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  1. Low Baudrate toolbus com1

    Hello everyone I had Dell 5405 with win7. By connection over COM 1 toolbus was normal baudrate 115200. Now with Dell 5424 and win 10 is baudrate max 19200. Where could you be the problem? Both computers have a built-in COM port Thanks
  2. No option for CJ varient PLC

    Is it really cx-programmer version 9.5?
  3. In the machine is array with size 100 (ARRAY [1..100]]. Can I simply change it to 200 without data loss?
  4. help.. output issue cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1

    Hi,  cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1  has relay outputs. Contact connects corresponding output with COM.
  5. Sysmac Studio won't load

    My v 1.24 is working too.
  6. Oh, that may be it. I will have to contact the supplier. Many thanks for clarifying.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Original PLC is working without problems. I wanted to make a backup. There are no problems to make upload from other machines (about 10). By Synchronize  (from PLC) I see message: emty rungs. Maybe some protection from supplier?
  8. Hi all, I uploaded SW from working PLC NJ301 1100 v 1.9. Uploading worked, but when I tried to open program, all rungs were empty (see picture). Does anyone know the cause?
  9. CP1L-M40DR-A PLC does not boot from my logic

    PLC? memory card? switches setting?

    Hallo, 105 isn't value it is CIO address. It will be #105 (Hexa) or &105 (Decimal).
  11. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Thank you for the explanation. It made me learn to use IR, DR. I think it will be a good solution for my program.
  12. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Thank you very much. Now it's quite understandable for me .  I'll try it tomorrow.
  13. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Yes, I know it. But I need make it in FB ( It is onpy example. It will be more comlex function with start address as parameter - I will set start address on input FB and fuction use address space from it.)
  14. Hi all, how can I use indirect addressing in FB for CPU CJ2. For instance in this simple example (without using D500)