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  1. I’ve used bobs suggestion above. Works well. Also, Rockwell has a new bootp software that seems more stable than the bootp tool. It’s called Ethernet commissioning tool
  2. power flex 525 multi speed

    Terminal 1 to 11 is the stop command which is NC. When you reach your target position, open terminal 1. I assume this will come from your plc
  3. Anyone with Powerflex electronic gearing experience?

    Use QA13283 instead. The technote you provided states that the content of that technote only applies to T drives
  4. Anyone with Powerflex electronic gearing experience?

    That technote applies to 755T drives not 755 drives. Are you using a T drive?
  5. Anyone with Powerflex electronic gearing experience?

    I agree that rotate is better than static for FV and SV modes. Static tune populates motor characteristic parameters like IR voltage drop which isn't used in V/Hz modes. So Rotate and Static only apply to SV and FV modes. Econ mode is technically part of SV. So the mode matters here. Inertia tune populates total inertia which is only used by Flux vector modes. If you read the description for parameter 76 which is populated during the inertia tune, it even states this. If you read the description for load observer parameters, it also states that it's only used in Flux vector modes, so the mode does matter. Here is right from the manual: Inertia Tune (4) – A temporary command that initiates an inertia test of the motor/load combination. The motor will ramp up and down while the drive measures the amount of inertia. This option only applies to FV modes selected in P35 [Motor Ctrl Mode]. Final test results should be obtained with load coupled to the motor. Anyway, getting to Kenny's question, I'm not sure what issues you're referring to in firmware with gearing. Do you have a technote that talks about this issue? If you are using FV mode, it is best to get an inertia tune completed. If this is not, the default of total inertia in parameter 76 will be default of 2.0 which will then affect your speed bandwidth in parameter 636. I've had projects where an inertia tune was simply not feasible so I either left 76 at default and adjusted 636 manually or played with the inertia until I got something acceptable. You can also adjust the kp and ki of the speed loop manually if 636 = 0. Hope this helps you.
  6. Anyone with Powerflex electronic gearing experience?

    Static and rotate tunes populate the same parameters. Inertia tune is something completely separate and only comes to play in FV modes. The main difference of static vs rotate is the measuring of flux current. Static uses a lookup table whereas rotate measures it. You may need rotate tune for some motor types like pm for the offset tests for the encoder. You can run the master independently from slave but just know that they will become in un synchronized. Sounds like for your tables that won’t matter though. If it does, you’ll just have to rehome the master to re synch to slave

    You can manipulate tags with RSLinx used as a DDE or OPC topic. Is that what you mean?
  8. Positioning PowerFlex 525

    Can you place your .iuux file here?
  9. Powerflex 700s data

    Can you explain what inject a file to the 700s means?  Are you trying to download parameters?
  10. Ramp program for rslogix500

    What drive are you using?
  11. AB 753 Drive output signal failure

    Easiest thing is to compare parameter 1 and 2. If they match then revisit where the reference is coming from. If they don’t, use the block diagrams in the manual to see where the signal is being changed
  12. CCW V13.0

    Have you tried updating RSLinx?
  13. CCW Developer and Developer ESD

    ESD stands for electronic software delivery. It has to do with licensing and subscription. Logix has the same thing. I believe it has to do with the type of contract you have with Rockwell
  14. CCW V13.0

    What is your OS and version of RSLinx?
  15. PF527 syncronizing, not connecting

    Are you using managed switches?