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  1. Local bit LB 9175 has to be enabled to enable the web server. Does anyone know how to do this please? I have searched everywhere and cannot find ho w enable the bit.
  2. Sounds like you need to update studio.
  3. The mask only allows 2 digits through the mask - the other 2 digits are masked/blocked. Therefore you only have to move 2 digits with MOVD. believe me it works - I do it all the time.
  4. You can use a mask - then shift bits around to put them where you want. ANDW #00FF A352 D2000 will move hours into D2000. ANDW #FF00 A351 D2001 will move I think it is minutes into D2001. They will be on the left of the word. MOVD D2001 #12 D2002 will move the value to the right had side of the word. Hope this is what you require.
  5. Modbus SCU Function block

    Time out addition did not help - still no response. Back to PMCR - have to get it done.
  6. Modbus SCU Function block

    Did not set the timeout - everything else is correct. Did not think timeout would matter - will give it a go. Otherwise back to PMCR - pressure on of course and no time to fiddle. Thanks for looking and helping.
  7. Modbus SCU Function block

    Hi Chelton - will give it a go - I did not think the quantity would matter as I am using the done bit but nothing is coming back so do not know why the done bit is turning on. This lot is power monitors - I have another lot for AOP sterilisers and another lot for VSDs. All on their own serial ports but there are quite a few reads from the drives as well.   I just put a set bit in and then a .2 timer in front of the read bit and the timer also reset the bit. Slowed things down - no result either. Puzzled. Back to PMCR I think.
  8. Modbus SCU Function block

    Here is a section of the program I have written. The done bit is used as a differentiated contact to operate the step flag. That all works but no data coming back at all. No errors either. hopefully someone can help. I do not often get stuck over a problem - stuck this time. Modbus RTU Problem.cxp
  9. Has anyone used the Modbus RTU for SCU function block from Omron France at all? I have written a heap of code and getting done bits back and moving on to the next read fine but there is no data coming back. I have uploaded the function block here as well. I have not uploaded the code at the moment - there is a hell of a lot of it. The processor is a CJ2M-CPU35 - big boy. Ran out of memory with a lesser processor. May have to go back to the PMCR system if no one can help.
  10. I believe it means that the program is system  version 7.4 and the HMI is a lower system version.
  11. CP1L Unknown IP

    You could try this.
  12. No that is for a 9 pin host link. Still working - will have a look tonight when home.
  13. You will need to make up a cable - non standard. Somewhere in the files section there is an article on how to make the cable. No time to find it right now - going to work.
  14. No - one of these. You will probably have to take the terminal blocks off a couple of those card to get it to fit though or buy a stand off adaptor - cannot remember the catalogue number. I have all this old stuff in my shed - have not used it in 15 years.