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  1. Fast Periodic logging mx/ethernet

    Which PLC are you using ?
  2. That's what the PLS instruction is for this wil only activate once when the prev conditions are true. The SET/ RST will change the status   
  3. In that case that would mean to  change M0 into the input you need X... if it is from the PLC.  or M...... which is linked to the Coil from an external modbus device.  
  4. Well first of all modbus will just exchange the status of a variable. So what you need is to change the status in the PLC, Depending on which PLC you use there is an direct instruction for it. If not just write a little code like  -|M0| ----|PLS M1|- -|Y0|---|M1|------|RST Y0|- -|/    Y0|---|M1|----|SET Y0|--  
  5. melsec medoc error

    Like @Rodneysaid you'll need the SC09. You can also get these USB versions from which work pretty good. Also you can windows applications GX Developer or GX Works 2 instead od Melsec medoc DOS.        
  6. The only thing i can think of which should be not possible is that you have devices with the same MAC adress.    
  7. Downloading Intelligent Function Module

    Hmm maybe the io adress isn't the same anymore. Check the system Diagnostics and the IO set for the module in GX Works 2  
  8. Downloading Intelligent Function Module

    You need to have GX config DP installed. 
  9. GX Works2 - Can't Open Project Anymore

    This is because you are using the workspace format and didn't make a back-up off all the files. For back-up it's easier to save in a single file format You could try and create the same project with the same name etc. and after copy the old files. If that doesn't work you would have to send it to Mitsubishi to have them repair it.
  10. E-Designer

    Bryll thanks for the info. I don't like having windows on my panels one of the reason I use the GOT.  The Got also has the 5 clients on GT mobile with different screen resolutions and each his won screen but you so have to pay or it as for the extra ethernet port/wifi. So how is the pricing between the two ? I see the exor also has the big black sides like the GOT  which i don't like I was hoping they would be slimmer. Does it look mores slick in real life? I can't tell form the picture on the web        

    Well since the analogs are not working. the problem might be that the special fiunction parameters haven't been downloaded. You should check if there is a FB/program  for the analogs if not than the spec function util was used. That you have to reset the plc after a download is normal.  The fact that the switch settings are 0 doesn't necessary mean a fault. The Q64AD on with all channels on  4-20mA is 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
  12. Change PLC model in GX Works 3

    sure just go to : Project => change module type.    
  13. E-Designer

    Since GT designer 3 i like the got. Programming it is now a lot simpler. @ Bryll but always open to alternatives. anything special about the Deif400?
  14. multiple rs232 bar code readers on PLC

    You're barcode readers are 232 so you'll need to add an additonal RS232 module and RS232 BD. There is a selection tool here  
  15. PLC to PLC communication

    There is a default mapping between Mitsubishi devices and modbus devices. (You can change it if you want but is not needed) So if you write to holding register 0 (40000) you will write it into D0