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  1. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Yes I also want only one project all in one and gets the pros of integrated enironment. It is a very nice feature but when your automation projects get larger in will increase the openning time of project. /Regards.
  2. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    I wonder if in your application/machine running the HMI's in a seperate sysmac projectfile and the PLC in a other. for example HMI is one smc2 file, the plc's are another smc2 file, if you use the NX-CSG320 then that is also a smc2 and your application is total 3 smc2 files. /Regards
  3. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Iam running 1.44. @Artz I agree with you. In your sysmac project is there Safety,PLC,HMI into one file ?
  4. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    yep the offline coding is pretty ok for me. but when I start sysmac and open my project it is super slow. Online programming such as synchronize,rebuild,downloading,uploading whatever I do online. is slow. When making HMI programming, etc switch between object properties is a disaster for me.
  5. Hi. I have a decent workstation I work on when i do my programming. I have been using Sysmac studio for couple of years now and I have always notice it that sysmac studio is very slow.   Have you guys notice that sysmac in general is slow ? /Best regards.