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  1. What is wrong with this CMP statement?

    OR is bitwise.  Use || instead.
  2. 0.01 looks simple in decimal, but in binary it infinitely repeats.  A floating point register with that value won't be exact because real registers do not repeat infinitely.  Divide by 100.0.  That'll get you closest in the real world.
  3. Get those bytes into a string variable, then do string=>integer conversion.  (Not terribly familiar with Omron, but that's the idea.)
  4. I think size is always bytes.
  5. PAC ME - Hardware Configuration Not Equal

    I haven't played with GE stuff in a while, but PME includes the last used programming software itself in the equality check.  The list of items that are not equal appear to be metadata and optional content that might not have been supported on the last used programming tool.  When I encountered this in the past, you could only get out of it with a full download.  And whoever was using different software would be stuck in the same pinch when they came back.
  6. Many modbus devices support the masked write opcode, which perform an AND then OR operation on a register atomically. While this was created long ago by Gould Modicon, their corporate successor, Schneider, doesn't implement this in some of their cheaper products. /:
  7. Help with Sockets AB

    Your are asking someone to break their terms of their TechConnect contract.  Which can get them kicked out of the program.  When you want something for free that Rockwell has placed behind the wall, you need to talk to your local AB distributor.  They might be able to help you.
  8. Best brick PLC for learning

    Yes, that's what I meant.  (Obviously off the top of my head....  I have a couple in my office lab.)
  9. Best brick PLC for learning

    The Automation Direct P541 with a combo I/O card is where I'd start.
  10. MCGS HMI programming

    "Parallel port dongle driver", perhaps? I'm not familiar with this software,  but it sounds like it enforces a proprietary license with a security device that connects to a classic parallel port.
  11. Compact Logix L24ER

    Yes, it is.  "Revision" is commonly used as a synonym of "Version".
  12. Portable VPN

    My experience is that graphics updates for remote desktop/vnc/etc are much more data that typical programming traffic.  I highly recommend using a VPN that includes (or simulates) layer 2 operations. e W O N devices have worked well for me, though I prefer to run my own.
  13. Allen bradley Class 3 MSG at 100%

    Switch them.  Run the machine I/O from the EN2T, and the SCADA from the built-in port.
  14. How To Delete A Program

    Or export to L5K and search to see if "EventMainProgram" shows up in an odd place.
  15. How To Delete A Program

    Export to L5K, delete there, re-import and download. /: