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  1. Sorry, I've read wrong. I have the same behaviour as you, I can edit only last number. It seems a bug, not only a problem for my installation. It can be an interesting function for limiting the mess in the Project windows, but in this state it's hardly usable. I hope someone in Omron notice it and repair it on the next version.   Thanks anyway, Andrea.
  2. Thanks for the answer. Yes i tried, but i can't even select that with mouse. Andrea.
  3. Hi all, Can i rename the master of numbered project (#1, #2... create used "save as new number" function)? Actually i can only open preferences window of the last number, and only edit Author and Comment. If i edit one on these two it only change it on the last number. Are there a method to change preferences for the "master" project and all the sub-number? If i would rename a project now i have to save as different project, and loose basic version control that numbered projetc provide (enought for me) and generate more confusion. In the single project i have no problem edit all Preferences include name. Versione: Sysmac Studio Standard Edition 1.47 Thanks, Andrea.