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  1. MQTT / Spakplug with Omron

    Nice to hear, is it possible with MQTT to create redundant systems like two brokers ?
  2. MQTT / Spakplug with Omron

    What is your experience with it,is it recommended to be used on running machines, easy implementation ?    is one mqtt broker better than an another ?
  3. Hi does anyone have experience with MQTT in production ?  Pros & cons  /Best Regards 
  4. Thanks for the info @Str8jCkt we can relate to the pain :), Must say that it sucks that when using a Omron safety controller we don't have the benefits that Fail safe over EtherCAT provide, Example is Reduced and Simplified Wiring Flexibility of Safety Functions Scalability Cost Savings FSoE is an open standard, ensuring compatibility and interoperability among different manufacturers' safety devices except for Omron they are conservative with closed minds! Sadly we need to rethink if Omron is the right platform to use for our machines.  Combine this safety slaves below with the Omron controller would be very streamlined and easy install for us machines builders.  list is taken from    
  5. There is already a EtherCAT network on the machine it would be very naturally and streamline to collect safe signals with decentralized I/O with hardware like above, would be very easy install. Tried to load another FSoE device this time a safety scanner from sick and it seems that Omron is not compatible with this one either... :( We don't want to pull another data cable on the machine when there is already one EtherCAT network that we can take advantage of and use one communication system for both control and safety data. is there a list of FSoE devices that Omron are compatible with?
  6. @Crossbow Imported the ESI file from beckhoff's webpage and Sysmac did not like it :( "The ESI file is not supported by Sysmac studio"   is there another FSoE hardware we can try ?   
  7. Hi We are searching for a EtherCAT splitbox with safe digital inputs that is compatible with Omron NX. for a example a hardware like this one has anyone successfully connected this type of hardware to the omron ethercat network ?    /Best Regards 
  8. Hi Luigi, Happy to hear that you are using version control is good. More user's is better :) There is some information about this in W589 /Best Regards 
  9. Thanks @Webbs. Did you get encoder to work as a Encoder Axis ?  I mapped PDO 6030 for test and started the simulator and got this error .  Removed the PDO and error goes away. With PDO 2017 it simulator starts without any errors :). Previous project we did like you are doing, we want to learn more about CIA 406 and the pros/cons of encoder axis /Best Regards.
  10. After some research online I guess that speed would be PDO 6030
  11. Hello.  I wonder if anyone with success as been able to map Sick AFM60A encoder PDO's to a Encoder Axis in sysmac studio and use it some application ?  I have tried in offline mode and it look like it will work I mapped 6004H to Position Actual value only. I am curious if a it possible to map Controlword & Statusword and execute MC_Home. /Best Regards 
  12. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Hi Scotty library project has version number that maybe can help you a little bit on the way same thing with IAG    maybe it could be a way to read out library version with code and display in hmi I dont know
  13. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Hello Scotty. If you combine Sysmac with git and do your program in libraries & IAG' you can set your own verision number for each library you create or update, then you can track changes in the code and you can track your own developed libraries & IAG's     /Best Regards 
  14. @photovoltaic thank you. Hi @panic mode there is a existing network infrastructure on this site and we need to add two new cpu on this network( NX we don't do siemens), to get remote access  we will use port 2 on NX102 connected to this huge profinet network also communicate with PC application with FINS on port 2 /Best Regards 
  15. Hello    I have a question regarding a network infrastructure I hope someone has experience with this My self has very litte knowledge about Profinet.   So there is this site that are running a huge Profinet network and we wonder if it possible to connect two new plc on the profinet network and communicate EthernetIP between the two new NX102 cpus ?   Regarding profinet documention I havent found any limitation to do this, Profinet can coexist with all other ethernet based protocol ? /Best Regards