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  1. Hi, we have one PLC that throws many errors on task period exceeded. checking the status, this warning have come over 15000 times since when ever it started couting it. Max cycle time is 2.83ms while max allowed task is the default(?) 2ms. We think it has something to do with the block for the barcode scanning. this blockas around 134ns cycle time when it seems normal, all other blocks is around 4-8 ns. How can we make sure what part that sometimes exceeds the 2 ms execution time?
  2. Thanks for this tip. We quite fast here locally decided to collect up all our EDS files and have it on a network share, so when we get a new computer, we can just toss them in and everyone gets the same versions that is needed depending on the projects.
  3. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    Where i have worked.. on those machines that  as a full windows-ish version installed (like Panel PC's or regular PC+screen) we often install Filezilla Server, there you can mount other folders into the ftp folders, and inmy experience, simplifies everything, like having a vision camera ftp up an image to be stored for later reviews or logging image to database/datalake for legal tracabillity
  4. This is the bigger problem in sysmac.. It rarely tells you which EDS-file is missing, and as you said.. devices without a correct EDS gets removed.. so you cant get any hints on what EDS file you need. Now we've managed to sort this out because one of the collegues remembered which EDS files is required by this specific project. On this part, Siemens TIA-Portal has a leg up on the GSD-file management.. all the required GSD-files comes WITH the project "baked in".
  5. I opened another project where i was missing EDS files, then the output states which version of the ABB EIP/CIP verison i was missing.. This one just gives an generic unhelpfull error.
  6. I open a project, i have V1.55 sysmac, collegue has V1.52. Both of us get this error(?) message in output. Neither of us know what this means, whats missing or how to fix this.  
  7. TIA Portal V15.1

    How is the office computer connected to the plc? What PLC model are you using? You can perhaps use OPC-UA and read that from a software, or use S7NetPlus in C# and make a program pull the data where to you need it, as an example.
  8. Thank you,  could'nt find anything in the help file that i looked thru.
  9. I have been lookimng around a little, trying to find how to get the current open pages name to show in a dedicated area in a background page. I would like the header label to show something like "Main" when Main page is open, "Service" When service page is opened etc.
  10. When i now started the simulator up again to test this, the current code works.. The sysmac simulator seems really wonky sometimes.
  11. I've checked both front and back clamp, and neither shows Clamp is true, which is odd to me.
  12. It never request admin for me, i have to manually run it as admin to give it admin privs. (V1.52)
  13. Hi, i have this function block to clamp/unclamp items. On the outside, i have a bool that is set to true (as in it should clamp), but inside the function block, the Clamp is false. This is in the simulation, any idea why it is not true inside the FB?
  14. Hmm. it seems that the simulation starts for me, if i run sysmac as admin, and not with my regular user account.