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  1. MAC address of HMI

  2. QJ71MT91 MODBUS TCP, read holding register

    It's just the first adress that stores the value of the modbus Dev you are reading. So this is what you will autorefresh to Mitsubishi Devices like D0
  3. QJ71MT91 MODBUS TCP, read holding register

    No don't change that it should remain 1000. When you read 7 registers and you do another read than you change it to 1007 or higher. You might have an offset of 1 in the address depending if they start at 0 or 1.
  4. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    It's a command for reading values from a csv file from a CF flash ATA or SD card. You only get the error if there is no SD card. The instructions are FREAD & FWRITE (sp.fread sp.fwrite). But if these instructions are not used in the program it is strange you are getting this error.
  5. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    An ATA card is a type of CF card which could be used with the first series of Q series CPU's. Now SD cards are used. The error should only occur when File read or File write command is used. Isn't this instruction below the screencapture you send?
  6. QJ71MT91 MODBUS TCP, read holding register

    The Modbus device assignment parameters you do not need to change this is for when you're a slave station. You should change the  head adres to 101 if that is the adres you need, But since you get an exception error when you do possibly on the next 20 addresses don't exist. (101-121) Try reading just one device first by changing the accees points to 1.  When this works you will need to use the auto refresh to refresh(copy) bfm 1000h ------ (where youre information is stored) to the PLC Devices you want to use
  7. Mitsubishi F800-E Ethernet with CompactLogix
  8. mitsubishi Register accessing

    This scada doesn't have a Mitsub Driver ?. p.s. Any GOT's connected to the PLC ?
  9. mitsubishi Register accessing

    There is an FB for the FX3U you can download from the European Mitsubishi webpage. It's for an FX3U and RS232BD but maybe you can convert, But he easiest solution would be to convert to an FX5 which supports modbus 
  10. Update Firmware PLC FX5U erro name H3045

    Try clearing the PLC. initialise memory and then write an empty project after that try the update again
  11. GOT/GTDesigner3 Coordinates Error?

    Tools=> Data Check => check
  12. GOT/GTDesigner3 Coordinates Error?

    You probably have an Overlap of Objects somewhere on the page. under =>type setting => options => you can select check for overlapping objects  
  13. QJ71E71 Communication error - C017

    Contact ABB. just opens an ethernet port nothing else. So either your instruction is not correct or your ip & port settings are not. If those are correct than There is something wrong at the other side.
  14. QJ71E71 Communication error - C017

    Your inverter is not accepting the connection.   ZP.OPEN  
  15. QJ71E71 MODBUS TCP

    I think this is the problem, Doesn't look like the GP.ECPRTCL is ever executed. You have M100 only als a puls and a timer which will than never reach 5 sec