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  1. Omron IR memory with Citect

    1200.00 to 1200.15 is CIO.
  2. Multiple Modbus RTU Reads

    Thanks Michael - yes - memory has been moved and expanded to E.
  3. Wrap text

  4. Wrap text

    When editing rung comments in CX-P how do you wrap text to the next line? Line is getting too long and text needs to start on the next line. Like this LOL. Enter does not work but closes the dialog window.
  5. Multiple Modbus RTU Reads

    Oooh - no takers? Surprised. Michael Walsh?
  6. I normally use the PMCR system for Modbus RTU reads but have an absolute heap on this job I am working on (4 serial cards - stuff from everywhere) so have decided to use the function block method - it will be easier. Attached is a file which is my method that I hope will work for a small part of the job. I have used a counter to step the reads and a bit counter to count the done bits and step the counter on to the next read. Not sure if this will work but assume that when a done bit turns on and the counter moves to the next read the done bit will turn off and then when the next read takes place that done bit will turn on and step the counter again. If any of you have used this before would you mind checking my code please. If it will not work I do not want to be programming a heap of stuff that will not work. Thanks for any comments. Modbus Sample.cxp
  7. Connect a CJ1M-ETN21 as slave Modbus TCP
  8. Advanced HMI to CX-Programmer

    I understand Advanced HMI has an Omron driver.
  9. CP1L via ModbusTCP to Vacon100/Danfoss

    Use the Modbus function block as above - it works with a bit of manipulation.
  10. String shift register

    I strongly recommend using ANDW as described for separating the time segments - I use it all the time.It is seamless.
  11. Ethernet Reset

    Raw CIP - eeek! Last time I did that was donkey's years ago on Device Net. Not for the faint hearted. Do not even have it now - old computer crashed.
  12. MOV &0000 D100 will clear it.
  13. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Michael - thanks - will give it a go.
  14. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Michael I did not enable run as I do not need it. I did enable basics and from the initial value page tried to enable bit 14 but it will not enable - will not turn on. That is what I was referring to.
  15. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    'err' to 'on' - where? I thought from the page checking basics and the selecting on or off would do it but cannot select on.