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  1. Looks like D220 is not getting data. Checking the manual for the CT021, it looks like #1F01 is not valid.  Should be 1F02 for rate 1. Give that a try and see what happens. gtsuport
  2. That's great!  Good job on sorting that out. Thanks for letting us know. gtsuport
  3. What is the Unit/Mach number of the CT021. That is set with the rotary switch on the front of the module. gtsuport
  4. You are using a CJ2H.  The instruction is in red, meaning it is incorrect. The CJ2M has the MD21x module that would use the PRV and PRV2 gtsuport
  5. Just checked the manual.  CT021 does not use the PRV, PRV2 instructions. Please download and review the W401 manual for instructions on how the module works. Thanks, gtsuport
  6. What is the Unit/Mach Number of the CT021 module? gtsuport
  7. cx-programmer software

    Here is the link to the trial version request. gtsuport
  8. Analog In/out (CP1W-MAB221)

    Please reference the W614 manual. Section 17-4 shows how to configure these modules. Section 17-7-2 shows wiring. Hope this helps. gtsuport
  9. Using Direct Online, the computer will work through the different comm settings until it connects. You should not need to configure the settings. gtsuport
  10. second page of the pdf should be correct.
  11. Verify the setup of that port. Guessing it should be Host Link or Sysmac Way, then the correct baud rate information. gtsuport
  12. Looking at the picture, I would say no. That host link unit goes into the rack like an I/O card. I am not seeing an open slot. Edit: Reading the rest of your post, you should be able to remove one of the OCxxx modules to install the host link. gtsuport
  13. lss to syswin

    What operating system are you using? I think the label was something hard coded on the original disks. gtsuport
  14. lss to syswin

    You should be able to. Have not used LSS in over 20 years.
  15. Negative sign in HMI

    Often times that indicates the display information is too small for the value. Try increasing the number of integers displayed. gtsuport