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  1. Setting up UDP: Not receiving data

    I see in your ip address you are using, try using instead. Alot programs don't like the extra zeros in the ip address.
  2. I would think it would be compliant since Beckhoff created the Ethercat standard.
  3. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    To change it to a integer you can multiply both axes by a 1000 or some other number this will give you integers that would be usable in the gearing.
  4. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    Using gearing, it shouldn't matter if one is rotary and one is linear. The Function block uses one axis to drive another at a set ratio.
  5. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    I would think you could use gearing.
  6. I am looking to export a recipe to an SD card. I know the recipe IAG has an export button but it requires a recipe control. I need to export the recipe using vb code from a page that does not have a recipe control.
  7. SD card not updated at NA HMI

    Here is a link to a French Omron support site that has an IAG for transferring files. https://www.support-omron.fr/details/iag.php?id=2017-03-09%20-%2014-57-37%20-%201628257134
  8. Time display formatting question

    The solution I actually used was to feed the accumulation timer into the TruncTime function and using _eSUBSEC#_SEC for the accuracy. I then use a numeric Data Display to show it.  

    I believe there is a 1S library from Omron that will allow you to do this.
  10. Here are the input and output data structures for Datalogic vision devices. You can cut and paste them into sysmac studio DatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsx DatalogicStructure.xlsx
  11. I am trying to display the time from an Accumulation timer. Using a data display object I am able to see the time in the following format 00:00:00.0000000. Is there a way to format the time without the decimal seconds I just want to see 00:00:00 (hours:minutes:seconds)
  12. Is it possible to change an image on a NA page with a subroutine. I have two images I want change between based on what happens on a page. The image control in VB does not show the imagefile property. Any idea on how I can do this.