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  1. FX0N doesn't have a retentive timer so i used a pulse bit instead. Y0 en Y1 represent the actions If you want to learn more about PLC programming:  
  2. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    That's strange why not hook up hercules to the PC and check it. Maybe it will give a hint into what different between what you've send and what's actually being received
  3. sure just add a retentive timer after the X0  then compare the time to one or more values for the selection  then reset the timer   
  4. Modbus isn't a supported protocol for the FX0N or FX1N. So you would have to interpret the modbus string in the program. or you buy a newer PLC from FX2N it is possible. Latest is now FX5....
  5. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Does your pc have a serial rs232 port. Than I would test this with hercules this is a free  tool that i use which enables you to set the port parameters and send a hex string. It's free
  6. 3801 Parity, overrun or framing error The transfer data is abnormal. Check the transfer specifications set using parameters, and execute communication again. Looks like you still have a mismatch
  7. sorry small mistake it set but also immediately reset do it like this and it will work: You have to take out the X2 part !!!!  
  8. That's because X2 is driving Y0 aswell!!! No X2 with an out Y0  is the same as resetting Y0.  
  9. IS the CPU is error or Stopped ? Or is Y0 in anyway other controlled ? Which PLC are you using ?
  10. Here are two options. So the first line wil just puls M0. This means it will only be active for one scan of the PLC. ( if you don't do this it will turn on and of each scan)  The second part would will activate or deactivate Y0 depending if Y0 was arready on or not. The second line is everything in one. So if you PLC supports it it you can use that. (FF stands for FLIPFLOP wich inverts a status)   If you understand this the next step is modbus comm. It would help if you mention which Mitsubishi PLC you are using.
  11. QJ71C24N 7F68 Framing Error

    Normally this would mean your stop bit settings are incorrect. Ar you sure that the Zebra is set to 2 ?  
  12. Fast Periodic logging mx/ethernet

    Which PLC are you using ?
  13. That's what the PLS instruction is for this wil only activate once when the prev conditions are true. The SET/ RST will change the status   
  14. In that case that would mean to  change M0 into the input you need X... if it is from the PLC.  or M...... which is linked to the Coil from an external modbus device.