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  2. cycle or scan time my program?

    Hello, about this topic, I'm new in Omron aswell, is it possible to modify scan time in CJ1H-H?
  3. Kinetix 3 firmware

    The 1203 itself doesn't have a configuration, per-se. You download the 1203 Windows driver from Rockwell's PCDC site, then configure the RSLinx driver for the 1203 application you plan to use it for. You can also download and flash the 1203's firmware, but there are only three versions to choose from. Frankly, I have no idea what version of FW I have on mine; I only know that when I set up the RSLinx driver as shown in the book, it's worked every time, without fail. Most networks don't allow the same node number to be used for different devices. You said you have both RSLinx driver and the VFD set as node 1; try changing one of them to something else. Also, I've been wondering something throughout this thread; what Kinetix features are in FW Rev 2.3 that you must have this upgrade from 2.0? 
  4. Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to communicate with other Modbus devices in Cp1W-CIF12-V1 on the CP1H PLC Option Board?
    I want to do connect via Modbus Power Meter(A2000 power meter).
    I try to serial getaway mode through. But it does not work.
    response error code 0004(Serial communications mode error)
    find the attach cx file A2000 power meter data sheet herewith. 
    how to connect to this? 




  5. Reading from CPU

    is it affect the Data in the project ??  
  6. Reading from CPU

    It was created and downloaded as a structured project, you are trying to upload into a simple project.  Create a new structured project and then upload.
  7. Reading from CPU

    Hi everyone When i tried to Read from CPU the attached message appeared Then, When i tried to write the program, to another CPU it didn't work properly what can i do ??  
  8. SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder

    Hello, If omron servo motor SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder battery is low. Is inverter show message, that battery is low?  
  9. wanted 1760-USB-PICO cable

    The USB converter cable I used has the PL2303HX chip built into it, and has the following signals:      Black wire -- GND      White wire -- RXD      Green wire -- TXD Note: the Red wire is +5 volts, but leave it unconnected.
  10. Hi everybody; could you please help me;i would like to reset my sfc when an emergency button is pressed(all steps should be deactivated and the intiale step activated).is there a bit system ho can do that ?  Sincerlly yours
  11. wanted 1760-USB-PICO cable

    Sorry for necroposting, but I am just beginning to dabble with using a Pico and came across your question.  Perhaps someone else might be in the same boat and needs a cable.  The programming port uses TTL transmit and receive signal levels, and a plain vanilla (no MAX232 device) USB converter for less than ten bucks works just fine.  If you want to get fancy, use a 1.27 mm pitch header plug for the three wires.
  12. PID Control Loop

    Thanks BobLfoot, I should have assumed that you assumed this.

    Yes i use analog output, than convert it into PWM using microcontroller. Yes i need to use PID. It will work like a conveyor, when i add load to the conveyor the speed will decrease then it will be stabilized with PID
  14. Yesterday

    How is the speed being controlled? Analog output? High Speed Outputs? Do you need to have PID control? Does the speed need to adjust dynamically?
  16. DWORD is a hex format, generic for a double channel.  I assume these are integers, so you would want the data types to be DINTs (signed) or UDINTs (Unsigned).  I would recommend that you make them DINTs or UDINTs from the get go though (Therefore no conversion instructions).  Unless there is a specific reason they need to be DWORDs....  
  17. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    You need to do what Bits N Bytes suggested.  Store the values that you want to write in DM words that you are not using in your code.  Then on the first scan, use the XFER function.  So, lets say you want to set up the CIO channels 0-3.  Lets say you are not using D500 - D503.  Load up D500 - D503 using the memory tool.  They will not reset to 0 when you go from program to monitor.  Or, you could set your code up to load up D500 - D503 on the first scan of the program.  When you are simulating and you want to change the I/O to the test values, just turn on the TransferNow bit (manually or with some part of your code) in the image below:
  18. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    I understand that but 2 things: The video appears to show that you can transfer while in monitor mode and When I go to monitor mode and transfer the data, it is reset back to original when I go back into monitor mode.
  19. I'm working on simple structured text program which takes in DWORD values, does some math on them and then outputs in DWORD type. What data type should I be using and how can I make this work?  This is one of the lines from the code(everything DWORD) and I get 'operator not supported by DWORD data type' XPos3 := XPos1 + (2*XIncrement);  
  20. RS485 Converter to analog output

    You have us (meaning me) completely confused. Your sensor is obviously RS485 capable.  But you keep talking about a Festo Bus, yet you post the topic in Allen-Bradley forum. Does Festo have a RS485 module or capability?  No idea. What is the Festo talking to, as in PLC platform? The manual says the SCC1-RS485 would goto a PC with a RS485 PCI Board installed.  The other cable SCC1-USB conveters the signal to a USB format and again would have to goto a PC. 
  21. RS485 Converter to analog output

    LQ_AN_SCC1-RS485-USB_ImplementationGuideSF06_EN_D2 (005)Sensor.pdf     It is around 3 volts into the flow sensor.Our Festo Bus is 24VDC and they offer a analog module however I need to change the RS485 that can read the flow in Milliamaps or 0-10VDC.I am just trying to see if fluid is flowing through a hose and need to get this data into the PLC via a Festo module that can take a analog input
  22. Look, I never said CJ was going away, please read more carefully.  I said I was under the impression that the CJ1 CPUs were made obsolete after the launch of the CJ2. Far more effective options these days is NX102.  
  23. RS485 Converter to analog output

    Can you provide some discrete part numbers. Your description is slightly confusing as 5V RS485 would be a TTL Communications Standard and 0-10V would be an analog signal already. IF your FESTO Input is 0-5V and your Sensor is 0-10V a simple resistor based voltage divider will perform the conversion. But as said at the top, Discrete Part Numbers would prove useful.
  24. PID Control Loop

    Rastus being you were doing "Hot Water Cleaning" and you were from "Down Under" Austrailia according to the post, I assumed the 65/85 were Celsius.  Cleaning with 65 F water would accomplish little as tap lines run 55F.  In my former life we cleaned with 155F water or about 68C.  My ehat exchangers were configured to SCRAM or CRASH at 165F or 75C.  Meaning if the HE Exit water reached 165F then the steam valve was slammed shut as a precaution.  Hope that answers your question.

    Hi, could anyone help? I'm a beginner in PLC, I confuse about PIDAT instruction. there is input word and output word. what should i fill in this section? i've read the programming manual, but i still dont understand about it. And for the set value if i want to control dc motor speed, should i fill it with the rpm or what?  The type of my PLC is CP1H XA40DRA THANKS!!

    What would you like to know? Please post a new topic in the forums.
  27. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    You can not Transfer to PLC... while Monitoring. Temporarily disable Monitoring.
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