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  1. Rockwell licensing for multiple deployed systems

    Let me see if I can recap what I read from your post. 1.   You have an Integration or Automation Support Company. 2.    You have a stable of Five or so Engineers with licensed copies of Logix 5000. 3.    You have 100 plus remote systems to support for your End Customers, each requiring an update. I see you have two choices: 1.    Send Engineers to each site with the related travel expense.  Depending on distance and travel method this could be $500 - $10K per site. 2.   Choose a remote VPN solution {EWON, Rockwell Stratix, Cisco} and let the engineers remote upgrade each system. - This will bee $500-$2k per site depending on your approach.   Just my thoughts at first glance.
  2. Understanding the Virtual Machines

    @pturmel I had some issues with KVM and VirtManager / VIrtviewer connecting USB I/O to the VM but that was Fedora 18/19 era. Last two jobs I wokred have used VMware partially because of RA.
  3. PLC password crack - FATEK

    @GERRYJJERESANO Please review your agreement you assented to when you joined. HACKING OF PASSWORDS IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS FORUM. Please contact the manufacturer or their distributor with your issue --  
  4. I've seen good success with Cisco AnyConnect VPN especially when combined with MobilePass rolling authentication. But I am sure there are others equally good.
  5. String clearing

    @pturmel unless Rockwell has changed the behavior, setting the .LEN to zero hides the string from displaying, but the .DATA[x] registers retain their ascii values.  What @PlcAutomation recommends combined with a Mov 0 String.Len totally clears things.
  6. Click PLC with Badge Scanner

    I've never attempted this with a click, but the two times I did it with PCProx-PLUS Readers and AB PLCs we used Panelviews and connected to readers to the HMI and let the HMI by script pass the read data to the PLC.  Now this may be specific to that manufacturer, but I suspect Omnikey cna Click can provide sample code snippets for what you're trying to do.  I would suggest starting there.
  7. L18er embedded i/o not responding

    Great catch @pturmel - i totally missed the config issue.
  8. L18er embedded i/o not responding

    I have not worked with this specific PLC, but have worked with the 1734 Point IO family before.   1. Make sure that in your testing you did not disturb the module to module backplane.  Make sure they're tightly together left to right. 2. Make sure you have the Terminal Connectors on the face properly seated.  These can look seated and not be so double check this. If it's not those two things someone who has actually used the PLC may have other suggestions.
  9. 90-30 Series Old Program Returns

    Hopefully @Steve Bailey answered your question @mibuttic  . I created a new topic more suited to what you were asking, Should others encounter your issue.
  10. AS I read that help file @Joseph 0028 Active Homing when commanded starts the axis moving and completes the homing.  Passive Homing sets up for homing and when the axis is moved the homing happens,  
  11. New laptop - traps for young players.

    Nice Heads up - Thanks @BobB
  12. OSx "Big Sur" VMware fusion 11.5

    If you are asking for Instructions on how to install VMWARE on Windows 10, I'd suggest you first visit their website and read their instructions.  That will be the best first step. If you have some specific problem with Installing VMWARE on Windows 10 please open a topic/thread with the nature of the problem as the title.  You'll get more responses than tagging onto someone else's thread. IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR A COPY OF VMWARE OR WINDOWS 10 - NOT HERE ! PLEASE RE-READ THE MRPLC.COM TERMS OF SERVICE YOU ACCEPTED WHEN YOU JOINED THE SITE!
  13. Allen Bradley 5571 communication with DeltaV

    Explicit Message means you will find an MSG Instruction somewhere in your logic. The Communication Path of the MSG will point to the DeltaV by IP Address.
  14. Allen Bradley 5571 communication with DeltaV

    I have no experience with the Delta V, but usually what you describe will entail one of two possibilities on the 5571 side. A. The bools being transferred are contiguous to an existing bool set in the Delta V and all you need to do is edit the properties of a 5571 explicit MSG Instruction to bring over more bools. B. The bools being transferred are at a new address in the Delta V in chich case you must "clone" and existing explicit MSG command and edit it's properties to being over the new bools. This is all the suggestion I can make with the information you've given.  Others with Delta V experience may be more helpful when they respond.
  15. Mitsubishi PLC Management

    ask each vendor to provide a demo of them backing up your hardware. ive used MDT for 15 years at two different companies. Bringing it to a third later this year.