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  1. I am trying to create an Alarm handler for an NA5 HMI that can tell the end-user the 1SAN Drive AL Status code and an Annunciation according to the manual: I621. I already am using a similar method to use MFaultLvl.Codes in a Case statement that creates a message found in motion controller manuals. Ie. 16#6449: Fault_Axis0 := '1S Axis Immediate Stop Input'; I want to use the AL Status to create messages based on the Hex Code generated by the Alarm ie 16#20: DriveAlarm_Axis1 := '1S Overload Error'; 20hex being the AL Status from the Drive. However I  cannot find how to access AL Status from the Troubleshooter.   Thanks
  2. How to find the value of an Array for comparison purposes

    Thanks for the advice, I found a way to do this in ladder, its just a couple more steps. To review: I have a FB that places an integer into an array that indicates which alarm is active. This is called "Cyl_Alarm". To do what I was asking about, I used a AryCmpGTV(Cyl_Alarm[0], Int#16, Uint#0, Cyl_Alarm_Active[0]) The Cyl_Alarm_Active is a new array of bools produced by the array compare. I then do an ArySearch after the compare using the new array: ArySearch(Cyl_Alarm_Active[0], UINT#16, Bool#True, Active_Alarm_Pos, Active_Alarms_1). The Active_Alarms_1 variable is the count of active alarms within the Array Search. This can easily be compared against to then turn on my Alarm On Bit.  I have 60+ Alarms each with different statuses with the alarm. I break them up into 16 arrays for HMI Indicators and pages.    Appreciate the Help!   Nate  
  3. Hi all! This maybe a simple question but my brain is not allowing me to do it. I have an array variable of INT I use for alarms. I want to compare the values in the array variable to make sure they are all zero. If they are not zero I want to turn on an alarm. I have messed with the Arrary Compare value instructions (AryCmpGTV, AryCmpLEV Etc.) The goal is to monitor all the values in the array and if one becomes greater than zero, I know that an alarm has occurred. In CX, I use 2 in-line compare statements; a greater than Zero and less than or EQ to 'some value' depending on how i split up the alarms. How can this be done in Sysmac?   Nate
  4. CJ1W-EIP21 To CJ2M-CPU33 Setup

    Hi All,     I am working on a system that uses multiple Ethernet IP devices to control Pneumatic valves and D I/O. We have integrated several (smaller systems) with success. However, these systems are using a large amount of network words. One system uses 210 Byte Produce and 210 Bytes Consume. My Current count of these systems on one machine is Six masters. I need a total of 2,520 Bytes plus some for other devices in my network configurator.  My controls vendor told me I could expand the network by adding a CJ1W-EIP21 Card to help run these masters. After about 24 Hours of reading the Manual w465 I still dont quite understand how I am supposed to run these valves with this card or with Tag Data Links. Currently I have a network config. with all my masters networked to a CJ1w-EIP21 Card and TagData Links that were setup through the Tag Data Link Wizard via Network Config. I need help setting up variables in the CJ2M_CPU33 using tag link data that will allow me to output data to these masters. All assistance and Information is much appreciated.    Nate
  5. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    We have both of those documents and we have went through the parts for trying to connect them via Ethernet IP. We still have not gotten it to work. We setup the IP on the Controller and the Network config for network itself and the two won't talk. When we go to monitor the controller from Network Configurator, it shows that it does not see it and the blinking lights on the controller say that it is not connected to the network.
  6. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    Ethernet IP
  7. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    Hello All, we are trying to Network a CJ2M Omron controller to one a PCON-CA-42PWAI-EP-0-0 EIP controller from IAI. We can't get the two controllers to talk to each other. We did find that IAI at one point had a document on it, found here: However, that link for the document no longer works on IAI's site. Does anyone know  where we can find the document we need or just know what we need to do get these two controllers talking?
  8. We Found it. It was on the PLC icon under property. "Do not transfer the POUs comments to the PLC" was checked. We un-checked it and the comments transfered to the PLC like they should.
  9. Comments getting Lost in "Transfer From" during sync

    Still struggling to find a solution to losing comments. I have one of my programmers doing some experiments on different reasons why we might be losing. I am thinking it might be a potential address issue that NJ doesn't like. I lose rung comments, variable comments, element comments, etc.  
  10. Comments getting Lost in "Transfer From" during sync

    Yes, everyone is using the same version. It also happens with the same computer uploading the program. I have an example of what is telling me.    
  11. Hello All, Slight problem, hoping its easy to fix. I have 6 projects on the floor with multiple programmers and laptops. When another programmer hops on a machine with a different laptop, my NX102-9020 says that the comments were not stored and cannot be retrieved. Is there a way to Store them in the PLC for upload without having to export comments and then import via CSV? Any help is appreciated. Note: I also lose my rung comments which I am most upset about on Really Really big programs.   Thanks, Nate
  12. CC-Link Protocol with a CJ2

    That's what I intend to do. Our customers are highly Mitsubishi based and spec'd this out and that's what the engineers ordered  . Was trying to avoid a restocking fee. Thank you guys!
  13. NA Data History Program

    Wow, Thank you Michael! I will implement and post final product to the forum. Thank you again for sharing your insight.
  14. NA Data History Program

    I now need to store more values in a more table like format and possibly use a scroll to view the additional records. Thoughts on how? The ability to create a table OR display the entire contents of an Array would be wonderful in the NA5 right about now.      One more small application question: when using stack push, what is the best way to cycle back through the stack with new data? I have tried using StackFIFO and used the same Num Variable as the stack push. Unfortunately, this logically pushes twice (once for the Stack push that I wrote to execute and another for the FIFO stack push that I wrote to decrement the Stack Num In order to keep writing new data to the HMI). I want to push the first value out of the stack after the data equals the Num value. Maybe some arithmetic on the Num Variable of the stack push to reset back to 1?      Finally, does anyone know why the Array[0} will not populate. I have to wait one cycle to see the stack in array[1] and array[0] doesnt want to populate.   Thanks for any info in advance!
  15. NA Data History Program

    An update of progress for the forum and a couple questions: Like Micahel suggested, I created a structure with the variables and datatypes i needed to record. I then created two variables in global: I wrote the Stack Push Logic and populated that variable that i created in order to store it in the array. Also wrote a clear in order to clear the stack if necessary. Then I created the screen with data displays: each Object is tied to the variable in the structure as part on an array. An example expression within the data display assuming my PLC is called "Nylon" would be: "Nylon_Cycle_Time_History_Array(0).Cycle_Time_TS" .