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  1. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    thank you so much sir for your help
  2. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    thank you SillyBoy ^^, could you please tell me where can i find the Raw-in and Raw-max? it's not (0m-70m) right? is it the resolution ADC of my Analog module ? it must be these  <mini.>-32768 <maxi.>32767? but it's based on how much bits ? 
  3. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    hello everyone, i need your help for scaling an analog input laser (4-20MA) (0m-75m) (O1D106)  for the calcul of position  i want to use this Block function : (Rate:=(Scaled_max-Scaled_min)/(input_max-input_min); output:=(input-input_min)*Rate+Scaled_min); that i have created, could you pls tell me if this will work as required? PLC: CJ2M thank you in advance 
  4. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

     yes thats it, it's scrolling through all active alarms and provide you with thier positions ,  the FCB instructions compare bits in a sources array with bits in a refences array  to find mismatch bits, and DDT do the same thing too but + it change the mismatch reference bit to match source bit. thank you i hope so, i should re-write it in an other way because it's totaly different than BCNT   
  5. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    thank you so much mr.IO_Rack for helping me i apprciate, could you please take a look on the attached block function where was used FBC and DDT(it's so small 12 rungs for alarms holding) if is it possible to tell me if the BCNT will be faisable for this? I will be thankfull for the data type I have noticed that too thanks dvcALM_AOI_Routine.pdf
  6. PLC_omron_cx_programmer

    hi everyone, i hope that you are doing good i am new here with you guys, i have a project of migration from studio500 to cx-programmer CJ2M could you please help me to figure out  the equivalents of these AB instructions in omron cx-programmer CJ2M:FBC (FILE BIT COMPARAISON)FLL (FILL FILE)COP (COPY FILE)DDT (DIAGNOSTIC DETECT)GSV (GET SYSTEM VALUE)or if you know just one of them? i am stuck, thank you ^^