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  1. Connect a CJ1M-ETN21 as slave Modbus TCP
  2. Advanced HMI to CX-Programmer

    I understand Advanced HMI has an Omron driver.
  3. CP1L via ModbusTCP to Vacon100/Danfoss

    Use the Modbus function block as above - it works with a bit of manipulation.
  4. String shift register

    I strongly recommend using ANDW as described for separating the time segments - I use it all the time.It is seamless.
  5. Ethernet Reset

    Raw CIP - eeek! Last time I did that was donkey's years ago on Device Net. Not for the faint hearted. Do not even have it now - old computer crashed.
  6. MOV &0000 D100 will clear it.
  7. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Michael - thanks - will give it a go.
  8. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Michael I did not enable run as I do not need it. I did enable basics and from the initial value page tried to enable bit 14 but it will not enable - will not turn on. That is what I was referring to.
  9. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    'err' to 'on' - where? I thought from the page checking basics and the selecting on or off would do it but cannot select on.
  10. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    OK - tried it out today. Selected basics but it appears one has to click on each individual item to enable ii "on" or "off" - cannot click on these at all and enable them. $SB has been allocated to channel 700. Turn on 700.14 in the PLC and nothing happens.
  11. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    figured it out mate - will be onsite doing tomorrow. Will let you know how I go.
  12. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Ta chelton - found it.
  13. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Hi lostcontrol - do you mean as in a macro or something like that?
  14. The only thing I can find in help re using the buzzer is to use a multi function button. I want to use the buzzer as an alarm buzzer and turn on $SB13 or $SB14 from a bit in the PLC. Can anyone help please?
  15. 2 x CJ2M-CPU31 and Ethernet IP

    Thanks Michael - I think I will have to go to a dedicated PLC for this unfortunately. Schneider have the M580 and Emerson appear to have one as well. Will investigate further today.