Help connecting BiSS C or IO-Link or SSI to EtherCAT (a Magnetic Sensor: SIKO MSA 213C)

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Hello.  I'm trying to help someone with a sawmill find a way to input from a sensor to connect it to the PC.  Not sure where even to look to ask for help. but here's what I understand:


The sensor is a SIKO MSA-213C Magnetic Sensor, using EtherCAT.  This interfaces with     SSI, BiSS C, IO Link

They just need to connect it to the PC to work with it.   It could just connect to a USB port somehow, or the etherCAT option.


I found this: 
MB3U    BiSS (SSI)-to-PC Adapter (USB)  link to .de site  

any suggestions or pointers would be very helpful!   

These folks don't use the internet, so I help them.


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that will get you data to USB port. now you need to write some software to:

a)  get the data from MB3U into PC.

b) transfer this data to target application (if existing)

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