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  1. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    Strange, Have you contacted Mitsubishi ?
  2. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    and when you monitor the values on the BFM and the X/Y off the cards  ?
  3. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    check the modules error not the CPU. use the system monitor
  4. GT designer

    maybe the same issue as GX works 2 faa0107b Project saving failure in GX Works2 affected by Windows Desktop Search.pdf
  5. GX Works 3 Timer (TON)

    You have to change the resolution of the Long timer in the PLC parameters. It is set to 0.001 ms by default. just change it to 1 sec and you can use the TON to 32767 sec  (9 hrs .....)  
  6. QJ71E71 100

  7. Q03UDE IP address won't change???

    2400 is a Module verification error which means that the IO adress of a module in the parameters is incorrect. Are you trying to set the ip adress via network paramerters because that is for an ethernet card. You need to use the PLC parameter ethernet settings. If it's another module that you can check IO adresses of each module via the system monitor.  
  8. QJ71E71 100

    ZNWR and ZNRD are the easiest but there  are more ways.  be aware that these instructions use the first channels/ports
  9. GS2110 - own keyboard ???

    1) 2 character per word (16 bits)  2) yes there are some samples in the GT designer library which you can use or adapt. 3) Gt designer supports unicode so I suppose that should work
  10. There is a tool which was created by Mitsubishi for converting IL programs to struc ladder for GX IEC Developer, But you would still need to do some manual work. What is your source code ? and what do you want to achieve ?
  11. How to apply program changes in Mitsubishi

    Either clear the Rom or download the new program to the ROM. It's still an QnH and not universal type so it is not done automatically. Tools = > Transfer to ROM or Transfer to MEM card if it's booting from the mem card (check dip switches on CPU)
  12. DWORD_TO_REAL ???

    HMM Give this a try  
  13. DWORD_TO_REAL ???

    you mean without actually converting the value to a real right ? If you want to convert the data than just use this   
  14. Backup of HMI

    You will need GT Designer 3 (GT Works) for the GOT2000 and GT1000 series. For the FGOT you will need  FX-PCS-DU/WIN
  15. Byte Level Data Move

    Well The instructions i used split it in 4x 4 bits and then I reassemble them. should work in simple mode as well. and if you use label simple mode you could create a FB for it.