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  1. Quickpanel Password

    A new QP View comes out of the box with an administrator login name of "master" and a password "control". The password may be changed by the programmer of the runtime application, but have you tried logging in with it?
  2. GE Series ONE program listing

    It was never "taken over" by Koyo. It was always a Koyo product brand labeled as GE, then TI, then Siemens when it bought TI's PLC business. Eventually PLCs became enough of a commodity item that Koyo was able to start PLC Direct to market their products directly to the end consumers without going through a network of distributors and factory reps. Then they broadened their range of products and changed the name to Automation Direct. 
  3. GE Series ONE program listing

    SOR (Set Out Reset) is a one-shot coil. When the controlling logic is true the coil and all contacts associated with it are true for one program scan. Controlling logic must go false and then true again to get another pulse. D630 is a special sequencer contact associated with the CNT instruction addressed to address 630. The -] [- contact addressed to D630 #0001 is true when the accumulated value in CNT 630 is equal to 1. The -] [- contact addressed to D630 #0016 is true when the accumulated value in CNT 630 is equal to 16, etc. I don't blame you for wanting to replace it, but you can still buy replacement parts from Automation Direct. The product formerly known as the GE Series One (also the TI305 and Siemens/TI305) was manufactured by Koyo and is now sold as the DL305.
  4. FANUC servo amplifier

    I don't believe you can rotate an alpha or beta motor without a motion controller connected to the amplifier. But it has been several years since I used them so things may have changed.
  5. FANUC servo amplifier

    As far as I know every model Alpha and Beta amplifier has a set of motors it is compatible with. Generally the recommendation is to pair alpha motors with alpha amplifiers and beta motors with beta amplifiers for best performance even though there is some cross-compatibility between alpha motors and beta amps and beta motors and alpha amps. What kind of testing are you anticipating doing? What controller are you planning to use? Alpha and beta amps do not have any inherent motion control capability.
  6. Gender Neutral Electrical Connector

    Would you be willing to identify the "very large city government agency"? Because without specificity it sounds suspiciously like an urban legend.
  7. LM90 upload

    Those files are backup files created by Logicmaster. Here's a method to use them. First, using Logicmaster, create a new folder using the correct name. Save it. Then go into edit mode and when Logicmaster asks if you want to make a backup, answer 'yes'. Add a rung of logic. It doesn't matter what you put in it. It will be overwritten when you restore from the backup files. Save your edits and exit Logicmaster. Now locate the project folder with Windows Explorer. The normal location is C:\LM90\Myfolder. You should also see C:\LM90\myfolder\Backup. That 'Backup' directory was created by Logicmaster. Copy and paste the PKA, PKC, PKL, PKO and PKR files into the C:\LM90\myfolder\Backup directory. Let the paste procedure overwrite the existing files. Reopen Logicmaster, launch your project and use Logicmaster's restore procedure.
  8. LM90 upload

    You'll need to run Logicmaster on an older computer running nothing newer than XP. Best success will be on a machine with  real serial port. I've not had much success uploading/downloading with Logicmaster through a USB/serial converter. Once you have Logicmaster running you can connect to any of the three serial ports. The two ports with cables connected in your picture are RS485. The unconnected port 1 I RS232. Are you sure the program in the PLC was created using Logicmaster? If it was created with VersaPro or Proficy Machine Edition, Logicmaster won't be able to open it.
  9. GE Proficy Machine Edition Licence replacement.

    You may not have to upgrade your version of PME unless you want to. You should be able to continue at your current PME version with the new dongle. The licensing software is available as a separate download. At least it used to be before Emerson took over.
  10. GE Proficy Machine Edition Licence replacement.

    Contact Emerson support. They can issue a replacement. But the dongle that works for version 7.0 is not the current style. You may wind up getting a newer style dongle and have to upgrade to the latest Proficy licensing.
  11. communication with VersaMax ic200cpue05

    I'm pretty sure that utility only works with PAC systems CPUs like the Rx3i. I don't believe it works with VersaMax CPUs.
  12. 90-30 Connection

    What CPU does your new project default to and what CPU do you want to use? If the PWR321 power supply is not compatible with the CPU module it won't show up in the catalog. I think the default CPU for a new 90-30 project is the CPU374 which requires a high capacity power supply like the PWR330. You need to double-click on the "Set temporary IP address" to launch the tool. It allows you to enter the MAC ID of the module and assign an IP address to it. The address you assign will not survive a power cycle. Once you have assigned one you will need to download a hardware configuration to the CPU to make it persistent.

    The GE PLC product line has been acquired by Emerson. The software you need is called Proficy Machine Edition. The lowest priced version of it will be sufficient for the model PLC you have. You need to get in contact with a local distributor to arrange for a download from the support site.
  14. Analog Input Module not talking.

    There is no requirement that analog input modules and analog output modules be installed in pairs. Did you download the new configuration to the NIU? Did you get an indication in the feedback zone that the download was successful? How are you communicating with the remote I/O? If you are using EGD, did you modify the appropriate produced and consumed EGD exchanges?
  15. IC200MDL742 Digital Output Module

    Terminals 17 and 18 are for the external supply required to power the outputs. If it is still showing voltage after you turn off a breaker, it sounds like that breaker doesn't interrupt all DC power. You need to check the wiring diagram for your system to find the supply for those terminals.