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  1. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    There's a "Team" option for Sysmac Studio that is basically a form of integration with the "git" source control system.  I haven't actually had a chance to use it, and I understand there are some quirks, but it should give you the chance to closely track what happens.
  2. TSX PSY1610

    I have nothing to share.  I am not a Schneider expert.  I'm sure there are ways to purchase in-person training on Schneider products anywhere in the world.  You need to do that if you cannot find or understand free resources on the internet.  You may also need to purchase programming software, as @acpi noted.  Nobody will be able to help you if you do not have the programming tools for this platform.
  3. PLC Reports using Controllogix and Database

    You really should not double post.  I answered over on the first topic:
  4. PLC Reports using Controllogix and Database

    This fits the definition of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), particularly the "DA" part. As a systems integrator with a relationship with Inductive Automation, I tend to recommend their Ignition platform for such tasks.  In large part because they are much more cost-effective than the major competition.  I suggest poking around on their pricing page--the platform is modular.  For the limited purpose you state, you would need only the Tag Historian and the Reporting module, as the Allen-Bradley suite is part of the platform nowadays.  Most buyers of a SCADA package will also want to do supervision, too,  so you might also consider the Vision module or Perspective module so you can deploy user interfaces.
  5. TSX PSY1610

    It seems a bit extreme to lose a job when you are given a task you've never been trained for.  I'm not a Schneider expert so I can't help directly, but it seems to me you need training if you are going to do this yourself.  Ask your employer for the training you need on this technology. { If you are a contractor that offered to fix this without the actual background to fix it, then that is on you. }
  6. Source Code Security

    All of the PLC and HMI code I deliver is unlocked.  As is 90% of my SCADA work. I have a handful of generic SCADA plugins that I sell as products.  The source code will be delivered over my dead body.  That is, my heirs have instructions to sell that IP to an entity that wishes to maintain it, and/or to the users.
  7. FB in a Structure

    Irony is the perfect complement to pedantry.  Sarcasm can be appropriate, too.
  8. NX1P2 Date to US format?

    Sysmac Date_and_Time is 64-bit integer nanoseconds from the Unix Epoch.  If you transfer using a tag set on Ethernet/IP, the other end can simply re-interpret the bytes to get the precise time. (It isn't UTC, though, in contrast to AB's WallClock.  I recommend using UTC on all Omron PLCs' clocks.)
  9. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    Look at the socket inside the module.  It might not be there.  (I've seen installs that relied on the battery and ran entirely from RAM.)
  10. Upgrade a SLC 5/04 to ControlLogix

    I found this download link for the Honeywell UDC 330B (UDC 3300 Basic model): - Model DC330B.pdf On page 34 (pdf page 42) is the communication setup.  Please check the "ComSTATE" setting.  If enabled, your devices are using classic modbus, and you should use a modbus master module, not a BASIC module.  If disabled, you are using a the "MB3K" protocol, about which I know nothing. Consider just changing to Modbus mode unconditionally, since you don't have a basic program to reverse engineer.
  11. I'm pretty sure there's no difference in electronics.
  12. Sysmac Simulator questions...

    I wouldn't be surprised if the SD card simulation is entirely in simulator RAM.  Omron's simulators are not supposed to be able to communicate to the real world, and any real external storage would violate that rule.
  13. Connect omron CQM1H plc with LAPTOP

    That is "special" indeed.  Omron really butchered the standard.
  14. Connect omron CQM1H plc with LAPTOP

    I'm not familiar with either of those models, but I have had consistent success with USB/Serial devices based on the FTDI chipset.  Look for that.
  15. Get the right battery.  Sounds like the substitute is not the correct voltage.  (A tiny difference matters.)