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  1. Sysmac C200H

  2. See cable pinout attached. gtsuport GTC99CC.pdf
  3. Right click on the PLC. Choose change PLC model.  Attached dialog should pop up and you can set the NB memory areas. gtsuport
  4. CPM1A with touch NB

    Not really. That cable is meant to go to a computer serial port. Pin out on the NB is different.  See attached for cable pin out. Trouble attaching file.  Here is a link. gtsuport  
  5. CPM1A with touch NB

    No. It converts the TTL level signals that the handheld programmer uses to RS232 serial levels. Check ebay for used CPM1-CIF01. gtsuport
  6. CPM1A with touch NB

    You will need to use a CPM1-CIF01 and the correct cable. gtsuport
  7. Database CP1L ?

    DIM (631) would define the memory area for the table of records. Not able to post image.  DIM has four values N = table number = #0 LR = Length of record = #5 NR = Number of records = #A (10 decimal) TB = First Table word = D100 (arbitrary memory location) Database would be in D100 - D150.  This only creates the memory area for the database. You will need to use SETR (635), GETR (636), SRCH(181) to manipulate the data. Hope this helps, gtsuport
  8. Omron CJ2H Memory Location value

    See appendix A-4-2 in the W473 manual. gtsuport
  9. problems with CP1H analog input

    Have you reviewed the CP1H manual? Manual #W450 Section 5-5. gtsuport
  10. Timer

    Welcome to the forum. Bit 254.00 should be a 1 minute pulse.  It is a 50% duty cycle pulse. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. You could use that bit as the input for your counter. gtsuport
  11. IO Table

    That sounds like a valid plan. Good Luck! gtsuport
  12. IO Table

    Have you registered your software? If so, I would try to do an Auto Update. Go to your Start menu, Omron program group.  You should have an Omron Automation Software Auto Update option. This will check your installed versions against the update server versions and allow you to update. This will take some time, files are large. gtsuport
  13. IO Table

    What operating system is on your computer. In CX-Programmer go to the pull down menu Help / About, what is your CX-Programmer version? gtsuport
  14. IO Table

    You should be able to say Yes.
  15. IO Table

    CPS files go way back, current versions of CX-Programmer do not use them. If you go to Options, can you Create an IO Table?  Processor will need to be in Program mode to do this. gtsuport