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  3. Hello At first - sorry for my bad english. I have a FX2N-48MR with a FX2N-232IF and i only want to watch the X and set the Y over RS232 with a Crestron Contolunit. I use GX Developer 8 on a XP Laptop and figure slowly out how it works. I read the manuals i found, managed to send from the PLC to the Serial Program on my Laptop (Program named HTerm) But i do not figured out the sending. Can you give me some hint?   Greetings FT
  4. Micro850 CCW Panelview Help

    Is the hmi connected over ethernet? If so i have never done this before but have asked rockwell as it was a plan for an upcoming project.   The answer i got was that it shouldn't be a problem. Because ccw only allows you to have 1 hmi at a time, try open it in a separate project and add the tags manually. or save as the project under a different name and then create the second hmi in that separate file.    
  5. Yes I saw that, Thanks. I would not pay that price for another obsolete HMI. I would put the money towards updating with a modern controller. 
  6. Have you tried this mob?
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  8. We have a old NT20M-DF121-V1 HMI with a NT20M-LK203-EV1 interface module. The power supply board burnt up pretty bad so looking for a replacement unit. I have looked on Ebay for some time now and have not been able to locate one. There are lost of very close part numbers but None the same. Ive also tried to find what the different part numbers mean so I could see if one of the ones on ebay would work but ive spent hours trying to find that info. If anyone could give some advice i would really appreciate that
  9. Omron_control

    Version 1.0.0


    New app developed - Omron_control for connection Android smartphone and OMRON controllers.
  10. View File Omron_control New app developed - Omron_control for connection Android smartphone and OMRON controllers. Submitter sasha Submitted 08/17/19 Category Utilities
  11. Amber and I are really excited that our son Michael is a Top 10 finalist in the You Make It Challenge.  The winner will be determined by an online vote.  We would be grateful if you could do the following: 1.  Go to 2.  Scroll down, find his light blue Sanitation for the World design highlighted in this video and click on it. 3.  Click the ""Vote"" button then select the checkbox saying you're not a robot. 4.  Comment below to let us know you voted. 5.  Share with all your friends, thanks! Thanks TW
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  13. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    @juanjosegp1 PLC don't stop during use timer. PLC use scan time to execute all instructions that not like use "Delay" function in programming software.
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  15. Omron NT20S-ST121-EV3

    Hello,   Small update. I've tried today with different USB - RS232 adapter and managed to download HMI data using NT Series Support Tool 4.87. Does the data below look alright? I cannot see any data going through the Screen folder. Thank you,
  16. Modbus CRC16 in any FX PLC

    Hello, You can find a code sample in this topic:  
  17. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    Ok super! But in those two minutes the PLC is stoped right? Just waiting... And I would like that the program in the PLC continue meanwhile the timer is countig... so in two minutes register the dat that I want but the process is not interrupted. I don't know if I explain my self.
  18. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    No worries....I got it working!!
  19. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    I would like to resurrect this topic as I am having troubles getting the time to display on the HMI.  How does this feature work?  Does it need it's own variable? I thought it would use an internal script to display.  I am using an NA5 series HMI. #my head is hurting!
  20. From DINT to Struct (DUT)

    Hi GreenMan Thanks for the example. No it seems that ist not any good solutions for that. I cant assign the struct to a global variable. I use it in a FB, that I need to reuse several times.  
  21. Modbus CRC16 in any FX PLC

    Hello, I am using FX3G-PLC with and wrongly selected FX3G-485 BD for modbus connection with meter but finally I realized that modbus communication is not possible with this module. I am trying to do with RS instruction I need to caluclate CRC for the same I saw you have developed a code for the same kindly help me calculate CRC. I am using GXworks 2 software Ladder logic and my project is almost completed.    
  22. Hi, i am currently looking for a software that can open .gop-projects so i can look in the code and upgrade some panels at my current customers place. This software and GOP2000 are ancient and have not had any reply from ABB for several days about this. The GOPs here is starting to fail and we only got 1 spare that are in service almost 24/7.  
  23. Simple Project vs Structured Project

    GX Works2 Version 1.577B Series: QCPU (Q mode) Project Type: Simple Project Language: Ladder;                     SFC Use Label checked ST option appear. Structured Project: Use label os checked by default languages; Ladder; ST; SFC; structured Ladder/FBD IL Not Specify. this is what i have here.  
  24. From DINT to Struct (DUT)

    Hi This is no good looking solution but it works. DMOV(TRUE, VarDINT, K8M0); And you must assign your struct to M0..M31
  25. From DINT to Struct (DUT)

    Hi does anyone have an idea how to convert a DINT to a Struct containing 32 bits? Today i convert the DINT to an Array of 32 bits then i move each bit in the array to the struct like this. I don't like the way to do this therefore my question. hStatusArr[0]:=DINT_TO_BITARR(iInputStatus,32); (* Load status into array *) oStatus.bit0:= hStatusArr[0]; oStatus.bit1:= hStatusArr[1]; oStatus.bit2:= hStatusArr[2]; oStatus.bit3:= hStatusArr[3]; oStatus.bit4:= hStatusArr[4]; oStatus.bit5:= hStatusArr[5]; oStatus.bit6:= hStatusArr[6]; oStatus.bit7:= hStatusArr[7]; oStatus.bit8:= hStatusArr[8]; oStatus.bit9:= hStatusArr[9]; oStatus.bit10:= hStatusArr[10]; oStatus.bit11:= hStatusArr[11]; oStatus.bit12:= hStatusArr[12]; oStatus.bit13:= hStatusArr[13]; oStatus.bit14:= hStatusArr[14]; oStatus.bit15:= hStatusArr[15]; oStatus.bit16:= hStatusArr[16]; oStatus.bit17:= hStatusArr[17]; oStatus.bit18:= hStatusArr[18]; oStatus.bit19:= hStatusArr[19]; oStatus.bit20:= hStatusArr[20]; oStatus.bit21:= hStatusArr[21]; oStatus.bit22:= hStatusArr[22]; oStatus.bit23:= hStatusArr[23]; oStatus.bit24:= hStatusArr[24]; oStatus.bit25:= hStatusArr[25]; oStatus.bit26:= hStatusArr[26]; oStatus.bit27:= hStatusArr[27]; oStatus.bit28:= hStatusArr[28]; oStatus.bit29:= hStatusArr[29]; oStatus.bit30:= hStatusArr[30]; oStatus.bit31:= hStatusArr[31];  
  26. Hi all, What the difference between a Simple Project and a Structured Project? You can use Ladder, ST and SFC in either project type on a Q Series, but only in a structured project can you use Structured Ladder / FBD. In a structured project you can create functions. Is there anything else? Thanks,
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