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  1. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    @asteroidehk  the revisions available of the drive offline are based on installed databases. Studio 30 and below use drive tools databases and 31 and up use CCW databases. If revisions are missing, update your databases files from PCDC. In any case, I think your drive is still fine to use and can be brought up to current active status by replacing the mature 20 comm e with enetr and flash updating the drive if you want to fix any known corrected anomalies. 
  2. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    A Powerflex 753 is not discontinued. A comm-e might be. Just flash up the drive to v14 and you can use a 20-750-ENETR to replace the comm-e. This change will require the profile to be deleted and added as a 753 via enetr. All 750 drives are forward compatible to the latest revision
  3. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    This answer can go many ways. If you can download to the plc, it’s easiest. Hopefully the parameters are saved in the plc. Inhibit Io connection. Go offline then simply download from the drive tab or synchronize. The method here depends on logix version since the AOP changed. This will auto change the drive revision in the project and send the parameters down. If you can’t download, a him copycat is easy if you have a HIM. Make sure to upload all ports and not just a single port. Note that the revision of the drive and plc will mismatch which will not allow you to use the aop but the io connection is still made   technote below may help too https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/615067 @BobLfoot downgrading is possible but may not help if he needed to go to a non secure fw which isn’t possible anymore. It really comes down to the use of the AOP. Any newer version will make an IO connection assuming keying isn’t exact but opening the AOP will show the red X or can’t merge. Keying is used for IO connection but opening and using the profile must always match the fw version of the drive
  4. Great explanation @panic mode  AOPs are owned by Rockwell or their partner. An EDS file may just be used for linx or have enough info for an EDS AOP which can be used in logix. Reference https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/pm/1756-pm002_-en-d.pdf
  5. Reading a string value in excel?

    Maybe just me but anytime I want to pull something into excel I just use the linx dde/opc topics. Very easy to read write tags to a plc
  6. Motion Scaling Rotary

    The feedback type and ppr would also be helpful but servo part number should tell us that
  7. Agreed if you can ping and not see in linx, harmony files might be the issue. Delete Harmony or just make a new driver. 
  8. Kinetix 5500 lost power

    This is a shared ac configuration via the black connectors on top. The red terminal blocks are the STO signals. There doesn’t appear to be Aux 24 to it. Likely a bad drive. I believe controls are fed off an SMPS which comes off the DC bus. Take the cover off the DC bus and measure there. This will tell you if the converter is functional 
  9. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Since this is a pump, I’m assuming no encoder and non FV mode. If those are true, I still feel my previous post applies. Since it’s failing at a higher speed, that means higher voltage and likely a cable or motor issue. Of course a scope on the output would give you the proof. F12 means 2x drive rated current was seen my CTs. What is the amperage of the drive?
  10. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

  11. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    @ElectronGuru  yes meggering significantly higher than motor insulation can damage a motor. Many vfd rated motors are rated to 1488v. 12v higher than that won’t cause an issue. I’ve seen countless times of people meggering at only 500v and say no motor issue. A motor can see up to 2 times dc bus with ringing for short periods. So 650vdc, that’d be about 1300v and why a 500v megger would cause a false success. @PaulKim1003  it would help if you stated when the fault occurs. On every start? Acceleration? Since lowering the speed helped, did the fault only occur above certain speeds?
  12. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Assuming no parameters have changed, F12 is often cabling or the motor. Disconnect the motor at the junction box and start the drive. If it runs, the cables are good. If the issue occurs when the motor is hooked up, megger at 1500v with drive disconnected. If this occurred after replacement or commissioning then parameters are likely the issue. If settings didn’t change, likely a motor or cable issue. If F12 occurs with no leads connected then you have a drive problem. Hope this helps. Interested to hear the solution
  13. User input data lost in Panelview 800

    Divide and conquer. First find out if the plc is sending a reference that makes it to the drive. Since all 10 are 0, my gut is the plc, not the drives
  14. POWERFLEX 700S doesn't move the motor

    Are you closed loop or open loop?
  15. 1734 IE8C 8 Channel Analog Input scaling

    I would follow this https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/524308/loc/en_US#__highlight. Keep your engineering units and do a calibration