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  1. Using Screenbutton for control drives

    For the screen you can define the button function as momentary (as long as the buttons is pressed) ON - OFF or Toggle  But what is the function of M40xx joging, moving to a postion .... What does the PLC program look like ?    
  2. Mitsubishi PLC

    Download the symbolic information (can be to SD card).  
  3. Why don't you install the update for GX Works 3. v1.077F
  4. Ok Are you sure it is also selected in the download ?
  5. just delete it from the parameters. after that compile it will ask you to add the libs you used.  Make sure this file is also selected when you download to the simulator
  6. FX3 read project a warning

    Try using ladder  instead of structured ladder with use label checked. !!!
  7. Ping from HMI

    you can ping via the ethernet status check function in the maintenance menu of the GOT. SH081195ENG-AAB PAGE e-manual viewer  
  8. FX3 read project a warning

    you're program creation was for just ladder. You should create a program in structured instead and read out the program againhttp://.
  9. GOT <-> Allen Bradley String read/write

    Can't you use the Device Data transfer function of the GOT?   
  10. You can use that style when accessing a label inside a FB but not for labels. The def for a local label is that that label is only used there so what would be the point ? nevertheless i'll give it a try
  11. no that's why they are called local labels. Define a global label instead  
  12. ok than maybe there is a short, only connect the power on top L/N. If the power LED doesn't turn on the unit is broken.
  13. you are supplying 24V to the terminals below, but these already provide 24V!!!!
  14. first I see that in the CC-Link IE Field network the inputs are refreshed to X2000 but i think you want to use X200.  So if you activate Y200 - Y21F no output light turns on on the first slave of the IE Field network ?