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  1. Studio5000 program for SEW MOVIGEAR

    Did you also happen to watch the two videos on howto connect an SEW to Rockwell?  
  2. OK Guys time for the "old fart" to weigh in. with a COP like this : Source: #N[N187:4]:[N187:5] Dest: #N[N187:1]:0 Length: 20 */   If N187:4 is 17 and N187:5 is 0 and N187:1 is 27  The Command becomes COP Source N17:0 Destination N27:0 Length 20. or N17:0 thru N17:19 copied to N27:0 thru N27:19 If N187:4 is 17 and N187:5 is 10 and N187:1 is 27  The Command becomes COP Source N17:10 Destination N27:0 Length 20. or N17:10 thru N17:29 copied to N27:0 thru N27:19   This assumes that everything exists,
  3. Plc beginner need advice

    Not a bad example, but it has all 4 yellow on at the same time, this would not occur in U.S. / Western Light Stacks. He also only makes one pass through the lights.  The request I made was for it to never stop cycling. If you start with his logic you'll need to resolve those two isses. {Note: Both can be handled fairly easily}
  4. P5000

    I've seen this a few times as we work almost entirely with Virtual Machines housing our RA Softwares. If your Prompt says "Log On to FactoryTalk" then you want to check out this Knowledgebase Article. -- It has worked well for me.
  5. RsLogix 5000 Comment Editing While Online

    I believe you need a DoEvents() statement just before your next statement of your For-Next Loop. DoEvents() is a call to the overhead and will process a <CTRL><C> if one has been made.
  6. Plc beginner need advice

    Can you post the YouTube Link you found.  I'd be curious to watch it also.
  7. RJ3ib controller and HMI

    If the RJ3iB has ethernet and the proper option pac you can probably connect a Proface HMI via ethernet with minimal effort.  You'll need to read the manuals to be certain.  I'm using PC Ftp Scripts and AB Logix 5000 PLC with my RJ3IB's.
  8. Plc beginner need advice

    I usually challenge any new programmer not to start with something sophisticated like a programming line but something simple like a traffic light. Give yourself Six Outputs {Red East/West, Yellow East/West, Green East/West. Red North/South, Yellow North/South and Green North/South}. Assume the whole process starts with Red East/West on and Green North/South on for 60 seconds, then Yellow North/South on for 30 seconds, Then Red North/South and after 10 Seconds turns on Green East/West for 60 Seconds{which turns off Red East/West}  Then Yellow East/West for 30 seconds on and then Red East/West back on and after 10 seconds return to Green North/South on for 60 seconds.  This is a continuous loop. Simple to explain and envision, you'll find it hard to code for your first project though.
  9. SAFE Torque OFF Status

    I respectfully disagree with VFD Guy.  Read Chapters 3,4,5 & 6 of the manual and it will walk you through setting up Safe Torque Off or in your case determining how it's setup and what's wrong.  The Troubleshooting Chapter may also provide some insights.    
  10. To add to what ElectronGuru said, If you have an existing setup and want to turn on ADC and "backup" your drives, beware that ADC consumes PLC Memory Space.  You can run out of memory pretty quickly on a large number of drives system.
  11. Fellow Automation Gurus, Controls and Electrical Engineer and anyone in the field.  For years there has been an ongoing love/hate relationship between the IT Department and the Plant Floor Process or Maintenance Folks.   The most recent iteration of this was the coining by some of the terms IT {Information Technology} and OT {Operational Technology} to differentiate between the two.  Unless you've buried your head in the sand the device of the IT world are more and more prevalent on the Plant Floor whether it be PC based HMI or Quad Core and higher PAC Units.  Most recently ISO / IEC 19770-1:2017 came out establishing Asset Management Best Practices.  Now I know that Rockwell has its Installed Base Evaluation initiatives and Schneider Modicon does similar work.  I'm curious to learn if anyone is implementing Asset Management in the Plant Floor OT world and if so how is it going?
  12. Allen Bradley TRCS Software

    Sounds like time to query RA through their website.
  13. PanelView Runtime app

    Robin - Thanks for posting your solution.  Quite often people get an answer and solve a problem without providing feedback to help others.
  14. sthilaire

    Are you trying to get Factory Talk SE to initiate transfer of the spreadsheet values to the PLC?  
  15. Allen Bradley TRCS Software

    Started with a google search here - Was redirected to here - Which lands on this RA site - Downloading the Product Selector Toolbox should have TRCS in it.