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  1. Hello, I am trying to use a PID loop to correct a concentration reading that can be too high or too low. I want to add or subtract my MV from my current device set point and that will correct the concentration. I have never used a PID loop in this way and it is not working like I had hoped, currently I am flipping the PID direction between forward and reverse depending on the direction I need it to go and then subtracting or adding the MV from the current set point. Has anyone achieved similar PID control and if so could you please offer me some tips on the best way to do this? Thank you!!          
  2. HMI Replacement Options

    Hello! We are looking to find a replacement for our Omron NS Screens in what seems like about 20 systems...there are so many third party/other vendor options available, I am honestly overwhelmed, so I thought maybe some of you had great experience with other vendors screens that I could look into using in our equipment.  The screen will have to communicate with an Omron CJ PLC, serial or Ethernet is fine, Ethernet is preferred.  Would also prefer screens that actually have Omron drivers.   Thank you!!
  3. @kckku that is the exact problem we have, my Sysmac disc is from 2016 and our customer is in China with no access to Sysmac Studio.  I had to download a current ISO of the latest Sysmac Studio software to get the files I needed, but I think we should be all set now that we have them! I will just try to get a copy of the most current ISO when there is a revision so we are prepared. Thank you to everyone!!  
  4. Ok, so I have had the chance to contact tech support at Omron and I have to update the OS in the screen because Sysmac has updated since this system shipped several years ago...so even though my screen is old and I never changed the version I guess the OS needs to be updated to be compatible with the changes in Sysmac (my assumption).  Now I am having trouble finding the NA_RecoverUpdate_7_4_0.exe file that I need to update the HMI via the SD card. The manual excerpt is attached along with the full instructions in case anyone else ever needs them, but it sounds like it wants me to use the original installation disc, that does not make sense to me since our software disc is at least 6 years old so this OS wouldn't exist yet!  Does anyone know where these recovery files are available?   System_Recovery_Instructions.pdf
  5. Thank you for that chart, it is quite confusing, I could not agree more!! My Sysmac studio is version 1.44, the program loaded on that screen is runtime version 1.10 which matches the program version that this program is set to but according to the chart it wants the version to be set to 1.12? I will try to set it to 1.12 and see if that works, thank you for your help!!!  
  6. This is not an NS screen but an NA, so it is using the new Sysmac software.  As far as I can tell in the Sysmac software there is no version 7.4, the highest my software goes is Version 1.14, so I really am not sure what this message is referring to.
  7. I am having some trouble at a customer's site getting a program transferred from an SD Card to update the HMI program in an NA Screen.  I am not there but when the customer tried to transfer the new code they got a message "OS Version Mismatch - Install OS 7.4.0 the user program expects." I am not sure what to advise them because I can't find this when I search the NA manuals. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am in NY and they are in China so I can not even reach out to Omron Tech Support right now because they are closed. I attached a screen shot of the HMI.   Thank you!!!
  8. That is exactly what we have been telling them. We have been working directly with Omron on this as well, they provided us with some info on a device that I think may do what we are looking for...so in case anyone else has the need here is the information we got: The device is the ECX-EC Slave Bridge, made by ESD. https://www.ethercat.org/en/products/B888E4F9062148A08E320A3F41A411D6.htm We haven't implemented it yet to be able to say whether or not it works as we expect, but I will follow up once we do!
  9. We have a customer insisting on communicating with our NX102-9000 over EtherCAT, we have explained multiple times that EtherCAT is not intended as a facility communication protocol and recommended that instead they use Ethernet/IP, but after a year of pushing back they are still insisting and willing to pay for the Engineering work to get this to happen. Has anyone successfully configured two EtherCAT masters to communicate with each other? In the past I have used the PN-PN Master Coupler from Siemens to get two ProfiNet Masters to communicate with each other so I am hopeful that a similar device exists for EtherCAT, but I have not had any luck searching the web for such a device. Does anyone have experience with or know of such a device? Thank you!!
  10. Can a CJ2M communicate to a C200H??

    Our CPU is the C200HG-CPU43, back when it talked to another C200 we used the Comms Board A and the 1-to-1 PC Link with the LR registers. When the C200 went obsolete we upgraded the controls to the CJ2M-CPU33 and began utilizing the Ethernet IP communications...so our new system doesn't even have a serial port at this time, we would have to add the CP module to the option slot.  
  11. Just wanted to follow up on this in case anyone is trying to figure this out in the future.  I finally found out that these bits can not be accessed except for by the associated face plate/GUI object that goes with this AOI for an AB SCADA or HMI, so they (Allen Bradley) will not tell me the meaning of the individual bits. My application is using a GE iFix SCADA so I will not be able to use these bits to send status.
  12. Can a CJ2M communicate to a C200H??

    Hello! I just got an interesting request from a customer, we have a product line that uses C200H PLCs.  The cabinets can operate independently or they can be connected to work in a Master/Slave configuration, the C200 PLCs communicate to each other over RS-232 using LR registers. Back in 2015 we redesigned to use CJ2M PLCs and changed the communication to EthernetIP. Now we have a customer who wants to buy a new slave for an old C200H system, so my question is what are my options for communicating to a C200 with a CJ PLC, I don't have much experience with the C200, that was programmed before my time here, in 2000 I think. Thank you!!!      
  13. Hi Chris, I was just looking in the AB forum and saw a bunch of posts that don't look like they belong there (and all from the same user)...they are pretty new, in the last 15 minutes, just wanted to let someone know right away!


    Thank you!!


  14. Hello! I am using the Plant PAX AOI L_CPU_24_Up and am having zero luck finding out both independently and from tech support what the 16 bits of the Ref_Out.Identity.Status are. The description says Tag to receive CPU data, device status (bitmapped, see documentation).  I have a techconnect contract, but cant find the correct documentation where this information lives.  Could someone please send me a link or just give me the number of the publication.  I attached a screen shot of tag info I am looking for. Thank you!!!!    
  15. So I ended up using the NJ CPU with an Omron DeviceNet card, Beckhoff was not sure that the Omron EtherCAT Master would communicate with the DeviceNet Master card on the Beckhoff EtherCAT coupler, they were certain that we would have no issues communicating with the Beckhoff EtherCAT coupler, but the issue was then communicating to the DeviceNet Master since that was designed to work with their PLCs, since I already have the Beckhoff components laying around I am hoping to try it some time, but I just didn't have time on this project and had to go with what I knew for certain would work! Thank you for your input and if I ever get time to try it out I will let you know the outcome!