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  1. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    Which PLC will you be adding another FX3U ? Which GOT/HMI ?
  2. Modbus PLC to PLC communication

    Good info @mike but the FX5 support direct comm to a lot of other brand controller via ethernet.Called simple plc comm So you do not have to use modbus or write any code 
  3. Modbus PLC to PLC communication

    The Mitsubishi US guys did a webcast on Simple PLC with omron but canlt find it anymore. Do have this screenshot file though. It's with an RPLC but the setings would be the same  screenshots.pdf
  4. Structured tekst

    Which Dev did you have before and into which device did you change it ?
  5. Structured tekst

    DEBCD(P) will seperate the exponent and the mantissa part. But if you convert the Real number (2.34) to an integer value (FLT2INT) you will get an integer value (2). turn that back into a float INT2FLT and subtact that from the origional with DESUB(P). you should have your remainder (0.34)      
  6. Alarm Display Customization

    It's just M1 - M5 so any program will do 
  7. Alarm Display Customization

    here is an example. I delete the other pages but if you have any questions let me know alarm.GTX
  8. GOT1000

    Dan werkt de comm niet op een van de GOT1000. Waarschijnlijk is het stationsnummer van beide GOT hetzelfde dat moet je dan veranderen 
  9. Alarm Display Customization

    It would be good if you specify which GOT you have. You can't add another D register to show however what you can do is a pop up screen which appears when youpress the alarm woth additonal information. How to solve the alarm for instance and you can add the Register on that screen. You can have a different screen for each alarm or you can use the alarm nr for the window nr or alarm text   
  10. Structured tekst

    Haven't checked the code but there is a space before the 10. Could be the issue. which PLC are you using and which software ? Hmm checked with GX 2 but it compiles without any problem   
  11. Old FX series

    No Bak-ups is the worst !!!! The yellow code usually means it's code that can't be converted to ladder in GX Developer/Works 2. Might have been programmed in IL or with Melsec medoc dos. But you can see the complete code in IL    
  12. GX IEC Developer I forgot to mention you can also open an IEC project with GX Works 2  
  13. GX IEC Developer

    It's an end of life product. I can provie you with the latest installer if you have a installation code for it. Or you can ask Mitsubishi Europe
  14. Old FX series

    Haven't noticed anything but 20-25 years is not so bad. Strange that you have 10 at the same time though. Do you have extreme high temperatures ?