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  1. Connection with a CPM2A PLC

    The CS1W-CN226 isn't DB9 on both ends. What PLC exactly are you trying to connect to? Any option modules?  
  2. Connection with a CPM2A PLC

    The CQM1-CIF02 is more than just a cable adapter. Are you trying to go to the DB9 connector on the PLC?
  3. Omron NX Length Measurement with Encoder

    I recommend making an axis of type Encoder Axis. Fill in the axis information then you can simply reference the axis position with typical comparison instructions ex. if Target_Position > MC_Axis000.Act.Pos
  4. Varying Versions

    Should be fine, however if you want to do the proper conversion you can change the HMI type in CX-Designer before you download the program to the screen
  5. How to loop a datalog on NA5

    Here is a quick and dirty way to do it. Run it hourly as a scheduled event. Just change 6 to however many days you want to keep logs. 6 = 5 days, 23 = 22 days etc. You'll need to use this for every data set so if you have 3 data sets just cut and paste into 3 subroutines with the appropriate modifications to the directory. Every time you run it it deletes 1 folder only (if the folder is old enough) so if you have a massive backlog you need to delete I would do it manually first.   Sub clearCard Dim List_Files As String() Dim i As Integer List_Files = System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories("\SDCard\Data Logging\Log Files\DataSet0") 'Change DataSet0 to whatever data set you need Array.Sort(List_Files) Array.Reverse(List_Files) 'This will sort so the most recent dates are at the start of the array i =  List_Files.Length     If i > 6 Then         'Change 6 to whatever value you desire. This is essentially how many days you keep files. 5 days = 6                        System.IO.Directory.Delete(List_Files(6), True)     End If      End Sub
  6. Memory Error

    Was there by chance a ridiculous amount of END statements ? Was there any logic remaining? If you're able to share like IO said that would help. I have pulled one off a perfectly functional CQ and seen some strange things
  7. Go to edit the PDO map and when you exit the screen see if any messages pop up regarding pdo selection. I have seen some 3rd party esi files work on sysmac but require a manual adjustment to the PDO map.
  8. Memory Error

    I have seen it, a retransfer of the program fixed it although it happened again a week or two later. They eventually had to replace the plc as it became more and more frequent. Did the program you pulled off have errors?
  9. In the PLC you don't need to have a preceding letter for the CIO area. ex. CIO100.03 is simply referred to as 100.03
  10. I'm a bit confused - let's start with the Device net side: Have you successfully linked some data between the 2 PLCs and confirmed the connection is operational and the data is valid? As for the HMI communicating with the PLC side of your NSJ are you able to read and write to other registers? Are you by chance writing to a register that is being overwritten by deviceNet data? (its easy to get IN and OUT mixed up) You can easily test this by toggling the same bit when you're online with CXP and if it doesn't respond then it's likely getting overwritten.  
  11. CP1L - Direct Ethernet Connection

    Are you plugged directly from your PC to the PLC? (no switch/hub in between) Are you selecting the physical ethernet interface on the direct ethernet utility? (sometimes it defaults to a different interface)  
  12. I don't see any rotary switches for setting the node number. Have you assigned a node number to it in Sysmac?
  13. Help with STEP/SNXT programming

    To each their own. If you do use the STEP/SNXT and don't need to branch you can use the actual step bit as an interlock for the next step and this should stop backwards travel in your sequence.
  14. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    The cable part number is CBL-804. I see Digikey has 2 in stock. You can check with some Omron distributors in your area, I'm not sure which ones are there but I doubt they would stock it. For about 1/10th of the price you could build your own. Your call.