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  1. Does your danfoss software point at an ip and some random port or is it ip and a fixed port?  I ask because Rockwell Servo Drives can be access with HTTP to reach their configuration page and we've used a Stratix Switch doing PAT {Port Address Translation} to reach multiple drives through one Ip Address.
  2. I kniow RSLinx it able to route across the backplane like you describe for Rockwell Applications, I am not aware that this functionality would be exposed to a third party program.
  3. I am not familiar with your MCT10 Software, but it seems reasonable you have Studio 5000 and RSlinx on hand and as a first debugging step let me suggest you make sure RSLInx on your laptop can see and browse to the the VFD. 
  4. calling a Cognex job with Siemens TIA V 16

    I've not worked Cognex with Siemens, but when I did Cognex with Rockwell it was necessary to import an EDS so that the PLC and Programming software new how to interact with the camera.  I suspect something similiar is happening here.  Correctly registering the EDS with the software might just allow you to create the DB or create it for you.  Just my 2 pesos.
  5. 2080-LC30-24QWB - firmware download failed

    You have encountered the one nightmare of AB PLCs , the "bricked" unit.  To the best of my knowledge, these are only repairable by returning to RA Tech Support through your distributor. That said, the next time you flash a PLC make sure you are in the following conditions: 1.  PC is on AC Power and Not Battery 2. All Screen Savers and Power Save feature are turned off. 3. You have a direct connection by USB Cable.  I PERSONALLY DO NOT TRUST ETHERNET FOR FLASHING UNITS. All this said, the most reliable guru on this site when it comes to Micro 800 Family is @TimWilborne.  I'm tagging him here to see if you get some help.
  6. RSLogix 5000 - Export Tags or Logs

    Have you checked out this document  
  7. Devicenet problems

    Ancient wisdom on older working Devicenet systems is wiring and environment.  i'd check each connection and make sure nothing is loose.
  8. Read port A1 IP address

    My post referred to has been hidden since it was a reposting of RA Tech Connect Information.  Please use the official RA Links. I had not had my coffee and did not realize it was pirated RA material. 39 lashes with wet noodle forthcoming. LOL
  9. Tag Based Alarms No Messages

    Trevor - Tag Based Alarms are a "relatively new" feature to the RA way of doing things and very few have experimented with them. I myself have not but enjoy reading the posts and learning what you "bleeding edge" folks are doing to make the Software Work and Work Better. I'd advise you visit the RA Forum and/or contact your Distributor tech support folks on this one.  And then please do share what you learn with the rest of us. P.S. - I making this post to ping interest and hopefully catch the eye of a couple others I know have played with Tag Based Alarms.
  10. RSLogix 5000 - Export Tags or Logs

    This type of function is usually done by the SCADA System which monitors the system.   This can be as simple as an Excel VBA Script reading tags and palcing the values in Excel Cells and then taking action based on cell values. Slightly more sophisticated it is done with VB.Net. It might also be done with Ignition, Factory Talk View, Factory Talk Historian, Wonderware , OSISoft PI  and many others I fail to recall. The choice is yours and will depend on your Time, Budget and Effort you can put into it.
  11. Make sure you backup the programming of the drive either with software or paper record and replace the drive would be my next moves.
  12. GT Designer exponential increment switch

    @sathu not super familiar with GT Designer.  If these are pre-built faceplates you're probably stuck.  If they are individual buttons and you can place scripts to execute from them, then the exponential logic I describe can work in the HMI almost like in the PLC.  Only tou'll need to account for HMI to PLC lag times and fire the increment bit multiple times.
  13. GT Designer exponential increment switch

    The simplest logic would be something like this: On First Scan or Button Release set the IntervalofChange to 1. When button is pressed add IncrementofChange to Variable. While button is held run a 300ms timer and add Incrementofchange to variable each time it times out and then resatart timer. When button has been held for 3 seconds change IntervalofChange to 5 When button has been held for 6 seconds change IntervalofChange to 10 When button has been held for 9 seconds change IntervalofChange to 50 Hopefully by now you have the idea.
  14. A three phase induction motor requires all three to be present to start rotating from a stop.  Jitter or vibrate instead of start usually means a lost phase.  i"d suspect wiring or the drive.
  15. Sew Movitrac is a programmable drive.  Are you absolutely sure both drives are programmed identical?