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  1. Error 8287 Upload Ge Fanuc 90-30

    The upload process extracts the entire program. You can't exclude individual program blocks from the upload. Also, the uploaded program will not have any variable descriptions or rung comments. What software was used to create the backup project file you have? If you imported a Logicmaster or VersaPro project file into Proficy, when you go online with the PLC it will always show as not equal due to the change in software platform. You have to perform a download to achieve logic equality, even if the project file you imported is actually the same as the program running in the PLC. Try this. Open your backup project and try to find the offending rung in the subroutine. Correct the rung. Then get another CPU module. Download the corrected program to it and use it in place of the existing CPU350 to make sure if it correctly controls your machine. That way, if the backup program isn't the latest, you still have the correct version on the original CPU. Be sure to attach a battery to the CPU module when you remove it from the rack.
  2. 90-30 Rack Modules repeated loss/gain

    Since all of the modules in the rack are simultaneously dropping out and reappearing, the next most likely culprit is the baseplate and not the individual modules. Check also to make sure the expansion cables are tightly connected to the rack.
  3. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    I have to concur with your conclusion. Unfortunately I know nothing about configuring a Beckhoff PLC so I can't offer any suggestions. The checksum calculation is a check on the integrity of the data transmitted between the two devices. The sending device includes a two-byte checksum in the message it sends. The receiving device performs the same calculation on the message it receives, compares the checksum it calculates against the checksum it receives, and returns a fault response if they don't match. That was the basis of my questions about Modbus RTU vs Modbus ASCII and byte swapping. The checksum calculation for a Modbus RTU transaction is different than the checksum calculation for Modbus ASCII. The checksum calculation will be different if one device takes the low byte of each message word before the high byte and the other device takes the high byte before the low byte.
  4. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    The port setup looks OK. What command were you sending to the Beckhoff? The error code suggests that the checksum returned by the RTU slave is incorrect. If the Beckhoff shows a similar error when it receives the command from the VersaMax, it sounds like a difference in the way the checksum is calculated. Are you sure the Beckhoff is using Modbus RTU and not Modbus ASCII? Have you tried using Modbus master software running on your PC to test the Beckhoff's response? Edit: Or could the Beckhoff be interpreting the bytes in the opposite order of the way the VersaMax does?
  5. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    Based on the error code you received, double check that the number of data bits and stop bits is set the same on both the VersaMax and Beckhoff. Also the parity setting. 
  6. Control List Rockwell, GE, AutomationDirect

    The GE (now Emerson) Quick Panel supports ListBox objects which will jump to the first match in the object list as you enter characters. 
  7. NWS API Data Pull

    Yeah, I checked. All they have available is flow. The NWS is primarily concerned with flow so they can forecast when a river might reach or exceed flood stage.
  8. NWS API Data Pull

    Where can I find what data is available from that NWS location? One of my customers gets alternative energy credits for using process steam for feedwater heating. They don't have a functioning temperature sensor on the incoming water line so they've been using a conservative constant value. If the NWS database includes water temperature along with flow they might be able to use that. There shouldn't be too much of a temperature difference between Housatonic river water at Coltsville and the Pittsfield city water main under Dalton Avenue coming from the Cleveland Reservoir.
  9. How long have you been at Crane currency? And how does a wizard get a security clearance? I've only ever done a small amount of work there, and never on anything related to currency. Back before Crane sold it to Neenah, there was a GE Series Six on a line at Government mill. I got called in a couple of times on it.

    I retired four years ago but I still do some occasional work at the plant that generates steam for you, Community ECO Power, the successor to Covanta. In fact I have to go in Thursday to prepare a monthly report for alternative energy credits. I'm not sure if Dave Boino is still working, but he and I used to work at Beloit Corp. (now GL&V) in Lenox. I used to work with Joe Giardina and Mark Rice when they were at Covanta.

    A few years ago Crane and Covanta teemed up on a project to burn sludge from a settling pond. I did some of the controls work on the equipment to pump the sludge from the pond to the tanks at Covanta and to inject it into Covanta's combustors. The project was not a success. It turned out there was high concentration of lead in the sludge which exceeded Covanta's permitted level.


    Steve Bailey

  10. Upload PLC program

    This sequence is from Proficy version 7.0. It may have changed a little in later versions. Go online with the PLC. From Proficy's "Target" menu, select "Online Commands". Then select "Show Status". In the pop-up that appears, choose the "Protection" tab to get to the menu where you can change your access level. 
  11. Forum problems

    Perhaps the owners are starting to pay attention. The notice that Chelton cited when he started this thread no longer appears. It sure would be nice if someone from the ownership posted once in a while to let us know what's happening.
  12. Hey fellow Berkshire resident.  I'm working at Crane Currency in Dalton, MA now, you?

    1. Steve Bailey

      Steve Bailey

      I'm located in Clarksburg. I still work a couple of days per month at the Community Eco Power plant in Pittsfield which supplies steam to you. Now that I'm retired they are one of two of my former regular customers that I'm still willing to say yes to when they ask me to come in. How long have you been at Crane? 

  13. Forum problems

    Agreed. It doesn't seem like the owners care about the forum any more (if they ever did). There are no links to the forum from the home pages PDFSupply, Apex Waves, Wake Industrial, Ax Control, or Do Supply.
  14. Recover application from a GE QuickPanel

    To include the project file in the download, look at the properties of the HMI target. Under the "Project Recovery" item in the list of properties, select anything other than "Disabled".
  15. Quickpanel Password

    A new QP View comes out of the box with an administrator login name of "master" and a password "control". The password may be changed by the programmer of the runtime application, but have you tried logging in with it?