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Hi, we have one PLC that throws many errors on task period exceeded.

checking the status, this warning have come over 15000 times since when ever it started couting it.

Max cycle time is 2.83ms while max allowed task is the default(?) 2ms.

We think it has something to do with the block for the barcode scanning. this blockas around 134ns cycle time when it seems normal, all other blocks is around 4-8 ns.

How can we make sure what part that sometimes exceeds the 2 ms execution time?

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It's not 'what part' exceeded the cycle time, its the fact that the entire cycle took too long at all.  If you want to determine which part is taking the most time, the best bet is to edit your code to stop some sections from running and see what happens to the cycle time.

You can try to split some of your less critical logic into some periodic tasks, and set them for longer timeout like 10ms.

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