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  1. Real-time tag data in email

    There may be a better way to do this PaulKim, but a string tag is actually a defined data type of several elements.  A Length Variable usually a SINT/DINT and then an array of SINTS.  To add tag data to your email body it is a simple matter of copying the TAG from it's register into the proper SINTs of the string for body.  And then adjusting the length variable accordingly.
  2. Tracking,

    @ABlearner Couple of quick observations about your program: 1.  If this is in the Continuous Task the following will be true:        A) Your trigger will happen every {5000ms + Continuous Task Scan MS} in time.        B) Your shift will almost never happen exactly at 5000ms because the first scan where timer is done could be at 5000 ot 5000 + scan. 2.  If accuracy is critical - consider eliminating the timer, using a counter and moving the BSL to a periodic Task triggered every 1000 ms.\ Note you can't move the BSL to a periodic task scanned every 5000 ms because the BSL input must see the Negative to Positive transition for each shift.
  3. Conveyor flow logic

    I will look when I get home tonight that code if I still have it is over 17 years old and comes from four jobs before the one I hold now.  It probalby was 'stripped" / lost from the post when the webmaster migrated servers back around 2010 or 2015.  {I've slept cince then} LOL.
  4. I doubt this will be much help, but AB drives usually have a Status Word, Command Word and Data Links between themselves and the PLC. The Powerflex Manuals will describe the Status Word, Command Word and Data Links in detail.  The trick will be to find how in Schneider Memory / Tag Structure the EDS has mapped them. The HIM of the drives will also be useful as they will tell you when you have supplied th appropriate Stop/Enable signals to allow the drives to runa t all. Speaking of which, have you run the drives from the HIM to confirm you're enables and stops are wired correctly?
  5. Tracking,

    I've done this with covneyors and no encoder just a once per revolution of the driven shaft prox.  So 5 meters might become 500 or 5000 pusles of the sensor. Then create an array of length 600 or 6000.  I was usually using DINTS because I had to track more than just good/bad. Each prox pulse I check the bad sensor and load position 6000 of the array with a 1 or zero,  After that I COP Array[1] Array[0] moving everything one position. A little trail and error tells me that due to rounding errors and such the unload/stop position is actually 98 or 997 not the 10 or 100 I calculated. Hope this napkin description makes sense.  I'm sure it can also be adapted to using the encoder values. 
  6. @asteroidehk I am curious the PLC String tag you're trying to write to.  What is its .len data item value? If zero have you tried loading something non-zero and see what happens.
  7. Skimming the manual the conversion will be more or less straight forward. But a lot of reverse engineering what each graphic looks like from the codes. The device is similar to the Dataliner DL-40 which I converted to Panelview Plus back in 2010.
  8. I did find the user manual in the RA Knowledgebase —> @pturmel does this bring back memories?
  9. replacement units can be bought fot 5-6k --> and since radwell repars them, they can probably poit you to the software to maintain.
  10. Your Part Number is most likely 1784-T30C. I've never seen one, but RA has a case study on someone who repalced one here --> Good Luck it should be a fun job.
  11. Kustagon(AIRLEADER)

    did you try reaching out to adam kubec the owner of kustagon labratories? He has a profile and contact link on linkedin.
  12. So to clarify, do you know whuch application on which of the four screens is crashing, or is the client crashing and you don't kow which scren or app crashed?
  13. Never considered using it as a logic bomb like you were thinking, but when I was a System Integrator years ago and we were testing warehousing systems we'd build a rung that would load negative one into a timer preset when certain conditions where we wanted to examine system physical state visually existed.  the -1 tiimer preset would critical fault the plc.
  14. VFD Inventory Cycling

      Three drives of the same model when purchased in 2012.  VFD #0 went to the store room shelf in 2012 and onto the machine when VFD#2 failed in 2022. VFD #1 went to the store room shelf in 2012 and is still there.  VFD#2 was installed on the machine in 2012 and sent for refurbishment in 2022. The refurbishment included a new Control Board, New Fans and New Output Module.
  15. So I have Two VFD in my store room, both are Three Phase 480 VAC @ 25 HP drives. VFD #1 was bought in 2012 and still has it's factory seal intact. VFD #2 was received from the manufacturer as "remanufactured" in 2022 and is still factory sealed also. Now the questions? 1)     Which one would you pull to replace a drive that failed? 2)     Why did you choose the drive you did?