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  1. SMS messaging from a CJ2M-CPU31

    Thanks for the reply - will have a look at this over the weekend.
  2. Has anyone done SMS messaging from an Omron CJ2J-CPU31 PLC? If so could you help please. Omron here in Oz have not had any experience doing this and are unable to assist.
  3. NS Recovery

    Use an old camera to format it.
  4. CX Programmer 9.61

    Oh bugger - not too bad I trust.
  5. CX Programmer 9.61

    How did you go?

    The only way you will know what the problem is connect to the PLC and check the error log.
  7. CX Programmer 9.61

    Inputs start at channel 0 - outputs start at channel 100 for that PLC. So inputs will be channels 0 & 1 - outputs will be channels 100 & 101. Inputs are orange and outputs are yellow - standard with Omron. Inputs are ID - outputs are OD. Hope that helps you sort out your issues. Yes - the first input card is part of the processor. That PLC was discontinued many years ago by the way.
  8. CX Programmer 9.61

    Proecssor and what is in slots. Varies with processor.
  9. CX Programmer 9.61

    I have not seen one of these for many a long year - thought they had all died. Memory is fading. Somewhere in the software there should be a MOV function I think to move the screen page number into the notify area then the screen will change to that page. Hope this helps. As the PT Control Area is D0000 do a search for that address - it should appear multiple times to change the page on the screen.
  10. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    Nothing in my mail box.
  11. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    Hi proud Kiwi I bet after the test result today LOL. Will not let me allocate SB13 or map to a PLC bit - HELP!!!!
  12. Does CP2E-N Support Ethernet/IP?

    Nope - FINS.
  13. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    Thank you - will give it a go.
  14. I wish to use the alarm buzzer in an NS screen. I have not been able to find how to do what I want to do. There are about 200 alarms programmed into the screen from a PLC but I only require to use the buzzer for about 8 of them. The buzzer would also need to be muted. Any help appreciated.
  15. Omron CX-Programmer Address Management

    This has been answered elsewhere - poster by a different name?