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  1. I believe you're correct
  2. CP2E Modbus TCP Server
  3. CLC(041) Usage with MOVL(498)

    If you go to Help -> Instruction Reference -> CS/CJ Series  you can look at the instruction reference. Seems that CLC is only used with the instructions I mentioned. Perhaps a change was made to the program and CLC was left behind. You can search for instructions as well by right clicking in a program and selecting Find All
  4. CLC(041) Usage with MOVL(498)

    Anywhere in the logic is there any of the following instructions: ROL(027), ROLL(572), ROR(028), and RORL(573) or +C(402), +CL(403), +BC(406), +BCL(407), -C(412), -CL(413), -BC(416), and -BCL(417)
  5. CLC(041) Usage with MOVL(498)

    It's likely the next rung that CLC is used for. Can you post the next few rugs?
  6. G9SP Configurator

    That's a great way to get banned..
  7. cp1h to ns8 tv 0-1

    You'll also need to make sure the PLC is on the same routing table. This is done with CX-Integrator
  8. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    There are a few different ways... What communication interfaces do you have on them?
  9. Wouldn't this code just yield the task time? It's a snapshot of the us counter in the same place every scan. It should equal the cycle time set in the task settings. You're after this:
  10. HMI NS10 require Project password

    You'll need to format the screen data area.  Press the top left and bottom right corners at the same time to bring up the system screen.  Navigate to the initialize tab and initialize the holding memory and format the screen data area.
  11. NX safety slice alternatives

    I sent you a PM
  12. NX safety slice alternatives

    Is the safety (either hardwired or FSoE) for the 1S drives primarily?
  13. Use SetBlock to move 0 into the array. Specify the start and quantity.
  14. NX safety slice alternatives

    Correct, the SL5XXX needs to be on the NX102 for Ethercat Safety with a 1S. The NX102 can do 12 axis total, 8 coordinated axis.
  15. NX safety slice alternatives

    If you have the NX-SL5XX you can use CIP safety remote IO (Omron or 3rd party). No support for 3rd party EtherCAT remote IO though.