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  1. Fanuc R30ib plus ethernet i/p

    Share the EDS files, please.
  2. !! Hmm.  Good word.  Old but experienced. (:
  3. Brain fart

    I have no idea what you are talking about.
  4. It definitely cannot use RIO.  Nowhere in the docs does it show support for any PLC-5 devices.  Just SLC and MicroLogix.
  5. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    You have to look at the specs for the product.  Other common chipset are from "Prolific" and have "PLxxxx" part numbers.  These do not behave like real COM ports as well as the FTDI-based devices.  I'm sure there are other chipsets.  YMMV.
  6. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    If the USB->Serial converter doesn't have an FTDI chipset, expect problems.
  7. Yeah, pretty sure you will need to specify your final two angles as 370 and 390 to get the behavior you are after.
  8. When you cam an axis to a master axis, the cam function has to be applied for every point the master goes through from one position to another.  I don't see how what you describe could ever be possible in a cam function.
  9. CP1W CIF12 Module

    Sounds like you need a fast heartbeat included in the traffic in each direction, with short preset timers resetting on every heartbeat change.  If the timer expires, stop. After you've fixed that basic oversight in the original design, you can pursue ways to make the signalling itself more robust.  (Though you probably just need new high-flex cables.  They tend to have short lifespans.)
  10. 1) Should have been fixable with full documentation. 2) Concur.  And they are apparently switching to an subscription model, where your install stops working if you stop paying. 3) Pretty wimpy OPC server, from what I've seen. 4) What?  There are plenty of OPC products that will reliably obtain and report data changes down to the single-digit millisecond range. Aside from all that, the NJ/NX family supports EtherNet/IP for tag access, and is well documented.  (I recently included high-performance support in an Ignition driver, fwiw.)  There are open source libraries that will help you create the appropriate ethernet traffic, and not just on Windows.
  11. Unable to go online

    Are you using the proper GE cable?  The ports on these processors are not RS-232.  (I'm traveling and do not have that cable with me, but it has electronics in one end.)
  12. RSlinx help

    Open your factorytalk license admin package.  Show everything in your current licenses page to Rockwell and they should be able to help you trace your license back to original.
  13. Data Types- Structure and Union

    It allows you to re-interpret the bytes that hold integer or boolean data as another format because the variables' memory allocation overlaps.  Similar to what can be done with byte array copies.  I don't find the unions to be very helpful, mainly because you are limited which data types are allowed.
  14. Not only do they use their own VPN software, but most high-end VPN solutions reroute all network traffic through that company's firewall (in many cases, even LAN traffic to your own file servers).  Unless you are diligent about not opening the files of other clients while a particular client's VPN is running, you are likely violating any non-disclosure agreements you've signed with those other clients, and exposing your own corporate secrets, too.  I am extremely picky about the client VPN technologies I allow in my infra, and never allow anything that impacts my own LAN traffic.  Most clients end up approving the the very locked-down VPN I run through my own cloud server.
  15. In general, the U.S. National Electric code requires conductors to be protected from overload at the power source (external to your panel).  UL cannot waive this requirement, but might add more requirements. More importantly, most codes require externally powered conductors to be yellow or have a yellow stripe, to signify that they are not cut by the panel's own disconnect.  And, above 60V, will need separate arc-flash treatment.