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  1. I have a customer that is requesting some HMI upgrades for one of their processes. I uploaded the project and made the changes i needed to, however i noticed something strange. When i would start the NA simulation, the lines (piping) i animated between tanks and pumps were way out of position. Within my project everything is square and level. I verified the page settings are set to 1280x800 on the original page and mine. I basically duplicated the HMI pages and made the changes i needed to. I tried running the simulator on a 1080 screen and 1440 but had the same effect. I finished the project and downloaded it at the customer sight assuming that it was probably just my laptop display causing the scaling issue. When i navigated to the page i made, i had the same scaling issue. I ended up moving my line animations way out of proportion so i could square up the running HMI. I also noticed on other untouched (original) display pages the same scaling problem existed.  Its a NA5-15w101-V1 and on omrons site is a 1280x800 display. Has anyone seen this before and know a remedy? Or do i need to keep making adjustments to offset the scaling issue? Thanks!
  2. Help - I know so little, don't even where to post this! - But I am trying to fix my problem on my own!  I have an Omron Sysmac C20k in a machine that used to work until the board battery went dead.  I installed a new battery.  I have the mnemonic code that the machine uses.  My internet research says… If I buy:  A Hand held Console C200H-PRO27-E, A Hand held Adapter 3G2A5-AP003 A Hand held Cable C200H-CN222 – I should be able to input the code myself following the SYSMAC C20K Controller User Manual. - - Am I missing something? Anything??? Thanks you Guys!
  3. Help - I know so little, don't even where to post this! - But I am trying to fix my problem on my own!  I have an Omron Sysmac C20k in a machine that used to work until the board battery went dead.  I installed a new battery.  I have the mnemonic code that the machine uses.  My internet research says… If I buy:  A Hand held Console C200H-PRO27-E, A Hand held Adapter 3G2A5-AP003 A Hand held Cable C200H-CN222 – I should be able to input the code myself following the SYSMAC C20K Controller User Manual. - - Am I missing something? Anything??? Thanks you Guys!
  4. Can someone please help me figure out how to create a 12 hour long timer function in Sysmac? Or at least help me determine which timer function (in any) is best suited to create this long of a timer? Or will this require a counter instead? If so, does anyone have an examples on how to go about this? I'd like this timer to start it's function when powered up, and after the 12 hour timer is finished I will have it open a certain page on my HMI. Thanks!
  5. I have an Omron NX PLC  NX1p2 which Supports EtherCAT . also I have Balluff BNI00HA Ecat Block(IOlink Master). I have setup communications and connected a BNI004K balluff I/O device. I managed to get inputs and i can read it as well. but to set the pins of BNI004K as outputs i have to configure the module by accessing its Index and Subindex. I tried with IOLwrite Block but it says 16#4802 error. Also an Engineer from balluff suggested me to use CoE block but while reading the description is said CAN over EThercat. WHile my devices are IOLINK.. If Anyone can Help.Please. SS1 - Is the error I am getting on IOLink instruction SS2 - Is what i did. which is an IOlink Write block from Omron SS3 - is what balluff Engineer suggested.
  6. Hi all and good day, I'm working through my workflows with Sysmac studio.  I think I have a grasp on the PLC side, now I'm trying to foucs on the HMI side.  I have setup some data types on the PLC to store booleans, integers, etc. I am trying to pull the data from those data structures into a value display on the HMI however it is being most difficult.  This brought me to two immediate questions. 1. Can you display the value of a local variable on the PLC from the HMI or does it need to be a Global variable?  I'm familiar with Java so I do understand the concept of public versus private variables.  I'm just not sure if that is what is going on here or if I am just not querying the variable correctly.  2. How would you go about setting up a variable display of a variable that is part of a data structure?  I have my structure setup as well as the variable in the table to USE that data type however it is just giving me an error when trying to look at it from the HMI. Any help would be very much appreciated.  My apologies in advance if this is a repetitive question. Thanks, Red
  7. Good morning I have a problem with communication with a Yaskawa inverter, specifically GA500. The device communicates via the EtherCat network. Communication works, but when I want to change my PDO, I have a problem as shown in the screenshot in attachment. The problem occurs when I add the "Operation Command" variable. I have no idea what the problem is. I did not find a library on the Omron website that could support this inverter. thank you in advance for your help.  
  8. Hello, I have problem with Import and Export data from PLC to USB drivers. I want to write script in Subroutine and I have working script in VB language from the Tia portal, Script is in the attachment but when I want to copy the script to Sysmac it gives many errors. Please give me some advice, how to write such a script.       CsvToDB.txt DbToCsv.txt
  9. Good morning, I'd like to start by saying that I am new to programming, so please bare with my very simple questions. I'm having issues trying to get a DataLamp on the HMI screen to change its behavior from lamp Off to lamp On after a specific process has been completed (not operated by a button). Is this possible or do lamps strictly operate by using a Button?
  10. Hi All, I need access to a the Safety function blocks within a safety CPU using sysmac studio on a machine we are upgrading.. Is there a generic password available to gain access? Best Regards, Paul  
  11. MOVE data

    Hello,   Seeking for assistance on how to program the below conditions, If I wanted to see the history of the total numbers per hour, like it will be displayed in my HMI Events Screen. How will I do it? Attached image is the one I am trying to work on, but still not working. Do you have any other suggestions what to use in the program for me to be able to display the logs per hour? Thank you for any help you may give.
  12. Hi all, I'm working on my migration from CJ series to Sysmac (NJ/NX).  I've encountered something I think is  a simple answer but I just can't find anything in the documentation or forums that has gave me a concrete answer. I want to increment a variable by one.  Is it not possible to insert a raw integer into the value field of the function?  (Please ignore the P_Off as this is only for test purposes only) I know I can create a variable and make it a constant of one but that just seems odd to have to go through that many steps to do so.     EDIT:  I should add the variable I'm trying to increment is a UINT (Unsigned Integer) The error I get is:   EDIT2: While I solved my problem with this instance by using the Increment function, my root question still remains.  How do you supply a value of a number to a parameter of a function without creating a symbol for that parameter?   Thank you all for your time,
  13. Hi, I'm working on a projects where i need the button text to be dynamic.(assigned by a string variable) i have not been able to figure out how to accomplish this easily. I made a workaround with placing a label over the button and have the label refer to a string, but it would be soo much easier and smoother to just have the button text assigned a variable. I would think i could access the the text field through code ,like: Btn_1.Text=My_Btn_String_1, but have had no luck with this. Would Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Frank.  
  14. Hi, we have one PLC that throws many errors on task period exceeded. checking the status, this warning have come over 15000 times since when ever it started couting it. Max cycle time is 2.83ms while max allowed task is the default(?) 2ms. We think it has something to do with the block for the barcode scanning. this blockas around 134ns cycle time when it seems normal, all other blocks is around 4-8 ns. How can we make sure what part that sometimes exceeds the 2 ms execution time?
  15. In the last update of Sysmac Studio (1.55) I would like to turn off the feature, see image. Can you help me?
  16. Hi All, I'm looking to setup communications between a digital force gauge and an Omron NX-CIF1010 RS232 serial communication interface.  Here is the Output Protocol from the Force Gauges Manual: Output Protocol RS-232 Parameter - Baudrate: 9600 - Data-Bit: 8 - Parity: none - Stop-bit: 1 The measured value is requested by the PC by the ASCII Sign “9”. I've tried to follow the youtube video, "How to communicate via RS 232 using an NX CIF to a PC" however setting up communication between the force gauge instead of a PC is proving difficult. How to communicate via RS 232 using an NX CIF to a PC - YouTube This is quite new to me so I'm trying to get my head around it at the moment so please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm reading values from the Force gauge in ASCII and I need to convert those values into another numerical value data type. I've seen in CX-Programmer, ASCII values being converted into Floating Point values using the "FVAL" instruction using Data registers however I can't use the same approach in Sysmac Studio. Do I need to clear the serial buffer everytime before I look to receive a numerical value from the force gauge? Here are details regarding the screenshots I've included below: 1) CIF101 Parameters to read Force Gauge Output Protcol in Sysmac Studio which should be matching the force gauges output protocol. 2) CIF101 IO Map in Sysmac Studio - ** I'm unsure if this is where I need to be linking the "RcvDat" input of the "NX_SerialRcv" function block? 3) CIF101 Sending Data Function Block - "NX_SerialBufClear" function block setup - "port_id" data type has been changed to "_sDevice_Port". 4) CIF101 Receiving Data Function Block - "NX_SerialRcv" function block setup 5) Global Variable - Array [0..3] OF BYTE - used in "RcvDat" input of "NX_SerialRcv" function block  6) Internal Variables Created  to send and receive data 7) Force Gauge RS232 Configuration 8) Force Gauge Output Protocol   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul  
  17. I am trying to create an Alarm handler for an NA5 HMI that can tell the end-user the 1SAN Drive AL Status code and an Annunciation according to the manual: I621. I already am using a similar method to use MFaultLvl.Codes in a Case statement that creates a message found in motion controller manuals. Ie. 16#6449: Fault_Axis0 := '1S Axis Immediate Stop Input'; I want to use the AL Status to create messages based on the Hex Code generated by the Alarm ie 16#20: DriveAlarm_Axis1 := '1S Overload Error'; 20hex being the AL Status from the Drive. However I  cannot find how to access AL Status from the Troubleshooter.   Thanks
  18. Hi! I want to change the keyboard shortcut of bookmarks function in Sysmac Studio, but I can't found any way to do that. On the windows "Shortcut key customization" on Bookmarks section I see some dark grey rectangle on "ShortcutKey" column, and I can't edit or add key. On the Sysmac manual on the section A-5-7 - "changing shortcut keys" I read that Bookmarks shortcut keys can't changed if "Controller" is selected from the Setting Target Drop-down List. But I haven't any other option on the drop-down list, and I don't understand how to change that. How can I change Bookmarks shortcut keys? Sorry but I can't upload image on this topic, the forum tell me that there is a problem on upload and contact the administrator.   Andrea.
  19. Hi everyone! I am attempting to read EIP tags from an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix from an Omron NX1P2 using the Sysmac Studio function block "CIPUCMMRead." I have been successful in reading arrays and single variables no problem. However, when I want to read arrays from a structure in the Allen-Bradley PLC, I always get an error code in the CIPUCMMRead ErrorID of either 0400 or 1C00 for ErrorID and ErrorIDEx is FF00 2105 depending on what I enter in for Size on the function block (attaching screenshots with both error codes).   The errors show on multiple "read" function blocks at once but it only affects data coming out of the function block where I try to read in a BOOL array from a structure in the ControlLogix PLC. If I enter a UINT#1 for the Size, I get ErrorID 0400. If I enter UINT#2, 3, or 4, I get ErrorID 1C00 with ErrorIDEx being FF00 2105. I've been digging for a while and can't find that specific combo of codes, but it looks like it's a size issue. From what I can tell, the Size is in Bytes. So if I have 32 Bools it should be a Size of UINT#4 max, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The function block having issues is setup the exact same as the other two that read from the same structure; I even copied and pasted them from each other and just changed the FB name and the postfix in the SrcDat string (from MyBools to MyDints/MyReals). Here are the screenshot: 1. Allen-Bradley Structure 2. CIPUCMMRead Function Block with size 4 3. CIPUCMMRead Function Block with size 1
  20. Hi everyone,  I recently started in the automation industry and am currently working on an Omron project.    So I have two programs, one on Sysmac Studio (which has the HMI) and the other on CX-Programmer. I am trying to simulate both simultaneously using the Sysmac Studio HMI. Is there any way I can do that where for example I can toggle stuff on and off from the Sysmac HMI and get feedback from the CX-Programmer ladder?    Thank you in advance. 
  21. Hello, I am working on a project currently that uses a windows application on a PC to communicate with an NX1P2 controller to read and write variables data. I found a course on Udemy which has a Visual Studio project with OMRON DLLs that are used for these communications. I confirmed with OMRON that they do have official DLLs for this, but the technical support guy has told me he is trying to find them himself.   I have attached a screenshot of the DLL references.  I am really looking for the DLL libraries, aswell as the documentation on their functionality to I can use them to communicate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
  22. Hi, I'm Jovel, I'm new to learning how to program PLC. Just want to learn how to use Omron Sysmac Studio . I have a question about the Data Type Data Type - Structure ( Offset Type - Offset Byte )  / Union   I Don't Understand this 2 Data types and how going to use them, can anyone teach me and have a sample program? Thank you
  23. Hi, currently I'm facing a problem between  NB10W-TW01B and NX102-1200 PLC. The problem is after I assign the area/variable using W/H/D and Download it to HMI, The HMI will Pop up PLC Response Error, anyone knows how to fix it ?? I have experience using NB HMI with NX1P2 and NJ PLC, didn't have this error before  
  24. Is there any one-shot instruction in sysmac studio? I am running a simulator to test the program but I can not work with LD and LDN instructions.
  25. Hi, is there a way to upload the safety program that is in the PLC, so i can get a complete project?