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  1. To re-cap the thread. found a 528 pages manual and "fixed it my self". thanks for the help anyways.
  2. Im sorry, but we already asked them. they have aboslutely NO ONE that even remotely know this system :/ the guys that knows this system is either well into old age or deceased
  3. Hi, i got permission from the security department this is some pictures of the plc system
  4. Hi. Its nearly impossibly to get photo permissoin here because of secure area. The plc it self is an omega brand, no hmi other than PC:s with the correct communication setup. This specific plc was put in 1998 at this factory.  
  5. Hi. I am looking for help. A client of mine has an old Omega PLC (Yellow/orange looking). Either help in sweden, or english/swedish litterature how to operate the computer software, such as loggin values, "go online" etc. We have an old Win98 computer with the software required to get online, but nobody here knows the software.
  6. Thanks, but no software there for the GOP (GOPTool)
  7. Hi, i am currently looking for a software that can open .gop-projects so i can look in the code and upgrade some panels at my current customers place. This software and GOP2000 are ancient and have not had any reply from ABB for several days about this. The GOPs here is starting to fail and we only got 1 spare that are in service almost 24/7.