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  1. Data Types- Structure and Union

    Hi! As an example, I use an UNION called "unDataMemory" in which I create 2 members - "w" as a WORD; - "b" as an ARRAY[0..15] OF BOOL; I use these union to creat an array of DMs to communicate via Datalink with older CPU like CJ2M types. Basically is the same variable but you can use it as a word or as a boolean array.
  2. How to change encoder reading from positive to negative

    Hi! You should open the parameters list of the servo, and then change the OD 3000.01 from 0 to 1. Let me know!  
  3. Export to an older version

    Thanks for your reply. It was because the customer had a very bad connection, so we were not able to upgrade Sysmac Studio..  But in the end we did it. Thank you.
  4. Export to an older version

    Good morning, I have to export a .smc2 to an older version of Sysmac Studio.. Is it possible or not?
  5. Exporting a var based on sub-structures

    Sorry for my late reply, I was sick. Thanks to everyone!
  6. Good morning to everyone. I work for a company that produces machines composed by different "sub-machines". For every complete-system we create a structure of alarms, composed by different structures of alarms that manage every "sub-machine". It's possible to export (maybe in a .xml file) the complete structure? So the software should not update manually the list of alarms but only read the file.   Thanks in advance! 
  7. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    I created a structure, I think that is more "elegant".
  8. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Yes, I made it! Thank you very much!
  9. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Thank you very much. I've already tried to do it in a STRUCT way but it makes more confusion in my head (sorry but I'm new and I'm trying to understand well this thing) Maybe could you help me in this way please?   EDIT: I'd like to make something like this: Trolley[Trolley_Number].targetPosition[XXX];  with "Trolley_Number" ARRAY [0,1] and "targetPosition[0..99];
  10. Matrix on Sysmac Studio

    Hello, I'd like to make a matrix 2*100 on Sysmac Studio but I really don't know how to do in this software. If a matrix is not possible, also an " ARRAY OF [0,1] OF ARRAY[0..100] OF ^var^ " could be good. Thanks in advance.