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  1. Hi Crossbow, i do understand math, the reason i use MUL_TIME_INT for Timer1 PT, is because the HMI(For Preset) i use, only able to key-in value in INT data type. So i key in 5 X T#1h = 5H, more easier to modify. So i can base on many different requirement to change the format in Minutes, Hour or Second. Let say the requirement in minutes, 300 X T#1m = 5h
  2. Hi admin, I'm going to use FPWIN Pro 7 software for FP0R PLC. The picture is a sample for my program, I'm just worried all-timer and counter working at the same time will crash. I mean overlap. I have tried simulating, seems like it all working normally. ( 1H X 5 = 5H )
  3. Did anyone know Panasonic FP0R PLC is able to run multimer timer/counter at the same time? Maybe 4 - 6 timer, running for few hours. Thank you very much
  4. Problem with Stepper Drive

    Don't Understand , the program I upload is an example, so I didn't assign anything. Ya, the Jogspeed, I got assigned D1000, HMI also D1000 when I tested it.
  5. Problem with Stepper Drive

    1P is PULSE/SIGN 2P IS CW   I select 1P
  6. Problem with Stepper Drive

    Gear Ratio is 1:18
  7. Problem with Stepper Drive

    The Speed setting Label at program is Jogspeed, Writing to Data Register (D) with HMI. The max i can key in in HMI is 600. Sample Jog.gx3
  8. Problem with Stepper Drive

    PLC : Mitsubishi FX5UJ-60MT/ES Stepper Drive : TROY TR22-2   My problem is, When I Jog it, the Motor will have noise and vibrate(Example at video). I already ask my supplier and they test with their kit, my supplier says suspect the speed may not enough faster, so will have this noise. But when I use PLC to trigger it, still have the same problem. Even I increase the speed, the motor still rotates the same as the video.   i changed PLC to Omron  CP2E PLC, don't have this kind of issue.    Please help me,Thank you WhatsApp Video 2023-05-25 at 12.53.32.mp4
  9. Motion Control Help

    This Setting ??  
  10. Motion Control Help

    Is Local. This Im try to create inside FB
  11. Motion Control Help

    Hi Mr Goran, ya i know the SM400 is always on. Sorry that i forgot to highlight it, I'm Asking the Output section. Why I haven't trigger the Servo.iPosLimit, the Output is ON ? Thank you
  12. Motion Control Help

    Does anyone know why the output is ON without triggering ? Or do I have some parameters that haven't key in? Thank you
  13. Motion Control Help

  14. Motion Control Help

    Hi Guys, I may need some help on how to program the stepper motors by using  FX5UJ PLC. This is my first time using it, not too familiar with Mitsubishi PLC. Anyone can share me sample program for reference? I have no clue what command needs to use. I only have experience in Omron Sysmac Studio programming servo using Ethercat. Other than that I can say I'm a new guy in PLC.   Thank you very much for helping me.
  15. Hi, currently I'm facing a problem between  NB10W-TW01B and NX102-1200 PLC. The problem is after I assign the area/variable using W/H/D and Download it to HMI, The HMI will Pop up PLC Response Error, anyone knows how to fix it ?? I have experience using NB HMI with NX1P2 and NJ PLC, didn't have this error before