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  1. PC to PLC Kommunikation

    ILC_H please correct where I have missed something. You have a PLC with IP of Mask and Gateway You have PC A  at IP Mask and Gateway it is the Server and has RSLinx Installed and can see the PLC in RS-WHO. You have PC B at IP 192.168.1.X Mask and Gateway it is the CLient , does not have RSLinx and has a MakitronOPC explorer that can't see the PLC. For RSLinx to serve up tags to an OPC Client you'll need a topic cnfigured.  ALso if CLient and Server aren't on the same PC you'll need RSlinx Gateway Edition and your TI department may need to adjust some DCOM Security settings. Hope this helps.
  2. Running MAJ and stop at position

    I concur with Electron guru.  Using MAJ and logic you introduce variations in position that result from processor scan times and overhead.  The MAH, MAM approach takes these out of the equation.
  3. HMI Selection

    For cheap HMI I've always liked Proface.  They're out of Japan orignally so I assume you'll have distributor in India.  Just my 2 rupees worth.
  4. Issue with a Fanuc Robot

    IF you have the Ascii PAC on the robot you can pull an FTP Backup of the FR: and MD: memories before you leave and again when you arrive in the morning. Then using a tool like Beyond Compare from  you'll know exactally what changed. With that information I'll wager you can figure out what happened.
  5. Running MAJ and stop at position

    Yes you can.  You just need to disable the JOG once you've gone your desired distance. Depending on the Servo Family you might also need to Enable a MAS instruction as well.  
  6. Totalizer for 15 mins

    Ok given the hardware your using I would suggest the following. Declared Variables would be QuantityThisSecond{real} , TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real}, TotalLastFifteenMinutes{real}, SampleCount{DINT}, ResetTotal{Boolean} Use a Periodic Task set to fire once per second. On the First Scan set TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real} and SampleCount{DINT} to Zero. On each Period after that ADD TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real} to QuantityThisSecond{real} and place in TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real}. Then Increment SampleCOunt{DINT} Next Each Period also check if SampleCOunt{DINT} is equal to 900.  If it is then Move TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real} into TotalLastFifteenMinutes{real} and ZERO TotalThisFifteenMinutes{real} and SampleCOunt{DINT}. ALso Put in a rung that zeros everything lke at First Scan if Reset Total is true. One suggestion that might work.
  7. Once Again RTFM is the solution of choice! LOL. Welcome to the forum Big Steve and thanks for hleping him Mickey.
  8. Totalizer for 15 mins

    This sounds like a homework assignment, given how vague you're being. Can you tell us the PLC and I/O card being used? Also some idea of the Application would be useful.  
  9. PC to PLC Kommunikation

    ILC_H a TCP/IP Device Identity is normally three parts {Address, Mask, Gateway}.  You only list the Address.  I would check the mask in your case it should be for optimum performance.  The Gateway can be left blank or set to the router/switch/hub IP Address. Once you're sure your Masks are correct then you'll need to configure a driver in RSlinx for the PLC.  THe RSLink Help gives pretty good instruction on this. You'll want an ethernet driver. Once you have a configured driver your PLC should show up in RSWHO.  If it says "unrecognized device" try right clicking and uploading and installing the EDS.
  10. Might try this -  
  11. RS232 is Point to point so to connect three that way you'll need to multiplex the signals with control signals from the PLC.  Very Messy IHMO. RS422 is Multipoint but will require adapters at each SICK to convert 422/232.  Very Costly. The least expensive method that comes to mind is a Raspberry PI or Arduino and use it as the multiplexer.   Connect the SIcks to the PI and the PI to the PLC. One thought maybe others will have better.
  12. Boy does my head hurt now.  So you're trying to perform a Labview/MatLab program experiment on a Real World System. That is usually a recipe which breaks something. Please understand I am Electronics Engineering Tech by Training and not an EE or ME like those that wrote the lab, so my understanding could be flawed. Where I in your shoes, I'd generate the sine wave into a DINT with values of between -1 and 1 corresponding to 0 to 360 range.   I would then take a Multiplier value starting at 1 through 100 and modify my setpoint as follows: SineWaveMultiplier * MultiplierValue + SetpointMaster = Setpoint to PID loop. You can then plot your angle versus your output and see how the system responds. BE WARNED AT SOME POINT THINGS WILL GO INTo RUN AWAY.  HAVE AN EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN PLANNED AND USE IT. This is not how I was taught to tune or test PID Loops, but it might work, I've been known to be proven wrong from time to time.
  13. Clock without using GSV

    Instead of moving DayDint into DayNumber every time it is scanned, perform the move of DayDint into DayNumber only at when HourDint = 7. This way you'll use the previous DayDint as the DayNumber until 7am.
  14. Clock without using GSV

    I am basing my answer on the following assumptions: You have a variable called PartsProduced of type DINT.  For troubleshooting and historical purposes you also have a DINT called PartsProducedYesterday. Each time a part is produced you increment the DINT PartsProduced. At 7am you want to copy PartsProduced to PartsProducedYesterday and Zero Out PartsProduced. This can be done by a few simple lines of logic. Line 1 - Contains the GSV Wallclock Instruction which takes the CLock time and deposits it into the array ClockDint[7] once every 500ms. Line 2 - contains the logic EQU CLOCKDINT[3] 7  EQU ClockDint[4] 0 EQU CLOCKDINT[5] 0 ONS OneShotCountReset COP PartsProduceed PartsProducedYesterday 1 CLR PartsPRoduced. Line 3 - XIC PartProducedBoolean CTU PartsPRoduced. Hope that's clear enough.
  15. FactoryTalk VIew SE HMI Server issue

    Thanks for posting the resolution.  I only wish more folks would do likewise.