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  1. D memory addresses dynamically with GX Works2

    Using an index pointer is possible.  [ MOV # z0 ] { Mov your index number to a Z pointer } [ MOV D100Z0 D0 ]  { Your Z pointer is the offset value from D100; if Z0 = 50, D150 will be moved to D0 }
  2. I/O Addresses.

    I made this little spreadsheet to help me relate buffer address to X / Y address.  CC-LinkAddressMap.xlsx
  3. That's great!  What was the missing detail that got the connection to work?   [ Posting the answer might help others who find this thread in the future ]
  4. Yeah i haven't used them in years either, i thought it was ~$600, but I still think its a solid turn key solution to offer up.  I know there are other options similar but I have only used them before and know they were reliable. 
  5. VPN is a software used to establish secure connections between two computers.  I HIGHLY recommend buying a commercial solution, as setting up a proper secure VPN may require some IT knowledge and insecure setup would put your systems at risk.  Reach out to your PLC supplier and ask what systems they have.    EWON is one example of these systems, the hardware installs in your machine, and they have a website based service that will access all of your connected systems https://www.ewon.biz/solutions/machine-connectivity/plc-connectivity https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/hms-networks/FLEXY20100-00MA/21407502 For a ~$1000 it gets you a secure solution. 
  6. I would recommend getting EWON or similar industrial VPN device.  These are dedicated VPN systems for your exact purpose.   
  7. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    I have not used that HMI brand before, but Modbus setup on the MB91 is pretty easy.  It will show up as an intelligent function module and have several setting windows.    Switch settings is for IP setup and pointing device assignment to the user settings Modbus device assignment tab will be how you set up blocks of addresses to be shared by the HMI and PLC 
  8. PLC Ladder change

    you can pull the file last modified date from the pc itself. depending how your system is setup, you might find some previous files info under the right-click menu. 
  9. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    How about an ethernet card, do you have a spare QJ71E71-100 laying around? 
  10. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    Any luck?    Do you have a spare CPU that you can load up the program and trial? 
  11. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    Chelton might be on to something . that should not be FFFFFFFFFFFFF just another thought.. when you wrote those ethernet settings, did you do a hard reset? [ Hold run swtich to left until rebooted ]  
  12. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    try to take a ethernet cable from a known good PLC connection and connect it to the troublesome one.  Could be a bad port in the switch.  I dont see anything in the configuration that looks wrong.    Im pretty sure the crossover thing is taken care by the ethernet port on the PC..  unless your PC is pretty old
  13. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    are you connected to wifi ?  It might be trying to ping over your active internet connected device instead of the ethernet port.  And check your Ethernet cables to/from that hub. A bad cable is a great way to beat your head against a wall for a few hours. 
  14. GT Designer3 How to draw overlaying objects

    OOOOOO  your rectangle was just a shape and not a lamp so it was drawing it behind your lamp to try and be helpful. 
  15. GX Works3 Forcing Analog IO

    Shift+Enter will bring up the "Modify Value" dialog box.