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  1. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    I created a structure, I think that is more "elegant".
  2. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Yes, I made it! Thank you very much!
  3. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Thank you very much. I've already tried to do it in a STRUCT way but it makes more confusion in my head (sorry but I'm new and I'm trying to understand well this thing) Maybe could you help me in this way please?   EDIT: I'd like to make something like this: Trolley[Trolley_Number].targetPosition[XXX];  with "Trolley_Number" ARRAY [0,1] and "targetPosition[0..99];
  4. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Hello, I'd like to make a matrix 2*100 on Sysmac Studio but I really don't know how to do in this software. If a matrix is not possible, also an " ARRAY OF [0,1] OF ARRAY[0..100] OF ^var^ " could be good. Thanks in advance.