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  1. It is still supported. Project -> Library -> Create Library This saves the SLR file. It is different from the publish method previously used but it is the same in the end.
  2. I don't believe there is a way to de-compile an SLR file into a project. However it is fairly simple to copy the contents(with dependents) of the function blocks into a new Library project as long as you didn't restrict displaying them. Essentially make a new function block and copy over (with dependents): Internals In/Out Externals All logic  
  3. NX1p2 Webserver

    The NX1P2 can serve webpages yes. They are a bit rudimentary but for basic data back and forth they work(See attached). You can also serve more elaborate pages from the SD Card with images etc but there is no interaction with actual variables. There is a project underway which will drastically improve this experience but I'll have to look into it WebServer NJ_NX.slr WebServer_NJ_NX_E.pdf
  4. NX1P2 EIP with Siemens S7-1214FC?

    Look like it is available if you are registered on their support website: Alternatively you could try the Omron Generic EDS file available on this site which works with most devices.
  5. Unable to connect CJ1M CPU12

    Most USB to serial converters have the IBM DB9 Pinout (even Omron's own converter has this) - use this cable to communicate with an Omron PLC:
  6. error 87 ethercat

    Disable all inputs - specifically input 1 as that is ESTOP by default. Be sure to transfer them to the drive and cycle power after

    Correct. The only way I can think of to get this behavior would be adding a label on top of an IAG and grouping them together. Briefly ungrouping them to edit the label. It will probably take fewer clicks to use the page explorer method though.
  8. I suggest using the AB side to read from and write to the Omron side. You'll need to make up for the run/idle header - I'll send you a guide

    You can add a string tag to the IAG and make the label a data display object instead of a label - Like @BE said. It will appear in the properties pane when you double click on the IAG instance. The downside is the value you enter will only be visible at runtime. During development it will show "#" as the text.

    Go to View-> Page Explorer  then drill down to the label you want to change when you are on the page with the IAGs

    If the device you are sending these to can't recombine the words then divide then this method won't work. You may need to use copyRealToDword and then split the DWORD into 2 words.
  12. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I don't have time to go into each of these but a few that jump out at me and are easy to answer: Assistant can suggest FB array members in Ladder (see picture). You are correct that you can't in Structured Text. You can get your own MAC my sending yourself ( an explicit message: Class F6, Instance 01, Attribute 03. Returns your 5 byte MAC. Union Datatypes - What is your use case for these? I find there is almost always a better option than a union. Some of your points are definitely valid.  
  13. Question Sysmac Studio remote control

    There are a few different options for VPN. You can use a local PC, a VPN-type device (microhard, ewon, RT100 to name a few), or some routers support it as well. Not much needs to be done to the PLC - usually just the default gateway needs to be the VPN gateway.
  14. Question Sysmac Studio remote control

    Sysmac's programming ports aren't adjustable so you can't utilize port forwarding as a work around. If you want to do this the right way use a VPN or a remote access device like Omron's RT100:   Please keep your PLCs off the internet