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The purpose of this topic is to provide quick links to FAQ from first timer AB users. Please PM a moderator in this forum if you have a link or section that should be added to this topic.

Q: Are there any tutorials on this website for Allen Bradley?
A: There are a few that some of us have written, they can be found in the articles section of here.

Q: Where can I find the Allen Bradley manuals?
A: You can check here for latest manuals or some obsolete manuals might be found in MrPLC downloads here.

Q: Can I download the Allen Bradley RS Logix 500 software for FREE somewhere?
A: You can download RS Logix 500 for MicroLogix 1000 here.

Q: What is a good starter book for Allen Bradley I can read for FREE?
A: Hugh Jack has a great 800+ PDF book you can download and read, you can download it here.

Q: Does Allen Bradley have a support forum or something like that?
A: Allen Bradley has re-opened their forums here. Allen Bradley does have a knowledge base, which is where you should search first if you are having Allen Bradley problems. There are tons of whitepapers by AB and sample downloads also, you can access the AB KB here. If you can't find your solution in the KB, by all means post a question here, we will try and help out the best we can.

Q: Where can I go to download Devicenet, Controlnet, Ethernet I/P or other Allen Bradley network device EDS files?
A: Allen Bradley has a repository of EDS files which can be found here.

Q: I am looking for a programming cable 1747-PIC or a USB to RS232 programming cable for my SLC, Compactlogix, or Micrologix where can I buy one? A: Cables can be purchased for sale here.

-updated links July 19th, 2017

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