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  1. I can simulate timer

    didn't he say "my timer can run..."?  
  2. What is your favorite and least favorite HMI software?

    I am not fan of anything Siemens, specially WinCCFlex... that thing was bad to the bone.. in a bad way.hope it improved a lot, i don't miss it...
  3. Conversion from Integer to float and vice versa

    MOV transfers data and tries to cast/convert/fit result into target variable format. this generally results in a data los due rounding etc. for example transfer of value 3.14 to an integer would produce rounded result 3 since integers cannot handle decimals.. COP transfers data without parsing - straight bit by bit copy. so hexadecimal value of input and output is exactly the same. but the interpretation would depend on type of variable used. for example 3.14 would be 16#4048 _F5C3 which in an integer variable would be 1078523331 
  4. 0-10V output drops when connected to Micrologix 1400

    well that is a bit convoluted description. it would be easier to follow with actual models of both devices, used circuit, and marked terminal numbers for easy could be defective transmitter, wrong wiring, wrong configuration etc.
  5. multiple rs232 bar code readers on PLC

    if you must use RS232, get anther device that has bunch of RS232 ports: one for each reader (to get the data) and one for PLC (to forward received data) for example get Arduino Due or Mega or STM32 discovery board like note those UART ports will still need an interface (level shifter) to get RS232 levels but this is this is easy and cheap to do if you want to use R422, add RS232/422 coverter to each reader. then you can connect all readers to a PLC on one bus. 
  6. up to you... as others have pointed out, you may ignore last line 
  7. since it is purely time driven, this would do:
  8. Support Required in Using SPD function

    simply check the reponses you already got. the very first one shows info from the page of the manual. it shows exactly what SPD does, with all parameters etc. as well as equation it is built on. that equation is the key to do any simulation without actual PLC hardware. minimum frequency is determined by value in S2. 
  9. Taking Screen shots

    btw even if one is not into PC programming, one can still quickly make small apps like this using scripting tools like AutoIt3, plus it includes option to compile it into EXE for true portability.
  10. Taking Screen shots

    for screen capture i use one little program that i made. it is a tiny self contained EXE file that runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit windows and it does what i want it to do, for example i can tell it to use specific key. handy when taking screenshots on machines and robots which usually run older OS or don't have full keyboard.  for editing, ... anything goes,,,but usually IrfanView (small, speedy and very powerful). some cleanup or highlight may be done with Paint too since is it s almost everywhere.  Snipping tool is nice but it is not on every windows and associated 3-key key combination is rather ... brutal.   
  11. PLC Software recommendation ?

    my recommendation is to contact manufacturer
  12. Timers do not work in Sturctural Text

    exactly... this is not OO environment, programing style is procedural and on most systems (not just Mitsubishi) all data resources are already created (and initialized) so you just access them. for example you get fixed number of M devices for certain CPU. and fixed number of D registers.... some of them have special function so you need to check documentation. CPUs with more memory may offer larger blocks of data and possibility to trade size of one data type for another (within limits) or specify areas are backed up (retentive). an smaller CPUs all of this is fixed.
  13. i guess the problem is not that it works for 10 seconds but rather that it stops afterwards. how is it configured? did you check the codes and troubleshooting section of the manual?
  14. Mitsubishi PLC comparison function

    note that coil instruction either sets and resets assigned memory location - every time it is scanned. output is true if condition is true (in this case it is ANDed) but if condition is not true, output will get reset as in this pseudo code example:   IF (M2==TRUE) AND (D1 == 0) THEN     M3 = TRUE ELSE    M3= FALSE ENDIF
  15. Signal Tower Error Code(s)

    no problem... i guess i could have mentioned that no guarantees are offered since don't have access to PLC software at the moment. I did it from memory while pretending to watch some stupid chick movie that my wife picked...