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  1. Update, After talking with another support agent, The DLLs and files are a part of Sysmac Gateway / Compolet and require a license.  You are correct.     Im going to look into purchasing a license. Thanks for the feedback
  2. I am mistaken, I just talked to a different person in support and this is a part of Sysmac Gateway / Compolet software. However, It can communicate Simulator and PLCs to external PC / Network. Theres an option in the functions to communicate specifically to simulator vs physical PLC.  (IsSimulated? BOOL)
  3. Hmm.  The guy on Udemy claims he got them directly from OMRON . After speaking with OMRON tech support yesterday, The guy told me they do have these DLLs and he would find them and send them over to me along with the documentation. I was just reaching out to see if anyone else has been down this path already. I spoke with OMRON USA but it seems their website is lacking alot of the example code, libraries, and documentation that OMRON France has. For some reason OMRON France seems to have much more download support than any other OMRON support.
  4.   I am not sure if its using TCP/IP,   FINS,  or another protocol. (Still trying to find out myself.)  But i was able to communicate with the simulator running on one PC from another running a custom Windows application through use of OMRON DLLs.   See attached screenshot of connection setting used for the DLL function.  It seems that is the default simulator IP but i am not sure of the port being used. (Seems ambiguated in the DLL.)   I am also in the process of trying to use TCP/IP communications but it seems writing the code to do these comms from scratch would be a huge pain, rather than using OMRON provided communication DLLs.  I was under the same impression that the simulator cant communicate out, But after doing this experiment, The Simulator CAN communicate to the outside.
  5. Hello, I am working on a project currently that uses a windows application on a PC to communicate with an NX1P2 controller to read and write variables data. I found a course on Udemy which has a Visual Studio project with OMRON DLLs that are used for these communications. I confirmed with OMRON that they do have official DLLs for this, but the technical support guy has told me he is trying to find them himself.   I have attached a screenshot of the DLL references.  I am really looking for the DLL libraries, aswell as the documentation on their functionality to I can use them to communicate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!