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  1. serial input string

    will this string always start with "G" ?  If so, Change your HMI input to be Float input and just add the G as a prefix visually If not, then a block move (BMOV) starting at the second register of your string address would drop the first characters. 
  2. Unknown operations

    Yeah if a pointer is calculated/used in more that one place then monitoring is bascially useless for the pointer & the registers its pointing.  there are 20 Z available but it seems everyone only uses Z0.  lol.  I will share a Z only if the functions are related & exclusive i.e. reading & writing from a array. Where only 1 option is ON at a time. 
  3. PLC Reset?

    Yes, you would want to add a start/end address that would be retained always. If memory space allows, i would just set this to the entire range of D. If not I typically would use 10,000 - end, that way I know the data location is up out of range with the rest of my address mapping. I believe the HMI can have it's own memory, but I don't utilize that so i am not 100% sure.  
  4. PLC Reset?

    Project navigation  PARAMETER > PLC Parameter.  Then select the device tab. Any data points listed under Latch 2 Start - End will remain through power outages / reset.
  5. YASKAWA v1000 plc

    I would check the physical motor install, verify bearings are good, check runout / alignment, things like that would cause the drive to be working too hard. Also recommend plugging into the drive and using the software to monitor the drives performance. it might point you in the right direction.
  6. Rural public water system in TROUBLE

      With that low number of I/O  I would bet its mostly an order of operations & timer based system. It might be a good idea to try to create a map of the functions you KNOW it does and build from there.  A scope or meter on the outputs to get a timing and order. if there is a HMI look for any settings / parameters.
  7. Data register lost when the power is off

    Glad to help.
  8. Data register lost when the power is off

    PLC Parameters > Device Tab. Set a start / end address for the Latch 1 / 2 as needed.  Latch 1 is data retained during power cycles but reset with Latch clear command. Latch 2 retains data always.
  9. PLC to PLC

    I created this program to help me remember how to set this up. EthernetLink.gxw
  10. Unconverted Ladder Code?

    Your screenshot shows un-compiled code (as well as an incomplete rung).  First complete the rung by tying Y0 contact to where it needs to go, probably a vertical line before /X1. Then compile your code <Compile Menu> <Build> (F4 - Shortcut), if you are online with a Running PLC than Shift+F4 for an online build.   Then save your file.  
  11. This ^ Set your button with two actions, one for the pump switch and another for window screen = 0.  
  12. GX Works 3

    you could try to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller. It includes extra steps after uninstall that scan registry and left over files for a true clean slate.
  13. Wire size <18awg

    UL508 : Standard for Safety of electrical control panels.   
  14. GT designer

    I believe if the programs are linked to a navigator file, you should first open navigator, and then open the HMI from there. It might be upset if you open the HMI file directly because navigator has the files linked.
  15. QJ71E71 100