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  1. Help! PLC program removed

    Hi, Anyone knows how to retain PLC program for CQM1 PLC model in the EEPROM? Everytime I power off the PLC, when power on the PLC Program lost and the PLC status is in ERROR(No END Instruction error). Already tried downloading with AR1400 turn on from the CX Programmer software but still no luck. Hope someone out there guide me step by step. I'm new to CX Programmer. Thanks lot! marky  
  2. Logo!8 data loging. 5 last values on HMI TDE

    you have to identify what type of triggering are you referring to.  is it schedule(time-based), value change, etc. from there you can manipulate which data you want to store.
  3. Different projects in a single touch panel SIEMENS TP

    1st Step: Get all the runtime file for the 7 HMI's via PC(Simatic ProSave>Backup) or USB which serves as a backup. 2nd Step: Whenever the spare HMI needs to be installed on a particular machine. Restore from the backup files that you made via PC(Simatic ProSave>Restore) or USB. cheers!
  4. AR1612 cqm1h error

    I will test tomorrow if the program will not be lost once the battery is connected. Thanks for the reply.
  5. AR1612 cqm1h error

    HI @IO_Rack yes, it was a new problem. the case is this, I'm able to download the program to the plc(forcing ar1400) after clearing the errors(which is no end instruction). after I download it. there is this error 0x00F1 fatal error and AR1612 is on. when Imgoing to change from program to monitor the ar1612 will be removed and the error will be gone(even changing from monitor to program mode). so I'm pretty sure that the program has been transferred to the memory. but when I power cycle the PLC, the whole program will be gone and the "no end instruction" error will show(considering I have no battery in the PLC). is my procedure correct or I missed something? Thanks for the reply!
  6. AR1612 cqm1h error

    Hi, It is weird that I'm having a fatal error Memory and AR1612 is ON (program mode)even though there's no error in the compilation of the program. Has anyone experienced this before? When I try to put in the run mode, the Fatal error memory will be lost and AR1612 will be turned OFF. and when I try to go back again in program mode, the errors are not there anymore. Is this usually normal? Thanks for the response!
  7. Download program to Memory card

    I see, Thanks!
  8. Download program to Memory card

    Hi BobB, So the PLC program that is downloaded(can monitor even AR1612 is ON in program mode but off in Run mode) will be lost when I turned of the power even it is written in the Memory Card? this made me more confuse now. Bear with me. Thanks!
  9. Download program to Memory card

  10. I still don't get why this error comes. please see link below
  11. Download program to Memory card

    Hi! anyone knows the remedy for this one? kindly check the attached file for the steps that i made. Fatal error Memory Error shows up and AR1612 is ON even the compiled program has no error. Kindly help.. thanks error
  12. Does this steps also apply to CQM1H?
  13. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    Thank you @TWControls!!! How to open the other file types? (.FIX, .FX2, .SY5, .SY6) Where's the PDF file here?
  14. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    Hi, thanks @TWControls I hope you can convert this .rsp file to .pc5 since I have Migration tool for RSlogix 5000. 24513964(Jeddah).RSP
  15. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    Hi @Armadillo852,  So there's no conversion software for a .rsp file in order to open it in RSlogix500?