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  1. Difference SS1 and SS2 kinetix

    Hi guys,  Can someone explain me what is the difference between SS1 and SS2 instruction ? I read the help but its not so helpful for me.  THank you so much.
  2. Kinetix 6000 drive Gurad

    Hi,  Can someon help me with the following question. Like what makes a Kinetix 6000 drive a Guarded drive ? What type of safety stuff can you set to make it more safe.  Is it some parameter ? I am bit confused, by the manual. Should I active it in the PLC program or how ? Or it is some setting like a safe speed or torque.  I would really appreciate any help. Thank you so much ahead.  Have a great day, thanks for the reading.
  3. Kinetix 6000

    Hello guys!  Im using RS Logix 5000.  Can someone explain me what is the difference between when a servo is shutdown or disabled ?  I read the help but it says the same. I can assume it like when its shutdown, there is inside some circuit which is not allow the 3 phase for the drive.  Disabled is that when it have the 3 phase but nothing can happen ? Is there any difference with the break ? Like when its shutdown it can rotate until its slow down by itself or the break will be active ?  I tried to uplod a pic but it was not succesful. When you open a servo axis properties and you choose the Fault actions tab. You can find there these settings.    Thanks a lot. 
  4. Motion axis home

    Thank you so much your answer. So basically if there is no motion at the moment and if I choose active homing and the sequence is                     2a: immediate, then as soon as I hit the MAH command the actual position will change immediatelly for the home position. I made for this an example: I tried to drag here a pic but it doesnt worked. The pic shows in the trend like I hit the MAH command and the actual position change form 0 to 400. 400 is set in the Axis prperties homing tab. Also Im using an emulator right now, maybe that why I can see it like its a suddend movement. If it wont be an emulator it will be the same ? Or the motor would be rotate until its reach the position ?                      2b: By a swich in this case how do the servo knows which direction has to go ?                    2c: I see but same question as for 2b.                   2d: I see but same question as for 2b.                   2e: I see but same question as for 2b.   Passive: I dont really understand. I mean okay the axis its not moving but how or when will be the axis reach the home position.    Thanks again. Anyway Im using Studio 5000. I forgot to write it down before.  
  5. Motion axis home

    I have decided to write what is my understanding. At least you guys can see I have tried to understand it :). Active homing: THe Axis is on and when the instruction is set the actual position is immediatelly cahnge for the homing postition without moving the real motor.  If its true Why do we need the MRP instruction thats also overwrite the actual position without moving isnt it ?  Passive homing: If the axis is off and after it will be on again, we have to wait until the first impulse is coming from the encoder. If its set the actual position will be the homing position. Absolute homing : I have no idea, im confused.  Thanks again. 
  6. Motion axis home

    Hi guys! I need some help to understand what is the difference between an Active, Passive and an Absolute homing. Even if I read the manual still not clear for me. Can you please someone explain me this. If someone could post some pic for represetning it would be fabulous. THanks ahead.
  7. Servo safety

    Hi. I would like to ask that like you guys are when using a kinetix servo motor what type of safety conditions are possible ? I found a fault actions label. Is there anything else like between the parameters or so ? Thanks ahead. 
  8. servo auto tuning

    Hello Guys! I have couple of questions about tuning an ab servo motor. -Actually what does the drive or plc doing when I launch a servo auto tuning?  - What are the little boxes like position error integrator ? There are checkmarks in fornt of the lines. Can I choose the methode or something? I mean its not "auto" ? Why it is auto then ? - Can someone send me some basic literature where they explain me what these stuff acutally meaning ?  - What is the hook up test what for is good ?  -When you are doing a servo auto tune what are the parameters that you are monitoring and why ?  -I should do the auto without or with load ? Whats the difference ? I know there are so many question I would be so grateful if someone could help me with these answears, or even just with one. Thanks again. 
  9. Kinetix 6000; RSlogix 5000

    Hi guys!  I have several questions connected to kinetix 6000 servo amplifiers. I have a system with AB plc and AB kinetix servo drive. The communication is sercos. Earlier I was worked drives with ethernet communication. I think its better, I could monitor the parmeters durnig as its works. But with the sercos communication I am no longer to be able to do it. One of my question is that like it is possible to check the parameters somehow. I have some problem myabe with the overcurrent recently. But for now I even cant see what is the limit. Is it possible to find it somewhere ?   Also when Im watching the parameters in the RSlogix 5000 which is belongs to the servo drive. I can see a row like (servoname)axis fault code and (servoname) axis code. Is there any table where I can see which number belongs to which fault or status?  If anyone can help me I just appreciate ahead. Thanks Guys.            
  10. HMI user

    PanelView Plus 1250
  11. HMI user

    Hi! I would like to ask your help. I have a problem with an allen bradley touch panel. I would like to know which user is active. Like maintenance, administrator... Is there any dedicated tag to decide and  to convey it toward the plc (also ab). If there is none. Can anybody suggest an alternative solution ?  Thanks ahead in advance. 
  12. Convert ASCII to text, Studio 5000

    @BobLfoot  🙇 🙇  Thank you to fixing my poor explanation.
  13. Convert ASCII to text, Studio 5000

    Hello,    Create a new tag. The type has to be string. The string datatype have 2 kind of tag, the data and the length. Move the number how long do you need. Also when you create the datatype set the style to ascii.   I guess thats it. If you want I could send you an example ladder diagram.
  14. GP PRO proface programing

    Hello guys,  Can anyone help me about how to make a growing circle with proface program :). I would like to control it by a real tag or so on. Like if the real tag is getting bigger the circle has to be bigger too between a range. Unfortunatelly I didnt find any solution for this yet, maybe you guys are more experienced and someone could help me. Thanks ahead. 
  15. Measurement problem

    Hi guys! I need to measure a sheet thickness. The sheet is going through between rolls. As the sheets thickness changing the rolls getting rise or descend. I have an ultrasonic sensor. My problem is when the thickness is changing like From 1 mm to 2 mm the ultrasonic sensor signal is not changeing in a straight proportion. The sensor working well around at 2.5 mm. I tought about how to calibrate it correctly. If I put first 0.2 mm sheet then i not it down the value of the sensor then put 0.4 mm sheet And so on....and making little sections like how much is the sensor value and decide by my calculation. Do you know anyone a better solution for this ? Also you guys do you think it will work ? I should write the program in rs logix 5000.  Thanks in advance any idea or tips.