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  1. Internal relay M

    it is internal memory, meant for bit-wise access... other types also exist like L, B. D etc. they all can be used store information and keep track of things.  unlike inputs and outputs they are not exposed to external world.
  2. De-Normalize the binary Data

    i guess he is looking at interpreting 32-bit INT as a 32-bit REAL...  in this case 0xBE580000 is actually -0.2109375
  3. fx5u PLC C# Read float devices

    you can transfer value as one or more short or int and then convert it to anything you like
  4. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    how about swapping CPU from 5/03 to 5/05?
  5. Forum problems

    yup... file transfer works but then the message show up: "There was an error processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance" here is external link to screenshot:      
  6. Forum problems

    yes, that and couple of other things are fixed but there seem to be couple of things that are still outstanding. one new thing possibly related to updates is login issue, but this is where user feedback comes in, if any issues are spotted and not listed, please use this thread to report it. 
  7. Forum problems

    I notified the person in charge and shared link to this thread. Let's hope this is addressed shortly.
  8. Forum problems

    also i notice that attachments no longer can be added to posts and link to Articles is broken (top right, next to Contact Us):    
  9. Keyence Sensors in Parallel

    yes... as long as sensor outputs are compatible for such use. also sensing function (reflective, optical, capacitive, inductive etc.) is independent from output type.  but sensor market is changing and the number of choices is becoming greater. and today it is not uncommon to see sensors with different type of output. in the past vast majority of sensors was sold as open collector/drain of either "NPN" or "PNP" style. but times have changed, sensors with PP (Push-Pull), IO link etc are not exactly rare. so knowing the nature of the beast is important, and this is why one should read the datasheet and understand what output stage and configurations are possible. when sensors have open collector/drain output and all of them are using same polarity ("NPN" or "PNP") then they can be wired in parallel without issue. but ... other possibilities exist... nice characteristic of PP outputs is that one does not have to commit to one polarity. same sensor will be useful in installations that use either of the polarities. but connecting two or more such outputs together would create short circuit. this is why some sensors with flexible outputs choose to con bring this output on one terminal. using two separate terminals for this (black/white wire or contact 4/2) still allows paralleling without issues. others use configuration that depending on selection enables only one of the two output transistors. some have decided to just make it 2-wire sensor. this is nice but has leakage current and voltage drop is bigger than with 3-wire sensors. if such sensors are cascaded (wired in series) voltage drop is quite significant.  but there are also 3-wire sensors where output is on single terminal. and if such sensor output stage is PP type, then paralleling is still possible, but external diodes are required. diodes can always be used in paralleling DC sensors but they too increase voltage drop slightly (using Schottky it is even lower). hope this helps a bit. note instead of PNP/NPN i used term in quotation marks "PNP" or "NPN" because actual transistor output may be different but still performing same function. sorry for using external site for image, there was a problem uploading attachment here and forum is undergoing some rework
  10. Forum problems

    very good and thanks for pointing out issues. @ Chelton, no worries i actually checked and found no way to login/logout any more. you guys are correct.... this is exactly why we need everyone to report any lost functionality. without feedback there is little hope for improvements. 
  11. FXos-20MR-ES It does not work after a power outage

    the power failure was likely result (or cause) of a transient/surge. if the PLC is not protected against this, it may get damaged or memory can be lost or corrupted. so check your circuit  
  12. Communication response Time between PLC and HMI

    you would need to close the loop and measure round trip...  some thing like have PLC set some value, HMI read it, and write it back to PLC.   
  13. Forum problems

    please note that forum admins/moderators are not the ones working on forum functionality. this is what site owner/webmaster can look into, so i would like to encourage everyone to report in this thread if there is any other concern or wish. this would allow forum support/webmaster to look into issues in one place, rather than assuming everyone is happy or need to go fishing for clues. also try to be positive and provide details that would help addressing the issue. this means providing enough info to understand and reproduce issue, or why should that be considered an issue at all so that support/webmaster can evaluate it. for example i am always accessing forum for my machine and i may not see a reason to log out from some site i use often and always from my machine. and if using someone elses machine, why not use incognito mode (just an example, don't shot the messenger).
  14. Keyence Sensors in Parallel

    according to simplified circuit shown in datasheet, PZ series has open collector output. if this is correct and all sensors use same polarity output (all PNP or all NPN), there should no issues paralleling the outputs to drive common external load (PLC input of whatever). if the output stage is different (has built in load or stage is push-pull type etc.) then this would not the a good idea because output current would need to be limited. this could still be used by adding diode to each output.  note that adding diode increases output voltage drop but for usual operation at 24V this should be no problem.
  15. Forum problems

    that is exactly what i did and hope everyone else tries.... this is a fantastic resource for so many users and place where some of the most generous and brightest minds come or offer help, free of charge and without corporate overseer. I remember well trying to offer honest feedback to one of major automation company only to see ignorance and retaliation. This is precisely what attracted me to MrPLC because it is an independent and brand-agnostic forum. i sure hope that site receives deserver TLC and springs back to a former glory.