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  1. When comparing to system functions (for example the MOVE instruction) the Data Types are defined as ANY. But this is not accepted when I try to create a Function or Function Block by myself,
  2. Can't upload pictures for some reason. Here is a link to the image:
  3. Hi, I have quite a noobie question. I want to create a function block to do some simple operations on 2 variables. Both variables are In/Outs (see picture attached). How can I make this function accept variables regardless of the data type? Given these is just simple math I am able to use the same instructions in REAL, INT, UINT, etc. But, the function block only lets me assign one Data Type to the In/Out variables.
  4. The one I have for testing is a NX1P2. It seems I can only create up to 8 Axis, even if 7 of them are disabled.
  5. This is what I need, thank you very much. But what If I reach the maximum number allowed for the PLC?
  6. You guys caught me here, I wasn't expecting you to check on the components used. Please let me redo the example. Please check the Image06 attached. Instead of the Delta drive I am now using Omron G5 Series Servo Drives R88D-KN02H-ECT and R88D-KN04H-ECT. If I want to change which drive is controlling the MC_Axis000 I need to go to the Axis Basic Settings and manually change the Output Device to the desired node. About using 'Inverter' on my previous post, I may have some word mixed up on my side. I googled it and I think the word I was looking for was in fact VDF. Really sorry for the confusion here and thank you very much for your replies @Crossbow and @BITS N BYTES
  7. I have tried the Enable/Disable options mentioned above. Basically what this does is disable the driver communication without getting EtherCat errors. This is useful, however it doesn't fix my Servo Axis control problem. One thing that I tried: Creating multiple Motion Control Axis and link them with the same inverter on the Output Device in the Axis Basic Settings. I didn't get any error from the software so I assume it is possible for some inverters to control multiple axis at the same time (this test was done offline). But what I need is the reverse, instead of having multiple Motion Control Axis linked to 1 Driver, I need mutiple Drivers linked to 1 Motion Control Axis.
  8. Thanks for the replies @Crossbow and @BITS N BYTES. I will try these Enable/Disable Settings but I believe this is not my issue. I can automatically detect which drives are on and run the program normally. My struggle is the pairing off the Servo Axis with the drives. Basically, if you look at Image03 you'll see that I have 2 Drives E001, E002 and 1 Servo Axis MC_Axis000, how can I choose which driver I want to use to control de Servo Axis automatically?   @Crossbow is there no other way of changing certain axis parameter without using the Multiview Explorer? (Assuming the Multiview Explorer  is the Sysmac Studio interface)
  9. Hi everyone, To explain the problem a little bit: I have 2 systems that are equal, they have 1 PLC, 1 Inverter and 1 Servo Axis (Image01). The devices are connected via EtherCat. The thing here is tht in these systems the PLC and Servo Axis is the same but the inverter is different. My goal is to have the same project on both systems and depending on the inverter detected use the correct program. What worked: If I add the 2 Inverters and 2 Servo Axis on the project on different nodes (Image02), I can detect which is present using the variable _EC_EntrySlavTb[n]. My issue is that if I want to make more replicas of the systems using different inverters I will eventually hit the Axis Number limit for the PLC while in reality I am only using on Servo Axis at a time. What I wanted: I would like to be able to control 1 Servo Axis with 2 different inverters (only one active per PLC) (Image03). What I tried: The axis parameters can be set using a variable of the type _sAXIS_PARAM, however it seems that the option to change the axis basic settings is not available (Manual: NJ/NX-series Motion Control Instructions Reference Manual (W508) page 5-58) (Image04). The axis basic settings is where the definition of the output device plus control words are set (Image05). Is there a work around to solve this issue? I would really like to avoid having to manually change the output device for the Servo Axis every time I make an update on all the systems.   Best Regards, BR