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  2. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    If you use it in both directions it 4096, if you use it one direction it is 8192. 0 represent 0 degrees and 4096(8192) represent 360 degrees... But you need SSI interface in order to connect to encoder.
  3. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    thanks for the link, but i'm not sure that answers my question. I guess I need to find out what each number in 8192x4096 is. Is 4096, for example, the number of pulses per 360 degrees? does that pdf I attached say anything each pulse metric value? or is it the right manual for this encoder?
  4. Modbus slave example

    I need a example, how to setup this device as modbus slave  and read/write holding registers from PC. Could you help me please. Thank  you.
  5. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    Here is the explanation..
  6. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    Hi, I have an absolute encoder as attached here, and I found a manual in the net with the specifications on the encoder (I am not sure if that is what I have though). I am new to the motion control world and do not really know how to use the encoder. I know that there should a relationship between each pulse  of the encoder and how many mm it corresponds to. Can anyone help me how to figure it out? en_E_3DG_BMA_BMB_SSI.pdf
  7. s7 214

    See the following link for the S7-200 Manual: S7-200 Programmable Controller, CPU21x Page 10-21 explains the HSC instruction - these control the on-board high-speed counters.  Page 10-26 shows the I/O that are used by the HSCs.
  8. easyE4 nanoPLC

    Has anyone used the easyE4 nanoPLC? I like the 500 - 700 series Easyrelay an was looking at the newest easyE4 as it is now more like a PLC. I have been unable to find much in the line of usable guides with the new functions of the unit. Any help would be good,   Thank You ….
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  10. s7 214

    6ES7 214-1BC01-0XB0
  11. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    If you can connect with RSLinx, then Open up RSLogix with the file (new program) you want to download. Select comms - who active_ highlite the processor and download the new program. It will overwrite the old.   Or   NOTE: By following this procedure the . 1) When prompted for the password enter MLCLRMEM , using the keypad of a telephone you must translate this into its numeric equivalent of " 65257636 "
  12. CP1L PLC to GOT2103

    Thank you very much. It worked for me.
  13. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    Hi. I have AB Micrologix 1200, Did anyone know how to clear the controller memory ? plc have already password protect program. i don't know password and processor name. i want to download the new program in the plc   
  14. fx 3u series plc

    thank for feed back  
  15. I need a potential instruction to work simply.the example is given in attached file.i want to write only one line via a instruction.    
  16. Hi,how to read the password variable from the plc after login password at Na5 hmi. Thks  
  17. PIDAT Program setting

    Ok, I will Try according to your instruction.
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  19. Tuning PID - how to do it properly

    You're very welcome. I finally got to practice what I preach today. They made me a mangler some years ago and basically ruined my life  but every now and then I get to have some fun and write a program or tune a controller. Today we tuned a still reflux accumulator level that was doing a great job at holding level but the flow out was a long period sine wave. Not good for process stability. During the process I was reminded of something that I planned to come here and share with you so I'm glad that you replied. In the PIDE setup you get to choose the equation type, Dependent vs Independent. Either works but Choosing Dependent makes the Integral units minutes/repeat (minutes per repeat) and that, to me, is a much simpler term to tune with. They basically mean the same thing but thinking in terms of time vs 1/T (repeats per minute) is just more intuitive (again, to me). I did some training today and when we switched our troublesome loop to Dependent it made more sense to the people involved.    
  20. Hi All, Recently, we have upgraded G3 RedLion HMI to CR300010 and migrated the G3 database crimson 2.0 to Crimson 3.1 Currently I am testing CR300010 and I am facing an issue with communicating CR300010 with the third party through RAW TCP/IP  I have two ports one set as Raw TCP/IP Active and the second one set to RAW TCP/IP Passive please see the attachment Currently, the HMI Received data fine from the third-part ( server Pc) however, when trying to send message to the third party, the third-party doesn't seem it receive anything. The same program works fine with G3 HMI.  Are there any differences between portprint() command in crimson 2.0 and crimson 3.1? Can someone guide me through how can I confirm that both systems are communicating? how can I investigate this issue further?. I could ping the IP address for both systems from my pc which is connecting to the same network switch.  Appreciate your support in advance      
  21. Tuning PID - how to do it properly

    Michael, Many many thanks, you helped me a lot. After playing with PID yesterday I understand a lot more. 
  22. One client lost three radios and two PLC's to that storm before the hurricane. And a relay 
  23. VSD location in panel

    I'm not sure putting the hot stuff at the bottom helps. Unless you're worried about the other stuff getting cold. Heat rises normally.  I general I like putting the Drives in their own box once you start heading upwards of 25 HP and under 30 HP you can usually just order a nice Drive in it's own box from the vendor. But then I'm weird I like using Ether/IP cards in Motor Drives.
  24. drop down menu

    I want to create a drop down menu on first screen in GT designer 3, it is possible, tell me 
  25. Sysmac Studio INT(Bits) to ARRAY of BOOL

    Nedward's suggestion is the preferred method. I've made one for WORD and another for DWORD then make it standard practice to copy and paste these in every program I start. I'll also break out the BYTE level whether I use it or not.
  26. We have a Bulletin 1388b-AV20 servo controller working in conjunction with a TI 500-5024 servo axis controller with a servo motor hooked up.  This is a common setup in our facility although we are working on upgrading and replacing with new equipment eventually need to keep these running till that day comes.  So we are bench testing and familiarizing ourselves with setting them up and testing ones on the shelves using a VPU unit. The problem we are having is that we apply power to the 1388 controller and get no faults so we then use a switch to jumper the enable command on the 1388 and get our enable light and pull in the contactor in the controller, but with no voltage on the velocity command wires from the TI controller to signal the motor to run, the motor starts to hunt and just keeps rotating slowly... We read that you can eliminate this premature rotation by turning the offset pot ccw and this does work.  The problem is though when we run our velocity loop test using the VPU and we need to adjust our tach scale and our offset to get both direction speeds as close to 100 percent as possible we have to turn the offset pot cw quite a ways to get the numbers to even out... Wondering how we get rid of the hunting rotation as soon as we enable without having our velocity loop test numbers 94  and 100, is there a way to solve both problems or will we have to live with one problem or the other? Any advise or input greatly appreciated, thanks!
  27. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Any plans to upgrade the Panelview 1200?
  28. help me on CJ1M, pls.

    khoi, 80CF is an I/O bus error.  Check the interconnection of I/O modules. 0F0F is not showing in the manual. Please refer to manual W393 for further information. gtsuport
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