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  1. Unable to connect CJ1M CPU12

    The issue is USB to Serial converters are not all the same. We have had the best success with FTDI chipset converters. Others seem to work sometimes, but not always. Also note that the Omron 9 pin port is NOT a standard pinout.  See attached.
  2. Unable to connect CJ1M CPU12

    Good Morning, Guessing the CPU is CJ1M-CPUxx-ETN? This cable would allow you to connect the the 9 pin port on the PLC and the HMI. This cable would connect to the peripheral port on the PLC. What is the part number of the HMI?  We may be able to verify the IP addressing using the HMI setup. gtsuport
  3. Multiple branches in a single network

    Not possible in CX-Programmer, need to be individual rungs. gtsuport
  4. CP1W TS001

    Good Morning, The TS001 expansion module setup is detailed in manual W462 CP1L Operation Manual. Please see section 7-5 -1 for dip and rotary switch settings. gtsuport
  5. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    W472 is the general hardware manual for the CJ2. You need to look at the part number of the CPU Bus unit modules and refer to the specific manual. CIO and DM information is detailed in the manual. gtsuport
  6. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    Thanks Mike!!
  7. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    Depends on the "Unit" or "Machine" number setting on the rotary switch on the module. D memory is allocated based on:  D30000 + (Unit Number x 25). So Unit # 1 would allocate D30025 - D30049. You can find this information in the W339 manual. gtsuport
  8. Backing up SYSMAC CQM1 CPU41

    Unfortunately that is really the only way to back up the program. CQM1/CQM1H was discontinued over 10 years ago. Check for a USB version for the CQM1-CIF02 (USB-CIF02). CQM1-CIF02 is a serial cable, so you will probably need a USB to serial converter. Works great and a lot less expensive. gtsuport
  9. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    I would research PC Link.  Note, sometimes this is referred to as Serial PLC Link. CP1H would be the master and CP2E would be the slave. For the CP2E check the V614 manual Section 14, Serial PLC Link. For the CP1H addressing is CIO 3100 to CIO 3189. Data exchange is automatic. Hope this helps. gtsuport    
  10. cp1h to ns8 tv 0-1

    Link to Setup Manual. See section 5.
  11. cp1h to ns8 tv 0-1

    From the NS Programming Manual. You need to set a destination address in the routing table.  
  12. See the attached C20 configuration information.  From catalog dated 1988. RAM-G is an expansion RAM memory chip. Programming hand held is a 3G2AG-PRO15.  You may be able to find one of these on ebay. Hopefully the battery in the original unit is still good.  If not, you will need to create the program from scratch. gtsuport C20.pdf
  13. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    What values are in DM1000 - DM1099. This is the DM area associated with Special I/O unit zero. gtsuport
  14. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    Link to manual for the CT001-V1 C200H-CT001-V1 gtsuport
  15. Expansion PLC Omron CP1W-AD042

    Configuration and programming information is in the W450 manual. You can download the manual from your local Omron website. gtsuport