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  1. Unconverted Ladder Code?

    Your screenshot shows un-compiled code (as well as an incomplete rung).  First complete the rung by tying Y0 contact to where it needs to go, probably a vertical line before /X1. Then compile your code <Compile Menu> <Build> (F4 - Shortcut), if you are online with a Running PLC than Shift+F4 for an online build.   Then save your file.  
  2. This ^ Set your button with two actions, one for the pump switch and another for window screen = 0.  
  3. GX Works 3

    you could try to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller. It includes extra steps after uninstall that scan registry and left over files for a true clean slate.
  4. Wire size <18awg

    UL508 : Standard for Safety of electrical control panels.   
  5. GT designer

    I believe if the programs are linked to a navigator file, you should first open navigator, and then open the HMI from there. It might be upset if you open the HMI file directly because navigator has the files linked.
  6. QJ71E71 100

  7. QJ71E71 100

    EthernetLink.gxw This program was my base for setting up a similar communication link.
  8. Internal relay M

    Little more detail in case you are new to the Mits PLCs M are basic internal relay bits.  D are basic internal Words L are Latched internal relays (their state remains through power cycles) X/Y Obviously inputs & outputs T are timers C are counters Z are pointer modifiers i.e. [MOV K150 D100Z1] would move value of 150 to D100+(Value of Z1), so if Z1 = 10, D110 would 
  9. Got 2000 button over button

    Could you instead make 1 button, but change the function in the PLC depending on the condition? You can even make the Text change based on the condition too. 
  10. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I had a similar symptom 2 years ago. We had a terminating resistor installed across DA-DG instead of the correct DA-DB.  Just one more option to check. 
  11. Counting chain links on a conveyor

    ---| Running Reverse | --- [ = Count K1 ] ---------------- [ MOV K3785 Count ]
  12. plcModule.ActLogicalStationNumber = {StationNumer you set in MX Component};     int result = plcModule.open(); //Open the comm port    
  13. Im checking in my my software guy. 
  14. Have you used these Balluff modules before?  I have one that I was testing on, but hit a road block when the CC-link card must be some version or newer in order to run data read/write commands. 
  15. I spoke with my programmer, here is the manual that he used to write our software.  Basically he uses GetDevice to read data less than 2 words, and ReadDeviceBlock to read greater than 2 words.   MX Component Programming Manual