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  1. Byte Level Data Move

    Well The instructions i used split it in 4x 4 bits and then I reassemble them. should work in simple mode as well. and if you use label simple mode you could create a FB for it.    
  2. Beijer E-Designer Software

    I would contact Mitsubishi electric UK. They should be able to provide you with a version
  3. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    strange, but it is defined as an inout. could it be that it is reset in the FB itself ?
  4. Byte Level Data Move

    there are more ways but I would do it like this 
  5. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    1.  Can you attach a small example project. then we can take a look at where you are going wrong. 2. Yes it is possible to use a FB in a FB in a FB etc, If you want to use a label from inside a FB just use the nameFB.nameFB.labelname
  6. Fx3u-enet-adp connect hmi

    start with creating a mymitsubsihi account on
  7. Q03UDECPU ERROR 4100

    You are dividing with 0 !!!!!  
  8. Q Series PLC Serial Communication

    non procedure is where you basically write the protocol handeling in your program When you are using pre-defined protocol you use use the pre defined protocol support function in your software, where you can create sets of Requests and replies,  In  your sequence program you will only need to activate them.
  9. Juts contact your Mitsubishi supplier in the Philippines. They should have it 
  10. Fx3u-enet-adp connect hmi

    I know Mitsubishi EU made some FB for the ENET module to connect to ENET ADP via MC protocol. But you'll need to make an account to download them 
  11. GX Developer 'Device Setting is Wrong' Error

    You are using a device which does not exist i the PLC. what did you change ? check the Device Tab in the PLC parameters to see your settings. Did you try to add an ST0 for instance ? By Default these are set to 0 in a system Q
  12. Q Series PLC Serial Communication

    should be in the e-manual viewer or pdf. just serach for pre-defined protocol. it should have an example.   
  13. Pop Alarm display

    Strange, normally it should only pop op when there is an error. Is this your(new) project or are you working on an existing project ? Are any of the extended settings set ? or could it be that No message is setup as an error message ?
  14. Q Series PLC Serial Communication

    You still need a program but only a few lines for executing the protocol and opening a connection.  
  15. Hello Again Gambit

    Can you advice me if some body can rewrite the programm as MPA file?

    I can send him the file in G1 TYPE. 


    Please advice