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  1. Analoge scaling

    you may want to post your code when asking for support. without knowing range of values it may be premature to claim that REAL has better accuracy than INT. sure you may see more decimal places but this may be just misleading. and did you consider fixed point instead of floating point? i am not familiar with Fatek PLCs, but quick look at their website easily allowed to find the manuals. instruction set manual should explain how to convert INT to REAL or the other way around. the documentation and instruction set looks very familiar (aka "Mitsubishian"). FUN33 is linear conversion using integers. you may want to convert raw value to REAL first (FUN200) then do the linear scaling your self using floating point instructions.    
  2. Understanding the Virtual Machines

    1. i would... years ago i tried running different software on a same machine and it was a pain... splitting it into VMs ensured that dealing with problems of one (such as upgrade) one does not have to worry about others. using VMs means added boot time of VM too, and one need to know a bit of networking to access PLC from within VM so things are clearly not perfect but imho this easily outweighs reloading something like Siemens software for example after some of AB upgrades which are (were) frequent. 2 then you want VirualBox 3. depends on machine, you can easily change it any time. you are not forced to make that decision when creating VM 4. install options for your VM. in case of VirtualBox it is done from menu Devices>Insert Options CD.  5 each VM has option to chare folder with host machine 6. now sure what you mean here. all software uses CPU and RAM. VM itself is fairly light on resources but guest machine will need sufficient amount of CPU and RAM assigned.   
  3. New laptop - traps for young players.

    i have witnessed destruction of an embedded ethernet port on an industrial PC motherboard. that PC was running at a time (and continued running) but the ethernet port was toast. it happened during lab setup. my laptop was booting and i was watching colleague place an ethernet switch on a desk (an insulator). next he pulled 10ft ethernet cable from the computer bag and connected it to the switch. at that moment power was still not applied to the switch. then the other other side of the cable was connected to mentioned PC. it was quiet enough to hear an audible pop and i also saw a small spark. it appears that static charge was able to build up to a level sufficient to fry port on one of the two devices.
  4. New laptop - traps for young players.

    not sure what you meant by "real Ethernet port"... real as opposed to..?
  5. your screenshot also shows that ALM is true....
  6. you may want to specify some details like type of system and used software version
  7. Do we need to manually unlatch motion instruction bits ?

    i have never seen successful installation where end user has to look at ladder code and manually toggle some bits. programmer may relay on that during development but this is clearly not a way to run any system. anything that need to be initialized for proper operation need to be done in program before every use.
  8. QD75MH2_Error

    check the configuration and all requirements... if the absolute encoder option is active then you must have absolute encoder. Never used J3 but on J2 drives this required connecting battery (near drive display). 
  9. Mitsubishi a1s connecting to

    yes if your converter is any good
  10. is the axis homed (referenced)? without knowing origin, there is no positioning...
  11. Display ASCII string from ZR block in Visual Studio C#

    in what form you have the characters?   
  12. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    Never heard of Keyence asking for S/N to get manual. All Keyence manuals i ever needed were free to download. As it is common these days, one just need to register and get used to getting email from them.
  13. communication

    it seem to work fine...
  14. communication

    we had some issues with this before. lets see if it is malfunctioning again:  
  15. obviously something changes after while... but there is not enough info... can you record variables at powerup and after a while when speed seem to drop? how is the code structured? is there a leak of resources (memory, CPU time, scan time, etc.) . what is the observed behavior? is the physical motion really slower? is there something that causes motion to be executed later (due to interlock etc. how do you check? motion execution depends on a whole range of things - not just programmed velocity. this is why one should check everything including programmed acceleration, jerk, changes in configured load values (inertia or whatever), control gains etc. there could be something else that gets activated and not switched off such as tracking or gearing with another axis. there are literally 100s of settings that could be the reason...