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  1. WinCC flexible compile error - stripping font

    internet search revealed posts that suggest running software as different user (not admin), check front properties (must not have protected attribute). nothing worked. 
  2. hello everyone, Got a PLC/HMI project from machine vendor. The problem is that HMI does not compile. Both fonts are present of course but message suggest error stripping the font.... Sometimes there is additional warning about SimSun but that is just a warning...
  3. i am not using those exact product but... i have worked with EtherCat many times and connected multiples of same nodes without issue. each physical node gets its own instance in the controller. you do not access one node to get the values to/from the other, so it does not matter that PDOs are named the same way - they are in a different instance/node. in terms of troubleshooting first thing is always to see how they are all connected, and is the network topology correct. lets put it this way: if the hardware side is not setup correctly, there is no hope of stumbling on correct settings in the software.  in EtherCat network, nodes are daisy chained. branches are possible but there are limitations and this requires hardware that supports this. so once the hardware side is verified, one can deal with the software. how did you configure it in your controller? did you scan the network or manually populate it? are you sure that topology in software matches what you have done in hardware?  
  4. you can replace it with many products. the question is why... are you running out of I/O or need something that you do not find in that product? alternatives are likely going to cost more not to mention time to create documentation, code and have it all approved.
  5. Conveyor tracking

    using speed control allow you to control the speed but it will not get you precision when it comes to position. for precise position cuts you need position feedback. doe your axis have an encoder?
  6. EasyBuilderPro - accessing PLC inside Unidrive M700

    well, time is running out, got to make it work... drive memory is organized in menu/parameter fashion. until i have time to investigate closer, i will be using few unassigned menu locations. this is less than ideal since they are scattered ... would prefer single (or two) blocks of memory without tiptoeing around used ones.  oh well...
  7. hello everyone, I am able to connect to servo using driver  device/server "Control Techniques SI-Ethernet Modbus TCP". this accesses servo by specifying memory locations in form of menu entry and parameter number. But i need to exchange more than that. drive has built in PLC and i did not find out what device driver or settings would allow that.  any ideas?    
  8. did you try manually setting the outputs on? are you sure there is nothing clearing them? did wiring change at all? problem started after program download?
  9. those are just shared properties. clicking on radio button 'All properties' should show longer list...   

    check the wiring including terminations. also, check the baud rate. what is the expected role of this unit? it can be bus master/slave or both. bus must have a master("scanner") and one or more slaves ("devices"). some slaves can autodetect baud rate. this is convenient when it works but unfortunately sometimes they also get it wrong and that is a bad situation to be in as there is next to nothing one can do to solve it. unlike other bus types, DeviceNet uses additional pair of conductors that need to be powered by 24VDC. somehow this is also a pretty common issue as many fail to realize that they are responsible to bring this power to the bus. some fail to ground the bus shield or they ground it in more than one place (this allows for ground loops and interference) or they strip way too much of the shield so that shielding is ineffective.   if your  CJ1W-DRM21 is working as a master (scanner), you need to load correct configuration into it ("scan list" is usually created in PC software after importing suitable EDS files for each of the slaves)
  11. First PLC program. Please check for Safety

    using safety PLC does not mean that end result is safe. it only means that it is capable of applications requiring safety - if used correctly. ultimately it is still up to programmer to configure and program it correctly. without software one cannot check your program. you may considering printing or exporting it into a PDF form so anyone can offer feedback.  even for EStops, it is not enough to put them in series with something. safety standards have various criteria that need to be met and this is determined through evaluation process (aka Risk Assesment).
  12. Structured text vs. Ladder

    coil instruction is used to assign both true and false values: variable := expression; or in your case start := (i_SW1 or start) AND NOT I_Off; I_Off := start AND i_sensor4; ...etc.  
  13. in DotNet one could use PathGeometry and ArcSegment. to go beyond 180deg property IsLArgeArc would need to be set to true btw, have not seen it in years but it looks like required level of customization for something like this may be possible with factorytalk view studio SE as well. what properties are exposed for objects like arc or wedge?
  14. VisualStudio.... initially it would be the 3rd party driver/ActiveX/SDK as this is the fastest way to get results. but that is something we rarely do today. just about all are done internally, either from scratch or by using open source or SDK if and when vendor offer it. many devices use simple protocols that are easy to reverse engineer.  the usual application would be some GUI software that has many simultaneous connections to different devices (PLCs, robots, other PCs, CNCs, RFIDs etc.). and if don't want to waste the time on something new (fieldbus etc), we just add the option (driver or hardware) to one of the system components (PLC or robot) as we can already talk to those.