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  1. I replied to your PM.
  2. RsLogix500 Windows 11

    I've been in the habit of running all of my automation software in virtual machines since about 2011 or so. If that's the only software you need, you could try it on Win11 and it will most likely be just fine even though it's not officially supported. If you ever need to run more software packages in the future, though, I would seriously recommend virtual machines.
  3. Factory talk view error

    There's a tech note (access level: TechConnect): Several things to try are listed there.
  4. Interesting...I'm not sure if I have that problem or not, but my test bench 1769-L33ER (v34.11) is 2.5 hours fast right now. It's been a while since I checked the CPU time, so it may have been drifting for a very long time.
  5. Communication PROFIBUS(master) + MODBUS(slave)

    Well, there I go not spending enough time reading the details...
  6. Communication PROFIBUS(master) + MODBUS(slave)

    Isn't that for a Profibus slave? OP wants to connect a Modbus RTU Slave to a Profibus Master
  7. Communication PROFIBUS(master) + MODBUS(slave)

    No personal endorsement, but I've seen other products from Anybus that seemed solid: Do you think that one might work? I checked ProSoft first but they only have Profibus to Modbus TCP, not RTU.
  8. Tia Portal Program Upload Error

    What version of TIA Portal are you using? Do you have WinCC Basic? I don't have that software any more, but I do remember it being version sensitive. But that may have changed with newer versions.
  9. open rss file

    Here's just lad 2. It printed the whole thing when just doing an individual ladder file. MTVAC35_Lad2.pdf
  10. open rss file

    That's crazy. The preview shows all rungs, and I could have sworn I double checked the pdf but it's not there.  
  11. I think you're going to have trouble with that distance. Just as a reference, I pulled up the guidelines for Rockwell drives (because they're handy) and the max distance they support with filtering varies by size and series of drive but maxes out at 365m or so.   Your distance is almost 6 times longer than that. Definitely reach out to your drive manufacturer for guidance. You may end up having to build an enclosure near the pond for the drive.
  12. open rss file

    Try this. "Microsoft Print to PDF" is pretty awful, it seems. Some pages ended up missing and the file size always seems huge. MTVAC35.pdf
  13. open rss file

    Hmmmm, that is weird. I told it to print the whole thing but it looks like it didn't work right. LAD 2 has 140 rungs. Let me try again with a different print driver.
  14. open rss file

    I just took the ".com" off the end and it opened. No symbols or comments, though. MTVAC35.pdf
  15. 1794-AENT Setup Issue

    I generally find myself using IPAssign from Phoenix Contact more than AB's Boot/P. It tends to work well at assigning the address. I then use RSLinx to disable DHCP.