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  3. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    no difference, when creating the tag/array make it REAL
  4. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    Thanks! One more question I have also can an array be created for data types that are float?
  5. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    DCS_Array defined with 8 elements, then MOV or COP each to a element in DCS_Array.
  6. Hello, I have several DINT tags N42_-0, N42_1, N42_2, N42_50, N42_51, N42_52, N42_53 and N42_60 that i would like to put into one array so a higher level DCS can read/write to these tags.  Any thoughts on the best way to do this?
  7. I don't think the FX3s Supports bit level actions on Data files, ie D1.0 is not allowed, you could convert the D file to M bits by (MOV)ing D file to K4M0 using the M bit then convert back to D file (MOV k4M0 D0) or conversely use the GOT display to do the donkey work utilising scripting.   Steve
  8. M7 486 SIEMENS cpu

    You will need to study the hardwares structure and programming syntax.  Without your program- this is near impossible to figure out.     Regards   Daniel
  9. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    If you are opening this directly from windows explorer...make sure you are opening the right file (from memory there are a .gpx and a .gpxx file) this error normally happens when you open the wrong one. Alternativley upload your program and I can check for you.     Regards Daniel

    Hi guys, I managed to get the instruction in STL; I have attached it in the Screenshot down. However, now the challenge is, I need to implement it in SCL since the later versions of TIA do not support STL any more.  If any one knows SCL and may help us to convert it, it would help us a lot. Thank you.
  11. M7 486 SIEMENS cpu

    Dear all ,  I have PLC M7 486 and connected encoder on EXM card 478 on the same rack  I need to know encoder address on PLC  programmer was written in C language  
  12. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    that's not to old. You should also check if files are read only.  
  13. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    I am using version 8  
  14. I've plugged in a CodeCorp CR6022 barcode scanner into the RS-232 port on a GS2107 GOT/HMI, which is connected to an FX3S (via RS-422).  The GX Works ladder code that I was given by a colleague (who is now away this week) uses D20.6 and D10.6, but these don't seem to work on FX3S (I think he uses L-Series PLCs).  At the moment I have nothing working (no beam is produced), hence no data is transferred to the HMI/PLC.  Can anyone help me get going on this (with the correct ladder code and PLC & HMI settings)?   
  15. rounding a value to nearest 10

  16. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Which version of GX are you using ?
  17. rounding a value to nearest 10

    What screen are you using? If it is only for display, the NS screens will round the value automatically to the number of digits shown. FYI... the NS screens will also scale for you.
  18. Mitsubishi PID controller design help

    Dear all, I need help in design of PID controller in Mitsubishi PLC fx3u, I what should be parameters for initial, and how to start and stop auto tuning.
  19. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Good day everyone.  Somebody can help me to to resolve the issues in our PLC. I am not a PLC engineer, your help will be highly appreciated. It is showing - Failed to open the Project file.  Possible causes: 1.The data in the project file is completely damaged; 2.The data is created by new version more than this S/W; 3.The project file does not exist. Hopefully, somebody can help me or give instruction on how to check those possible causes.   Thank you.
  20. Hi Guys I have find one article that was very useful for me so I have share with you.
  21. rounding a value to nearest 10

    Hi I have flow meters and have them counting up to a value and stopping a pump.   it all works but the display on the hmi counts up in decimal places because of the scale factor of the flow meters. To scale them because of inacuracy I basically multiply what I want to count to by 1000 and i basically add for every pulse of the flow meters a value between 1500 and 500 to count to scale the flow meters then compair the two to stop the pump if the count is equal to or greater than the dialed in amount. Is there an easy way to round this value to the nearest bigest 10's value? I'm guessing convert to a floating point use the FIXL instruction? is there an easy way im missing as I could not seem to find a rounding instruction?    
  22. Cj2m-CPU31_ Allen bradley powerflex 525_Ethernet

    Hi Gerry, I always try to keep same controller brand and VFD brand when it comes to motion. Siemens with Siemens, Bosch with Bosch, AB with AB, ...  If it is not possible, I setup a VFD with analog output signals on the  PLC side in order to do speed control and start/stop commands with Discrete outputs. If it is possible for you setup, I would use that for plan A - it is easier to troubleshoot on the hardware side (a maintenance tech can use a multimeter in order to troubleshoot than an ethernet connection).  If you need to control everything over ethernet IP (CIP) --- I know Omron PLC does ethernet/IP with EDS files as well  (see video: ) - only the tricky part is the correct data size and  setup of the CIP message ( I added a sample of a different brand--  how you setup parameters correctly --- ). Also, Omron tech support is quite supportive and if you ask they will help you setting this up or they might have sample code. They helped me out on a similar matter with an EDS file. Hope this helps
  23. Control duty of PWM with PID

    @Mike_O You should use TPO Instructions for change word output from PID to PWM Output.
  24. Yesterday

    Contact your Mitsubishi dealer, they should have a converting software they use. You have to send them your E1000 project and you receive it converted to GOT format. Just be aware that you need to correct some things the converter can't handle. Good luck
  26. NS + barcode scanner and special characters

    Did you get it? Thanks
  27. Hello,      I make a project where I should control temperature for thermoplastic extruder. I read for this type of process a two position controller is enough but I want to use a PID controller. I have values for P,I,D,Tf and I applied Z-transform and I have a numeric controller which is implemented through structured list.  I want to control heating element with this PID but my problem is I don't have an analogue output module just a digital output module(OD 212) and now my question is : How I can( if it is possible) to control duty of PWM with output from pid?  (I have a CJ2M processor)
  28. OMRON NT3S-ST124B-E NTXS V1.03 n V1.04

    i need firmware for NT3S-S126B-E thank
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