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  1. Connecting to this controller

    There's a CNC machine with Siemens hardware raising an error. It says the SINUMERIK 810D cannot connect to the controller. It used to take ten minutes, then half an hour, now it's not working. The S7 is giving a SF alarm, I need to connect to it to see what's the cause, but I'm an Omron guy so I need some help in this. This is the S7. It's mounted to the right of a Siemens power supply, all good, tested. I have the MPI adapter that works with the S7-300 with native serial port, but obviously here it doesn't fit. I have no idea if just a getting a new cable for the adapter will work. I don't even know if one can connect to this. I'm getting a vibe this is a only coupler for the SINUMERIK to use remote IOs.
  2. Encoder cards have bits to enable or reset the value, but they are not mapped by default. You have to map, if I don't remember wrong, the STATUS word inside the configuration of the module. Then you can either map that word to a variable or the individual bits you want as contacts/coils, and set the reset coil ON for a single cycle. I made this in the past, I'll look for the code and post it.
  3. Inflation - Cost Increases

    Here in Europe I'm seeing 7+ months for plcs, relays, inverters, even terminal blocks, along 4-10% raise. Insane. I have been expecting an Omron CJ CPU for more than a year and a half, and they told me things are getting worse actually.
  4. Also make sure your RS232 cable is an actual serial port emulator. I always encountered issues until I got a FTDI cable
  5. connect encoder to nx1p2

    The variable in question is registered on the IO Map menu just like any other input/output. There you can see what data type the encoder value is using and assign a name to it. I suggest you enable the Controlword input (I think - need to check this) on the card's side parameters, since I have needed to reset and enable manually the encoder reading in every single application that used one.
  6. You can also copy paste FBs betwen different Sysmac Studio instances. 
  7. Lenze i950

    Check my thread about a Yaskawa ECAT servodrive, it took me a lot of time to figure out and you may get some guidance from it. It sounds like you are getting the same behavior from the motor as I did. Rule of thumb, get the trial of Twincat3 on your computer and connect the drive directly to it. Use your computer as ethercat master; you can still test the motor even if it tells you your network card isn't ethercat compatible. See if it works with it. From there I just started comparing the chunk of parameters of the servodrive written by Sysmac and Twincat, and found out which ones were being wrongly set by SS. That gave me a hint of what kind of PDO mappings I should modify.
  8. omron nt2s and ntxs-nt2st software

    I know. But he's going to need that virtual machine if he wants to use whatever software that display needs.
  9. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Yes it is. Some days I get sick of it. It takes literal minutes to open a project, three minutes to detect a dropped connection, four seconds for each contact and relay you place in online editing mode. Removing a whole rung cause you didn't click in a specific part of all the white space, still the bug of selection rectangle not taking mouse client coordinates, variables taking forever to update in online, project compiling like every twenty seconds putting the element you are in out of focus. What about the awful performance of the simulator? CX-Programmer had all these things working better already
  10. omron nt2s and ntxs-nt2st software

    I had to set up a virtual machine with winXP to be able to get NTST working (older software). See my thread down this subforum,
  11. EEPROM Error

    Maybe the initialize feature needs the plc to be in PROGRAM mode. CX-Programmer behaved like this. If you are online in the plc, look for the PLAY/PROGRAM buttons next to the online/offline buttons. Click PROGRAM and try to initialize the drive. If it's not working create a new project, drag your drive from the toolbox in the ethercat category, go online and click Transfer to Controller (NOT compare). Like this Then click on the drive and open the parameter list, and from there click the Transfer All to Drive button.
  12. EEPROM Error

    I'm understanding he's using an Omron servo drive.
  13. EEPROM Error

    What's the reference of the drive? If it has buttons you can probably initialize setting a parameter. If not you are going to need a Omron NX/NJ to be able to transfer all the parameters from Sysmac to the drive. The parameters loaded by default when assigning the drive under the ethercat network should be the same as factory defaults.
  14. The paper in question is SIEPS80000219, chapter 13. End of the road anyway. With those parameters I can use jog, absolute and relative movements. I also tried linear interpolations and other sync movements and it seems to work. Looks like they all use the same mode of operation. Omron told me they know first hand that NX works with Yaskawa SGD7S via ethercat. Mine is a SGD7W but aside from controlling two motors instead of one all the parameters are identical, so I don't know what's going on.
  15. I will check the manuals but I haven't seen any SDOs so far. I did find however what the controlword and statusword mean in this drive. I'll locate the paper later and post it here. Time is running out so I'm just going to make the homing sequence myself. I just needed to confirm if the plc was able to set that mode of operation parameter correctly on its own, so it can command the servo later via MC_MoveX commands. It does, mapping just the following PDOs in the 2nd channel or whatever it is. Controlword Target position Modes of operation -------------- Status word Position actual value Modes of operation display Inputs Anything else than that makes the motors stop working. With this the plc can change the mode of operation from 0 to 8. I confirmed this by resetting that value manually on the drive, so it appears twincat isn't necessary. I can use the MC features I need except homing. These two motors have to work in sync at some point, but I guess (hope) that it falls back to the controller and works too