP1L to Sysmac Studio...... P545-E1-01.pdf.lnk Z922-E1-07.pdf.lnk
  4. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    I have NS Runtime working with a CS1 and and NX1P2 on my Windows 7 64bit machine with CX One, Sysmac Studio and NS Runtime V1.3. The Runtime Project needs to be the latest version 8.1. The Serial A Host needs to be removed - this causes the initial error when runtime starts. The NX1P2 needs to be setup with as SYSMAC-CS1/CJ1/CP1 with Ethernet/IP as the Protocol and the PLC's IP address.  I am using the CIO addressing so this needs to be enabled in the NX1P2 Memory settings.  If you set the NX1P2 as a CJ2 it will timeout. I also setup a CS1 PLC with the same settings.
  5. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    I have spoken with the Omron Engineer and after trying a few things i uninstalled CX One and Sysmac Studio, ran the clean up tool and then reinstalled both and the updates and still had the same issue. I then created a new project in CX Designer and removed the Serial A Connection and then this time it worked (it tried it before the reinstall and there was still an issue).  It could have been a miss match of CX Server versions. I am yet to try it on a standard machine without any other Omron software installed so will let you know how that goes when i get onto that task.
  6. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    Yes pturmel your are correct, I needed to expand on the code used and how..... I used the Molex-ODVA software I downloaded from the ifm website. https://www.ifm.com/nz/en/product/AL1322?tab=documents Ethernet Configuration Tool (Molex-ODVA)  IP-Address setting of IO-Link Masters (EIP) Attached is a screen shot from the Molex software under the Explicate Messaging Tab  Service 0x0E - Get Attribute Single Class (Hex) 01 Instance 01 Attribute 04 The last 2 bites of the response are the revision number, major 0x01 and minor 0x05 You can also use Omron Networks Configurator, under Tools => Setup Parameters Again is attached a screen shot showing the setup and response. Fixing the EDS file still didn't correct the uploading or downloading of the parameters for the AL1322 in network configurator and you still need to adjust them to match how the unit is setup. Parameter 0001 Assembly Input Size Parameter 0002 Assembly Output Size Parameter 0029 Port Process Data Size 
  7. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    An Omron engineer helped me find the correct version number using CIP The command via CIP to get the version number is 0E 01 01 04 Attached is the modified EDS file with matching versions numbers. It is all happy now setup via Sysmac Studio with a NX1P2.  I now need to try via CX-Integrator to get it working on a CS1. Thanks for your help pturmel. ifm_IOL_Master_AL1322.eds
  8. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    This is the latest EDS from ifm. Here are the 2 files i modified and installed in Sysmac Studio.   ifm_IOL_Master_AL1322.eds AL1322 2_3.eds AL1322 3_4.eds
  9. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have edited the EDS file and changed the Major and Minor Version to both 2.3 and 3.4 and get the same errors.  Attached is the wireshark logs with both versions of the EDS. Bridge 2.3.pcapng Bridge 3.4.pcapng
  10. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    Here are some screen shots from the ifm LR software. The fieldbus firmware is showing  I can modify the esd file but what is the version i should change it to? 
  11. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    Same here. I uninstalled CX-Server and and NS Runtime and then installed NS Runtime and then CX Server.  CX Server is now looking for the update file CX-Server Version Upgrade Software 2021.01_0401.msi I point it there and it says its not the correct one.  I try and run the update separately Svr2101_0401Setup.exe and get later version installed.
  12. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I have got a USB Ethernet adaptor and setup a bridge.  The bridge IP is  PLC AL1322 I can see there are failures there.  If you can shed some light on the meaning as networking isn't a strength that would be great.  Thanks Bridge.pcapng
  13. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

    Yes it is a very different setup to other systems but it is also 1/3 of the cost so there needs to be a compromise somewhere.....
  14. NB Designer - Word Lamp questions

    You need to create a button image with 4 states (or more). You can paste images or load images for each state.  Once done you can then select that graphic for you button.
  15. ifm AL1322 Ethernet/IP

    I don't have a smart with this setup.  I will see if I can do anything to make my laptop a bridge and see if i can get in between the coms from the PLC to the AL1322.  All the info i from ifm points to this as simple and there isn't anything that should cause any problems. I have the EtherCAT version and it works as expected. I will post any update if i can get the traffic between them. Thanks for your suggestions.