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  1. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    Knocking the rust off my memory of the 5/03 by reading the manual, it has a DH port and an RS232 port.  If the RS232 port is not in use there are good Serial to Ethernet options with Prosoft and others as well.  The 5/03 Serial port could also do serial modbus and many scada packages pick that up as well.  There will probably not be one easy solution given the equipment age, but it can be achieve with a little BS&T.
  2. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    Another option and this I have I also done is 1761-NET-AIC for DH485 to serial and 1761-Net-ENI for serial to ethernet.  Placing a pair of these back to back gives you DH485 to Ethernet.  Again @pcmccartney1  will let us know if I am recommending an obselete approach.
  3. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    You'll need to double check the feasibility of this with someone who has done {Rockwell Tech Expert} it but a ControlLogix Backplane with a 1756-ENET or 1756-ENBT and a 1756-DH485 card would route traffic from DH485 to Ethernet and you might be able to use a stock Ethernet OPC Server like RSlinx or Kepware on Windows 10 to serve data to the SCADA package of your choice.
  4. Keyence Sensors in Parallel

    Can't say about the Keyence PZ in particular, but using two retroflective sensors in parallel has been done many times that I know of.  Especially when the target object presents a curved face to the sensor.
  5. Several Yearsback we had a PLC Output Card driving 120 VAC Solenoids and it would die monthly due to transient spikes.  We found an off the shelf MOV from Digi-Key and then had a PC Board House make us an adapter.  We slid off the stock edge card and slid in this "tumor" mov card.  Sounds like your wago might also work.
  6. Hey fellow Berkshire resident.  I'm working at Crane Currency in Dalton, MA now, you?

    1. Steve Bailey

      Steve Bailey

      I'm located in Clarksburg. I still work a couple of days per month at the Community Eco Power plant in Pittsfield which supplies steam to you. Now that I'm retired they are one of two of my former regular customers that I'm still willing to say yes to when they ask me to come in. How long have you been at Crane? 

  7. Forum problems

    A little trip down memory lane for folks.  Chris Elston founded in 1999 and until its sale in 2014 to pdfsupply was the sole maintainer of the site and the hosting infrastructure as well as paying to keep the infrastructure powered and hacker free.  Chris was aided by a number of selfless individuals, @Jay Anthony @TimWilborne @panic mode @Crossbowoo@Ken Moore @PdL @Sleepy Wombat and others who moderated the forums.  Chris resisted letting mrplc become an Omron or a Rockwell puppet site and made sure the next "caretaker" was manufacturer neutral.  The contact us link does reach out to and 919-535-3180 is supposed to be their number.  If enough of us "complain" maybe we'll get an answer.  Having been an A+ site for so many years, it is a shame to see it decline.  Hopefully some new blood can encourage the owners.  Also we should remember that Covid-19 impacts everyone and may have impacted their site support staff.  
  8. @panic mode The voice of one who has lived thru the "hell" of it and survived.  You're dead on!!
  9. lets start with what you do manually.  if the program is not proprietary/confidential, please post your spreadsheet and logix program.
  10. TJ2020 - I didn't realize you were want to work offline.  That is more difficult then online, but is possible. Offline involves having an Excel VBA Macro that that takes your strings and places them into an CSV file which RSLogix / Studio 5000 can import. To get an ides of the format look into exporting portions of your program with the software.
  11. TJ2020 welcome to mrplc.codo the trick.m.  IF you check the download section you'll find several examples of using DDE and OPC to copy data from an Excel Sheet to a Rockwell PLC.  That should 
  12. Create TCP/UDP Socket

    Have you read through this manual. - It contained enough information for me to establish Sockets Comms between a Logix 5000 and a VideoJet Printer.
  13. Pneumatic Air

    I'm going to ask some questions you probably can't answer right away, but I think you should give serious consideration to.   1.  If they exist what do the original machine Functional System Description , Risk Analysis and FMEA say about why pressure switches are wired to safety modules? 2. What do the Updated Functional System Description , Risk Analysis and FMEA say about the need to pressure monitor the air to the new devices you are adding?
  14. PLC reseting to default settings.

    Please clarify between option 1 or option 2. Option 1 - It came up in REM PRO and you recovered by placing the key in RUN or by connecting with RSLogix 5000 and placing it in REM RUN. Option 2 - It came up in REM PRO and had no program.  You had to reload the program to get it to RUN.  
  15. Cammed Servo Control

    Thanks @pcmccartney1 for chiming in.  Figures RA would come up with a tool to do that.