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  1. NA VNC

    Omron even bothered to make their own vnc app for these hmi's one would think that these buttons would at least be available from that app...   edit: can i manipulate the F1KeyPress in a script? so that i can have a screen button 'press' the F1 key? i know i could change the F-key instances to execute a subroutine, which the screen button also can execute.(to have the screen buttons always do the same as the function keys). Just wondering if it could be done so i don't have to reassign everything. 
  2. Convert time

    Or you could use the 'Timer' function(100 ms timer) this function has the time as UINT.
  3. Move to NJ series worth it?

    We were mainly using CP and CJ plc's. The NX1P2 is competitive in cost to even the CP family plc's. coming in 3 sizes(at the moment) , one with 24 io and no servo axes, one with 40 io and 2 servo axes, and one with 40 io and 4 servo axes. Was told that a bare controller with no i/o onboard is also coming. should make for a very cost effective, small machine controller. EtherCat and the NX io are a big +. Would not go back.    
  4. NA VNC

    Hi, I've setup a NA HMI with VNC. I can connect and operate the hmi over VNC, but i don't have access to the function keys (the 3 buttons below the touch area). Anyone know how to get access to those buttons?   Thanks, Frank
  5. NA Dynamic button text?

    Thanks Mr Bits n Bytes! looks like i had the code right, but i did not have a proper call to the subroutine that assigned the variable to the 'Button.Text'. the example with dynamic list box sortet it out for me. Still, to me, it makes more sense if it was an option to have the text refer to a string in the property of the button...  
  6. Hi, I'm working on a projects where i need the button text to be dynamic.(assigned by a string variable) i have not been able to figure out how to accomplish this easily. I made a workaround with placing a label over the button and have the label refer to a string, but it would be soo much easier and smoother to just have the button text assigned a variable. I would think i could access the the text field through code ,like: Btn_1.Text=My_Btn_String_1, but have had no luck with this. Would Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Frank.  
  7. Omron<-->Bosh Rexroth Ethernet/IP

    Attached is a pdf with pictures of various settings for the ethernip/ip connetion, hoping that someone will spot a simple error... Dokument1.pdf
  8. Omron<-->Bosh Rexroth Ethernet/IP

    Hi, I'm trying to set up communication between a cj2m plc and an indra drive servo driver from bosch rexroth over ethernet/ip. Tried following a youtube video from rexroth explaining how simple this drive is to set-up with a 3rd party plc.... I have no experience with ethernet/ip, but what the video describes, i can't seem to do with omrons network configurator. more specific info on my equipment. Indra drive: HCS01.1E-W0013-A-02-B-ET-EC-NN-NN-NN-FW Firmware: FWA-INDRV*-MPB-17VRS-D5-1-NNN-NN PLC: CJ2M-Cpu31. rexroth info says there is no eds file for this firmware, i have to use a generic ethernet module, and set up from there. I've tried everything i can think of and implemented all googled info i've got to no effect, can't get communication. Any help getting this drive running is very appreciated. Thanks, Frank
  9. drive programming mx2

    Hi, I have an mx2 inverter and cx-drive to set it up with. i've got an application for this drive where i need to use the drive programming feature. When matching inverter firmware and the firmware selection in cx drive, the drive programming tab disappears. is there a way to update the firmware on the inverter?
  10. communicating with omron plc's

    Hi, I need to able to write vb or c++ programs to read and write to a plc. I've seen a couple of posts on similar questions, but i'm a little confused. would i use mscomm for this or i've seen mention that cx-server lite is helpful. We have Cx-One, which has cx-server in it will this do, and how do i go about it? If i need to set a value in a dm would i need to know the dm bit's adress range? Any suggestions for material to study?