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  1. My NX7 controller all of a sudden lost the EtherCAT configuration today. The safety PLC was in fault and some of the safety I/O slices on the NX EtherCAT coupler are missing. How does this happen and how do I fix it? I tried to download the configuration using synchronize but I keep getting coupler and NX-SL3 safety PLC errors. I connected to the coupler using USB and the actual configuration is missing some slices?     I only see an option to 'Apply Actual Unit Configuration' but nothing about going the other way.  The coupler is in error so is this why I can't send the project configuration with all the slices back to the coupler? The NX-SL3 safety PLC is in error because of these missing slices?
  2. Hi all, I have an NJ trying to talk to the secondary side of a Kuka EL6695-1001 EtherCAT bridge. The NJ appears to recognise the bridge but fails with an "acquisition error" or "Failed to get the lower network configuration information". Apart from these messages (and the fact it doesn't work), it all appears to configure correctly (memory sizes and PDOs). The activity light on the bridge 'IN' port is flashing (connection to NJ) and we have verified the Ethernet cable. I have tried the ESI file supplied by Kuka and one supplied by Omron - no joy. Any suggestions please? Thanks.
  3. Hello I am trying to use a Kollmorgen AKD servo drive in ethercat with the NX1P2 PLC, but I am having problems, I can activate the driver, reset, read the current position but I can not get it to move the axis ... I tried using JOG, Move Relative, Absolute ... and nothing. Can someone help me?
  4. Hello all, I'm new to Beckhoff and running a PLC with EtherCAT I/O slaves. If one of the slaves is disconnected from the network (power loss or network cable broken) the whole PLC freezes, is there a way of configuring ethercat such that it remains (partially) operational, thus showing me the I/O on the unaffected stations.
  5. Hello All I use NJ connected to E3NW+E9NC-TA Sensor Is it possible to send command go through EtherCAT to set the function such as "S Tune" or "UP" "DOWN".
  6. Hello all, Let's says my PLC has a refresh rate of 1 ms. Ethercat has a refresh rate of roughly 0.1ms. Correct me if I am wrong but every Plc scan time ethercat refreshes itself 10 times? Or does it only refresh itself one time with a time based on the Plc scan cycle of 1ms? Thank you
  7. With regard to an NJ EtherCAT network, all comms cables are shielded, but where should the shield connect to ground? I don't measure any connection between PE or FG on the NJ's power supply to the outer casing of the EtherCAT port on the NJ. (No connection to the Ethernet/IP port either.) I am also using a GX-JC06 junction slave, and none of the outer casings on this unit connect to ground either. On Omron G5 servo controllers, the EtherCAT link in and out port casings do not connect to ground either, but they ARE connected together, which means that the shielding path is maintained through. Is the grounding somehow made through active components, instead of a direct passive connection?