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  1. CCM card in series six rack

    What baud rate are you trying to use? Not sure whether or no it applies to the Series Six, but I remember in the 90-30 they recommended no faster than 9600 baud when using both ports of the CMM311 module. Also, is the CCM2 module located in the slot in the CPU rack where it doesn't need any logic in the PLC program, or does it require a rung to open the communications window? If the latter, would it require a separate rung of logic for each port? All of these questions are coming from my dim recollection of serial communications with a Series Six. It has been years since I had to do it. 
  2. Help with rx3i Modbus

    I posted a few questions for the OP at Phil Melore's site. An occasional blink of the LED on the Modbus slave port, suggests that the slave doesn't understand the command being sent by the master. It could be due to a mismatch of port settings. It could also be due to the master sending a command to a slave with a different Modbus ID than what you've set up the CMM002 for. 
  3. outputs off none off outputs on

    I'm afraid I don't fully understand your question. You might be asking if there is a way to run the program with all outputs disabled. The answer to that is, yes. You have the option to run the program with outputs enabled or disabled. You can also force individual outputs on or off. Forcing is a two-step process. First, you force the output. That action freezes it in its current state, regardless of what the program may tell it to be. After forcing you can turn it to whichever state you desire. Forcing can only be done to discrete (on/off) outputs. You can't force an analog output to a value different than what the program commands. 
  4. Unable to go online

    One other possibility: Are you running PAC Machine Edition in a virtual machine? Sometimes the COM port number assigned in the VM does not match the COM port number assigned by the host machine. If there are any LEDs on you USB/serial adapter, watch them while you are trying to establish communications. Any occasional blink of one of them indicates an attempt to communicate with no response. No LED activity indicates a mismatch between the port Machine Edition is using and the port used by the converter. 
  5. Unable to go online

    It is possible that the latest version of the PAC Machine Edition software from Emerson is incapable of communications with the old CPU311. That particular model has been out of production for several years. But I would not put that as the most likely possibility. As pturmel notes, the details of your cable connection are important. The port on the power supply is RS485, while the majority of USB/serial converters are USB/RS232. Please tell us what you are using. Also, in the navigator panel, right click on the "Target1" and open up the properties window. Scroll down to the "Physical Port" item and make sure the selected COM port number matches the COM port assigned to your USB/serial converter. That's just a quirk of the software. The first instance of the part number is in the field for the backplane. In your case, you have a model that includes the CPU in the backplane instead of as a separate module.
  6. PME 8.60 Software license.

    In case you did not already know. Once the 4-day grace period expires, you can uninstall it and then reinstall to get another four days. No limit on the number of times you can do it while you're waiting for your license activation.
  7. PME 8.60 Software license.

    GE sold their PLC product line to Emerson several years ago. Proficy version 8.6 is a few revisions old. I believe the current version from Emerson is 9.8. They dropped the "Proficy" name. I think they call the software PAC Machine Edition. Many of the distributors who handled the product when it was GE continue to offer it now that Emerson owns it, but I don't know the situation in your area. If the links that BobLfoot provided can't help you, try contacting Emerson.
  8. Ancient QuickPanel

    I have Quick Designer version 3.4 installed on an old Windows NT laptop. When starting a new project, it only lists "QPJ" and "QPK" for the Quick Panel Jr. series. For the larger units it will list QPI-2xxxxx and QPI-3xxxxx as options.  So, not really an answer to your question, only reinforcement of my assessment that you'll need some version of Quick Designer. Another thing, if the original programmer of the unit chose to not include the source files when he downloaded the project to the HMI, there is nothing available for you to upload. I don't what message Proficy shows when that is the case, but it is possible that's what you're faced with. Also, are you using the special download cable? The programming port on the Quick Panel is not RS232. The official download cable includes a voltage converter. Again, I'm not sure if the message you got from Proficy is related to cable incompatibility. Are you sure the COM port number assigned to whatever PC port you're using matches the port number that Proficy is trying to use?  
  9. Ancient QuickPanel

    You're most likely going to need Quick Designer software. If Proficy 5.6 doesn't go back that far, I doubt any earlier versions will. I have a Quick Panel manual dated 1994 which I got when GE acquired the product line. It only lists QPJ-2xxxx model numbers. My corresponding Quick Designer manual is for version 3.4. I don't think I have Quick Designer installed on any of my functional computers any more, but I will check tomorrow to make sure, or try to install it on an XP virtual machine to see what models it supports.
  10. IC200EBI001 firmware upgrade problem

    It has been several years since I had to perform an upgrade, but the obvious things to check are the IP addresses of the PC and the EBI002 and the port number for FTP transfers.
  11. Why some older cards not seen on hardware setup

    I have several versions of PME. Send me a PM with your email address and I can pass one along to you. The same timeout applies to PME. It will run fully functional for four days. After that, you have to uninstall/reinstall to restart the four-day clock.
  12. Proficy POSCON issue (Emerson PLC) PAC software

    I'm not aware of an y issues using a variable associated with an input module on a POSCON instruction. Could there be something else in logic continuously making the variable associated with the RESET instruction true? Is the rung showing weird behavior in a program block that isn't being called? For debugging purposes, try adding a counter in parallel with the reset coil instruction and see if it increments with each transition of the input point.
  13. VersaPro Online Edit

    When you do an online edit in GE, VersaPro writes the edited program block to available memory in the PLC. When that is done, it resets a pointer that defines the start of the program. That's how it allows you to send an edited program without having to stop the PLC. As BobLFoot suggests, not all CPUP models support the technique. If you don't break up your program into subroutine blocks, and the program uses more than half of the memory, then you have to stop the PLC to download modifications. 
  14. Why some older cards not seen on hardware setup

    I can't think of any reason why those part numbers would not appear among the selections. They have all been in the catalog since day 1 and they aren't obsolete. Are you sure you are working in a 90-30 project? Can you see other 90-30 modules in the list? Perhaps try uninstall/reinstall of VP.
  15. Emerson (Prophecy) vs. Rockwell (A-B) Lets be real...

    It's not a zero-sum game. Learning the Emerson software doesn't mean you unlearn Rockwell. In my opinion, a resume showing experience with multiple brands is better than one with only a single brand. Every brand has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to get the job done by taking advantage of the strengths great. Getting the job done despite the weaknesses is even more important. You don't win points with the boss by saying, "If you had chosen my preferred brand, I would have been finished by now". GE's PLC market share was, in large part, based on the fact that all GE divisions specified that GE products be used in any equipment purchased for their plants. Given their large footprint, that's a pretty good base to start from. Now that Emerson owns the PLC product, I don't know whether the corporate mandate is still in force.