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  1. Read an array of strings from NJ to NA

    Hello Stefan009! I didn't know I could copy String values directly into objects! It works! I leave the code bellow:   Sub ListBox_Update()          'Limit the Qty of Users     to a valid range     If (QtyUsers < 0)  Then          QtyUsers = 0     End If     If (QtyUsers > 20) Then         QtyUsers = 20     End If                 Dim List_obj(QtyUsers) As Object      Dim i As Integer          For i = 1 To QtyUsers         List_obj(i) = UserList(i)     'UserList from PLC     Next i          List_obj(0) = "Select User:"     UsersListBox.SetItems(List_Obj)     UsersListBox.fontsize = 25          SELECTED_USER = 0 End Sub   Thank you! And a Merry Christmas!  
  2. Read an array of strings from NJ to NA

    Hello Does anybody got this running on the HMI? Because I can run it with no issues at all in the Simulation Mode in Sysmac Studio, but when I download the project to the HMI, as soon as I call the subroutine, it throws me an exception. "SafeArrayTypeMismatchException is thrown at CallMethod. E_SYS_999: 0x80131533" I could isolate that what is throwing the exception is the following instruction: List_Obj = array because is trying to assign an array of strings to an Object. Sub ListBox_Update()                   Dim List_obj As Object      Dim array(6) As String     Dim i As Integer              For i = 1 To 5         array(i) = UserList(i)     Next i          List_Obj = array     UsersListBox.SetItems(List_Obj)      End Sub
  3. Hello Mohan1984 I also wanted to try this before on my first KUKA integration with OMRON, but I was not sure if it would be running "smoothly" since we're talking about 2 EtherCAT Master devices communicating, so I setup an EtherNet/IP Network. (I've never seen this equipment (middleware) running in any other application but my KUKA distributors says that it works fine.) This topic is being discussed and solved (I think) in another post, from what I searched. Please check the following link: NJ to Kuka EL6695 EtherCAT bridge (secondary side) - NJ Series / Sysmac Studio - Forums.MrPLC.com Hope it helps!
  4. I'm not sure if I understood the issue? You're saying that you can't communicate at all? Your problem is about the node addresses of each module? Or is it missing some modules on the download/synchronysing window? From what I saw, you've tested with TC3, and it worked....I believe that you're missing the addressing steps, mentioned on this post before, where you have to go to the EtherCAT menu (Sysmac), right click on the EtherCAT Master and press "Write slave node address", and then, you have to write the same node addresses that you have selected in your network (from what I see: 6, 7 and 8). If it's missing some module, check if you have the right .esi file corresponding to the module version. It's not a compability issue with different brands as mentioned/"suspected" before, because I could already manage to make it run for 2 different machines.
  5. Hey! You assumed correctly! I've found that I only had the coupler esi file, yes. I've installed already each card .esi file and it already appears the PDO and respective variables in the I/O Map. I didn't have updated before this topic because I didn't tested it yet.   But it appear something strange after this. For each coupler's card, it's requesting an EtherCAT node address, as you can see in the picture attached, wich for me doesn't make that much sense, since this cards are not in the EtherCAT network. Do I really need to supply each card an unique node address? Or is it just some "bug" in the SYSMAC, and should just put some value so it "stops nagging me"?    Thank you! Best Regards!  
  6. Did any of you had the chance to try this? At this moment I'm trying to connect an OMRON NX1[]2 EtherCAT Master with a Beckhoff EtherCAT Coupler EK1100, with some digital input/output cards EL1809 and EL2809 (in the ECT coupler). I'm able to install the .esi file for the coupler, but it brings the PDO empty, so in the I/O Map, I can't have any input/output variables to access the digital points of the cards attached to the coupler. I've managed to use in the past some Beckhoff EtherCAT modules (like the EP1008 and EP1009) where the .esi file brings the correct PDO (I/O Map Variables available), but this is a different scenario, because it's not modular (like a card expander coupler mentioned above). Thank you all!