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  2. Yes, it is solution. But the software that I am using (MBE driver v7.48) is able to read directly analog inputs. It works with other PLCs, for example M221 (TM221CE16R). I believe there must be something wrong in configuration of PLC in SoMachine. If anyone has an idea please share it with us. Thanks in advance!
  3. Try this   Above will move %mw100 to %mw109 into %mw200 to %mw209
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  5. Intouch 2017 U3 SP1 - AB Controllogix

    ....and the final update... only took 6 hours to make the connection to the PLC. Turns out the "Topic name" as stated in the help file (shown above), is the "Device Groups" name from the CLX configuration (the same bloody thing that tripped me up with the galaxy) For any poor b@st@rds in the future, here is the complete setup.... 1) Find and download the server (OI ABCIP) 2) Install server 3) Create galaxy using ArchestrA IDE (C:\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\Bin\aaIDE.exe) 4) Configure CIP Path using ArchestrA System Management Console (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA\aaSMC.exe) NOTES - in my case, PORT_CIP, ENB_CLX, BACKPLANE_CLX, LOGIX5000_CLX - the help file is pretty good for setting up the leaf nodes 4.1) Make sure to set the PLCs IP address (or host name) at the communications level 4.2) Make sure to define a Device Group 5) Don't bother with Auto-Build (I'm sure its really useful for something but I don't know what) 6) In InTouch select menu Special->Access Names and add a new item 6.1) Configure the access name. NOTES: In my case, the server was on the same machine, leave Node Name blank, Application Name is ABCIP (no path or .exe) and Topic Name was the Device Group name defined in step 4.2 Path to OI server exe in my case ABCIP (C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\OI-Server\OI-ABCIP\Bin\ABCIP.exe)   Hope this is of help to somebody in the future Regards Dave
  6. Intouch 2017 U3 SP1 - AB Controllogix

    Update 2 (for anybody unfortunate enough to have to set this up in the future) The device group is part of the topic configuration, nothing to do with the galaxy (despite being under the big galaxy radio button)   Next hurdle.... ACCESS NAMES From InTouch WindowMaker I select Special->Access Names I then select Add on the dialogue box, give it a name and select modify I tried with and without LocalHost (and loopback address) I tried with and without the fully qualified path of ABCIP (C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\OI-Server\OI-ABCIP\Bin\ABCIP) - fully qualified path gave an error and asked if I wanted to start the EXE I tried DDE and SuiteLink I tried using the names from each layer of the Configuration (maybe it needs all the layers... nope... didn't work!!) as the topic. but my flashing PLC bit is not happening in windowviewer. From the help...   Am I being really thick or is this a ridiculously complex way to achieve what every other HMI/SCADA software package (that I have used) manages to do very simply.   Anything welcome Regards Dave      
  7. Intouch 2017 U3 SP1 - AB Controllogix

    OK. So... made a bit of progress. I found the "driver" package by searching "OI ABCIP 7" and narrowing down by selecting Downloads  (how silly of me not to add the OI bit) Installed the "driver" Set up the "Topic" layers Now it looks like I need a Galaxy (seriously who comes up with these names) - I created one called "Rockwell" but it wont accept it until I define a device group Q/ Where the hell do you set up a device group? I have connected to the galaxy but can't find anywhere to create a device group. Give me Citect/FT View any day!!   Any help greatly appreciated Regards Dave    
  8. @KY WONG I have used Mitusbishi PLC and BMOV instructions but on SoMachine I have not found some function block that similar to them. I think ST (Structured Text) programming are suitable for this condition. For more information please check this link below.
  9. Hi all. I've been tasked with installing/configuring a development box (dev studio 2017 U3 SP1) and then creating a test application using Intouch to communicate to a bunch of rockwell PLC's on the test wall. Normally we would use Citect or FactoryTalk Studio but unfortunately the customer has a couple of OEM InTouch panels (I think communicating with Siemens PLCs *shudders*) and wants to go this route. Anyways. I spent a day installing and configuring a windows 10 development box with 2017 U3 SP1, Hit the windowmaker tile and started to cry.... The new AVEVA website is practically useless, and I'm still waiting to be contacted from technical support. I have used an older version (much older maybe 10 or 15 y/0) of the intouch software which was interfacing a triconex PLC, It looks like the developing of screens hasn't changed too much, however, Q/ What exactly do I need to download/install for my communications? I've read the PDFs that installed with the dev software and watched a bunch of youtube vids (and fruitlessly searched the aveva knowledgebase) and there looks to be more than one way to skin the cat. Maybe I missed the option in the multitude of installation screens to add additional drivers?? It looks like I need either SuiteLink? or ABCIP version 7? (assuming they are not the same thing??). I can only see ABCIP version 4 (dated 2012) on Aveva (and a tech note about version 6.? and 7.0 potentially crashing the L8x range of AB PLCs) and I'm sure suitelink is a collective term for any and all drivers It seems like it should be a very simple and obvious thing to do but I'm stumped. Any assistance GREATLY appreciated Regards Dave
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    well that's not good. Looks like the original programmer locked the PLC so it won't let you retrieve the program. Usually, the type of programmer that does this keeps really good records so as long as he's alive and reachable he's probably just sitting around waiting for a cash windfall. Call him up!
  13. RS485 to Scale

    Congratulations.   Serial 485 is a pain, isn't it?   Delighted you got it running . . . 
  14. Unexpected file format file translate help

    Now i am thinking email gremlins messed up the file
  15. Hi, I am learning on Schneider PLC  Programming. May I know is the Schneider PLC Programming have a same function of "Block move"  in Mitsubishi PLC which can move a few number of address value to another address in once time. What is the code of it?Example,  I wish to move %MW1 (Int) until %MW10 (Int) to %MW100 (Int) until %MW110 (Int). Is there any code can done it in once? I am using Schneider PLC TM241 model with Somachine V4.3 Programming Software.  @Wasan, Hi, Do you familiar with Schneider PLC Programming?     
  16. Unexpected file format file translate help

    I may have figured this out.  after a ton of frustration i have noticed my RSLogix500 v9.05.01  does not have 5/04P or 5/05P in the list of processors. would RSLogiix choke if it does not find the processor in the list If anyone can find 5/04P and 5/05P processors in the processor list on their  RL500 please tell me which package and version number would this is i need support for the plastics module. thanks Mike
  17. PowerFlex 40-E AC Drive via 22 COMM-E

    thy, it was the connector loose on the board.
  18. RS485 to Scale

    I got it figured out, finally! Thank you all so much!!!! @Wasan, I ended up prohibiting echo back through programming like you suggested and it worked. @DanW thank you for suggesting to play around with the syntax of the starting address. I ended up moving 0 into D10 and got it to read the first three registers, then tried moving 8 into D10 and it read the 8th register which is what I needed. The 8th register is the weight (40008)which is what I was after. I still can't read more than 3 registers (D11?) but I don't care because I got it all to work! Dan W I also floated the signal ground and swapped the RS845+ and RS485- wires so your advice was critical! Thank you everyone for your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Attached are my working program and predefined protocol file in case anyone in the future wants it for reference.  Modbus_RevC.gxw PredefinedProtocolFunction03.pcf
  19. The manual is W417. I would suggest downloading the latest version from Omron's website in your region. They may refer to loading the Windows drivers from a CD ROM but they can be found on your PC in C:\Program Files (x86)\OMRON\Drivers\USB\CS1W-CIF31 directory. Make sure your CX One is up to date.
  20. PowerFlex 40-E AC Drive via 22 COMM-E

    That's awesome, thanks for following up! Was the connector loose on the board or was the ribbon cable a loose fit in the connector?
  21. Read/Write data to PLC

    Goodmorning a question... I builded a simple monitor of plc. I need to read the data of the Mitsubishi FX3GE PLC. In example I should read: D14  FLOAT 32bit D16  FLOAT 32bit alarms from M100 to M119 and a bit of state M450 How can I do this? The PLC is connected via ethernet and the port il 5002.  I'm working with PHP and normally use modbus, opc-ua, etc. But here? Thanks in advance Carlo
  22. when I get the cable you recommended do you have any guidance on how to set up the convertor ?
  23. PowerFlex 40-E AC Drive via 22 COMM-E

    Hi, thanks Joe for your answer. I have finally find out what was wrong and i even could reproduce the error. In the pf you have a communication card und this one is  connected with the pf through a kind of flat ribbon cable. On the pf connected-side was a kind of loose contact. I have change the communication card first, nothing. Then i changed the flat ribbon cable, i still had the error. And then i found out that loose contact on the pf side. Solution: i changed the pf with an other one and now it is working properly
  24. How to Detect Pulse Presence? Pulse Catch?

    Thank you very much. It works just fine 
  25. Hi Mate,

    Just read your post regarding setting up of Modbus on NX1p. Wondering if you would have an example program you wouldnt mind sharing with me? Hate to ask but its doing my head in trying to work it out! Cheers and thanks for any help.


  26. RS485 to Scale

    @Paolo_911 as @DanW said for example on that post I have to use Function 04 to read input register 3x for address 4x as your manual shown you should select command 04 to read holding register 4x then as I said in that post some old module version it cannot set to prohinbit echo back you should add program as this link below for last thing if it cannot communiate maybe you shoud swap rs485+ and rs485- wire. * If you have usb to rs-485 this will be easy by test communication with scale by use Modbus scanner software.  
  27. Can i send an email with 1756-L71S GuardLogix ?

    Good luck finding an SMTP server that doesn't require authentication.
  28. RFIDeas RFID reader with micro850 plc

    The Micro850 uses CCW to write the program not Studio 5000 or logix 5000. I will continue to look there. I must be overlooking it. Thank You
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