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  1. Hi. what i've gathered, i need an EDS-file for the siemens s7-1200-system to be able to specify an ethernet connection in sysmac from the omron plc side to connect to the siemens ethernet/ip server. Anyone know where or how to get an EDS file for the siemens plc so i can import it into EIPprofiles in sysmac?
  2. Sysmac Simulator questions...

    I recall seeing a slider in the simulation tool window where you can slow down the simulation, check if its set to normal or slower.  
  3. In the project its set to 1000 meters on the Master Ethercat node.  
  4. Hello Be. Before the cables and the JC06 was exchanged, it did happen that the communication could die during operation. But after all the ethercat cables was exchanged and the switch exchanged for a new, the communication only fails during power cycle of the whole machine. All the ethercat cables are prefab's. According to people memory, it seems to happen on any random port/chain, but last week, i only saw it on port 2 happen.   Here is the hardware config of the Ethercat nodes.
  5. hi, at my current customer, they have a machine that shows ethercat problems after power cycling the machine/plc. When the PLC re-connects, or tries to, to the NX-ECC203 nodes, it can stop at a random node and refuse to connects to it and the rest downstream. One solution we have found, is to power cycle the last working node before the one that refuses to connect, then the EtherCat seems to work all the way, unless it stops at another later node. The PLC has 23 ethercat nodes, Most are NX-EVV203, 5 robots. Where the EtherCat connection stops at, seems little random, but the power cycling of the last working in that daisy chain, seems to work where the problem lies.   Any suggestions what could be done to fix this problem? Between the PLC and the EtherCat nodes, sits a GX-JC06 EtherCat switch, all EtherCat-cables to and from it, plus the module it self has been exchanged for new items, the problems persists.  
  6. I just got around to test this, this works and removes errors/warnings about this..   Still unsure why it works in ST code without AOI_In_State# and must be declared in Ladder.
  7. I have never used it my self, but looking in the ST code, i cannot be 100% sure its actually the enum its points at, unless the ST-Code auto-points it it self, nor have i've seen a similar do "USE" or "IMPORT" reference (if that works in ST) to import other namespaces so you dont need to reference the full/complete path to something.  
  8.   Inside both FB. Local to local, IO to IO parts copied and pasted.   Here is one example in an image.The lower ST part, compiles without problems. Same code, in the same project under the same "folder"/structure thrown an error.     So this amazes me that the PLC actually work, unless ST is like javascript and auto declare stuff, which seems not so good in my book. When i search for one of the variables, sure i can find it in a enumerate, but i would assume i would need to declare a variable as a AOI_In_State type or something similar.
  9. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Im at V1.52 and just tested this, and it seems to keep my beloved tabs open when switching around between items. :D
  10. Yes on the first one, and no on the second one. The variables is just a straight copy from the ST code, but does not exist anywhere
  11. Hi. I have currently a project to convert a bunch of PLC's from ST to Ladder, and have struck up on some wierdness. When i create a new Ladder block, i copy all internal and In/Out variables to the new block. But when i start to copy variable names into the ladder logic, some variables does not exist anywhere in the project, at all. In ST it compiles without any error nor warnings. But in ladder it turns up as as error. Also, i have variables (or perhaps structs?) that is called like MOTOR_Handler_Z, (or _X or _Y). I cannot find theese either, but these compile just fine, is this some CPU variables that "just exists" like P_On and P_Off?   I have 2 screens and use MS PowerToys to get "FancyZones", specially on the second screen, yesterday i tried to detach one of the blocks from sysmac and put it in the 2nd screen, this does not seem to work as expected. Either the window ends up half way off the second screen, or it just vanishes off screen and cannot be found anymore. In Powetoys i hold Shift and drag the window to the zone area trying to make it take up the defined space. Dont know if it matters if the 2nd screen is in potrait mode.
  12. We got the same from our IT-Department at my current client. With Siemens, you can upgrade the firmware your selves, just take precatious to backup the code in the CPU, and if there are important variables/settings in DB's that are important, make sure to copy the values to an offline copy just in case something goes belly up. I would connect with a current project, open the important data blocks and copy current values into startup values, just to have it saved off the cpu.
  13. "Clean up" warnings?

    Thanks for the info, i ended up doing this to suporess the warning messages.
  14. Hi. i have bunch of arrays where they are assigned values from custom FB's. However, after they are invidually assigned its value, that specific range is not read anywhere in the plc, but the whole array is passed along to some other functions, that reads it later, but not reading specific [1]...[10] or what ever the range of the current array is. Any suggestios how to get rid of these kinds of warnings that really is not a warning (in my book)? For example below, the whole array Error is tossed into another function, but not the invidual indexes. Warning    1    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[1]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 3 Warning    2    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[2]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 4 Warning    3    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[3]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 12 Warning    4    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'REAL_Temp2'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 13 Warning    5    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[4]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 14 Warning    6    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[5]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 16 Warning    7    The output used as an internal bit is not referenced from others. 'Error[6]'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 17 Warning    8    The input used as an internal bit is not written from others. 'SearchKey'    FB_GroupAxis_New    Row 22  
  15. Thanks. I had an output, but not of BOOL value, added it and now all in/outs shows up as i expected. I've forgotten about this detail. :D