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  2. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Please use Derived Controller function for that purpose. Derived controller allows to  use different EtherCAT and I/O Map configurations while keeps Programs aligned.
  3. Buttons with images in NA

    The easiest way is to delete the button and then set a press event for the image.  To do this, show the Events and Actions window: Then select the image and in the Events and Actions window, select Press as the event.  Then choose what action to take when the image is pressed: It seems that this is a button that switches you to another page, so you could use the ShowPage Action, you would then just need to specify which page to go to.  You could also do many other functions like setting a variable to a specific value, etc.  
  4. S5 plc help to load from EPROM

    Switch the selector to run  
  5. Concept 2.1xl
  6. Concept 2.1xl

    Current version of concept is 21, do we have a typo on our hands?
  7. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    If I remember right the "Analog Inputs" on the ML1400 are 0-10VDC.  Most instruments are going to be 4-20ma.
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  9. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    Some of the following you already know- One thing to be careful with, randomly setting your laptop IP while on a LAN or WAN that has "other stuff" on it could result in a duplicate IP address situation. You need to know what addresses are being used on the system before you assign any IP address to anything. Software like Angry IP Scanner (or whatever your IT people allow) will tell you what is on the the range that your computer is using. However, you need to know the IP address, subnet mask, and router IP address that the PLC will "live" on. BootP needs your laptop to temporarily be on that subnet before you set the address in the PLC, then you log in an hard code the address to the PLC. If I had a dollar for every time I forget to set my laptop to the right subnet (and then called the PLC bad names) I'd have a few dollars more (insert Clint Eastwood whistle here). 
  10. Program download

    Hi all,   If you download the plc program will you lose the routing table and data link? Best regards, rpoppe
  11. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    download into PLC project that uses static address. turn off DHCP/BootP
  12. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    Update::: Fixed the issue, was slightly confused on how to get the BootP disabled. I was assigning a separate IP address to the Controller for our facility which has all of its controllers on their own network. In doing so I was using an automatic IP address from my laptop to initially communicate with the PLC through the BootP program, but when I would go to disable to BootP it wouldn't communicate with the controller so I had to go through my adapter settings and change my IP to nearly the same IP I entered into the PLC (One number off at the end) and then it disabled it nearly instantly. Hopefully this helps somebody down the road that is pretty new at it like myself!
  13. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    I have a micrologix 1100 PLC as well as a weintek HMI all connected through a network switch for them to communicate between each other, however I'm having an issue where the Micrologix Controller will not retain its IP address once I set it through Allen Bradleys BootP tool. I can set it through the tool and then go into RSlogix 500 and communicate with it and all that, but once the controller is turned off the IP address goes back to its factory setting of not showing an IP at all. Any suggestions/ ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
  14. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I am awaiting the price for the Micrologix 1400. If I choose that one over the ML 1200 I won't need the 4 channel analog combination module since analog I/O is built in to the 1400. It might offset the cost of going with the ML 1400. I found online a schematic for the Lionel CW80 transformer so I know where I have to make modifications for the PLC to control the throttle. It also means I can tap into the three buttons on the unit to control direction, bell, and whistle. Mike  
  15. S5 plc help to load from EPROM

    1) Power on the PLC 2) Switch the selector switch to STOP 3) Remove the battery 4) Power off the PLC for at least 30 seconds 5) Make sure the EPROM is inserted into the PLC 6) Power on the PLC 7) Insert a new battery
  16. Hello,   Omron NA project: I'm trying to create a button with image (see picture). Unfortunately if I click on the image the button does not work because the image is 'above' the button itself. Is there a way to solve the problem ?   Thanks!!
  17. E900 Operating System Required

    If you have the old E designer (not e designer 7) (It comes with the E designer 7 CD) You can choose Firmware 4.nn for the project and it will download without complaint.    
  18. Bitwords

    Hi and Thanks for the response. I think my confusion comes from how to reference the name but all good now. Thanks again. Paul
  19. Concept 2.1xl

    Hi! We asked to Schnider in our own country, but they said the program did not exist. If they are in your country, could you get it for us?
  20. E900 Operating System Required

    The E900 series was a brand labeled Beijer elec. Terminal. contact their support line they should have the firmware for you  
  21. Module configuration error - 1FE6

    Seems to be a Module configuration error. What is your hardware setup ? And what have you got configured in GX Works 3 ?
  22. Hii sir, This is praveen from india, actually i am working on Industrty 4.0 related, Please help me in Omron PLC Data Collection like Read Holding Register, Read Coil, Read Discrete Input. Omron PLC CJ2M-CPU11 (is that possible to Read data through MODBUS RS232 in Omron CP1E-N20) Please do the needful thing awaiting for your Response. thanks, Praveen cp +91 8015858544
  23. CP1E PLC AI scaling logic requires

    Thank you very much Mr.Michigan and  Mr.Guru yesterday itself i downloaded the sample backup from our forum itself , but it took 2 hour to get it. Example.cxp which i attached here and please confirm whether it works or not ? and thanks once again
  24. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I think that you'll find the ethernet port is pretty handy for dumping or editing a program. Serial works but ethernet is faster. CMore panels are pretty nice. I couldn't get any interest in them started here and I was only able to try one.
  25. Logix 5000 - make a delay in For_Do loop iterations

    Call it with a Periodic Task rather than continuous. Then set the time to how often you want it to run
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  27. Micro850

    No, just standard ladder logic. I found a solution to this tho, I made the condition where when the signal generator reaches 12mA, the output bit is a one shot rising pulse. That solved everything. I knew it was something simple
  28. I'm trying to write a simple Structured Text routine to move some DINTS from an array into a tag.  I need to have a time delay between each For count := 0 to 10 loop iteration, but can't seem to come up with a solution.  Any ideas?
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