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  1. Sure sir i will upload the drive settings .    
  2. Hello All I was able to make the servo work , it was a settings on the Drive that i had to disable .Once Done its working now . Thank you all for your precious time .  
  3. Hello Michel I am using a G5 Servo motor for testing , The resolution for the the encoder is 20bit which makes it 1048576 encoder pulses per revolution . The 24.82 mm is something i saw in a different code and used it , since i am new to this i am trying based on trial and error method . On the Servo i am see 00 when i energize the servo  using the power command . Thank you for you advice , next time i will export it . Learning new every time for experts like you .  
  4. Hello Crossbow   I am getting 00 on my display as mentioned .   Regards Venkata
  5. Hello Mr.Michael   I also tried the velocity mode and the relative mode , but still the same . The Servo would activate , but not run .   Regards Venkata
  6. Hello Mr.Michael   Here is the code that i am using and also the Servo axis setttings .
  7. Hello All I am new to sysmac studio, i am using a NJ301-1200  and R88M-KN10H servo drive , i connected the servo to the NJ using ethercat. I was able to write a program where i was able to activate the servo from the NJ using the mc_Power instruction . My question is , i am not able to run the servo using the mc_movevelocity and mc_moverelative . Do any one have any suggestion to how to go from here ..  
  8. Omron Servo Encoder

    Hello All  I am new to PLC programming , i have a question regarding omron PLC and High speed counters. I am using Cp1H-XA model plc . I connected HSC port 0 with a encoder and i was able to get the speed of the encoder using PRV2 instruction. Now i am trying to connect the second  encoder from the servo motor that i am using to HSC port 1. I am getting the PV signal using PRV instruction . Is there a way to calculate the speed of the servo encoder connected the HSC port 1 using PRV command , since i can't use the PRV2 command for the servo encoder .   Thanks in advance .