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  1. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Welcome to MRPLC @scotty134. I don't know what Omron has for change control but I've found Autosave to do an excellent job across multiple vendors.  I've not used it with Omrons, but it would have supported them.
  2. PLC Reports using Controllogix and Database

    You will want a SCADA Package most likely. You could use RSLINX CLASSIC OEM or GATEWAY with MSEXCEL or MSACCESS but this is unwieldy and does not scale well or maintain well. IMHO. Using something like AVEVA Wonderware , AVEVA OSISoft PI , GE Proficy Historian, Rockwell Historian or Ignition would be a better choice. I've always walked into an existing SCADA and had to adapt and improve so I cannot comment on Ignition as I've never used it. For small scale stuff like you describe ignition would appear the most cost effective. But Write up your full functional spec for this SCADA, What you want now today, What you think you want next year and What Everyone wishes for. Then compare tools to your spec and make a reasoned choice. IT won't be perfect, but you'll be miles down the road before you hit the first speed bumps if you specify it thoroughly first.
  3. PLC Reports using Controllogix and Database

    A second to what @pturmel posted about double posting with a caveat to Sagar.  Sometimes network lag results in a double or triple post without any ill intent on the part of the poster. I have used my Moderator-Foo to merge the posts.
  4. Source Code Security

    I know of no source encryption system that is vendor agnostic. I specifically insist in all our RFQ's that we the end customer will be able to read and monitor the plc logic for troubleshooting. Black Box encryption of source is a deal breaker for my end customer firm.
  5. PLC Basics

    I couldn't have given you a better answer than what @Joe E. said.
  6. programs to do

    how about a tank with infeed and outfeed pumps and a level sensor
  7. Mitsubishi F800-E Ethernet with CompactLogix

    @DynamicCanada don't overlook that with some coding the AB can do Modbus_TCP which the FR Drive can do also.
  8. Mitsubishi F800-E Ethernet with CompactLogix

    The Manual I found here seems to indicate using FR Configurator or Modbus TCP for ethernet control. I assume you have this manual?
  9. GT Works 3 installation

    It appears that GXworks 3 Isntaller thinks some other install was started but not completed. You might try what MSOFT recommends -  
  10. File Transfer Protocol

    Have you tried WinSCP for your FTP Client on the PC. I've found it to have advantages over the windows built in FTP functions.
  11. Step 7 V5.6 with S7-400 Upload and Monitor

    @Joe E. That PDF is going to be priceless thank you.
  12. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    IF you read through the thread you will find the answers to your questions. 
  13. you're welcome - SKYFOX   99.95% of problems resolve when you RTFM.
  14. PLC Guru with 30+ years experience in a mix of Omron, Toshiba, Rockwell, Schneider Modicon, GE Koyo and Automation Direct PLCs but never a Siemens. I am about to acquire Step 7 V5.6 and attempt to upload from an S7-400 the current running code for backup and eventual monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. Can anyone recommend a decent tutorial video that doesn't spend hours talking about hardware setups and using the simulator first? I've already watched a half dozen off snooze tube this far and while I have a better feel for the software , I still don't have that warm fuzzy feeling like I get when I watch an @TimWilborne Rockwell Tutorial.
  15. Caveat: It has been 22 years since I touched an Omron PLC. What if you have Array1[25000] elements. Then Array2[5000} aliased using the AT instruction to Array1[6000] for example -- see And Finally use the SetBlock instruction to zero Array2 - see page 421 The Omron Gurus will tell you if this can work or what I am doing wrong I am sure.