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  1. Could CJ1W-PRT21 parameter be upload from PLC ?

    Profibus-dp parameters cannot be uploaded from PLC.
  2. CJ1W-CT021

    programmer v 9.76 - basic units  - fourth
  3. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    For PLC all is set by Dip switch
  4. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    Try to use default serial setting - PLC DIP switch 5 ON. The default settings for the RS-232C port are: host link mode, 1 start bit, 7 data bits, even parity, 2 stop bits, and a baud rate of 9,600 bps.  Im using OMRON interface USB - serial CS1W-CIF31. But the price
  5. Install CX-One software in Win10

  6. connection to omron CJ1M PLC

    You need to use original omron serial cable (or make it) from converter to PLC due to non standart pinout (see chelton message)
  7. Yes:
  8. You have to buy new CF card (max 1 GB) and use it without any formating (never format this card).
  9. No option for CJ varient PLC

    Is it really cx-programmer version 9.5?
  10. In the machine is array with size 100 (ARRAY [1..100]]. Can I simply change it to 200 without data loss?
  11. help.. output issue cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1

    Hi,  cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1  has relay outputs. Contact connects corresponding output with COM.
  12. Sysmac Studio won't load

    My v 1.24 is working too.
  13. Oh, that may be it. I will have to contact the supplier. Many thanks for clarifying.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Original PLC is working without problems. I wanted to make a backup. There are no problems to make upload from other machines (about 10). By Synchronize  (from PLC) I see message: emty rungs. Maybe some protection from supplier?