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    Might be version related  - what version of NB designer are you trying to de-compile with? Can you share the pkg?
  2. Exporting a var based on sub-structures

    There's no way to export a Structure, however you can cut and paste it between projects or even paste it into a CSV file for modification.
  3. Omron camera unit macro code

    The button you want to make - is this on an HMI somewhere or on the local FH interface?
  4. Internal/External Variables

    That would be a good workaround, but on the NJ/NX platform you can't rename locals with an online edit. Best bet would be to make a new unique global online and then replace the variable used in the programs. If you can shut down the PLC then it would be easiest to correct offline. The only way I can recreate this is by manually creating the duplicate variable. This can be done online and offline. Seems Sysmac chooses local over global when this condition exists.  
  5. Internal/External Variables

    Modifications to variables and/or removing variables needs to be done offline and transferred. You can create a new one either local or global with an online edit however so if you can't shutdown this may be your best bet.
  6. G9SP Configurator

    Are you asking for one?
  7. Omron PLC nx1p2-9024dt PC Communication

    Just to clarify: you have just one PC or multiple PCs? Have you tested with putty or something similar to eliminate the possibility of a program error on the PC? Can you share your program? Socket communication is pretty straight forward in Sysmac: Enable the SktTCPAccept function block with the port specified The Done output will become true when the PC connects to the PLC Execute the SktGetTCPStatus block at a regular interval to check if any data has been received Use SktTCPSend and SktTCPRcv to retrieve data from the buffer or send data to the PC I attached a rather unpolished test program I have used in the past TCP Socket .smc2
  8. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

    Have you tried 24 bits and removing the status data? In the example I have there is no status data appended to ST/MT data.
  9. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

    I would expect you would see a system error if anything faulty was detected on the card. You tried 1mhz baud?
  10. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

    The parameters I listed were for the advanced model sorry, the eco has 1Mhz clock and 12/12 on the turn data.
  11. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

    Also - Do you have an NX-PF card on your PLC before this card? This card/encoder needs IOV and IOG to work and the IO power bus isn't fed from the CPU.
  12. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

    Try these settings and wiring:
  13. Need help! OMRON NX102 + SICK Encoder

     This should be the IO mapping for the SICK encoder on the ECS card    
  14. Sysmac studio download

    Link should be in your inbox - did you receive it?
  15. File Copy for NX/NJ

    MOVE will copy an entire structure. Just specify the parent tag.   If you want to put the structure in a byte array use ToAryByte