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  1. Not able to Ping PLC

    Richard, Have you cycled power to the plc? gtsuport  
  2. internal variables (virtual i/o) in CX Programmer

    You can use any unused IR addresses for internal bits. You could also us the HR bits.  HR will hold status through power failure. Stay away from SR and AR.  Those typically have a predefined use. Download the SRM1 programming manual for more information. gtsuport
  3. SRM master for the CJ series plc's would be CJ1W-SRM21. These are showing a stock item with Omron US. gtsuport.
  4. CJ1M PLC not communicating with PC

    Make sure dip switch #5 is ON.
  5. SCL3(487)

    SCL instruction converts unsigned binary to unsigned BCD. SCL3 converts signed BCD to signed binary.  An offset can be entered. Please see programming manual for examples. gtsuport
  6. OMRON CQM1H-CPU21 Serial Connection

    Cable would be the same with the converter.
  7. OMRON CQM1H-CPU21 Serial Connection

    See the link below. This will allow you to connect to the 9 pin port.  Port needs to be configured for Host Link.      
  8. Hi gtsuport,i have a PLC Omron CJ1G 45H ,The comunicate way from PLC to PC is with RS232C PORT and in the PLC with peripheral port,for 1 year everything works fine but for almost 2 months the program keep display the errorr of "errorr comunicating with plc"then one day stoped from working,i been changing the PC and the cable but the problem is not solved,i olso buy a new plc but nothing,the PLC comunicate with CX Programer normally but not comunicate with WinPlc ,i done everything but nothing,can someone help with this problem

    when i turn dip swich 5,4,3 win plc comunicate in error other program is using COM 1 Port


    Check the node setting switch on the front of plc2. 16^1 = 0 16^0 = D gtsuport
  10. Replacement CQM1H-CPU61

    Replacement per Omron would be a CJ2M. Would need to know if there are inner boards in the CQM1H. You would either need to readdress the IO in the program or modify the starting address of the modules. CJ2 is free addressing, address depends on placement in the rack.  CQM1H inputs started a channel 0, outputs started at channel 100. Good Luck. gtsuport
  11. Cx-Programmer 9.7 Keyspan USA-19HS

    Did you update the driver for the Keyspan?
  12. Error HE , on plc cj2m cpu33

    CPU Servicing Error  
  13. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    Try this link gtsuport
  14. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    Guessing that is a CQM1H-SCB41. Port 1 should be RS232, Port 2 RS422/485. You should be able to connect with this cable.
  15. Compare 2 memory registers

    You are not monitoring in the Memory (inset) window. In the third row of icons from the top, click on the icon all the way to the right. This will turn on monitoring in that window. gtsuport