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  1. I'm trying to connect a SMC EX-260 to a Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC so  I can run some valves with it. However, RsLogix 500 doesn't allow me to just setup a generic ethernet device like I would on RsLogix 5000. Is there a way I can communicate these devices together so I can use the SMC Valve system with my Micrologix?
  2. Good Morning, I have  question about Ethercat Configuration in Sysmac Studio. So we have a system where  I work that has an Ethercat network, and I have noticed that when we kill power on one of the slaves during operation, when it turns back on, communication is not re-established. Only a full system shutdown or a redownload of the EtherCat Network seems to fix this. Is there any setting in the Master Device that can be changed that would allow this to happen?    
  3. Hello All, I am having a small issue that I hope has an easy solution. Whenever I plug into another project and try to "Transfer From" during sync, my NX102-9020 says that the PLC does not have comment information and cannot be restored. Is there some setting on Sysmac Studio that needs to be checked so I can pull the comments from the PLC? Any help is appreciated.    Thanks
  4. Anyone know of a guide about programming a balluff io master device into Sysmac Studio?
  5. In Sysmac Studio, I want to add some devices to my network using the Ethercat setup in Sysmac Studio. How do I add devices that do not come as part of the initial install, like a Balluff IO Master, for example?
  6. In CX-Programmer software, we have the ability to make a bunch of copies of the same rung with the "Address Incrememntial Copy" Function. Does Sysmac Studio have a similar function?
  7. Using a AD041 and DA041

    I see, but what about getting my voltage to output at say, 5 Volts? I can't get that to show up.
  8. Using a AD041 and DA041

    Hi, I'm using a CJ2M CPU 33, and also a CJ1m Ad-041-V1 Analog Input and DA-041 Analog Output card.  I am using the Analog input to measure my current in my one heating application and  Ihave that reading and scaled correctly, but now  I want to use my Analog output to replace the Rheostat  we have in the system. I'm having some issues setting the range and getting voltage to vary. I also am a little new to Analog Outputs and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have attached my program here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Analog Heat.cxp
  9. Analog Output Simple Problems

    Where is the sample program? It doesn't seem to be attached