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  1. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Check the DIP switch settings in the manual.
  2. Omron PLC diagnostics

    Which HMI? If Omron NS have a look at smart active parts.
  3. I have not ventured into SS yet but I find CX-One is absolutely no issue in straight Windows 10 x 64 bit at all. It has always worked well.
  4. Update Screen Time And Date From PLC

    Thanks Michael - I do remember that post now LOL. Will have a look - still cannot remember what I did.
  5. I have a CJ2M having the time and date being updated from an SNTP time server - working fine. There is an NS15 and an NB10 screens in the system. Both have to have their time and date updated from the PLC automatically. Any ideas? Have not been able to get it to work. By the way I have not even been able to update the time in the NB screen at all - I do not usually use these but it is for a customer who has used one. Any idea how to update the time and date at all even without this method?
  6. Windows 10 and CX-Programmer

    Ha ha! PITA hey?
  7. Windows 10 and CX-Programmer

    Yes - Smart Mode - turn it off and all is good.
  8. CJ2 has long real so does the CP1L.
  9. Time display formatting question

    Thanks for the reply. I will probabaly eventually have to tackle 'the dark side' and just trying to get my head around it a bit. The Schneider M580 is a very different beast to the predecessors as well - still have not got my head around that properly after doing a large job with the redundant processor one. It is all changing I guess.
  10. Time display formatting question

    I have never used these but in the CJ2M there is ANDW function which can be used as a mask and is really good. Is there nothing like this in the NA?
  11. 2 words - get this all the time without issue. Sometimes little endian/big endian can be a problem - just have to manipulate the data. Not hard.
  12. HMI Redundancy

    Have a look at the original post - NS15 - simple as that. I am using them right now on jobs - current model.
  13. Hello I have a problem with a hmi omron NT600m-DT211. I have to copy the program and do not know what software to use. I have NT-series soft but the starboard does not appear in the list. What to do?

  14. HMI Redundancy

    The HMI is stated to be an NS15 - still a current model.
  15. Why does the BCD Indirect not move data for me???

    In the symbol table select the receiving address as BCD.