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  1. How do I edit the comment associated with array elements? I can't find how to do this other than actually using the element in the program and then editing or typing in the comment.
  2. So is the lesson here to never update the HMI OS to create the mismatch? I have just been clicking 'no' on the dialog box but it's annoying to have to keep doing this. Also why would you want to downgrade the HMI OS to match the project? 
  3. I updated the OS of the HMI but now I get a mismatch message whenever I synchronize. The project version is 7.2.1 but the device version is now 7.3.0 How do I get rid of this message? I guess it's to update the project version but where do I go do this? I can't find this in the manual for the HMI and nothing inside Sysmac Studio seems to allow this.   2019-04-01_9-39-09.bmp
  4. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    I had our IT department wipe my laptop and apply a new image. After this I still had the same problem with installing the latest Sysmac. Eventually I got it to work after applying the latest Windows updates. Apparently the 'latest' image from IT doesn't mean it's the latest Windows build. Something must have been missing for the Sysmac to install correctly. Now I am running Sysmac version 1.24.
  5. EtherCAT Configuration

    I ended up removing the slices with the 'red exclamation' marks powering down the PLC and the coupler. All I did after is reinsert the slices and powering everything back up. Now everything is working again. What a pain.  We had a power outage this past weekend but I am not sure if this is related to the power outage/flickering. 
  6. My NX7 controller all of a sudden lost the EtherCAT configuration today. The safety PLC was in fault and some of the safety I/O slices on the NX EtherCAT coupler are missing. How does this happen and how do I fix it? I tried to download the configuration using synchronize but I keep getting coupler and NX-SL3 safety PLC errors. I connected to the coupler using USB and the actual configuration is missing some slices?     I only see an option to 'Apply Actual Unit Configuration' but nothing about going the other way.  The coupler is in error so is this why I can't send the project configuration with all the slices back to the coupler? The NX-SL3 safety PLC is in error because of these missing slices?
  7. Two NA HMI's with NX7

    There's an 'Update HMI Name...' option under the HMI drop down menu. I have no idea why I didn't see this before. I renamed the HMI names here and now I have both HMI's in the same project.
  8. Does anyone have two NA HMI's connected to a NX7 or NJ in the same project? I have two NA HMI's (front of the machine and back of the machine) and I am trying to get them into the same project. The machine builder had left both HMI's with the default name 'HMI_NA5_0'.  I added a second HMI (new IP address) to the project and changed the default name to 'HMI_NA5_1'. I tried to go online with the second HMI but got an error saying the HMI's can't have the same name. So how do I change the name of the second HMI? I tried to change the name of the first to 'HMI_NA5_Front', doing a build, and transferring to the front HMI. When I go online again the device name is still 'HMI_NA5_0'.    
  9. I had some problems downloading the update with the AutoUpdate software. Took 5+ hours to download. This was last week.
  10. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    I did a clean uninstall with CX-Remover and both CX-One and Sysmac Studio were removed. That's the only way to get Sysmac Studio to work again but now I am on version 1.20 because that's what I had when I purchased my copy.  I used AutoUpdate to try to get back to version 1.22 but nothing shows up for Sysmac Studio.  I asked Omron and they haven't given me an answer yet. So for now I am stuck using version 1.20.  I am also not able to upload the safety PLC programs. I do a fresh upload and the safety PLC shows up but the programs area, variables, etc. are empty. I had our local Omron distributor come out to have a look and he was able to upload everything without issues. His laptop was running Windows 7 though.    
  11. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    I am running Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Version 1703 OS build 15063.966    
  12. I am trying to upload a HMI project from an existing NA5. I connect and go online to it and use the synchronization option. I only get the build report. I don't see any 'transfer from' or 'transfer to' options. What am I missing here? The HMI is part of a project with a NX7 PLC.
  13. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    No solution to this. I had to uninstall both Sysmac Studio and CX-One. Omron told me to also use the CX-Remover tool to clean up the registry. Finally reinstalled Sysmac Studio and CX-One from scratch. This took about half a day. 
  14. Just updated to version 1.22 but have this error: "Sysmac Studio cannot be started because one or more system files are missing. Please uninstall the Sysmac Studio, and then reinstall it." Anyone else got this? So mad right now.  
  15. Hello, We recently got a machine with two NS10's. They both connect to the same CJ2H PLC and most of the elements are set using tags. Everything works but the refresh rate when changing screens is really slow. The changed screen displays but it take around 5 - 10 seconds (something like that) before the bit lamps light up and the alarm messages are displayed.  Does anyone know what may be causing this? Is it because we have a large number of tags? The NS10's communicate over Ethernet and we have 60 EIP nodes in the machine taking to the PLC at the same time. Perhaps this is the reason? Thanks.