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  1. NX1p2 Webserver

    Check out Ignition hmi from .   I have heard good things about it's cost to benefit ratio from folks I respect. And it has drivers for Omron PLC.
  2. Kinetix 350 - End of life

    I would acquire and familiarize yourself with the Migration Guide. --
  3. DeviceNet powerflex 40 faults

    You might want to check with your RA distributor.  There are DNet Tools that run on a dedicated PC and can monitor the network trqffic and give you an idea why the F71 is occurring.
  4. DeviceNet powerflex 40 faults

    F71 is network loss.   Have you checked the node to node voltage drops.   Also curious as to system age? Might need to replace a Comm-D card.
  5. Modbus Plus Issues

    Moved this to the Schneider Modicon forum since you're working with Quantum PLC. Looking at just One Building and One PLC are all your I/O Cards {DigitalIn, DigitalOut, AnalogIn & AnalogOut} in the same backplane Rack? If not how are your Remote I/O Racks connected to the controlling PLC,  {S410, Modbua, something elese?}?  
  6. L18ERM 16#0203

    Just a few questions to hopefully clarify things for us. 1.  Is this running application that broke or is a new installation you're trying to make run? 2.  What sub-model of L18ERM are you using is it Series A or Series B?
  7. 1756-IF16 powerup faults

    Might Also check the PCDC Pages -,61548,60506 Looks like 1.005 is out and the latest. for the IF16 series A and 2.005 for the Series B
  8. The CompactLogix 1769 Bus is a DeviceNet Bus that runs card to card through side to side connections. It is not uncommon for the Bus Connections to corrode over time and cause issues of this type. First troubleshooting step is almost always to power down the unit, seperate all the modules on the din rail carefully and then re-seat them.  
  9. PLC5 Redundancy

    Are you thinking of this -  
  10. In the past I could build it in V12 as a FW10.MER and import the FW10.MER into V10 and modify it.  And then import the apa or mer into V12 and make a modification.
  11. The Project was built in V12 for a V10 Firmware Device.  Modified by the integrator in V13 and built for V10 Firmware.  Then I tried to take the V10 MER and modify it in V12 and could not.  Used to be that V9 thru V12 you could move the project around by bulding the MER and importing it.  Now once V13 touches it your stuck using V13.  In my experience at least.
  12. I'll offer some counterpoint to @pturmel from my experiences. The Automation Direct is the king of the low end in my humble opinion. The Rockwell Micro 800 was such a "pain in the ..." to me when it first came out, I actually told an RA rep "to please burn down the warehouse where they're stored" when asked what I thought.  Of course the latest versions have improved, but they lack the robustness of the Control and Compact Logix Systems. I stopped using Omrons around 2000 because I switched from a worksite that was 100% Japanese PLCs to a Rockwell based factory. I've always found Toshiba and Rockwell Drives worth what you invest in them. I recently discovered the ABB Drives which cost wise beat Rockwell and Toshiba for the same application. I also have avoided SIemens like the plague as well.  For those that learn and know them SIemens PLC are solid, but until you immerse yourself in them they'll be a pain to have around.  
  13. This is a Factory Talk View Studio ME - Cautionary Tale I share in hopes it saves someone some headache. I had a Panelview Plus 7 Professional 1500 HMI firmware version 10 running an application built for firmware 10 with Studio ME Version 12. We contracted a System Integrator to use Studio 12 and build a modified *.mer for the Panelview with additional functions. Installed the MER and all ran fine. Recently I was asked to add another Analog Display to the HMI so I uploaded the MER and retored it to my Studio 12 development station. But it errored when I tried to edit it for -  The database ....file name.mdf cannot be opened because it is version 904. Technote - speaks of an issue from 2020 where a non-standard sql was present when studio was installed. A little digging and it turns out FTView Studio ME 12 use SQL 2012 and FTView Studio ME 13 use SQL 2019.  So even though Studio 13 built a firmware 10 mer that runs when you goto restore the Firmware 10 mer you need SQL 2019 if it was built with Version 13. So much for passing projects backward between studio revisions by building a backward mer.  
  14. I am trying to display the value at 7am of a given tag stored in my Wonderware Historian.  If I were working with OSISOFT PI I know I could add a time modifier to the tag expression.  But I am unsure how to accomplish the same in a Wonderware View Application Setting.  Any suggestions are welcome.
  15. Haven't messed with CLGX and ASB in years, but as I recall there are some Thermocouple and/or Analog cards that pose a headache. So I hope you're all DI /DO stuff.