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  1. Send tcp/ip sockets to Mitsubishi PLC

    JSON is just a text string so yes it should be possible however you would have to decode the string in your PLC program.  
  2. Mitsubishi GTD3

    You've already posted this question
  3. Mitsubishi GTD3

    In the GOT settings under enviromental settings look for screen switching devices. By default already GD100 en GD101 are setup for Base and windows screen, The superimpose window you have activate and give a Device. After that you can use it 
  4. Communcation S7 1200 with HMI got 1000

    did you check the connection manual all the info is in there?
  5. Device monitor in GX-Works 2

    Does the register exist ? which nr ?
  6. Mitsubishi

    contact your mitsubishi dealer
  7. FX5U Station Number Net ID

    No But you should create some extra MElsoft ports Also make sure the GOT have different station numbers 
  8. FX5U Station Number Net ID

    You don't have to define the network number and station number in GX works 3. this is only needed when having multiple FX5 station in one GOT. All you need to do is define the IP address in GX works 3.    
  9. FX3U PLC Monitoring with Ethernet Setup

    Gor the PLC side All you need to do is specify an ip adress in the PLC ethernet parameters and define port for Mc protocol and give it a nr. .
  10. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Maybe the CC-Link driver isn't supported by the simulator. But why use that anyway when the GT27 and Q03UDE both have ethernet ? 
  11. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Did you try a small project without the cc-link just QnUDE ?
  12. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Hmm strange that should work. So you've setup the simulation setup to usb ? Tools => simulatr = set
  13. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    ok so it's just GT simulator via USB to the Q03UDE ?
  14. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Am i reading this correctly you are using the GT Simulator to connect to the Q03UDE via pc usb GT27 and then the Q03UDE via .....(ethernet) ??