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    In my opinion the control system for an elevator spanning 50 floors is a task for an OEM of elevators and does not qualify as a DIY project.
  2. transfer program from cpu350 to series 90-30

    What programming software are you using? Do you have a backup copy of the program?
  3. RX3i I/O cards that can be used in a 90-30 system

    I believe if there is a matching IC693XXXnnn part number to the IC694XXXnnn part number, the IC694XXXnnn module can be installed in the 90-30 rack.
  4. PAC ME - Hardware Configuration Not Equal

    I'm a little troubled by that statement. I've never had PME prevent me from downloading logic when hardware configuration shows not equal. Please explain. 
  5. APM Motion Programmer v1.51

    Does your application use separate motion programs 1 through 9? That's about the only thing you need motion programmer for. Anything else can be done in hardware configuration. That includes creating a 20-step motion program zero.
  6. Quick Panel 2 Upload Problem

    I have Quick Designer version 3.4 installed on an XP virtual machine. When I start a new project the CTC binary protocol is not among the options. My experience with the Quick Panel product line is from after they were acquired by GE. Perhaps GE did not include full support for Total Control Product's entire suite of communications protocols when they bought them. Have you tried contacting Proface? They may have better support for the vintage QP lineup. Note: I composed this response after I replied to your private message at
  7. Ge Quickpanel view Model#ES0821

    I don't recognize that part number. GE branded Quick Panel View part numbers start with IC754. 
  8. 90-30 Series Old Program Returns

    In Proficy Machine Edition software, open the hardware configuration for the PLC and double click on the CPU module. The field labeled "Logic/Configuration from" will probably be set to "PROM". Set it back to "RAM" and then download the revised configuration to the PLC. The PLC must be stopped while you download the configuration.
  9. 90-30 Series Old Program Returns

    This is an old thread and your question isn't really related to the original topic. But, the most likely reason for what you're experiencing is that the CPU is configured to load its program from flash memory when RAM memory is blank. You will need to clear flash memory or change CPU configuration.
  10. GE Versamax PLC to Rockwell FTView SCADA

    I have never set up FT View communications with anything, so I don't speak from experience. Nor do I know what FT View calls the tools they give the user to set up communications. I do know that SRTP is the name of a GE ethernet communications protocol. So establishing communications using it should be possible. To start, I would leave all settings other than the IP address at their default values since that is most likely what Rockwell used when they validated their offering.
  11. GE Versamax PLC to Rockwell FTView SCADA

    It should be simple to set up. All you need is an ethernet port on your PLC. Of course you will need to know the IP address and its on you to properly configure the network so that the computer running FT View is on the same subnet as the PLC.
  12. LM90-30 Load Program from PLC to Programmer

    In Logicmaster, the name of the project file you select in the computer running LM90 needs to match the name of the program in the PLC in order to be able to make a connection. The exception to that rule is when the project file is named "Temp". So, if you don't already have a project file with that name, create one. If one already exists, select it, then you will be able to pull the program from the PLC to the "Temp" project file(upload). You can then save it as the correct name. The variable names and rung comments are not saved in the 90-30 PLC's memory so when you upload all you will be able to see are addresses.
  13. Upload failed

    I've just about run out of ideas. The inability to upload either ladder logic or hardware configuration while still being able to upload data tables suggests that an OEM password is in place. But the message from Logicmaster is not what I've seen when I try to upload from a CPU with an OEM password. Another possibility is that the original programmer could have chosen to lock one or more of the program blocks. Program blocks can be view locked which prevents anyone from or edit locked which prevents anyone from modifying them. View locks and edit locks can be passworded or permanent. There is also the possibility that the program was not written in ladder logic, but in that case I think you can still upload the hardware configuration.
  14. Upload failed

    What CPU model?
  15. Upload failed

    What port on what module are you using for communications? The ports on a communications coprocessor module (IC697CMM711) can't be used for program upload or download.