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  1. Micrologix 1400 Modbus RTU in Channel 0

    I'm no modbus expert, but I would ask two questions to check into. 1.  Did Modscan connect at 19200,N,8,2 ? If it connected at some other Speed. parity, Length and Stop configuration there is probably your problem. 2.  Did you try inserting a null modem between meter and PLC.  Modscan and PC might do this automatically.
  2. Connecting Sensors to External devices

    Ask three Automation Experts the question you just asked and you'll get at least nine different answers. A lot will depend on your brands of PLC and HMI involved.  Can you give some idea what brand(s) are involved/ Are all your machines PLC automated? Have you considered a SCADA solution like Ignition, Wonderware or OSISOFT PI  for monitoring?
  3. Binary outputs RSlogix 5000

    Let's see if I can whip out a possibility: Song Selected is a DINT or INT XIC ConditionsSong1Met  MOV 1 SongSelected XIC ConditionsSong2Met  MOV 2 SongSelected XIC ConditionsSong3Met  MOV 3 SongSelected ..... XIC ConditionsSong30Met  MOV 30 SongSelected XIC SongSelected.0 OTE OutputWiredToSpeakerBit1 XIC SongSelected.1 OTE OutputWiredToSpeakerBit2 XIC SongSelected.2 OTE OutputWiredToSpeakerBit3 XIC SongSelected.3 OTE OutputWiredToSpeakerBit4 XIC SongSelected.4 OTE OutputWiredToSpeakerBit5 Now if an output dies you just change it in one rung. Also no fancy instructions just XIC for old joe relay.
  4. Sysmac Studio Explicit Message Help

    THESE ARE WILD GUESSES 1) 02 is the Port Identifier telling the open command what slot or port us using ethernent.  Might try a 0 or 1 and see if things change. 2) 02 is the Protocol Identifier telling the open command to use Ethernet, EthereCat, Serial, etc.  Might Try 0 or 1 and see if things change. A thorough reading the manual will likely prove something like the above to be the case.
  5. WonderWare noob

    Let me take a basic crack at this. 1. Switch from WindowViewer to WindowMaker - requires ADMIN Wonderware Security if Security is on. 2. Doubleclick on the display object you want to know more about 3. Tagname Dictionary should open and show you the tagname and accessname and ItemName -  3a) Tagname is how Wonderware Refers to the Data Point 3b) AccessName is how Wonderware refers to the Data Source Device {PLC, PC, etc.} 3c) ItemName is how the AccessName calls the Data Point. Example: Tagname - MainSysytemState AccessName - PLC1 ItemName - SystemRunningState So using RSLogix and monitoring the PLC1 Tag SystemRunningState should mirror what wonderware shows in a display object tied to tag MainSystemState.
  6. Allen Bradley Kinetix 300 Servo Drive

    I think you'll start to find your answers here - And with your Local RA Distributor.
  7. Best brick PLC for learning

    Slightly off-topic but Rockwell does participate in a number STEM activities and your local RA distributor and son's school might just be able to work an RA sponsored deal. NO personal experience with such a thung, but the promo sounds good. As they all do. Caveat Emptor.
  8. Powerflex 525 Error F72

    I split this topic so both you and the original poster on the other topic get relevant help. The manual lists F72 as a network error.  and suggests some troubleshooting steps.  - Have you tried them?  
  9. 5 engine equal aging

    if you've in industrial  automation for any number of years this is common sense.  But if you're a programmer with little real world frame of reference it takes a while to grasp.  I've seen it many times @photovoltaic
  10. 5 engine equal aging

    with five engine times a simple bubble sort should do the trick.
  11. Cycle Time and Accurate Positioning

    so the one pulse  move wont work but moving 10,000 or 5mm each time would. 
  12. Cycle Time and Accurate Positioning

    Based on your given data 0.66mm/s and 12ms Scan Time for Program.  You could see 0.00792 mm variance if off by one scan. Your readings of 5.235 and 5.190 are 0.0045 apart or off by 5.6 scan times.  So I doubt it's cycle time causing it. That said, can you move the servo 1 pulse and measure so you know the observed mm/pulse not the calculated. I'm curious after say 10 trials what the average mm/pulse measurement is. Working with @photovoltaic and others as to your drive type and circumstance will get you the best answer.
  13. CJ2M - FC280 Danfoss Ethernet IP

    @David_123456 Let me encourage you to do as @panic mode and @photovoltaic suggest. I know it can be scary to post your work and failed efforts for others to critique, but I've been on MRPLC for 15+ years and the best results I've gottn are when I was willing and could post my work for others to help me learn from.
  14. Portable VPN

    What you describe sounds like a good idea until you realize the amount of data that passes between a PLC and it's Programming Software on a PC or Terminal. Now I'm not saying don't do it, but you might also consider getting an inexpensive tablet device to which you can load the programming Software and have the client connect it by USB, Serial or Ethernet to the PLC.  Then you would remote access the tablet.  In this scenario the only data passing over the WWW is your keystrokes and the graphics updates.  Much less than the handshakes and etc passing between the tablet and PLC.  Not to mention what happens when the VPN/WWW connection drops and comes back.  Just my humble 2 cents.
  15. Specific Time to energize an output

    So you're looking at 5am for an output coil to turn on and and stay on for five seconds or so to give a Start Pulse to a process?