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  1. Install CX-One software in Win10

    I have Cx-One V4.27 standard DVD and currently am using for Win7 laptop. I need to migrate the software to newer laptop, but I’m having difficulties to install. Can it be installed in Windows10 OS? If not, what’d be the best to way to get the software for Windows10?   Thanks
  2. Vibration sensor recommendation

    Hi  I'm working on getting data of motor vibration and hydraulic flow for press machine. I plan to use AB PLC with IO-Link sensors and need some help on selecting sensors. For flow sensor, I'm thinking about keyence product, but i'm not sure about vibration sensors. (confusing with acceleration sensors..) Are there any recommendation about vibration sensors or how to select? Thanks
  3. Multiple IO-Link module

    Hi I'm currently using 1ea Balluff IO-Link master with compactlogix. i used AOI for IO mapping and it's working ok so far. I need to add two more same IO-Link masters and struggle with how to map I/O. What'd be the best set up if I have multiple IO-Link Master?   Thanks  
  4. CS1G-CPU43H connecting Kepserverex

    I did not know omron has another ethernet module. I just found out CS1W-EIP21, Ethernet/IP Module and it looks like I can have Gateway address to put. Is this one that I need or ETN21 can still have gateway address?
  5. CS1G-CPU43H connecting Kepserverex

    Michal Thanks for the explanation. This is really great I finally have the ETN21 unit and tried to set up today and have questions I do have other communication module, CS1W-SCU21-V1 (unit:0). * How do I add ETN21 to existing routing table? * Our IT wants me to put gateway address, but I don't see any Gateway selection in "Setting" tab * If I want static ip address for ENT21, do I need to change settings in "conversion box" at setting tab? Thanks in advance I think I'm not allowed to upload pictures here.
  6. CS1G-CPU43H connecting Kepserverex

    Hi I'm currently working on connecting to Omron PLC CS1G-CPU43H via Kepserverex software. We're trying to read data values from PLC such as Total OK part counts, Total NG part counts, and machine running/stop. I'm new to this field and need some help from you guys. I was told that I needed CS1W-ETN21 ethernet module for back rack (I have two open slots). * How do I install this module to PLC rack? Do I need to set up in CX-Programmer and CX-Integrator as well? * Kepserverex software has FINS ethernet dirver for Omron. Is this for CS1W-ETN21 module? * After connection has established, how do I read data from PLC via Kepserverex? Thanks for readng
  7. GE Quickpanel View upload project

    Hi I'm using GE Quickpanel view and we ususally copy the project to CF card and transfer it to new one if we have issues. This time, I need to modify the program and I do not have any backup file. Can I upload the file from HMI to modify? If so, how do I do that? So far, I can connect to HMI via ethernet
  8. Recover application from a GE QuickPanel

    How do I choose to include the project file?
  9. I'm trying to connect honeywell HC900 plc to Kepserverex for read/write data and i'm having difficulties to setup the connection. I have HC900 ethernet driver option for Kepserverex as well. Does anyone have experience or know how to set up the communication? Thanks
  10. MicroLogix 1500 with 1769-SDN Scanner Setup Issue

    Thanks for the reply. Let's say,...If I have one of those cable, would I still use the RSNetworx software to go online and set up??
  11. Hi, I'm using the MicroLogix 1500 with 1769-SDN DeviceNet Scanner module on slot2. The module is gone bad and replaced. Now I'm trying to set up the Dnet Scanner but I can not go to Online to see it in RSNetworx. In RSLogix500, I/O configuration is ok and it can be read via rs232 serial cable. In RSNetworx, to select the path, there's no scanner device under the PLC,  (## trouble with going online for Devicenet Scanner via RS232 serial ## What do I need to do get onlne??