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  1. Melsec FX2N-64MR

    Could be the cable? Are you using GX Works 2? If you are make sure after the connection test is ok that you press the ok button and not cancel. If you press cancel the com poort will return to the default value COM 1  
  2. GX Developer Comment

    If you want to translate the comments you can use the FA term translation tool. If it is GX itself you'll need to install an English version.
  3. Password for GX3 Files

    That's because not the use a security key (a file) which n=you need to have. additionally you can block all your POU's with a password.
  4. Security Level Keypad Not Popping Up

    It is possible if you need it but you would have to make a button (invisible square) over the item which activates the pop-up the login screen. The button however is only active if the current security level doesn't match the needed one.   
  5. Manual writing software

    From GT designer you can print to file and have *.bmp files for all base sceens, windows screen, libs , parts etc. You could also print to Pdf and just edit that file
  6. FX5U Password

    That is strange it shouldn't. Have you tried updating the firmware ?  
  7. FX5U Password

    But it should not when you press initialization. Updating the firmware might also clear your PLC program:    
  8. GOT2000 word part movement object

    If you can see them in the databrowser select them and check the propert window for the X/Y location 
  9. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    Nope sorry
  10. Mitsubishi Q Series Fault Logic

    You can also just check the error code in SD0
  11. Mitsubishi Q Series Fault Logic

    AC down = SM53 Blown fuse detection = SM60 Operation error = SM56 PRG.TIME OVER = SD81.B Battery low latch = SM51 Battery low = SM52 You can find them all in your e-manual viewer PAGE SH080483ENG-PDF470 Appendix 2
  12. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    you can use the link i've send you
  13. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    use the extended search and select software at products. Than the tab download centre should contain the software This is the link to the european site Alpha Software (AL-PCS/WIN) 2.70  
  14. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    on the European site you can just search. So it should be there